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👍 | Transgender architect Sally Kaede thinks the cause of slander on SNS "Society has made me say so ...


Transgender architect Sally Kaede thinks the cause of slander on SNS "Society has made me say so ...

If you write the contents roughly
Even if my child comes out to be an LGBT party, parents who oppose it will not see my SNS.

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coming out

coming out(British: coming out) Means your own birth or medical condition, which you have not made public until now.Sexual orientationEtc.In English verb formCome out(British: come out) OrcamAlso called.On the contrary, revealing the secrets of othersOuting(British: outing).


HomosexualityTo hide that a person is homosexual from family, best friends, workplace or societyHeterosexualityYou need to behave as a person.For exampleHIVTo hide the status of infectionAIDSYou don't have to talk about prejudice in your daily life, but if a homosexual man hides it and associates with a boyfriend at school or at work, is there a sexual interest in women in women-related conversations? You need to behave like this.In other words, "hiddenゲ イ"Is always in a state where I have to play a false self in my daily life.This "a cramped state where you push your true self and are dark and oppressed"AmericaAmong homosexuals, "Closet(closet) Is in the metaphor.From there, "coming out" from the closet in the sense of "getting out of the closet (which was pushing your true self) and releasing your true appearance."[1]The term was coined in American gay society.

The term pervaded American society in the 80s when AIDS emerged.In addition to the fact that there was no concern about pregnancy among male homosexuals and that condoms were rarely used due to the fact that existing sexually transmitted diseases could be treated with antibiotics, gays in urban areas Since was a subculture hidden society, AIDS spread rapidly among some homosexuals, partly because they had frequent sexual intercourse with "brothers" with an unspecified number of people.Male homosexuals, combined with the fact that Christianity, which has a strong influence on the morals of American society, regarded male homosexuality as a sin, and the fear of a fatal illness due to the spread of AIDS among drug addicts. Will have to confront strong social prejudices.Homosexuals infected with AIDS are also forced to reveal to their family, friends and colleagues that they are homosexual.In this process, the previous "Hidden gay'[2]Coming out has spread rapidly since the 90's, while the way homosexuals are being reviewed rapidly.

On the other hand, in the late 1980sJapanThen, a part of AIDS spread in connection with HIV-tainted blood scandal."Coming out" in Japan is only for society, and in some cases it was already well known with family, best friends and colleagues.Therefore, there is no meaning in Europe and the United States to "reveal your true self and try to build a new sincere relationship with your family and friends."When used in the West to mean coming out to the public, it's usuallyElton John,Tom Robinson,Freddie Mercury,Ricky Martin,George MichaelOf gays such asCelebrityBut,Mass media,フ ァ ンUsed when coming out to.


Basically in Europe and AmericahomosexualIs an expression used by, but in JapanHIV-tainted blood scandalIn connection with the problem, the most typical case was when a non-homosexual person stated that he was HIV-infected.Hepatitis C,Atopic dermatitis,AlcoholismReveal your chronic illness, and evenPeople from Buraku,A-bomb survivorIt is often referred to as "coming out" to clarify the origin, such as being a descendant of.In addition to origin, constitution or illness,vegetarian,Cross dress,Sex industryIt is also used to confess one's own values, such as having hobbies, tastes, habits, and past that are difficult to clarify in the world such as engagement.

In the West, the minorityminorityOr they pointed to a small number of races, but they couldn't hide their births because they couldn't use their common names and the differences in races were apparent.In addition, the birth was often hidden even by legally changing the surname.JewIn the case of,Second World WarAfter that, I didn't do such a thing.Therefore, unlike Japan in Europe and the United StatesSocial minorityHiding one's attributes is itself a homosexual act.

Originally, the situation where lesbians and gays are psychologically troubled without revealing their sexual orientation to family, friends, colleagues, etc. is likened to "coming out of the closet" from there. "Coming out of the closet" (coming out of the closet) is a shortened term.Therefore, rather than the act of "expressing" that you are homosexual to society, which is generally considered in Japan, you are homosexual to your family, school, work friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. It has a strong meaning of "confessing" and "confessing" that.Therefore, it is sometimes called coming out, including the process of establishing a new positive relationship with the person who has confided, rather than simply telling one's sexual orientation.In the West, for example, silently new to the familyReligious(IslamEtc.)Drug dependenceThis is why the term coming out is used to confess that fact to family members when they are sneaking out of college or when they are sneaking out of college.In addition, there are cases where it is out among friends but not yet out to the family, and conversely it is out to the family and friends but not out at work.That the entertainer is gay or lesbianMediaIf you make a statement such as, it is considered to be an extension of this coming out.


Early in AmericaAIDSHas spread among homosexuals, and AIDS-infected homosexuals have almost no choice but to come out and confess to their families that they are HIV-infected and that they are homosexual.As a result, I had various experiences, such as being rejected or accepting myself as I was.In addition, some prominent entertainers have now declared themselves homosexual and AIDS-infected, and the idea of ​​coming out has become recognized not only among homosexuals but also by society in general.

On the other hand, in Japan, this term has come to be generally recognized.AIDS caseIn this case, the situation of AIDS infection in Japan was completely opposite to that in the United States, and it was contaminated.Blood productsThe act of "expressing" an AIDS-infected person has come to be recognized as coming out.Eventually, this will be diverted to other minorities.When foreigners living in Japan, Burakumin, or HIV patients come out, it is often a well-known fact among family and friends, and the meaning is slightly different from the coming out in Europe and the United States.

In Japan, while many AIDS-infected people are hemophiliacs, there was a peculiar condition of suffering from the prejudice of "AIDS = gay yak" established in Europe and the United States, so gay orDrug addictionIt was almost impossible for human beings to declare to society that they had AIDS.Coming out in Japan can be said to be an extremely political act of accusing the social position of the coming out side and the discrimination of the society to which the person coming out belongs, as seen in HIV-tainted blood scandal.

In recent years, as the rights of minorities have been recognized in Japan, it has become a minority in the society to which the person belongs.Sexual orientation-Hobbies-Constitution-disease·OtherPersonal characteristicsIn addition, there are an increasing number of cases in which attributes such as the ethnic group to which one belongs are announced and publicized to the general public.In Europe and the United States, by proclaiming that this act was hidden in one's own heart for fear of being rejected by a close person, the psychological pressure is released and the close people around him are released. It means to rebuild a new sincere relationship with the society, but in Japan, by declaring the medical condition, birth and sexual orientation that had been hidden for fear of discrimination and persecution, at the same time, the discrimination of the society There is a strong political aspect of asking.

Besides homosexualityGender identity disorderWhen the concept of is known, regardless of gender, one's favorite clothes and life, and evengenderSome people are coming out to get a body along the line, and some understanding is being gained about these as well.

However, on the other hand, due to social prejudice and discrimination based on it, areas where coming out loses social status or is persecuted by others.BoardIn many cases, there are many cases of disputes in connection with human rights issues and employment issues.

AIDS and coming out

It is now known that AIDS is not a disease that can be transmitted by daily contact, but by the time AIDS was a disease of unknown outline, it was found that people were HIV-infected. There was a situation in which the medical institution of the department said, "There is no appropriate medical pollution control facility."Furthermore, due to ignorance of AIDS, if it is known that the person is infected, the use of barber shops and restaurants may be refused, or the person may be alienated from society.But,HIV-tainted blood scandalSince it is necessary for the victim to give his / her name in pursuing the problem, he / she dares to be aware of the disadvantages.HIVIn some cases, they have stated that they are infected.


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