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😀 | "Patalliro!" 』, At that time girls were crazy

Photo "Patalliro!", Which was first published in "Hana to Yume" (Hakusensha) in 78. 』\

"Patalliro!" Which draws both horror and BL! 』, At that time girls were crazy

If you write the contents roughly
Let's look back on "then" with women of the same generation who are active.

Even if you live in a different place, if you are close to your age, you can get excited by saying, "Yes, I understand!" → Continue reading

 Women themselves

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generation(Depending onEnglish: generation)

  1. Count as parents, grandparents, children, grandchildrenClassifier.. Or the cycle or period until a generation group has a child of the next generation. Generations. Mainly refers to humans, but also used for other living things.
  2. BirthA group that shares the time when they did it. Generation group, generation group.
  3. (Biology) A group of individuals born at about the same time[1].
  4. A type of machine of the same system that exists at about the same time.

Generational research in each country

The generation name is a collective name for a specific age group, and is the social situation during the period of birth, schooling, employment, etc., and the turning point of the birth period (Era,centuryEtc.) are often separated.

Japanese generation

In Japan,ADnotJapanese CalendarSince it is often written in, when writing the date of birth, the era name at the time of birth (or the alphabet of the acronym of the era name)[2]) May be selected and described in the Japanese calendar, and the birth is classified by the era name.ChangeIn 2019, some ministries and agencies also considered unifying official documents in the Christian era.[3]However, while the era name is decreasing, about 2018% of the respondents in their 20s to 50s answered that they often answered the year of birth in the era in the questionnaire as of 4.[4], Many people still answer the date of birth in the era.

In addition, there are various generation names other than the classification by era name, but hereWikipediaTo记事Introducing the generations in whichThe definition of generation also differs from person to person, but the "year of birth" shown here is based on the definition of the link destination.It should be noted that if there is no source for the range or if there are multiple sources at the link destination, the range may differ from the range here.

Birth timeDate of birthGeneration nameDate of birthGeneration nameDate of birth
MeijibirthMarch 1868, 10-February 23, 1912  
TaishobirthMarch 1912, 7-February 30, 1926Taisho generationMarch 1912, 7-February 30, 1926
ShowabirthMarch 1926, 12-February 25, 1989
Showa single digitMarch 1926, 12-February 25, 1934
Burnt generation1935 - 1946
All-combat generation1941 - 1949
Baby boom generation1947 - 1949 [5]
Shirage generation1950 - 1964
New humanity1961 - 1970 [6]
Bubble generation1965 - 1970 [7]
Ice Age GenerationMarch 1970, 4-February 2, 1982
Baby boom junior1971 - 1974 [8]
Post baby boom junior1975 - 1981
Pressure generation[9]March 1982, 4-February 2, 1987  
Satori generationMarch 1987, 4-February 2, 2004[10][Note 1]
HeiseibirthMarch 1989, 1-February 8, 2019
GenerationMarch 2004, 4-February 2, 2013
ReiwabirthMarch 2019, 5-

The United States of America

AmericaThe range of each generation in○○TimeIn many cases, the range of generations is 10 to 20 years (Generation XAfter that, it is divided approximately every 16 years).

For example, in AmericaBaby boomerIs a Japanese versionBaby boom generationIs wider thanSecond World WarFrom the end ofKennedyIt refers to the generation that was born in the "era of administration". Similarly, the parent generation of "baby boomers"Beat generation"Also"World War IからRolling TwentiesIt refers to the generation that was born in the "to" era.

Besides this,1980 eraから1990 eraBorn in the middle2000 era"The generation that will advance into society after thatGeneration Y"2010 eraSince entering the market, there have been many cases of being called "millennials" or "millennials."

Birth YearGeneration nameGeneration to straddle (alias)Birth Year
1860 - 1882 Missionary Generation
(Missionary Generation)
1883 - 1900 Lost generation
(Lost Generation)
1901 - 1927 Greatest Generation
(Greatest Generation)
Interwar generation
(Interbellum Generation)
1901 - 1913
Beat generation
(Beat Generation)
1914 - 1929
Jazz age
(Jazz Age)
1918 - 1929
1928 - 1945 Silent generation
(Silent Generation)
1946 - 1964 Baby boomer
(Baby Boomers)
1965 - 1980 Generation X
(Generation X)
1981 - 1996 Generation Y
(Generation Y)
(Millennial Generation)
1997 - 2012 Generation Z
(Generation Z)
2013-(Unspecified)Generation α
(Generation Alpha)


The average age at which a woman gives birth to her first child varies slightly depending on the country and age, but is approximately 1 to 25 years. 30 years old in Japan in 2015 (Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareResearch[11]). Statistics have been taken every year since 1963, 30 years ago in 1976 when he was 25.7 years old,late marriageIt tends to increase gradually under the influence of. In other countries, the United States in 2007 was 25.2, the United Kingdom in 2004 was 27.4, and Australia in 2006 was 30.

However, in reality, there are children after their second child (the average birth age of the second child in Japan was 2 in 2.[11]), and her husband is older than his wife (2013 years old in 33.6)[12]). Therefore, the average age difference between parents and children, or "1 generation", is slightly longer than these figures.

なお、「世代」の「世(せい、よ)」は30年を表す時間の単位でもあり、漢字の字形も「十」を3つ組み合わせたものである。30年(1世)を3等分(10年毎)、5等分(6年毎)、6等分(5年毎)などに分けて数える方法もある。また、2世(60年)をSixtieth birthday, The 12th century (360 years) is called 1 luck.

The following table shows the number of years that one generation is simply calculated in 1 years.

Generation intervalrelationshipYearly intervalBlood relationship
8 generations agoAncestor of VIII240 年前1/256
7 generations agoSeventh ancestor210 年前1/128
6 generations agoSixth ancestor180 年前1/64
5 generations agoAncestor of the fifth generation150 年前1/32
4 generations agoHigh grandparents120 年前1/16
3 generations agoGreat-grandparents90 年前1/8
2 generations agoGrandparents60 年前1/4
1 generations agoparent30 年前1/2
Current generation (1st generation)Be a person01
After 1 generation (2nd generation)ChildAfter 30 years1/2
After 2 generation (3nd generation)GrandchildAfter 60 years1/4
After 3 generation (4nd generation)Great-grandsonAfter 90 years1/8
After 4 generation (5nd generation)GensonAfter 120 years1/16
After 5 generation (6nd generation)GrandchildrenAfter 150 years1/32
After 6 generation (7nd generation)Kun grandsonAfter 180 years1/64
After 7 generation (8nd generation)GrandsonAfter 210 years1/128
After 8 generation (9nd generation)Cloud grandsonAfter 240 years1/256

Generation of technology

Like the generations of humans and living things,InnovationThe change of technology and design concept due to such factors is called generation. It is often used in the following fields.

The current machines and the next generation of current technologies and standards are called next-generation machines and next-generation machines.


BiologyThen, when we say "generation" and "generation", they are about the same time.Born officialGroup OfindividualMeans[1].. HoweverHuman capitalWhich throughout the year, like(I.e.However, in the case of birth, the concept / division of "generation" is convenient.[1].

Generation overlapping

Each belonging to a different generation (age class) Individuals live at the same time (coexist), it is said that the generational overlap is complete.[1]..ヒトはこの例であるHuman is an example of this[1].

At a certain point in time, when only some of the age groups are present, the generational overlap is incomplete.lifeShort of昆虫KindFirst graderThen there are many things like this[1].


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注 釈

  1. ^ ただし、それより少し前の1980年代前後(1977年4月2日〜1987年4月1日生まれ)と2004年生まれ以降(2004年4月2日〜2013年4月1日生まれ)の世代も含めた世代全般を指す場合もある[Source required].


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