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📚 | [Ranking] What is the BEST 10 picture book sales ranking this week? (2021/5 / 24-5 / 30)


[Ranking] What is this week's picture book sales ranking BEST10? (2021/5/24~5/30)

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In addition, Momoko Ishii will introduce the interaction with Studio Ghibli and the works born from it.

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Momoko Ishii

Momoko Ishii(Momoko Ishii,1907May 3 - 2008May 4) IsJapan OfChildren's literature writer-translator..While translating numerous Western children's literature,Picture book,Children's literatureHe also created works and contributed to the spread of Japanese children's literature.Japan Art AcademyMember.


SaitamaKitadachi-gunUrawa Town (laterUrawa, Present:Saitama)TokiwaBorn as the youngest of four siblings, one older brother.Birthplace is oldNakasendoAn old house that runs a hardware store alongside.My fatherprimary schoolAfter working as a teacher with friendsbankTo promoteUrawa Commercial BankWas the manager of.

1913April, Saitama Prefectural Women's Normal Elementary School (currentlySaitama University Faculty of Education Elementary School)admission[1]..Unusual for the timeClass libraryでIwatani small waveEnjoy "World Fairy Tale" and so on.1919Graduated from the same school in March.In April of the same year, Saitama Prefectural Urawa High School (currentlySaitama Prefectural Urawa Daiichi Girls' High School)admission.1923Graduated from the same school in March.1924April, Japan Women's University (currentlyJapan Women's University)admission.From the time I was in schoolHiroshi KikuchiWork part-time to read and summarize foreign magazines and original books.1928Graduated from the English Literature Department in March.1929From October1933Until MayBungeishunjushaWork forNagai TatsuoEdited "Women's Salon" and "Modern Japan".Around this time, I met at workInu KenGet close toShinanoGo in and out of the dog farm.

1933, At a dog farmChristmas EveThe original book of "Poo Yokocho ni Tadashiya"The House at Pooh Corner"(Koichi SaionjiからInukai Michiko,Inuyasu YasuhikoIt was a gift for Michiko, Yasuhiko, and the sickbed.[2]Start translating Pooh little by little for.

1934From October1936Until MayShinchosha Co., Ltd.Worked atGenzaburo Yoshino,Yuzo YamamotoHe edited the "Japanese Minority Library".1938からOgikuboLive in.In the same year, a children's library was rented from the Inuyo family library.Shirabayashi ShonenkanOpened,1940In November, the Shirabayashi Shonenkan Publishing Department was established.While suffering from a shortage of paper, "Fun Kawabe』(Kenneth GrahamProduct,Yoshio NakanoPublished.In December of the same year, with the introduction of YoshinoIwanami ShotenFromWinnie-the-Pooh』Translated and published.However, with the militarization of the times, the Shirabayashi Shonenkan1941Was forced to close, and the publishing department published in January of the same year, "Doctor Dolittle "To Africa"』(Hugh LoftingProduct,Masuji IbuseThe business was stopped at the end.

1942, The first creation "Ride the non-chan cloud』Started writing.Because of food shortage1945May 8,MiyagiKuriharaUguisawa Village(CurrentKurihara) To start clearing, farming, and dairy farming with a friend.

However, soon after he began to suffer from financial difficulties of the dairy union, Yoshino and Iwanami became the editor-in-chief of "World".Isamu KobayashiBecause I was repeatedly recommended to do editing work,1947Decided to move to Tokyo.1950Became more commissioned by Iwanami,Iwanami Shonen Bunko』Involved in planning and editing.

1951ToTamao FujitaIntroducingKobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.Published by "Ride the non-chan cloudIs the 1thArt AwardReceived the Minister of Education Award and became a bestsellerHaruko WanibuchiIt will be made into a movie starring.Highly praised for his achievements in the postwar children's literature world1953,Kikuchi Hiroshi AwardAwarded.same year,Naito Rin"Because it's interesting," he recommended and translated "Little PrincePublished by Iwanami Shoten.same year,Shiho SakanishiAt the recommendation ofRockefeller FoundationDecided to study abroad as a researcher.For this reason1954I left Iwanami Shoten in May, and in August of the same year,Yokohama portTraveled to the United States.On boardMasami NishikawaGet to know1955After passing through Europe in June, he returned to Japan in September of the same year.

1957, Had started a home libraryMuraoka HanakoFormed "Home Bunko Study Group" with Yachi (1964Disbanded in).1958, Opened the children's library "Katsura Bunko" in a room at Ogikubo's home.The first person in this paperback was a friend of the Rockefeller Foundation.Hiroyuki AgawaEldest son ofNaoyukiwas[3]..Then the eldest daughterSawakoWill go to the same library[3]..This effort was later summarized in "Children's Library" (1965), and had a great influence on the establishment of children's rooms in public libraries and the spread of private household and regional paperbacks.

1961Traveled to North America and Europe from September.In November of the same year in the UKEleanor FarjeonMeet with.1972, Visited England to attend the Carnegie-Greenaway Medal Awards Ceremony.1974January, alliesKyoko MatsuokaI had been preparing for the establishment for about 3 years.Tokyo Children Library FoundationApproved by.

1984, Received the 1st Children's Library Achievement Award (Itochu Memorial Foundation).1993,Japan Academy AwardAwarded (for many years of contribution and achievement in the world of children's books).1995, The autobiographical feature-length novel "Phantom Red Fruit" that took about 8 years up and down (1994, Iwanami Shoten)Yomiuri Literature AwardAward.1996, Momoko Ishii Scholarship Training Grant (Tokyo Children's Library) begins.1997January,NHK TV"ETV feature Appeared in "To the Japanese in the 21st Century".December of the same yearJapan Art AcademyBecome a member.1998In September, the publication of all seven volumes of "Momoko Ishii Collection" (Iwanami Shoten) will begin (Iwanami Shoten)1999Completed in March).2007Every timeAsahi PrizeAward.

2008May 4,SenilityDied at the age of 101.叙XNUMXth place・ AwardAsahi Japan China badge..Single for life.

Encounter with Osamu Dazai

Ishii1940,Trendy"May issue of"Run Meros』, For the first timeOsamu DazaiI knew the name of.Ishii was impressed by the anecdote of Melos and Serinuntius, which is the motif of "Running Melos" that I read in a British book before, but when I told an acquaintance about it, he said, "You really have such a story?" I had been struck.Therefore, it is said that this anecdote became a motif in Dazai's work and "I was really happy".[4].. same year,Masuji IbuseIshii, who happened to be present with Dazai at his house, got the impression from Dazai that he was "a person who felt a little elusive and youthful like a boy."According to Ibuse, "For the time being, Dazai has longed for Momoko."[5]..At one point Ishii is in his gardenBirchAs I was struggling to turn a tree into firewood, Ibushi witnessed it.When Ibuse told Dazai about that time, he said, "It's wonderful." "When will you take me to Penmomoko-san? But I have no intention of doing so," Dazai said.[6]..According to Ibuse, Dazai consulted with Ibuse, "Is it okay to have a romance?" With Ishii in mind, and Ibuse replied, "Isn't that something you decide?" I was relieved because of that. "[7][8]..Later, Ibuse made Ishii laugh, saying, "Dazai-kun said that you were that person, a great person."At Ishii's house, who doesn't drink alcoholvermouthIbuse, who knew that there was, once visited Ishii's house with Dazai.Shortly after the war, when Ishii was farming in Miyagi prefecture, he wrote "Dazai-san is also Tohoku" in addition to a letter to Ibuse.AomoriIbuse informed me of the address of Dazai, who had been living in his parents' house.However, Ishii, who was busy with agriculture, could not contact Dazai.

1948After Dazai's death, Ishii talked about Dazai's rumors even though Ibuse didn't bring up the story, and mainly talked about his impressions of Dazai's novels.[9]..At that time, Ibuse said, "I interpreted this woman as talking with awareness of Dazai's longing."[9]..Then Ibushi said, "You were a refreshing and pleasant man," and Momoko answered, "I was really a good person."[10]..On the other hand, Ishii also recalls telling Ibushi to blame him for saying, "Friendship is something that can't be tied up to that point in the end."At that time, Ibuse said, "Dazai-kun, you liked it."[11]Ishii was surprised and said, "I made an unkinky voice that made me laugh,'haa'." Then, "I wish I had said that. I wouldn't kill Dazai-san. I answered[12][13]..Then Ibushi said, "That's why you gave me your address."


  • How to Guide Children's Reading Kokudosha, 1960
  • Children's library Iwanami Shinsho, 1965
  • Children's literature journey Iwanami Shoten, 1981
  • Momoko Ishii Collection 7 volumes Iwanami Shoten, 1998-99
    Volume 1 "Non-chan Riding the Clouds, Hinanotsuki March" Volume 2 "Tom-san in the Mountain, Mysterious Taiko" Volume 3 "Lost Angel" Volume 4 "Children's Story" Volume 5 "New Children's Library" Volume 6 "Children's Literature Journey" Volume 7 "Essay Collection"
  • Momoko Ishii Collection All 5 Volumes Iwanami Hyundai Bunko, 2015
    Volume 1 "Phantom Red Fruit (Top)" Volume 2 "Phantom Red Fruit (Bottom)" Volume 3 "New Children's Library" Volume 4 "Children's Literature Journey" Volume 5 "Essay Collection"
  • House, garden, dog and cat (Kawade Shobo Shinsha 2013.5 Kawade Bunko 2018.2) Essay collection
  • Shining if you polish (Kawade Shobo Shinsha 2013.9 Kawade Bunko 2018.3) Essay collection
  • Pooh and I (Kawade Shobo Shinsha 2014.1 Kawade Bunko 2018.4) Essay collection
  • New adult (Kawade Shobo Shinsha 2014.3 Kawade Bunko 2018.5) Essay collection
  • Smell Basket: Momoko Ishii Creative Collection (Kawade Shobo Shinsha 2014.11)
  • A book that is chewy for children: Momoko Ishii Discourse Collection (Kawade Shobo Shinsha 2015.12)
  • When a child opens a book: Momoko Ishii Lecture Record (Book Grove, April 2017.4)

Children's literature

Picture book

Main translations

  • Children's literature theory Sadaji Seta,Shigeo WatanabeCo-translated Iwanami Shoten, 1964
  • Living in the world of children and books Irene Colwell Fukuinkan Shoten, 1968
  • It's too late from now on Milne Autobiography AA Milne Iwanami Shoten, 2003

Children's literature

  • Only house in Pooh Yokocho Alan Alexander Milne Iwanami Shoten, 1942 later Iwanami Shonen Bunko
  • Timothy Shoes Chuokoron-sha, 1948
  • Hiki frog adventure Kenneth Graham Eihosha, renamed "Fun Kawabe" after 1950, Iwanami Shonen Bunko
  • Winnie the Pooh AA Milne Eihosha, 1950 Later Iwanami Shonen Bunko
  • Small cow chasing Marie Hamsun Iwanami Shonen Bunko, 1950
  • Cow Chasing Winter Hamsun Iwanami Shonen Bunko, 1951
  • Tom Sawyer's Adventure Mark Twain Iwanami Shonen Bunko, 1952
  • Hans Brinker Silver Skating Iwanami Shonen Bunko, 1952
  • Flying ship H. Luis Iwanami Shonen Bunko, 1953
  • British fairy tale collection Akane Shobo, 1954
  • Fukurokoji Ichibanchi Iwanami Shonen Bunko, 1957
  • Peter PanAnd Wendy JM Barrie Iwanami Shoten, 1957
  • The secret of the white elephant Ellery Queen Hayakawa Publishing, 1958 Later Bunko
  • Black Little Man Mugi Shobo, 1958
  • Wheat and King Eleanor Farjeon Iwanami Shonen Bunko, 1959
  • Five children and it Edith Nesbit Akane Shobo, 1959 Kadokawa Bunko
  • Hakuba Akane Shobo, 1964 Iwanami Shonen Bunko
  • Koma no Bouken Travel Fukuinkan Shoten, 1964
  • Happy Homer Robert McCloskey Iwanami Monogatari Book, 1965 Iwanami Shonen Bunko
  • Chim Rabbit's Friend Allison Atley Doshinsha Publishing Co., Ltd., 1967
  • Glass shoes Eleanor Farjeon Kodansha, 1968
  • Burning Ash Road Ivan Southall Children's Library Association, 1968
  • "Eleanor Farjeon Works" 1-6 Iwanami Shoten
    • Martin Pippin in the apple field 1972 Iwanami Shonen Bunko
    • Silver sandpiper 1975 etc.
  • Suekko O-chan Ryuichi ShimomuraCo-translation Gakken, 1971
  • Spiders that come out in the middle of the night John Masefield Hyoronsha, 1973
  • Box of Joy John Masefield Hyoronsha, 1975
  • Sally's Moss Motsumi Robert McCloskey Iwanami Shoten, 1976
  • Mouse wife Rumer Godden Fukuinkan Shoten, 1977
  • Winnie the Pooh and the Magic Forest Iwanami Shoten, 1977
  • Kogitsune Rufus no Boken Alison Uttley Iwanami Shoten, 1979
  • British and Irish Old Story Fukuinkan Shoten, 1981
  • Wizard's chocolate cake Margaret Mahy Fukuinkan Shoten, 1984
  • Ice Flower Tobacco Alison Uttley Rieko NakagawaCo-translation Iwanami Shonen Bunko, 1996
  • The key given by the westerly wind Alison Uttley Co-translated by Rieko Nakagawa Iwanami Shonen Bunko, 1996
  • Farjeon Iwanami Shoten leaving heaven, 2001
  • Eleanor Farjeon Iwanami Shoten, 2004

Picture book

  • Hundred Mai Kimono (Renamed "Hundred Mai Dress") Iwanami Shoten, 1954
  • Animal children Samuil Marshak Iwanami Shoten, 1954
  • Sea Ghost Orly Iwanami Shoten, 1954
  • Small house Virginia Lee Burton Iwanami Shoten, 1965

The above is the "Iwanami Children's Book" series

  • Kosuzume no Bouken Fukuinkan Shoten, 1977
  • Hyakumanbiki no Neko Wanda Gag Wheat Shobo, 1959
  • China's Five Carrots Claire H. Bishop Fukuinkan Shoten, 1961
  • Working things Virginia Lee Burton Fukuinkan Shoten, 1962
  • Good night Margaret Wise Brown Fukuinkan Shoten, 1962
  • Crow Danna no Ometori Iwanami Shoten, 1963
  • Virginia Lee Burton Iwanami Shoten, 1964
  • "Usako-chan"series
    • Small Usako-chan Dick Bruna Fukuinkan Shoten, 1964 (picture book for children for the first time) and many others
  • Kiniro no Shika Indian and Pakistani folk tales Fukuinkan Shoten, 1968
  • "Peter Rabbit"series
  • Madoka Sojiya Elephant Unfan Hope Evangelical Bookstore, 1979
  • Akutare Ralph Fukuinkan Shoten, 1982
  • Susanna Doll / Velod Rabbit Children's Story Museum Publishing, 2002
  • Wild Rabbit Flu Children's Story Museum Publishing, 2002
  • Children of the roots awaken Children's Story Museum Publishing, 2003




Related books

  • "50 Years of Katsura Library" (Tokyo Children Library, 2008.10)
  • "Why Momoko Ishii's translation attracts children? The secret of the" translating voice "style" (Miki Takeuchi, Minerva Shobo, April 2014.4)
  • "Words of Momoko Ishii (Tonbo no Hon)" (Rieko Nakagawa, Tadashi Matsui, Kyoko Matsuoka, Akiko Wakana, Shinchosha, 2014.5)
  • "Secret Kingdom Criticism Momoko Ishii" (Mariko Ozaki, Shinchosha, 2014.6, Shincho Bunko, 2018.3)
  • "Momoko Ishii, a literary writer who contributed to the development of children's literature, Chikuma Criticism Series <Portore>" (Chikuma Shobo, January 2016.1)
  • "Momoko Ishii Gives Children the Joy of Reading Books" (Miki Takeuchi, Akane Shobo, April 2018.4)
  • "Momoko Ishii in Urawa" (Momoko Ishii no Kai, March 2019.3)


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外部 リンク

Studio Ghibli

Ltd. Studio Ghibli(British: STUDIO GHIBLI INC.[1]) IsJapan OfAnime production company.Japan Video AssociationAssociate member. Known as "Ghibli'[Note 1].

Its main business is the production of feature-length animated films. Since the mid-1990s, in addition to short animation production and live-action movie planning, animation release and DVD release outside Japan, publishing business and music business that publishes the booklet "Hot Air".Mitaka Forest Ghibli MuseumThere are a wide variety of related businesses, such as regular production of exhibits at.Also, videos of TV works of other companiesgrossAlso undertakes.


June 1985, 6, ``Nausicaa of the valley of windWas producedTopcraftTheTokuma bookstoreEstablished in the form of developmental dissolution and reorganization with the investment of.The president of the company at that timeTokuma YakaiWas appointed as the first president.However, the actual chief financial officer established the former Topcraft.Toru HaraMet[Note 2]..At that time, most of Studio Ghibli-related books were published by Tokuma Shoten, and it was also the core of the company's promotion of other media development.

For a while from the time of establishment, the method was to gather staff for each work and dissolve it when it was completed, and like other companies, the animator was a commission system based on a business consignment contract.Later, for the purpose of human resource development, animators were made full-time employees and fixed salary system, making it a base for creating high-quality and stable works.

In 1996,Walt Disney CompanyAnd the Japanese corporationWalt Disney JapanWith the conclusion of a business alliance related to the release of videos in Japan and the distribution of Studio Ghibli works overseas,Princess Mononoke], The Walt Disney Company has invested in and participated in feature-length animated films.Also, although the region is different for each work, basically overseasWalt Disney Studios Motion PicturesWas a subsidiary of The Walt Disney CompanyMiramaxDistributed byWalt Disney Studios Home EntertainmentMore videos have been released.Current overseas sales and distributionAmerica OfGKIDS,France OfWild bunchWas taken over by[Note 3].. In 2008, President of Walt Disney JapanKoji HoshinoIs a founding member of Studio GhibliToshio SuzukiAppointed as President and Representative Director[Note 4].


  • June 1985, 6-Established Studio Ghibli Co., Ltd. (first generation).The original place isKichijoji StationThe second Ino Building nearby.
  • 1991- Hayao MiyazakiConflict of management policy broke out in the new studio construction plan.Hara resigned as managing director and left the company, and Suzuki took over as his successor.
  • October 1992, 8- Koganei-shiKajinochoHigashi Koganei StationMoved to a new office building nearby.
  • June 1997 --- Merged with Tokuma Shoten as part of securing profits for Tokuma Shoten, which has deteriorated in business, and dissolved Studio Ghibli Co., Ltd.Tokuma ShotenIn-house company"Tokuma Shoten Studio Ghibli Company". same year"Princess Mononoke] After completion, Miyazaki left the company.
  • 1999-Tokuma ShotenDivision systemIntroduced "Tokuma Shoten Studio Ghibli Business Headquarters".In the same year, Miyazaki returned as the director of Studio Ghibli.
  • 2004-Tokuma Shoten Co., Ltd. Studio Ghibli Business HeadquartersLimited companyDivided into Studio Ghibli.
  • April 2005-Due to separation and independence from Tokuma Shoten[5][6], Organizational form from limited companyLtd.Change to[3]..Studio Ghibli Co., Ltd. (2nd generation) inherits all operations of Studio Ghibli Business Headquarters.Suzuki is appointed president and Miyazaki is appointed as director.
  • February 2008-Suzuki retires from the position of President and CEO and replaces himWalt Disney JapanPresident'sKoji HoshinoIs appointed.
  • February 2009- ToyotaOpened "West Ghibli" as a new studio in the head office[7][8].
  • August 2010-Closed West Ghibli.
  • August 2014 --Announced suspension of production department.Internally, the retirement of all production department employees will be announced by the end of the year.[9].
  • June 2015-10thBusan International Film FestivalAwarded the Asian Film Award[10].
  • May 2017, 5 --Announced the resumption of activities in the production department with the full-scale start of Miyazaki's new feature-length animated film, and the start of recruitment of new staff.Former President and Representative Director on November 19, the same yearMitaka Forest Ghibli MuseumOf the directorKiyofumi NakajimaWas appointed, and Hoshino, the former president, was appointed chairman of the board.[11]..In addition, Miyazaki's new feature-length animated film "How do you live"When,Goro MiyazakiCG feature film animation "Earwig and the WitchAnnounced that they are producing two at the same time[12].


The name of "Studio Ghibli" isSaharaIt is derived from the hot air (Ghibli) that blows inSecond World WarInイタリア-CaproniIt is also the name of the reconnaissance / bomber (CAPRONI Ca309 GHIBLI).Hayao MiyazakiIt became "Ghibli" from the belief ofGhibliIs a pronunciation closer to the original language[Note 5].

The mark of Studio Ghibli is "My Neighbor Totoro] Totoro that appears in is designed.The name of "Studio Casino" in the live-action film division of Studio Ghibli's second label is the location of the studio.TokyoKoganei-shiKajinochoNamed from.

2005 yearsTokuma bookstoreUpon becoming independent from the umbrella, the name "Ghibli" had to be purchased from Tokuma Shoten.Miyazaki is reluctant to buyToshio SuzukiAgrees with that, and Miyazaki says "sirocco'[Note 6]However, the company's reputation was not good, and in the end it was decided to continue the name of "Ghibli".[Note 7][13].



Studio Ghibli
A label that was launched with the establishment of Studio Ghibli Co., Ltd. in 1985.He works on feature films produced in-house and is one of the company's leading labels.
"Castle Laputa in the Sky』(Hayao MiyazakiOriginal / Screenplay / Director), "My Neighbor Totoro(Original by Hayao Miyazaki, script, director), "Tomb of Fireflies』(Takahata IsaoWriter / Director) etc.
Studio casino
Established as the second label of Studio Ghibli Co., Ltd.At the time of its establishment, Studio Ghibli was active mainly in the live-action field, which it had not been involved in before, but later expanded into the animation field.
"Ceremony day』(Hideaki Annodirected by),"Satrale TRIBUTE to a SAD GENIUS』(Katsuyuki Motohirodirected by),"Portable airport』(Momose Yoshiyukidirected by),"space station No.9(Director Yoshiyuki Momose), "Flying city plan] (Director Yoshiyuki Momose), etc.
Studio Ghibli
"Ghiblies"and"Gibblies episode 2FictionalAnime production companySo, the Studio Ghibli mark is usually the same design as the Studio Ghibli mark, but Nonaka-kun who appears in the same work is drawn.Also, in the end roll of the same work, it is written as "Production Studio Ghibli".
"Gibblies episode 2』(Yoshiyuki MomoseDirector) etc.
Mitaka Forest Ghibli Museum Library
With Studio Ghibli Co., Ltd. in 2007FoundationTokuma Memorial Cultural Foundation for AnimationLabel established by. Under the Tokuma Memorial Cultural Foundation for AnimationMitaka Forest Ghibli MuseumOperates by, and publishes movies produced by other companies and sells DVDs.[14]. mainlyJapanI am in charge of overseas animation, and the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka selects works based on the recommendations of Takahata and Miyazaki.[14].
"" (Alexander PetrovWriter / Director), "" (Michel OcelotOriginal / Screenplay / Director), "The snow queen』(Director) etc.


A lot of Ghibli COLLECTION
In 1996,Walt Disney CompanyAnd the Japanese corporationWalt Disney JapanConcluded a business alliance between Studio Ghibli works for video release in Japan and distribution of Studio Ghibli works overseas.Along with this, "A lot of Ghibli COLLECTIONSeries was founded and released in 1997, "My Neighbor Totoro』From Walt Disney Japan's video division to sell VHS videoWalt Disney Studios Home EntertainmentCame to do.In addition, the DVD version has been available since 2001, and the Blu-ray Disc version has been available since 2009.At the time of releaseTV commercialWalt Disney Japan will also carry out such advertisements.Sales and rental stores are affiliated with The Walt Disney Company.Pony canyonIs going.
Released before this "If you listenThe VHS videos up to "TOKUMA VIDEO" are on the "TOKUMA VIDEO" label.Tokuma bookstoreIs the seller, the seller isTokuma Japan CommunicationsWas in charge.The old Studio Ghibli works released by Tokuma Shoten are also being released on VHS video and DVD as a collection series full of Ghibli. For DVDs and Blu-ray Discs, there are titles that will be released in cell packages that include discs containing bonus videos such as storyboards in addition to the main story.[Note 8].
As for laser discs, the relationship with Tokuma Shoten continued, so the 1998 release of "Princess MononokeWas released and sold by Tokuma Shoten.
Although it is a label bearing the name of "Studio Ghibli", "Lupin III The Castle of CagliostroAnd 'Jarinko Chie] And other works by directors Miyazaki and Takahata other than Studio Ghibli are also included in the lineup.

Ghibli library

Ghibli Academic Library
A label that sells documentary programs broadcast in the past and videos of non-fiction movies released in the past.Most of the works are produced by other companies.
"What have humans eaten』(NHKProduction), "The Story of Yanagawa Horiwari(Director Isao Takahata), "" (Japan Broadcasting CorporationProduction) etc.
Ghibli CINEMA library
A label that sells videos of movies produced by other companies.Some works have been transferred to the Ghibli Museum Mitaka Library.
"dark blue』(Jan Sverakdirected by),"Kirik and the Witch] (Michel Ocelot original, script, director) etc.


Studio Ghibli Records
A label established in partnership with Tokuma Japan Communications.He mainly releases album CDs containing the soundtracks and theme songs of Studio Ghibli works.Previously, he was doing business under the label of "Animage Records". 2006 "Tales from Earthsea』From the theme song production and single CD releaseYamaha Music Communications[Note 9]Transferred to[Note 10].


Bungei Ghibli Bunko
文藝 春秋, First published in April 2013, published monthly.Reissue or new edition of Miyazaki / Takahata's own work[Note 11]In addition, he also publishes original works such as "Ghibli Textbook".


Tailor Studio Ghibli
The company has signed a license agreement with Studio Ghibli for planning, manufacturing and sales of GHIBLI brand clothing and accessories, and the men's brand has been on sale since fall / winter 2004.The image model is "Red pig』The main character, Porco Rosso.The target is men in their 40s and above who are genuinely oriented.

Work list

Theatrical feature animated film

#release datetitleCo-production
Originalscriptdirected byStoryboardAnimation directorShow timeRemarks
11986/8/2Castle Laputa in the SkyTokuma bookstore
Hayao MiyazakiTsukasa Tannai124 minutesSimultaneous screening
"Mrs. Hudson Hostage Case"
"Great aerial battle in the Strait of Dover!"
21988/4/16My Neighbor TotoroTokuma bookstore
Yoshiharu Sato86 minutesDouble stand
3Tomb of FirefliesShinchosha Co., Ltd.
Akiyo NosakaTakahata IsaoYoshifumi Kondo
Yoshiyuki Momose
88 minutes
41989/7/29Kiki's Delivery ServiceTokuma bookstore
Yamato Transport
Nippon TV
Written by:Eiko Sumino
Picture:Akiko Hayashi
Hayao MiyazakiHayao Miyazaki
Yoshifumi Kondo
Shinji Otsuka
Katsuya Kondo
Yoshifumi Kondo
102 minutes
51991/7/20OmohideTokuma bookstore
Nippon TV
Written by:Hotaru Okamoto
Picture:Yuuko Tone
Takahata IsaoTakahata Isao
Yoshiyuki Momose
Katsuya Kondo
Yoshifumi Kondo
Yoshiharu Sato
119 minutes
61992/7/18Red pigTokuma bookstore
Japan Airlines
Nippon TV
Hayao MiyazakiMegumi Kagawa
Toshio Kawaguchi
93 minutes
71994/7/16Heisei Tanuki Battle PonpokoTokuma bookstore
Nippon TV
Takahata IsaoTakahata Isao
Yoshiyuki Momose
Shinji Otsuka
Megumi Kagawa
Toshio Kawaguchi
119 minutes
81995/7/15If you listenHiiragi AoiHayao MiyazakiYoshifumi KondoHayao Miyazaki
Yoshifumi Kondo
Noritaro Kosaka111 minutesSimultaneous screening
"On Your Mark"
91997/7/12Princess MononokeTokuma bookstore
Nippon TV
Hayao MiyazakiMasashi Ando
Noritaro Kosaka
Yoshifumi Kondo
133 minutes
101999/7/17Hohokekyo next to YamadaTokuma bookstore
デ ィ ズ ニ ー
Nippon TV
Hisaichi IshiiTakahata IsaoYoshiyuki Momose
Osamu Tanabe
Kenichi Konishi104 minutes
112001/7/20Spirited AwayTokuma bookstore
デ ィ ズ ニ ー
Nippon TV
Tohoku Shinsha
Mitsubishi Corporation
Hayao MiyazakiMasashi Ando
Noritaro Kosaka
Megumi Kagawa
125 minutes
122002/7/20Cat repaymentTokuma bookstore
デ ィ ズ ニ ー
Nippon TV
Mitsubishi Corporation
Hiiragi AoiReiko YoshidaHiroyuki Morita
Kazutaka Ozaki
Takeshi Inamura
Eiji Yamamori

Akihiko Yamashita
75 minutesSimultaneous screening
"Gibblies episode 2"
132004/11/20Howl's moving castleTokuma bookstore
デ ィ ズ ニ ー
Nippon TV
Mitsubishi Corporation
Diana Win JonesHayao MiyazakiTakeshi Inamura
Noritaro Kosaka
Akihiko Yamashita
119 minutes
142006/7/29Tales from EarthseaNippon TV
Hakuhodo DYMP
デ ィ ズ ニ ー
Written by:Ursula K. Le-Gwyn
Proposal: Hayao Miyazaki
Keiko Niwa
Goro Miyazaki
Goro MiyazakiGoro Miyazaki
Akihiko Yamashita
Takeshi Inamura
Futaki Makiko
Hiromasa Yonebayashi
115 minutes
152008/7/19Ponyo on the cliffHayao MiyazakiKatsuya Kondo
Noritaro Kosaka
Megumi Kagawa
Takeshi Inamura
Akihiko Yamashita
101 minutes
162010/7/17Borrowing Arriettyデ ィ ズ ニ ー
Nippon TV
Hakuhodo DYMP
Mitsubishi Corporation
Wild bunch
Mary NortonHayao Miyazaki
Keiko Niwa
Hiromasa YonebayashiMegumi Kagawa
Akihiko Yamashita

Atsushi Yamagata
94 minutes
172011/7/16From Kokuriko slopeデ ィ ズ ニ ー
Nippon TV
Hakuhodo DYMP
Mitsubishi Corporation
Written by:Tetsuro Sayama
Picture:Chizuru Takahashi
Goro MiyazakiTakeshi Inamura
Noritaro Kosaka
Akihiko Yamashita
Atsushi Yamagata
Shunsuke Hirota
91 minutes
182013/7/20Breezeデ ィ ズ ニ ー
Nippon TV
Hakuhodo DYMP
Mitsubishi Corporation
Hayao MiyazakiNoritaro Kosaka126 minutes
192013/11/23Kaguya princess storyWritten by: "Taketori story"
Proposal: Isao Takahata
Takahata Isao
Riko Sakaguchi
Takahata IsaoTakahata Isao
Osamu Tanabe
Yoshiyuki Momose
Masako Sato
Shinsaku Sasaki
Shinji Hashimoto
Kenichi Konishi137 minutes
202014/7/19Marnie of MemoriesJoan G. RobinsonKeiko Niwa
Masashi Ando
Hiromasa Yonebayashi
Hiromasa YonebayashiMasashi Ando103 minutes
212016/9/17Red Turtle An Island StoryWild bunch

Belvision Studios
Nippon TV
Hakuhodo DYMP
デ ィ ズ ニ ー
Mitsubishi Corporation
Michael dudoc de vitMichael dudoc de vit
Pascale Ferran
Michael dudoc de vit81 minutes
22Undecided[Note 12]How do you liveHayao Miyazaki

Tv animation

Broadcast datetitleOriginalscriptdirected byStoryboardAnimation directorShow timeBroadcast stationRemarks
1993/5/5I can hear the seaSaeko HimuroKeiko NiwaSatoshi MochizukiKatsuya Kondo73 minutesNTV seriesScreened at Nakano Musashino Hall from December 1993, 12
2000/4/8GhibliesYoshiyuki MomoseUnknown15 minutes
2020/12/30Earwig and the WitchDiana Win JonesKeiko Niwa
Goro Miyazaki83 minutesNHK General TelevisionScreened at theaters nationwide from April 2021, 8

Short animation

titledirected byRelease yearRemarks
On Your MarkHayao Miyazaki1995Simultaneous screening "If you listen"
Film round and round2001
Whale picking
Large walk of the roller2002
Meineko cat bus
Imaginary flying machines
Invention of destruction in fantasy machinesHideaki Anno
Gibblies episode 2Yoshiyuki MomoseSimultaneous screening "Cat's gratitude"
Portable airportMomose Yoshiyuki2004Simultaneous screening "cutie Honey"
space station No.92005
Flying city planSimultaneous screening "touch"
Water spider monmonHayao Miyazaki2006
Starred day
Looking for a home
Momose YoshiyukiSimultaneous screening "Tachikushi Retsuden"
Chuzu alreadyAkihiko Yamashita2010
Leaven and Princess TamagoHayao Miyazaki
Searching for luckNot at[Note 13]2011
Boro the caterpillarHayao Miyazaki2018

Theatrical feature-length live-action movie

titledirected byrelease dateShow timedistribution
Ceremony dayHideaki Anno2000/12/7120 minutesTokuma bookstore
Satrale TRIBUTE to a SAD GENIUSKatsuyuki Motohiro2001/3/17130 minutesToho

Short live-action film

titledirected byRelease yearShow timeRemarks
Giant soldier appears in TokyoShinji Higuchi20129 minutes
Giant soldiers appearing in Tokyo Movie version10 minutesSimultaneous screening "Rebuild of Evangelion: Q"

TV commercial


Production cooperation

Studio Ghibli is also oneAnime production companyAnd I don't always make movies.Therefore, it may be credited as a subcontractor for various animations.

TV series

Theatrical animated film

Theatrical feature-length live-action movie


Radio program

Video conversion of other companies' works, etc.

Income ranking of successive Studio Ghibli works in Japan

Japan Filmmakers FederationData by.

RankingworksDistribution companyPublication yearDistribution incomeperformance incomeAudience mobilization
1Spirited AwayToho2001 308031600 million yen23502350 million people
2Princess MononokeToho1997113011300 million yen20400 million yen14201420 million people
3Howl's moving castleToho2004196019600 million yen15001500 million people
4Ponyo on the cliffToho2008 155015500 million yen12001200 million people
5BreezeToho2013 0925120.200 million yen0750810 million people
6Borrowing ArriettyToho2010 092592.500 million yen0750750 million people
7Tales from EarthseaToho2006 076578.400 million yen0588588 million people
8Cat repayment/Gibblies episode 2Toho2002 064664.600 million yen0550550 million people
9Red pigToho199202802800 million yen047647.600 million yen0304304 million people
10Heisei Tanuki Battle PonpokoToho1994026526.500 million yen044744.700 million yen0325325 million people
11From Kokuriko slopeToho2011 044644.600 million yen0355355 million people
12OmohideToho1991018718.700 million yen038138.100 million yen0216216 million people
13Kiki's Delivery ServiceToei1989021521.500 million yen036536.500 million yen0264264 million people
14Marnie of MemoriesToho2014 035335.300 million yen 
15If you listen/On Your MarkToho1995018518.500 million yen031531.500 million yen0208208 million people
16Kaguya princess storyToho2013 024724.700 million yen 
17Hohokekyo next to YamadaShochiku199900797.900 million yen015615.600 million yen0115115 million people
18My Neighbor Totoro/Tomb of FirefliesToho198800595.900 million yen011711.700 million yen008080 million people
19Castle Laputa in the SkyToei198600585.800 million yen011611.600 million yen007777 million people
20Red Turtle An Island StoryToho2016 00090.900 million yen

JapanUntil 1999Distribution incomeHas been used, but since 2000performance incomeIt has been switched to.Top 10 Box Office Revenues for Japanese Anime MoviesFive of them are produced by Studio Ghibli.


Evaluation in Japan

Nikkei BPAccording to the results of Brand Japan's consumer market research conducted by Consulting every year since 2001, Studio Ghibli ranked in the top 2002 of the "Most Reputed Brands by Consumers" from 2006 to 5 every year. It had been. In the "brand category that I sympathize with," it has been ranked number one for five consecutive years since 2002.

  • 2002-Third place
  • 2003-Third place
  • 2004-Third place
  • 2005-Third place
  • 2006- 1
  • 2007-Third place
  • 2008-Third place
  • 2009-Third place
  • 2010-Third place
  • 2011-Third place
  • 2012-Third place
  • 2013-Third place
  • 2014-Third place
  • 2015-Third place
  • 2016-Third place
  • 2017- 1
  • 2018-Third place
  • 2019-Third place
  • 2020-Third place

Dentsu Young and RubicamHowever, Studio Ghibli was ranked second in the power ranking of Brand Energy, the world's largest consumer survey on brands conducted from June to July 2007.

Release and evaluation of works outside Japan

Berlin International Film Festival OfGold bear award,Academy awards OfFeature Animation Award[Note 14],Venice International Film Festival OfGold Osella Award[Note 15]Although it is a Studio Ghibli work that has received high international acclaim, such as receiving the award, the road to that point is not flat, and the evaluation is still uneven.

Studio Ghibli works from early onJapanI have exhibited at film festivals abroad many times, but it was early that Studio Ghibli works were accepted at the general public level.Hong KongIs. In June 1987, "Castle Laputa in the SkyWas released under the title of "Tenku no Shiro", and the box office revenue became a hit of HK $ 2 million, which was the second largest foreign language movie in Hong Kong that year. In February 1300, "Nausicaa of the valley of windIs titled "Kazenoya" and has box office revenue of HK $ 1070 million, and in July 1988, "My Neighbor TotoroRaised a box office revenue of HK $ 1100 million as a "dragon cat".As of 1997, all of them were good results that made it to the top of Japanese movies in Hong Kong.After that, "Kiki's Delivery ServiceWas released in 1990, and Studio Ghibli works were screened in Hong Kong.[15].

After that, Studio Ghibli worksNew York Museum of Modern ArtA retrospective exhibition is held at[16], "Spirited Away" is a site that aggregates movie criticismR[17]Recorded almost perfect in, won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, and was an international French cartoonist.MobiusNamed his daughter "Nausicaa"[18]While receiving high praise, "Tales from Earthsea』Original author and novelistUrsula K. Le-GwynShowed a strong sense of discomfort in the modified parts of the original work and the pictures with weak details.[19].

FranceButHayao MiyazakiFormal introduction of the director's work was delayed, 1993Annecy International Animation Film FestivalThen,Red pig』Received a work award in the feature film category, but was defeated in the theater in 1995.

America"Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" is also exported, but it is known for low-budget C-class movies that the distribution right was obtained.Roger CormanIt was a subordinate company. The 116-minute main story was cut to 95 minutes, and the story was significantly tampered with, entitled "Warriors of the Wind," which was sold in video after being released in theaters for a short time in the United States, and even more.EuropeResold to each country[Note 16]..This "Wind Warrior" is notorious among fans of director Miyazaki's work.[Note 17]..This shortened version for the United States was created without the permission of Miyazaki, but in this case Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli began to require uncut release when exporting their own work.

After that, in the United States, in 1989, "Laputa, the Castle in the Sky" was released in a small theater.[20]In Europe and the United States, full-scale theatrical release was not done, and the video release on the regular route was delayed, so pirated copies of illegal copies were on the market.[21].

The box office revenue in the United States is "Borrowing ArriettyNo. 1920 at $ 2743[22],Ponyo on the cliffNo. 1509 at $ 399[23],Spirited AwayNo. 1005 at $ 5859[24]It has become.This is the difference in the number of public halls[Note 18]There are some, but the posters and trailers of "The Borrower Arrietty" are compared to the old Studio Ghibli works.デ ィ ズ ニ ーThe color is getting stronger[25].

From the release of "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea"Kathleen Kennedy,Frank MarshallBecame executive producer of the English dubbed version[26][27][28].

See belowGKIDSAnd while a new connection between Studio Ghibli was born,BreezeIs the same as Miyazaki's works and "The Borrower Arrietty" that have been released so far.デ ィ ズ ニ ー North AmericaHas acquired the distribution right of[29][30].

From December 2018, 12, "My Neighbor Totoro" will be releasedBeijing,Shanghaiな どChugokuTheatrical release in 50 cities[31][32][33]..It was the first large-scale screening of Studio Ghibli films in 6000 halls in mainland China.[34][35][36].. The following year, 2019, "Spirited Away" was premiered at about 9000 pavilions.[37][38][39][40].

Relationship with GKIDS

Independent distribution company in the United StatesGKIDSAnd Studio Ghibli's involvement in 2011ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク OfIFC CenterBeginning with the special screening held in[41], From 2012From Kokuriko slopeWas released in theaters and the video was sold the following year.[Note 19][42][43][44]..continue"Kaguya princess story"[Note 20]When"Marnie of Memories"[Note 21]Is published[45][46], In 2013Touch stoneFrom "Kazetanu" distributed in[47]In 2016Sony Pictures ClassicsDistributed in "Red Turtle An Island Story, Studio Ghibli works have been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature for the fourth consecutive year.

In North America, GKIDS holds distribution rights for all past Studio Ghibli works[48], Retrospective screening[46].. From 2016 to the following year,Princess Mononoke] Or[49], Revival screening of "Spirited Away" was held at more than 2 halls in 400 days[50]Until then, it had not been screened in general theaters.OmohideAnd 'I can hear the seaWas released for the first time[51][52]..In addition, we will jointly work on event screenings from 2016.Fathom EventsIs to screen one Studio Ghibli work every month.Studio Ghibli Fest"[53][54], Held annually from 2017 to 2019[55][56][57].. "Laputa, the castle in the sky" is 2 buildings in a schedule of 3 to 648 days[58][59], "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" is 751 Building[60][61], "Witch's Takkyubin" will be released at 753 building, etc.[62][63], Both dubbed and subtitled versions are being screened.

From 2017, GKIDS has started re-release of works whose videos were previously sold by Disney in North America.[64]..Outside the United States, in France and elsewhere, Disney continued to distribute Studio Ghibli works.[65].

Relationship with Wild Bunch

Co-produced "The Red Turtle: A Story of an Island" with Studio Ghibli in 2016Wild bunchAcquired all rights to Studio Ghibli works in France on September 2020, 9.The new work "Earwig and the Witch] Is also included.Disney's license agreement, which had released Studio Ghibli works in France, has expired.Wild Bunch has been in charge of overseas sales of Studio Ghibli works.[66].

Video distribution

Until 2019, Studio Ghibli was reluctant to distribute on the Internet,Video distribution serviceIn response to the explosive spread of, it was decided that partnering with a distribution service company would lead to an increase in awareness of Studio Ghibli works overseas, which until now had only the means of purchasing DVDs or viewing them in pirated editions.[21][67].

August 2019, 10,GKIDS TheAmericaAtWarnerMedia OfHBO MaxAnd Studio Ghibli worksStreamingExclusive contract for delivery[68]Announced that it has signed.2020 works have been distributed since May 5 when the service starts[69][70][71][72][73][74][75].

GKIDS started download sales of the same 2019 titles as HBO Max in North America from December 12, 17. Platforms for saleAmazon,Apple TV,Google Play,Sony,Microsoft products,Vudu,FandangoNOW[76].

January 2020NetflixFrom France's Wild Bunch International, with the United StatesJapanAcquired distribution rights in about 191 countries around the world excluding. Announced that 2 works will be distributed sequentially from February to April[Note 22][67][75][77][78].

As of 2021, neither download nor streaming is available for video distribution to Japan.

Among the Studio Ghibli works, "Tomb of Fireflies』Is the copyright rightShinchosha Co., Ltd.And the original authorAkiyo NosakaIs owned by, and Studio Ghibli is not subject to Internet distribution due to the fact that it does not have the right to publish the original.[75][79].

Characteristics of voice actor casting

Until the 1980s, actors were sometimes appointed aside[Note 23]Full-time voice actors who belong to the voice actor office were mainly appointed to the leading role class, but in the works after the 1990s, the voices of the leading role and the main characters are often appointed by famous actors in TV dramas etc.[Note 24], These are often talked about as a feature of Studio Ghibli works,Hitomi TatenoAccording to the report, "It was around the 70s that only the voice work was specialized in the work of actors."Hayao Miyazaki,Takahata IsaoWas "just choosing an actor who fits the role in the old-fashioned way"[80]..In addition, Miyazaki said that he had full confidence in Takahata's casting sense.

However, if an actor whose name is selling is appointed, the movie will be promoted on TV programs without permission, so advertising expenses will inevitably rise.Toshio SuzukiIs speaking.

Regarding the selection of voice actors, Miyazaki replied at the press conference of the completion report of "Spirited Away" that he chose from the voices that the producers bring one after another after the image of himself was completed.[81].

In an interview from foreign media, "Japanese female voice actors only have voices that seem to want to attract the attention of men in coquettish, so"Howl's moving castleWe didn't need it at all to play the role of Witch of the Waste. "[82].. "" Princess Mononoke "was born in this way. 』, Played the role of Nausicaa, etc.Shimamoto SumiHowever, it is recorded that he cannot respond to the performance requested by Miyazaki without peeling off the "professional mask".

"Princess Mononoke] After that, the character whose role name is not creditedLiterary TheaterBelonging actor[Note 25]Tend to be appointed a lot.

Fostering successors

Originally, Studio Ghibli said,Nausicaa of the valley of windIt was a production that was established in the wake of the commercial success of 』, and was initially the central figure in the production of the same work.Hayao Miyazaki-Takahata IsaoHis main business was the production of feature-length animated films directed by.Therefore, there was one side in the company that always turned around with Miyazaki and Takahata at the top.However, as of the 1990s, both directors Miyazaki and Takahata were already veterans, and securing a successor to Miyazaki, who had solidified his position as a national filmmaker, is one of the major long-term issues for Studio Ghibli's management. Therefore, various attempts have been made from a relatively early stage.

Institutionalized director training in line with the start of full-time staff appointments.Kazuya MurataProduced them.

August 1995, 7,Yoshifumi KondoDirected work "If you listen] Is released.Kondo has supported many works directed by Miyazaki and Takahata even before the establishment of Studio Ghibli, and as a talented animator and character designer who can be said to be the representative of the Studio Ghibli drawing team at that time, Kondo is the best successor to Miyazaki and Takahata due to the success of the work. It was recognized that it became a presence that attracted great expectations from inside and outside Studio Ghibli.However, Kondo died of illness in January 1998 at the age of 1.

In Studio Ghibli after that, there was a decisive shortage of human resources to replace Kondo as a director candidate who was recognized for his ability to play the role of Miyazaki and Takahata in the feature film, and human resource development within the organization was extremely difficult. ..In addition to training up to that point, we have invited some creators who have been mainly focused on young and mid-career generations as director candidates from outside to engage in production work, but in the corporate culture of Studio Ghibli. It is said that there were not a few cases where he got off the board because he was not familiar with it.in the past"Castle Laputa in the SkyOf "Anchor" that was planned for the next work ofOshii Mamoru[Note 26][Note 27][83],Kiki's Delivery Service"soSunao Katabuchi,Howl's moving castle] InToei videoから[Note 28]Was secondedMamoru HosodaIt is reported that the board has been dropped.
In the live-action movie, "Ceremony day"ofHideaki AnnoWhen"Satrale TRIBUTE to a SAD GENIUS"ofKatsuyuki MotohiroIs produced and this is open to the public[Note 29].

Pointing to this situation, Anno had already said in 1996, "Miya-san (Miyazaki) was a piggyback rider. In this Ghibli environment, no successor will grow up."[84]He later pointed out that he should be the Ghibli management team.Toshio SuzukiGhibli is a studio for two people, Miyazaki and Takahata, and there is no way for human resources to grow. "Suzuki is for training young and mid-career animators in Studio GhibliTelecomFrom veteran animatorYasuo OtsukaOtsuka's main advice was, "If you hear Miya-san from the right, let it flow to the left. Draw as you like," Kondo said. It is said that he was one of the people who made an outstanding appearance by accepting[85]..In 2001 after Kondo died, "Spirited Away』I was the animation directorMasashi AndoAlso, he was worried about the current situation of just following Studio Ghibli's methodology, saying, "In a sense, we have to destroy Ghibli," and was actively accepting animators from outside Studio Ghibli during production.[86].

Suzuki wrote in 2006, "Tales from EarthseaAt that timeMitaka Forest Ghibli MuseumMiyazaki's son, who was the director of the museum and had virtually no experience in animation production until then.Goro MiyazakiWas appointed as the director.This is because Suzuki stated in an interview at the beginning of the announcement that "thinking about the future of Ghibli as a premise, Miyazaki and Takahata including Suzuki are old", that is, a de facto "successor training" measure I admit that it was appointed as[87]..However, regarding the appointment of Goro as a director, Miyazaki and Suzuki's opinions are in direct conflict, and at the end of 2010, Suzuki said in a question and answer session, "(Miyazaki) still let Goro shoot" Tales from Earthsea. " I don't forgive me for that. "[88].

From around 2009, the "Studio Ghibli 5-year management plan" led by Miyazaki started.Appointment of young people for the first 3 years[Note 30], The last two years are a plan to devote to the production of a blockbuster, and as the first step of this plan, Studio Ghibli grows outHiromasa Yonebayashiof"Borrowing ArriettyIs the second installment of Goro's "From Kokuriko slopeWas produced[88]..As a blockbuster, "BreezeWas produced, and Miyazaki announced his retirement from the feature film.[Note 31].. In 2014Marnie of Memories] The production department was dismantled after the production was completed[89], Subsequent feature films, otherAnime production companyIn the same way as, it changed to a style of collecting and producing free animators for each work, and the first work, "Red Turtle An Island StoryIs an overseas animatorMichael dudoc de vitHas been selected as the director.

Miyazaki's first voice when he saw "The Borrower Arrietty" in the preview room was "The production of Ghibli growth was born for the first time."[90]I have sent a comment.Miyazaki and Takahata are from Toei Animation, and other directors have also been transferred from other companies, making Yonebayashi the first director from pure Studio Ghibli.

On the other hand, Suzuki was in the process of restructuring.Tokuma bookstoreThe reason why Studio Ghibli became independent in 2005 from its umbrella was 1000 million yen because it was the amount that Miyazaki, Takahata, and Suzuki could contribute, so Miyazaki and Takahata. It also states that it is basic that Studio Ghibli will end when he retires.[91].

In 2016, Studio Ghibli's first public teacher-disciple dialogue will be held.The conversation was Suzuki and learned work under SuzukiTomohiko IshiiWas done by.

Location hunting

At Studio Ghibli, many works were producedlocation huntingI went.However, they are only for obtaining the image of the fictional world, not for creating a setting that traces the objective real world.Real landscapes, like the attitude towards the original, are just a source of inspiration.Hayao MiyazakiIs also said to have no habit of taking pictures during location scouting.It is said that it is a thinking pattern that subjectively memorizes information and impressions confirmed with both eyes.[92].. On the other handTakahata IsaoIt is,リ ア リ ズ ムIn "Tomb of the Firefly" and "Heisei Tanuki Battle Pompoko", the story was faithful to the real stage.

Successive presidents and managers

periodThe presidentManagement
August, 1985August, 1991Tokuma YakaiToru Hara
August, 1991August, 2000Toshio Suzuki
August, 2000August, 2001
August, 2001August, 2005Takeyoshi Matsushita
August, 2005August, 2008Toshio Suzuki
August, 2008August, 2017Koji Hoshino
August, 2017IncumbentKiyofumi Nakajima
  • Studio Ghibli in 1997Tokuma bookstoreWas absorbed and merged with.Tokuma ShotenIn-house companyDue to the introduction of the system, Studio Ghibli became a company of Tokuma Shoten.
  • Tokuma Shoten opened in 1999Division systemWith the introduction of, Studio Ghibli became a business headquarters of Tokuma Shoten.
  • From 2005, when it was separated and became independent from Tokuma Shoten, it will be again.Ltd.It became.

Related person


Art, coloring, etc.


Sound, recording, etc.

Production / Production


Related item

Related exhibition

A lot of Ghibli Studio Ghibli original painting exhibition
August 1996, 8-September 31, all over Japan, starting with the Shinjuku Mitsukoshi Museum of ArtMitsukoshi department storeHeld at. "Nausicaa of the valley of windToPrincess MononokeThe original drawings up to 』were exhibited.Tokuma bookstoreとWalt Disney CompanyThe news of the business alliance with and the global expansion of Studio Ghibli works became a big topic.Also on July 1999, 7-August 22, 8Nihonbashi TakashimayaIt was held in.here we have"Hohokekyo next to YamadaIt became an exhibition of the original drawings up to.
A lot of Ghibli Studio Ghibli XNUMXD modeling exhibition
October 2003, 6-November 14,Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Contemporary ArtHeld at. "Howl's moving castleThe world up to 』is reproduced as a three-dimensional model, and a display integrated with the newspaper article at the time of publication was exhibited.The exhibition attracted more than 22 people.
Ghibli painter Kazuo Oga Exhibition
July 2007, 7-February 21, 2010, Museum of Contemporary Art TokyoMatsuzakaya Art GalleryIt was held in a total of 9 places. At the Tokyo exhibition, the number of visitors was close to 30.
Studio Ghibli Layout Exhibition
July 2008, 7-February 26, 2011, Museum of Contemporary Art TokyoSuntory MuseumIt was held in a total of 9 places.The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo attracted more than 12 people. "Ponyo on the cliff"[Note 33]Approximately 1300 original drawings and layouts were exhibited.
The Borrower Arrietty x Yohei Taneda Exhibition
July 2010th, 7-October 17rd, held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. In 10Ehime Prefectural MuseumHeld in 3 places. Mobilized 70 people.
Studio Ghibli Animator Katsuya Kondo Exhibition
October 2012, 7-November 20,Niihama Local Art MuseumIt was held in.
Ghibli animator born in Niigata Yoshifumi Kondo Exhibition
October 2014, 7-November 4,Niigata Prefectural Bandaijima Art MuseumIt was held in.
This man supported Ghibli. Yoshifumi Kondo Exhibition
October 2015, 8-November 4,Kagawa Prefectural Museum・ It was held in a special exhibition room.
Ghibli XNUMXD Building Exhibition
October 2014, 7-November 10,Garden of Edo-TokyoIt was held in.Be an architectTerunobu FujimoriExplained.
When Marnie Was There x Yohei Taneda Exhibition
October 2014, 7-November 27,Edo Tokyo MuseumIt was held in.
Studio Ghibli "When Marnie Was There" Director Hiromasa Yonebayashi Original Painting Exhibition
October 2014, 7-November 18,Seibu Ikebukuro Main StoreIt was held at Seibu Gallery on the 2nd floor of the annex.
October 2014, 8-November 5,SOGO Yokohama storeIt was held at the special venue on the 8th floor.
October 2015, 3-November 7,Niigata City Manga / Anime Information CenterIt was held in.
Ghibli Grand Exposition
October 2015, 9-November 12,Aichi Earth Expo Memorial ParkIt was held in.
October 2016, 3-November 5,Niigata Prefectural Museum of Modern ArtIt was held in.
October 2016, 7-November 7,Roppongi HillsIt was held at the Sky Gallery in the observatory, Tokyo City View.
October 2017, 4-November 15,Nagasaki Museum of History and CultureIt was held in.
October 2017, 7-November 7,Oita Prefectural Museum of ArtIt was held in.
Ghibli's "not big" exposition
October 2020, 7-November 22,Aichi Prefectural Museum of ArtIt was held at Gallery A, B, H, I.
Animage and Ghibli Exhibition
October 2021, 4-November 15,Matsuya GinzaIt was held at the event square gallery on the 8th floor.

Related event

Studio Ghibli general election

"Red Turtle An Island StoryWas held in commemoration of the release of "Studio Ghibli General Election".The event will be solicited for votes on the official website and special page of the same work during the period from midnight on August 2016, 8 to 13:0 pm on August 8, 28.Nausicaa of the valley of windToMarnie of MemoriesThe studio Ghibli theater feature film up to 』, the one with the highest number of votes among all 21 animated films in 1 cities and 5 theaters nationwide[Note 34]The content is to be screened at[93].. In the interim announcement on August 8, the top five works were "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" and "Castle Laputa in the Sky], [Kiki's Delivery Service], [Princess Mononoke], [Spirited AwayWas announced[94]..All these 5 worksHayao MiyazakiIt is a director's work.And on September 9th, the final result was announced, and the 6st place "Spirited Away" was re-screened at 1 theaters nationwide for a week from September 9th to September 10th.[95]..The ranking of the works ranked second and below is unknown because they have not been announced yet.

Ghibli at the cinema once in a lifetime.

June 2020, 6, entitled "Ghibli at the cinema once in a lifetime", "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind", "Princess Mononoke", "Spirited Away", "Tales from Earthsea』The revival screening of 4 works has started at theaters nationwide[96]..These dominate the top three in the movie rankings on the first weekend, etc.New coronavirusRecorded an exceptional blockbuster during the spread of infection[97].

Related facilities

Mitaka Forest Ghibli Museum
TokyoMitaka City
Opened October 2001, 10.The world of Studio Ghibli is exhibited.The special exhibition, whose contents change every year, is also popular, and the 1 "AardmanFollowing the "Exhibition", in 2007, the "3 Bikinokoguma Exhibition" was held.
Satsuki and May's House
Aichi Earth Expo Memorial Park-Aichi ExpoVenue site
Completed in March 2005. "My Neighbor Totoro』Faithfully reproduces the Kusakabe family.

June 2017, at Aichi Expo Memorial ParkGhibli ParkWas officially announced to build[98].

Related stores

JapanThere are many specialty stores that sell Studio Ghibli goods in various places.Tokyo StationUnderground Yaesu ExitTokyo character street"Acorn Garden" inside,AichiNagoya city"Messe" inMiyazakiHyuga City"Musashiya" in[Note 35],KagoshimaKagoshima"Amyu no Mori" inKochiKochiFor example, "Donguri Republic" in.Also,Friday road showExclusively airing Studio Ghibli works atNippon TVDealing with goodsNippon TelevisionBut Ghibli goods are on sale.

On the other hand,Gamers,AnimateAlmost no Studio Ghibli goods are sold[Note 36].

Related books

A company where the company's staff and alumni became independent and started a business




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