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📷 | Io, whiteboard adjusting camera based on attendee position


Io, whiteboard adjusting camera based on attendee position

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With AI control, it also has functions such as precise handwriting reproduction, digital data recognition of handwritten objects, and zooming in and out by gestures.

IO DATA DEVICE INC. On June 6nd, an all-in-one interactive whiteboard equipped with AI "Id ... → Continue reading

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  • Zoom up. "Close-up/ "Focus inA word that has the same meaning as.Suddenly taking a large picture of the subject with a camera or the like.Another word for the word "focus" on people, things, places, etc.
  • Nippon TVOf seriesMorning information programAbbreviation of.
    1. Zoom in!! Morning! - 1979May 3から2001May 9Was broadcast every Monday to Friday.
    2. Zoom in!! SUPER --1, the successor to 2001.May 10から2011May 3Was broadcast every Monday to Friday.The above abbreviation "zoom. "
    3. ZIP! --2, the successor to 2011.May 4It is broadcast every Monday to Friday. ZIP! Is "ZUNCLE IN !! PIt is an acronym for "EOPLE" (zoom in !! People).
    4. Zoom in!! Saturday - 1996May 4Broadcast every Saturday from to the present.Another abbreviation "Zumsata. "
    5. Zoom in !! Night! --At one point, it was broadcast in a special program. 1993May 4とMay 10(BothFriday) PM7: 00-8: 54 (JST), Broadcast in a single frame.
  • The pretense used in the above NTV program.See.


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