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🧑‍💻 | Susaki City, Kochi Prefecture concludes a partnership agreement on technology education with everyone's code


Susaki City, Kochi Prefecture concludes a partnership agreement on technology education with everyone's code

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In order to face these issues and build a sustainable community, we believe that it is essential to develop human resources who can work sustainably from new perspectives and flexible ideas, and we will expand consistent education from childcare to high school. I'm putting effort into it.

Minna no Code announced on June 6 that it had signed a partnership agreement on technology education with Susaki City, Kochi Prefecture ... → Continue reading


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We hope that our readers will be able to help themselves to become involved in society and lead a fulfilling life.

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Human resource development


Community(Chiikishakai) isGround edgeBased on relationshipGroupIs the overall structure and relationships formed by.


To a similar conceptLocal communityHowever, the regional community is a concept that focuses on the aspect of human groups. Not settledHunter-gatherer,遊牧民Have a settled life compared toAgricultureFormed prominently in ethnic groups. JapanIn the case ofEdo PeriodIt was formed by the stable villages and towns.

In the center of the community (center of emotional, not spatial)ShrineExists. One community member is one shrineUjikoAs a member of the ancestors, he was supposed to have relationships with other ancestors.

All members of the community engage in similar production activities, thereby sharing values ​​and experiences. And the power to give priority to common happiness and collective happiness rather than individual happiness often works. This characteristic has not only the bad effect that the stakes are struck, but also the advantage of suppressing excessive use of shared resources such as forests, the sea, and rivers.

Very closed to outsiders,marriageIt is difficult to enter a new company without a good reason, such as a job as a public servant or a new employee. While the local community was effective for mutual aid and crime prevention, it also had many negative aspects, such as unnecessary interference with personal life, irrational in-laws and compulsory social relationships (Neighborhood associationOf the whole local shrineUjikoAndReligious freedomThere is a case that developed into a lawsuit as invading[Source required].

A company may play a major role in local town development.

Resona BankThen open the store as a rest area for the festival,bankAt the storeRakugo,concertWe are contributing to the excitement of the region by holding the.Municipalities,UniversityIn cooperation with theInternshipWe are also developing a number of industry-academia collaboration projects such as

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