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📚 | [Picture Book Navi Eigo] English Picture Book Maisy Goes Camping "Macy-chan's Fun Can ..."


[Picture Book Navi Eigo] English Picture Book Maisy Goes Camping "Macy-chan's Fun Can ..."

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Please enjoy Macy's English world with Picture Book Navi Eigo.

[Picture Book Navi Eigo] English Picture Book Maisy Goes Camping "Macy-chan's Fun Camp" ... → Continue reading

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Macy(Maisy Mouse) is a picture book series by a British picture book writer and a TV animation based on it. As of April 2009, the cumulative circulation of picture book series in Japan has reached 4 million.[1], The cumulative circulation worldwide has exceeded 2650 million.[1].

TV animation in the United States from 1999 to 2001NickelodeonAfter being broadcast on, the Nickelodeon-affiliated channel Noggin (Current:Nick jr.)で2002年4月1日から2007年11月まで放送された。2008年11月3日からは で平日朝9時と昼12時(東部標準時)に放送されている[2].

In Japan, 2000 episodes at NHK from January 1th to March 4th, 3[3]Was broadcast until.afterwards,Cartoon NetworkとDisney channel OfPlayhouse Disney (Current:Disney junior) Was rebroadcast.


The main character of this work.White living in a house with a red roofA mouseGirl.Plush toyPandaIs my favorite.
Tomboy character hen.The ribbon on the head is a trademark.
elephant.For some reason, only he is not anthropomorphic and is an ordinary elephant.
A crocodile who likes cupcakes.tall.
A little weakSquirreBoy.

Broadcast list

  • The number of stories is in the order in which (A) was broadcast in the United States and (B) was broadcast in Japan.
Number of stories (A)Number of stories (B)subtitleOriginal language titleFirst broadcast date
1Let's goFarm2000
May 1
2picnicpicnicMay 1
3PoolpoolMay 1
84Good nightBedtimeMay 1
5KishaTrainMay 1
6SanrinshabikingMay 1
97RabbitRabbitMay 1
108Go out to the seaBoatMay 1
119hide-and-seekHide & SeekMay 1
1310Mizutama MoyoSpotsMay 1
411Oniwade CampCamping siteMay 1
1512LaundryWashingMay 1
1913Everyone's cookiesGingerbreadMay 1
1814Ball playballMay 1
1415Fuyu no ToriBirdMay 1
4916SnowmanSnowMay 1
1217KouenPlaygroundMay 1
1718BatBatMay 1
1619Suna no OshiroSandcastleMay 1
2420birthdayBirthdayMay 2
2621Kotori no SuNestMay 2
3022TakaramonoTreasureMay 2
2823A playground paradeParadeMay 2
3124sheepsheepMay 2
3825PaintShedMay 2
3926Play housePlayhouseMay 2
2327DogDogMay 2
2228SwingswingMay 2
2129busbusMay 2
2530AmefuriRainMay 2
2731KamihikokiPlaneMay 2
32Sora no SanpocloudsMay 2
4433bathBathMay 2
2934Amusement ParkFairMay 2
4535FuusenBalloonsMay 2
3436FrighteningBooMay 2
4737my stomach hurtsTummyacheMay 2
4138ダンスDancingMay 2
4639lemonadeLemonadeMay 2
3740Easy batakeHarvestMay 2
0741partyPartyMay 3
42I want to goOuchMay 3
4843guitarGuitarMay 3
4044サ ー カ スCircusMay 3
4345Searching for eggsEggsMay 3
3546BukireStickMay 3
3647Clean upMessMay 3
2048CatMeowMay 3
3349ChiselFleasMay 3
Rebroadcast from March 3th to March 14th
Rebroadcast from March 12th to March 18th
50cardCardsMay 12
51Christmas treeChristmas TreeMay 12
52ChristmasChristmasMay 12

ス タ ッ フ

  • Narration-Neil Morrissey (UK version)
  • Production- Nelvana
  • Produce- Polygram→

Japanese version production staff

Original-Lucy Cousins
Music-Kick Production
Narration - Nakamura Toru
Translation-Mari Yamada
Director --Yu Nakajima
Producer-Toyoko Hirata
Japanese version production-NHK, Telesis

Theme song

  • Macy's song
song - Sakata Osama[4]


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  2. ^ Qubo TV Schedule
  3. ^ In fact, all 103 episodes.
  4. ^ The telop was displayed from the 10th episode of the main broadcast, and from the 1st episode in the rebroadcast.

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