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🥾 | Summary of parking lots, toilets and courses at Bonooreyama (Bonooreyama)!Low mountains where even beginners can enjoy the feeling of climbing a mountain


Summary of parking lots, toilets, and courses at Bonooreyama (Bonooreyama)!Low mountains where even beginners can enjoy the feeling of climbing a mountain

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It's also perfect if you have sportswear that sweats and dries easily, and rainwear just in case.

In this article, we will introduce the time required for climbing Bonooreyama (Bonooreyama), toilets, parking lots, courses, etc. → Continue reading

 Saitama Mall

Saitama area blog "Saimapuru" which achieved 60 PV monthly. We introduce information on Saitama's outing spots, gourmet foods, and new open information centering on Ageo City.

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Rain wear

Rain wear(British: rain wear) IsOutdoorClothing to be worn when it is cold or in bad weather.Rain suit(British: rain follows) Also.

hoodLong-sleeved jacket with and long trousers.The cuffs and hem of the pants are squeezed, and the hem and hood of the jacket have strings attached.The jacket is a front opening type with a flap on the zipper,fastenerIt is devised to prevent wind and rain from entering by covering the area.The fabric isNylonMany of them are water repellent and waterproof.RaincoatAlso for reference.

As mountaineering equipment

Waterproof and breathable is required.The waterproof and breathable materials include the following.

There are various types of colors, mainly bright ones, and in practice, yellow ones are preferred because they stand out.

In winterClimbingThere are some differences from the mountain jacket used in.Thin cloth is used for weight reduction, and since the use of rope is not considered in the usage phase, there is no reinforcing cloth such as shoulders.


According to the JIS standard, it is called "waterproof fabric" with a water pressure resistance of 2,000 mm or more, but it is common sense in the industry that it cannot be used as a material for rainwear unless it is 8,000 mm or more.[1]..A typical waterproof and breathable materialGore-TexWaterproofness is 20,000 mm or more[1].

Even if the material is waterproof, it cannot be used as rainwear unless the seams are closed.[1].


Products using breathable materials reduce stuffiness[2]..It depends on what you wear inside, and choosing a quick-drying synthetic fiber material will significantly reduce discomfort.[2].


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