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🥾 | A woman who is exhausted by her husband who is a “camp idiot” “It is better to eat at home normally” “Camping equipment is expensive”


A woman who is exhausted by her husband who is a "camp idiot" "It is better to eat at home normally" "Camping equipment is expensive"

If you write the contents roughly
On the other hand, some people consider it as a crime prevention goods and reduce their drinking, saying, "The tools are expensive and bulky, but they seem to be useful in an emergency, so I'm tolerating them."

In early June, the topic "My husband is a camp idiot" was set up in Girls Channel.I don't hate camping ... → Continue reading

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Crime prevention equipment

Crime prevention equipment(Bohansobi) is mainly carried by an individual.Crime preventionSupplies (Tools).Security goodsAlso say.


These are tools that individuals carry to avoid crimes and other difficulties even with security equipment, and are supposed to be carried around.Power InputIt is an item that is driven by such as, or an item that does not require power.However, some of them are practically a kindarms(armor), So simply carrying a large amount of these items is not safe, and conversely, in order to avoid unnecessary troubles, there is a range that is necessary and sufficient and not excessive.

When the security equipment is roughly dividedFacilityIt can be divided into security equipment.Security equipment is mainlysurveillance camera,Crime prevention lightOr magneticswitchSecurity system using acoustic sensors that detect damage to windows and windows (→security-Mechanical security(Refer to) Equipment and other equipment to be installed or fixed, but security equipment is owned and carried by individuals.

For example, an active meansbaton-Special guard stickAlthough it is non-lethal, it is still an aggressive means.Tear spray,stun gun, And passive but effective defenseBody armor-Stab vest, Blade-proof gloves andhelmet,shield(Riot shield)such asArmor,Alsohorn,Security buzzerA tool for asking for help, likeColor ball-Security color sprayThere is a tool that helps the arrest by making it possible to track the fleeing criminal while minimizing the damage such as.

In addition to this, in the sense of crime prevention to prevent crime, search for dangerous items that may be used for criminal acts.metal detector,Millimeter wave passive imaging device,Backscatter X-ray inspection system, (→Eavesdropping-Fox huntingThere are also appliances such as)Art of self-defenseIn the category of (self-defense), weapons for aggressive attacks such as guns are considered in the United States and other countries, and in Japan, practical weapons are also regarded as overdefense, so there are tools that are non-lethal and help escape criminals. It is used, but in a broader sense, various devices used for security purposes are included in the category of "crime prevention equipment".

As an extension of that, take it out and use it in an emergencySasumataDisguised as a tool like, a pamphlet stand or a bagshieldSince the 2000s, even in JapanPassageAnd suspicious personPervertThere is also a problem such asSchool facilityIt is located in public facilities including.

Problems with security equipment

In Japan, you are free to buy security equipment, but if you hide it for no good reason and carry it with you.Light crime lawIt is illegal and may be subject to crackdowns.If you hide and carry a baton without a justifiable reason, the so-called misdemeanor law,Life safety regulationsEtc. may be violated.At the same time, it may be carried in a category that is considered appropriate, and it may not be subject to crackdown in dangerous business such as cash transportation, and it is judged by the judicial official constitution whether it is illegal or not depending on the situation.As will be described later, even if the equipment is aggressive to some extent, depending on the situation and the nature of the equipment, there are cases where carrying by the general public is not necessarily judged to be an illegal act.[1].

  • 2009(21) April 3- Supreme CourtIn the appeal decision against a male office worker (28) in Tokyo who was accused of violating the Minor Crimes Act, the first small court (Judge Tatsuo Kainaka) said that he had a tear spray hidden in his pocket. The spray is defensive and there is a good reason to keep it hidden. "He abandoned the guilty first and second trials and acquitted him.The man was charged with carrying a US-made self-defense security spray on the streets of Shinjuku, Tokyo, before dawn on August 2007, 8.The first trial, the Tokyo Summary Court, and the second trial, the Tokyo High Court, all judged that there was no good reason to hide them, and sentenced them to a fine of 26 yen.The Supreme Court ruling pointed out that the spray was relatively small and was purchased by a man in charge of accounting at the company to carry large amounts of cash and securities.He said he was cycling for health when he was on the street.Not guilty is the unanimous opinion of the five judges[2].

On the other hand, such equipment is required to operate reliably in an emergency.But as long as it is a devicemalfunction,Defective productThere is a possibility that it will not work properly, and there is concern that the problem will spread.For that reason, it is also found that it is necessary to pay more attention to function maintenance than general industrial products, such as regular operation checks.


  1. ^ However, since the judgment is ultimately made by the judiciary, it is not possible to immediately recommend carrying it.
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