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👍 | Hayato Isomura becomes a storyteller and starring!Ai Mikami, Amane Okayama, Kenta Suga, etc. Appeared Young who was trapped in the charm of SNS ...


Hayato Isomura becomes a storyteller and starring!Ai Mikami, Amane Okayama, Kenta Suga and others appearing Young people trapped in the charm of SNS ...

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Kawamura (Amane Okayama) is a ward office employee who is refraining from marrying his lover, Shiori (Mai Fukagawa).

The new original drama "Hakoba no Remming" (4 episodes) will be broadcast on ABEMA from June 2021, 6 (Thursday) ... → Continue reading


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Mai Fukagawa

Mai Fukagawa(Fluffy, fluffy1991〈Heisei3 years>May 3 -) isJapan Oftalent,actress,Fashion ModelAnd a female idol groupNogizaka46Is a former member of[1].ShizuokaIwataBackground[2].Ten caratAffiliation[3].. Height 162 cm[1].. Blood typeO[1].. Nickname isMai[4].


school days

When I was in elementary schoolMorning Musume.I used to collect stickers for sweetsMini moni.Even if I want to enter, my dream for the future isIllustrator,Japanese sweetsWas a craftsman[5].

However, when I was in junior high school, I belonged to the art club.[6], I started to be interested in entertainment-related work when I started reading fashion magazines[5]..After that, I went on to high school in the art department[5]Majored in design while studying oil painting and Japanese painting[7]..When I was in the first year of high school, I admired the entertainment world and liked singing and dancing, so I entered the dance school "Heroes Academy" in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture.[8].

After graduating from high school, I thought it would be better to get a job before moving to Tokyo for the entertainment world, so I went to a two-year fashion school in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.[5].. April 2010,Lorries farmWon the Grand Prix at the model audition of "kawaii EXPO 2010" sponsored by[9], Become an exclusive model[10].

Nogizaka46 era

After graduating from a vocational school[11]I think it's more convincing to try than to regret[8], As a result of consulting with my parents[5], From my mother, "Set a deadline and do your best"[12], "If you can't do it for a year, come back. However, save your own money. Make your own decision when you draw."[13], It was accepted to aim for the entertainment world under the condition of earning living expenses by yourself[5].. From Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, where I lived for two years[14]Moved to Tokyo[5]After moving to Tokyo, while working part-time[Note 1], Take an audition for an actress or model[11].

On August 2011, 23, he passed the Nogizaka8 21st gen member audition, and at the auditionaikoof"KissHug”[16]..After passing, Nogizaka46's lesson was only on Saturdays and Sundays, and part-time work was also prohibited, so I could not afford it.[5]..Nogizaka11 official blog started on November 14th of the same year[17].

February 2012, 24, Nogizaka2's 22st single "Round and round curtainCD debut with the coupling songs "Courage of the left chest" and "I don't want to lose"[18]..Since he was not selected as a member of the debut single, Nogizaka46's 2nd single "Come shampooThe coupling song ofWhistling wolfSwitch your feelings and challenge[5], Nogizaka46's 3rd single "Run! BicycleIs elected as the first selected member[19].. May 7, same year,Kitasorachi Agricultural CooperativeBy the "Fukagawamai Project", which was planned from the same sound as "Fukagawa Rice"FukagawaNogizaka46's 3rd single "Run! BicycleThe promotional video was shot[20]..The promotion video is Nogizaka46's 3rd single "Run! BicycleRecorded with the credit "JA Kitasorachi x Mai Fukagawa: Fukagawa City" on the personal PV of the bonus video[21]..This "Fukagawa Mai Project" was realized when the staff of the JA searched the Internet for "Fukagawa Mai" to find out about Mai Fukagawa, and the director of the rice department of the JA requested it. did[21].

March 2014, 26 (5), Nogizaka12's 46th single "Summer Free & EasyIt was announced that he would serve as the first god of good fortune.[22].. In April of the same year,16 principal troisConquer the ten major roles[23].. November 10, the same year, "AC Milan Channel Milan Milan』(TwellV) Started the first solo regular appearance as a narrator[24]..The reason for the appointment was that he was from Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture, where soccer is popular.[25].

March 2015, 27 (8), Nogizaka31's 46th single "There is someone you want to talk nowWas announced to serve as the first front position[26].. November 12, the same year, "The 66th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』Participated in[27], Nogizaka46's "Your name is hope”[28].

January 2016, 28 (Heisei 1), magazine "Da VinciPublished on the websiteKazumi TakayamaIn charge of illustrations for the short story "Carryover"[29].. March 1th, Nogizaka7's 46th single "When Halzion bloomsAnnounced to graduate from the group with[30]..Graduation started thinking from "Nogizaka2015 2rd YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE" on February 22, 46[31], Nogizaka46's 13th single "There is someone you want to talk nowAfter the production of ", I communicated my intention to the staff and decided[32].. 『The 66th NHK Red and White Singing BattleI didn't quit because I was able to participate in[33]..Nogizaka46 is in a privileged environment without any complaints[32]For Fukagawa, it was the same second youth as student life[5]When I thought about how to spend the time passing by, I came to the view that I should spend it on activities other than Nogizaka46.[33].. March 2th, Nogizaka1's 46th single "When Halzion bloomsWas announced to serve as the first center[34]..On March 3, the same year, the song "Harujion ga Sakukoro" from Nogizaka23's 46th single "Harujion ga Sakukoro"Strong budsTo serve as the first solo song[35]..On June 6, the same year, Nogizaka4 finished the last handshake event, and at the same handshake eventYuka SakuraiWas awarded a diploma from[36]..On June 6th of the same year, the first solo photo book "I want to stay by my side" (Gentosha) Is released[Note 2].. The photo book recorded an estimated weekly sales of 2 copies[38], Won 2016nd place in the BOOK category and 6st place in the photobook category of the Oricon weekly ranking dated June 20, 2.[39]..June 6, the same year, in Shizuoka PrefectureEcopa arenaI graduated from Nogizaka46 with a concert held in[40]..July 7st of the same year, the last update on the 1th of the previous month[41], Nogizaka46 official blog closed[42]..On July 7, the same year, Nogizaka27's 46th single "Harujion ga Sakuya ~ Mai Fukagawa Graduation Concert Backstage ~" was recorded.Barefoot SummerWas released[43].

Actress era

In September of the same year, entertainment agencyTen caratTransferred to[3], Started acting as an actress[44].. November 11, the same year, "Big Comic Spirits』(Shogakukan) as an actress's first cover and top gravure[45].

2017 (Heisei 29), "skip”[46].

2018 (Heisei 30), "Bread, bath and second timeThe first appearance in the movie[47]..The performance in the same work was evaluated, and the 10thTAMA Film AwardWon the Best Emerging Actress Award[48].. In the second half of 2018,Manpuku] At NHKContinuous tv novelFirst appearance[49].

2019 (Heisei 31), "Traveling to Japan』(TV Tokyo) starring in the terrestrial serial drama for the first time[50].

2021 years(Reiwa3 years),"Hit the blue sky"soNHK taiga dramaFirst appearance (WadamiRole)[51]..The movie released on October 1th of the same yearOmoide Shashin][52].


Nickname is Maimai[Note 3], Virgin[54].. The nickname of "Maimai" became friends during the audition for Nogizaka46.Mai Shiraishi"Give me"[55].. The nickname of "Virgin" is Nogizaka46.Kawago HarunaAttached[56]..Mai Fukagawa's name "Mai" was thought by her parents, and her grandfather decided on the kanji.[57]..The catch phrase is "Maimai Everyday My Pace"[58]..I have one older brother[59].. Future goalsHistorical drama[Note 4], Fashion, animal related work[61]..The drama I want to do is a Japanese sweets shop, a Japanese sweets craftsman[Note 5],volleyballDrama such as[60]..Shoe sizes range from 24 cm to 24.5 cm[63].


What is your favorite foodOmelette rice[64]..Omelet ricechicken riceとketchupI like the combination of[65]..Mai Fukagawa's omelet rice warrior, Tamako Tsutsumi, is a hero who loves omelet rice.[66],NOGIBINGO! 4』It has been made into a figure as a prize of BD / DVD[66].

Favorite wordsWilliam Shakespeare"There is no happiness or unhappiness in the world. Just thinking can do anything."[67].. What's your favorite movie"If you listen], [burlesque], [Duck and duck coin locker], [Toy story"[68],Les Miserables"[4].. Favorite characters in "Les Miserables" are Henri Fortin, Cosette, Fantine, Eponine, Gabroche[69]..My favorite overseas drama is "glee"[70]..My favorite music isMr. Children,Motohiro Hata,miwa,Space switch,Chatmonchy,back number,aiko,Naoto Intiraimi,LOVE PSYCHEDELICO,Ulfuls,Like,GO! GO! 7188[71]..My favorite painting isClaude Monet,サ ル バ ド ー ル · ダ リ[72].

My favorite book is "Walk short at night Maiden"[4].. My favorite manga is "March lion], [ONE PIECE], [I'm Sakamoto and?"[71].. Favorite characters in "ONE PIECE" are Straw Hat Pirates, Shanks, Bibi, Hancock, Rayleigh[73]..When the shojo manga boom was happening among Nogizaka46 members, we all rented and read shojo manga, but I don't usually read much.[59]..The girl's manga that I have read properly is "Love Con], [Honey and clover], [Ouran high school host club"[59].. My favorite cartoonistChika Umino[74].

With a smell fetish[75]Especially flower-based, citrus-based, newly bought books[76], Floral, lavender, fabric softener, prefers soapy odors[71]..Screaming attractions that I'm not good at[77], Airplane takeoff[78]..However, landing is okay[79]..If just before deathsky divingI'm confident I can[80].

My favorite fashion item isGlasses[Note 6],sneakers[Note 7].


Hobby is health[82],eating.

Be a healthy nerd[82], Aojiru milk[83], Tochu tea[84], ShizuokaJapanese teaDrink[55].. What's your favorite drinktea, 100% juicejuice, Chai Latte Cocoa[71].


Special skill is 10 secondsportraitTo draw[85], Being able to make one revolution with your hands on the floor[86],Mario Kart"ofYoshiImpersonation[87].

The impersonation is "Sazae"ofHiroshi Nakajima,Kiteretsu Encyclopedia"of"first kiss"song of,Minami Hoshino-Matsumura Sayuri・ Self-introduction of Rina Yamato,Nanami HashimotoYou can also imitate the gesture of[88].

In addition, as a lessonRhythmic gymnastics, Swimming, painting class experience[87].. My specialty isNational language, Art, music, society, home, physical education[89].. Holding qualificationVocabulary/reading ability testSecond grade[90], Color ability test[Note 8], Fashion business ability test[92]. In 2017Ordinary driver's licenseThe fact that it was acquired was published in December 2018.Highway Walker』Speaking in the article of the January 2019 issue.


Nogizaka46 test Hachifukujin[93],Nogidan Ofguitar[94], An ・ an beautiful leg selection[95], Glasses selection[96].

At the time of graduation, he was the oldest member of Nogizaka46[Note 9][98].

Popular enough to be in the top 46 at Nogizaka5 at the handshake event (as of January 2016)[100]..Has a handshake style called a swing[11], Handshake event is visited by junior high school students to those in their 50s[101]..At the handshake event, fans sometimes ask for "Please say amen" with the nickname "Virgin" as a story.[55].755Account is not open[102].

My favorite song at Nogizaka46 is "Friday the 13th'[74], The members who are paying attentionKarin Ito[103].




Mayuzaka 46

Nogizaka AKB



Video work


TV drama



Other TV programs

Music video


  • skip(July 2017, 4-September 26, 5,Sunshine theater) --Starring Mariko Ichinose (high school student)[46]..As an adult MarikoDream KiriyaAnd double starring[139].
  • Recitation drama "SONG & PLAY" Fujiko no Koi "-From" Shiokari Pass "by Ayako Miura" (April 2018, 4,Sogetsu Hall)-Starring[140].
  • Recitation drama "Woman who loved Eiji ~Shugoro YamamotoMasterpiece "SabuFrom "(June 2018-6, 16,Six partyHall) --The role of the boss[141].
  • Recitation drama "Yanagibashi Monogatari" (May 2019, 5, Sogetsu Hall) --Osen[142].
  • NAPPOS PRODUCE "Ribon, Umarekawaru" (June 2021-6, 18, Roppongi Tricolor Theater)-Starring Ribon[143].



Online delivery


  • Campus Art Award (July 2015, 7-September 1, Yomiuri Junior and Senior High School Newspaper, KOKUYO Co., Ltd.)-Judge[153].



Photo album

Magazine serialization


  • Carryover (January 2016, 1) --Written by Kazumi Takayama, illustrated by Mai Fukagawa[160].


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注 釈

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