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👩‍🎤 | 22/7, Mizuha Kuraoka main personality FC limited program "DJ Amida Nyorai's" school radio "" will be distributed!

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On 22/7, Mizuha Kuraoka's main personality FC limited program "DJ Amida Nyorai's" School Radio "" will be distributed!

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* Cash on delivery payment method cannot be selected for this product.

On 22/7, the FC limited program "DJ A ..." with Mizuha Kuraoka as the main personality from 6:20 on June 19 (Sun) → Continue reading


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Cash on delivery

Cash on delivery(Cash on Delivery) is for cargotransportAnd its pricesettlementTransportation with both functionsServicesIs. For shortCod(Snoring) Tomo.


C.O.D. is a service that transports freight and collects the price (generally the price of goods and shipping charges) at the same time, and the carrier carries the freight to a designated place and keeps the price from the freight recipient.[1].. Hand over the balance of the deposited price minus shipping and handling to the seller[1]. "代To receive the pricePullThe cargo is handed over to the recipient in the form of "replacement", but if the recipient refuses to pay due to dissatisfaction with the quality of the product or because he does not remember ordering, the cargo is sent back to the sender as it is.

In the case of cash on delivery, the cargo is transported separately from the sender and recipient.Transportation company,PostIt is a third party such as a delivery person. This is the point where the seller himself transports and collects money.deliveryAndProductsSell ​​while carryingPeddlerIs the difference with. C.O.D. services are oftenhome deliveryCompanies that provide parcel transportation services such asMailDeal withPostal business(Currently,Japan Post) Etc. are provided.

A freight contract that collects only freight charges from the freight recipient"Cash on delivery'Unlike cash on delivery, the carrier does not collect the price (product price, etc.) other than the shipping fee.[1].

merit and demerit

The advantages of this service are as follows.

Benefits of sender

The sender of the package can avoid the risk that the recipient who shipped the goods or the like will refuse to pay or take away the package while receiving the package. Also,Bank TransferUnlike, there is no need to confirm payment for each order.

Recipient benefits

Mail order,Internet auctionIt is possible to avoid the situation where the product does not arrive due to an accident during transportation even though the price has been paid (prepaid). Luggage that you do not rememberRefusalit can.Auction fraudIt is possible to avoid the risk of money escape damage caused by mail-order companies and mail-order companies. Since the items are shipped immediately after the order is placed, the waiting time for receiving the items is shortened.


A separate cash-on-delivery charge will be incurred by brokering the transportation company for settlement. On the other hand, since the transportation side handles luggage and cash, there are concerns about robbery damage aimed at this.

Also, when paying the price, the delivery personchangeYou may not have the coins to issue. Especially when there are multiple cash on delivery, there may be a situation where coins are insufficient. If small changes are made at that time, you may visit again to give the change to the recipient, or you may be refused to receive the luggage, so prepare enough coins so that you do not give change when paying. It is desirable to keep it. In general, before delivering a cash-on-delivery service, a delivery person often calls the delivery destination in advance to confirm that he / she is at home and the amount to be paid.

In addition, when the recipient becomes accustomed to the service, he / she may pay the price without checking the contents of the package, which may cause trouble if the contents are different from the ordered product. Abused thisCash on delivery mail fraudな どscamThere is also a form of. For this reason, from around 2014, Japan Post, in principle, when sending cash-on-delivery mail, cash-on-delivery mail, and cash-on-delivery Yu-Pack, the sender'sIdentification documentsOr, of the recipientpassbook,Cash card(Japan Post Bank OfTransfer accountIn the case of addressing, it is required to show the sender's transfer account (those that can be identified as the sender's transfer account, such as notification of symbols and numbers).

In use

To useYu-PackAnd generalMailOrYu-MailExcept for, it is a service for corporations and sole proprietors because it requires a prior contract, and usually the individual is only the recipient. In addition, it should be notedSeino HoldingsServices that can be used by affiliated companies by registering for personal web services[2]Exists.

Japan PostThen,Letter packWith some exceptions such as, various mails and variousBaggageFor cash on delivery mail, Yu-mail,Yu-PackEtc., but2015May 10Later,Postcard,mini letter, Specific matter transmission typeMail only for the personCash on delivery to is not available. In addition, when sending, as a measure against crime and unauthorized use2015From aroundIdentification documentsAnd the transfer destinationCash cardIt came to request the presentation of.


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