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👩‍🎤 | "I think every day is luxurious for Honma" -Shingo Murakami's thoughts on the work of entertainment and idols ...


"I think every day is luxurious for Honma."-Shingo Murakami's thoughts on the work of entertainment and idols ...

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The popular voice actor feature is Takayuki Kondo x Daisuke Ono, who will make their CD debut as a music unit TRD on June 6th with the 16st mini album "TRAD", and the TV anime "Fruit Basket The Final" (TV Tokyo and others) will finally reach its final chapter. Pick up Yuma Uchida who is appearing in.

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Takayuki Kondo

Takayuki Kondo(Kondo Takayuki,1978May 6[1] -) isJapan OfMaleVoice actor.TottoriI'm fromBLACK SHIPBelong to.


Kansai OfRailway companyAfter working at[3],Yoyogi Animation AcademyGraduated from Osaka school[4]Has a career of changing jobs to a voice actor.

2000FromYu-Gi-Oh! Duel MonstersWas a regular appearance in the role of Hiroto Honda,2001, I was forced to be hospitalized due to a sudden illness from episode 53Hidehiro KikuchiIt was changed to, and the board was dropped as it was (after that,2016Theatrical version of "Yu-Gi-Oh THE DARK SIDE OF DIMENSIONS』Returned for the first time in 15 years).After discharge, the anime "Ask Dr. Lynn!』\ I returned to work from the broadcast in September of the same year.

20093ToTokyo Actors Co-opLeavingFree sizeHe is a senior who has been respected since June of the same year.Keiji FujiwaraServes as representative directorAIR AGENCYBe a member.2017May 4With that, he left AIR AGENCY and became free again.2019May 4WithBLACK SHIPAnnounced to belong to[2].


Voice type TheHigh baritone[5].dialect TheTottori dialect[2].

"Polar bear cafe], Koala, giant tortoise, Kirino, and North American porcupine play four roles, and various voices are used freely.


HobbyShrine-Buddhist templeRound[2].BuddhismThemed manga "Navagraha -DefenD 9 Triggers-" (Monthly Shonen SiriusThe original author of)Ono DaisukeAnd two people.

The same 1978 voice actors born in 7 (Ono Daisuke-Shinnosuke Tachibana-Jun Fukuyama-Satoshi Hino-Atsushi Majima・ Takayuki Kondo ・Hisayoshi Suganuma) Is a member of "DABA" (formally, D is inverted and written). The name in DABA is "Fondovo".

ラジオ番組・超A&G+『Daisuke Ono and Takayuki Kondo's Dream Adventure ~ Dragon & TigerAlso active as a dance vocal unit DAT (Dat) born from.In 2021, he formed the technological vocal unit "TRD" with Ono, and on June 6th of the same year.Pony canyonWill release the 1st mini album "TRAD" from[6].

Lyrics能力に定評があり、2016年に開催された『新テニスの王子様』のイベント『テニプリフェスタ2016~合戦~』では、これまでに発表されたテニプリソング800曲超の中からのファン投票コーナー("テニプリソング1/800曲!"[7]), The character song of the character he played and the songwriter, "Koi Kaze" won the first place in the solo category and the second place in the overall category.[8].

"Reversal trial] The main character of the seriesNaruhodo RyuichiHas been played on PV etc. (The voice during the game is up to "4" of the staffShu TakumiIs in charge of)Professor Layton VS Inversion Trial』I played in the live-action movie versionHiroki NarimiyaWas appointed and was shocked that he did not receive an offer[9]..In "5" released later, Kondo is in charge of the voice of Naruhodo again.


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Theater animation


2000 era
2010 era

Web anime


  • Whistle! ~ 37th Tokyo Junior High School Comprehensive Physical Education Soccer Tournament ~ (Seiji Fujishiro)
  • Prince of everyone (Shuichiro Oishi)
  • Prince of Tennis 2005 CRYSTAL DRIVE (Shuichiro Oishi)
  • The Prince of Tennis RUSH & DREAM! (Shuichiro Oishi)
  • The Prince of Tennis Form the strongest team! (Shuichiro Oishi)
  • Ys vs. Sky Trail Alternative Saga(Agat Crosner)
  • SYK ~ Hasusakiden ~ (Gojo)
  • SYK ~ New Theory Nishiyuki ~ Portable (Gojo)
  • TAKUYO Mix Box -First Anniversary- (Akira Kamikawa)
  • Himehibi -New Princess Days!!- Continued! Second semester Portaburu (Akira Kamikawa)
  • Reversal trial 5(Naruhodo Ryuichi)
  • The story of the beginning of the new Lorona's atelier ~ Arland's Alchemist ~ (Tantris[33])
  • Solomon's Ring ~ Water Chapter ~ (Marchosias[34])
  • Double Score ~ ​​Cattleya x Narcissus ~[35])
  • (High school rewriting[50])

Drama CD

  • Ys & Sora no Kiseki vs. Vin Jaune (Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki Alternative Saga Drama CD Bundled Version,Agat Crosner)
  • Strawberry marshmallow(5-2 Homeroom teacher, Hiroki Matsui)
  • 1.5.8.-just one time-(Juravlik)
  • What is sung Original Drama ~ Civil War of Tuskuru ~ (Defender)
  • The Legend of Heroes VI The Trail of the Sky Drama CD-Decision to leave- (Agat Crosner)
  • SYK ~ New Theory Nishiyuki ~ Drama CD "Take away! Legendary sesame dumplings! -Don't forget the luxury sleep pillow-" (Gojo)
    • SYK ~ New Theory Nishiyuki ~ Drama CD ~ The dream of cluster amaryllis becomes dustGojo)
  • KISS x KISS collections Vol.34 "Send off kiss" (Izumi Kuchiki)
  • Reversal trial
    • Drama CD Ace Attorney 5 ~ Ace Attorney Animal Circus!? ~ (Naruhodo Ryuichi)
    • Ace Attorney 123 Naruhodo Selection Limited Edition Drama CD "Ace Attorney Combination" (Naruhodo Ryuichi) * Including trailer
    • Ace Attorney 6 LIMITED EDITION Newly written original drama CD (Naruhodo Ryuichi)
  • Frenzy Family Diary(Ranzaki Fire)
  • Shinigami Boyfriend Series Shinigami Date CD vol.2 (Shun)
  • Shakugan no Shana Assorted Shana(Eita Tanaka)
  • Shakugan no Shana II -Second- Animage Special Drama CD "Yuji-kun of the Lost Child" (Eita Tanaka)
  • Godannar !! (Goo)
  • Teacher! Sound story(Professor Sekiya[51])
  • I want to say(Father Nakamura) * Comics Volume 5 Special Edition with Drama CD
  • Tona Gra!(teacher)
  • Navagraha -DefenD 9 Triggers- (Sunshine[52]) *Comic Volume 2 Special Edition with Drama CD
  • Ballesta(Plateau Aoi)
  • Himehibi -New Princess Days!!- Sequel! Second semester drama CD New Prince Days -Precious Memory For You- (Akira Kamikawa)
  • FOOKIES(Kozaburo Iwano)
  • Armed Alchemy Drama CD 2 (Koji Rokumasu)
  • Drama CD "Bungaku Series" (new editor, editor-in-chief)
  • V/B/Rose(Shigane Kuromine)
  • Weirdo ~ Weird High School Girl Chiko Amaguri ~(Kohei Sugita[53]) * Comics Volume 6 Limited Edition with Drama CD
  • Our sweet dragon
  • Next to me is the God of Dark Destruction.(teacher[54])
  • Yuria 100 Shiki(Ippei Yamamoto)
  • Room share Real face boyfriend (Soichi Kiyota)
  • My lady * Included in the second volume of "The Maid's Lady"
  • Paradox Live (Midoriishi Yori[55])
    • 001 ``Paradox Live Opening Show''
BAE x The Cat's Whiskers x cozmez x villains
    • 003 "Paradox Live Stage Battle "JUSTICE""
The Cat's Whiskers × villains


  • Voice Voice (Yoichi Kihara)
  • S-Rikan- (Toaki Matsukura)
    • S-Afterglow- (Tomei Matsukura)
  • Gokudo Pure Love (Brother)
  • On this sinful night, Kiyotsuji family series 1 (Takahashi)
  • Sake, Y-shirt and kiss (Aoi)
  • Samejima-kun and Sasahara-kun (manager)
  • Charles & Haruki Series Paparatian Paradise (Len)
  • Shurei Gakuin High School Story / Legendary Boy (Hayamizu)
  • Thousand and one second story (crocodile)
  • Please give me the second button (Jun Kuritori)
  • DR rides a dragon (Rikiya Matsumoto)
  • Angel x Moonshine (Shunji Fukumoto)
  • Immoral Love Chic (Nobuya's Colleague A)
  • Flower-colored virgin soil (inner end)
  • Lonely my hero Drama CD Vol.2 ~ Winter preparation, Mary, sometimes Bar ~ (Treasure Castle Tsuneto)
  • Day to store a travel bag (Shinji Sakuragawa)





  • Mutant Turtles(2007å¹´ - 2008年、アーニー、男、航海士1 他)- 2シーズン

Digital comic

Special effects

Web tv

  • Yotsuba Music Academy (October 2020, 10-, ABEMA / Anime Channel) MC[58]


* IsInternet distribution.

Radio talk cd

Video products

  • Prince of Tennis
    • The Prince of Tennis 100 Song Marathon
    • The Prince of Tennis 2009/2013/2016
    • Tenipuri Festa 2011 in Budokan
  • PROJECT DABA (D is inverted)
    • MARIA (ELEKITER ROUND 0) Participated as a DABA member in the PV recorded on the DVD included in the luxury edition
    • "Dorokei" THIEF & POLICE
    • Escape from the cursed closed school-You can't get out of here unless you make it a Buddhahood-
    • Memorial Year Party It's the year of the horse ☆ Almost everyone gathers !!
  • Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Super! A & G + Daisuke Ono and Takayuki Kondo's Dream Adventure ~ Dragon & Tiger
    • Daisuke Ono and Takayuki Kondo's Dream Adventure ~ Dragon & Tiger ~ FANDISK Dragon & Tiger Quest ~ Find the Treasure of the Dream Sennin ~
    • Daisuke Ono and Takayuki Kondo's Dream Adventure ~ Dragon & Tiger ~ Fan Disc 2 Easy to wake up ~ in Kyoto
    • Daisuke Ono and Takayuki Kondo's Dream Adventure ~ Dragon & Tiger ~ Fan Disc 3 Summer Buddhist Temple Tour in Nara
    • Daisuke Ono / Takayuki Kondo's Dream Adventure ~ Dragon & Tiger ~ Fan Disc 4 DDT x Navagraha x Kochi
    • Treasure Hunt ~ Mirai Senshi Episode 0 ~ in Seibuen Amusement Park
    • MARINE SUPER WAVE LIVE 2013 --2016
  • Werewolf Battle ~ Werewolf VS Hero ~
  • DAT LIVE TOUR 2016 Sweet Shake Suite
  • Archives



  • Carnival in Wonderland (Sue)
  • ESPER LEGEND HAKKENDEN 2000 (Kunimitsu Inue)
  • Whiskey bomb bomb[59]
  • This modest life
  • ~ Voice actor starry sky planetarium reading party ~ Hoshino x Koe [Summer] Kansai performance [Winter] Tokyo performance[60]


  • Reversal trial Tokyo Game Show Special Court 2005 (Naruhodo Ryuichi)
  • Ace Attorney Tokyo Game Show Special Court 2006 (Naruhodo Ryuichi)
  • Special trial (Naruhodo Ryuichi)
  • Ace Attorney 10th Anniversary Special Court (Naruhodo Ryuichi)
  • Audiobook "Candle Time" (I)
  • Ace Attorney 6 Completion Show Special Court (Naruhodo Ryuichi)
  • Ace Attorney Tokyo Game Show Special Court 2017 (Naruhodo Ryuichi)
  • Nogizaka46 17th single "influencer" personal PV Midsummer Akimoto"Inside the aquarium" (customer)
  • Ace Attorney Tokyo Game Show Special Court 2018 (Naruhodo Ryuichi)


Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
2002/9/4THE BEST OF SEIGAKU PLAYERS VII Shuuichirou OishiShuichiro Oishi (Takayuki Kondo)"Piece by Piece"
"Piece by Piece (Remix version)"
Television Animation"Prince of Tennis] Related songs
2002/11/6WHITE LINEGreen vinegar[Member 1]"WHITE LINE"TV anime "Prince of Tennis" ending theme
"Happy x 2 ☆ Day !!"TV anime "Prince of Tennis" related songs
2003/10/22BIRTHDAY ~ The day you started walking ~"BIRTHDAY ~ The day you started walking ~"
Don't Look Back"Don't Look Back"
radio"The Prince of Tennis On the Radio"Theme song
2004/10/27true feelingsShuichiro Oishi (Takayuki Kondo)"true feelings"
2005/2/2DEPARTURESGreen vinegar[Member 1],Caps and bottles[Member 2]"DEPARTURES"Theme song for the theatrical anime "The Prince of Tennis: A Gift from Atobe: The Tenipuri Festival for You"
2005/4/13Promise / We Love SEIGAKU-Thank youSEIGAKU NINE PLAYERS[Member 3]"We Love SEIGAKU-Thank you"TV anime "Prince of Tennis" related songs
2005/4/30TWOShuichiro Oishi (Takayuki Kondo)"TWO"
"Isn't it?"
2006/12/20The type is D!Shuichiro Oishi (Takayuki Kondo), Eiji Kikumaru (Hiroki Takahashi)"Type is D!"
Shuichiro Oishi"Song for us"
2007/1/31Kiseki heldGreen vinegar[Member 1]"Holding miracle"OVA "Prince of Tennis OVA National Tournament" Opening Theme
2007/4/25Lunar orbitShuichiro Oishi (Takayuki Kondo)"We Will Win"
"Open My Heart!"
"Moon orbit"
"Koi Kaze"
"Let's go comfortably"
"Holding miracle"
"The scenery reflected in you"
TV anime "Prince of Tennis" related songs
2008/4/30Koi Kaze ~ Windy day Mix ~"Koi Kaze ~ Windy day Mix ~"
2008/5/21THE PIT FALLSRanzaki Rinfire (Takayuki Kondo)"THE PIT FALLS"Television Animation"Frenzy Family Diary"Ending theme
"THE PIT FALLS (workaholic mix)"Songs related to the TV anime "Kyōran Kazoku Nikki"
2008/6/27Daylight-Crown of Light in the Morning-Original SoundtrackLuka (Takayuki Kondo)"because you are here"The ending theme of the game "Daylight-The Crown of Light in the Morning-"
2009/1/1Green vinegar singles vestGreen vinegar[Member 1]"With you again"TV anime "Prince of Tennis" related songs
2009/4/30A collection of nursery rhyme masterpieces sung by Shuichiro Oishi, Prince of Tennis-Let's enjoy with the family! ~Shuichiro Oishi (Takayuki Kondo)"Sakura Sakura'
"When you are in the first grade'
"I broke the clarinet'
"Kagome Kagome'
"The Other Day I Met'
"Village Festival"
"Oni pants'
"Seven children'
"I found a small autumn'
"It's a long time ago'
"Hokufu Pis Kantaro'
"Kiyoshi kono yoru'
"January 1'
2009/7/22To that sky that does not fadeSTONES[Member 4]"To that unfading sky"OVA "The Prince of Tennis OVA ANOTHER STORY" ending theme
2010/5/26SYK ~ New Theory Nishiyuki ~ Character Song Mini AlbumGojo (Takayuki Kondo)"Sword of sunlight"game"SYK ~ New Theory Nishiyuki ~] Related songs
2012/4/25Hand in handShuichiro Oishi (Takayuki Kondo)"Hand in hand"Television Animation"New Prince of Tennis] Related songs
2015/1/7Party Time (STONES)STONES[Member 4]"Party Time"OVA "The New Prince of Tennis OVA vs Genius10" ending theme
2015/7/8Party Time (green vinegar)Green vinegar[Member 1]
2016/5/18Roh RingShuichiro Oishi (Takayuki Kondo)"In the Rain"TV anime "New Prince of Tennis" related songs
Roh3[Member 5]"Let's game!"
2017/4/26Koi Kaze -2017 Version-Shuichiro Oishi (Takayuki Kondo)"Koi Kaze -2017 Version-"
2020/2/12Paradox Live Opening ShowVillains[Member 6]"BAD BOYS ~Underground~"Character CD "Paradox Live] Related songs
2020/5/8Paradox Live Stage Battle "JUSTICE""OUTSIDERZ -Is Justice-"
2020/9/2Paradox Live Stage Battle "FAMILY""CALL FOR FAMILIEZ -Bad guys are Forever-"
2020/11/25Paradox Live Exhibition Show"REBELLION -Bad guys is still Burning-"
Paradox Live Exhibition Show -Bad guys-Villains[Member 6] feat. Kumi Kouda"EMPEROR --WE ON FIRE !!-"
2021/2/24Paradox Live Stage Battle "VIBES"Villains[Member 6]"ROWDIEZ -Wanted Vibes-"
2021/3/31Paradox Live 1st album "TRAP""AKYR -Bad guys Go over da TRAP-"
BAE[Member 7],The Cat's Whiskers[Member 8],cozmez[Member 9],Villains[Member 6]"Rap Guerrilla -Paradox Live All ARTISTS-"

Other participating works

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
2012/12/21VS / Sweet nestDAT[Member 10]"VS"
"Sweet nest"
Radio "Daisuke Ono / Takayuki Kondo Yumebouken ~ Dragon & Tiger ~" theme song
2014/4/23NOCTURNE -drastic dance- / Blue moon"NO CTURNE -drastic dance-"
"Blue moon"
2014/11/6CABA Vol.1Deglazing (Takayuki Kondo)"Guarana'
"PROJECT DABA" related songs
Masashi (Ono Daisuke), Deglazing (Takayuki Kondo)"PIECES OF A DREAM'
CABA[Member 11]"With shoes on'
"Be cool!'
2015/4/22CHANGE THE WORLDDAT[Member 10]"Destruction and Creation"
Radio "Daisuke Ono / Takayuki Kondo Yumebouken ~ Dragon & Tiger ~" theme song
2016/4/22SUITE"ELEGY ~ cruise sky ~"Radio "Daisuke Ono / Takayuki Kondo Yumebouken ~ Dragon & Tiger ~" related songs
Takayuki Kondo"Like a fairy tail"
2016/5/11CABA Vol.2Deglazing (Takayuki Kondo)"Kanade'
"rose-colored life"
"PROJECT DABA" related songs
Deglazing (Takayuki Kondo),honey(Hisayoshi Suganuma)"DAYS'
CABA[Member 11]"That is important'
2017/7/21CABA Vol.3Deglazing (Takayuki Kondo)"pink spider'
"because you are here"
Deglazing (Takayuki Kondo), Samson (Atsushi Majima)"Giant Step'
CABA[Member 11]"City of stardust'
"Planet timer'
2018/5/9TrinityDAT[Member 10]"MAVERICK"
"Just The 2 Of Us"
Radio "Daisuke Ono / Takayuki Kondo Yumebouken ~ Dragon & Tiger ~" related songs
Takayuki Kondo"PHENOMENAL ONE"


  • - Ono DaisukeIn charge of the original manga.
    • Navagraha -DefenD 9 Triggers- ("Monthly Shonen Sirius』April 2015 issue-June 10 issue)
    • Navagraha -Virgin 9 soulS- ("Monthly Shonen Sirius" May 2017 issue-)


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