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👩‍🎤 | Dempagumi.inc, Higashi-Meihan Tour & <Plasma Denpa Festival 2021 vol.2> will be held!

Photo Dempagumi.inc, Higashi-Meihan Tour & <Plasma Denpa Festival 2021 vol.2> will be held!

Dempagumi.inc, Higashi-Meihan Tour & <Plasma Denpa Festival 2021 vol.2> will be held!

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In addition, Dempagumi.inc is the latest single song "Chiaki Mansai!

Dempagumi.inc will start with the Zepp DiverCity performance in Tokyo on September 9th (Wednesday) <Higashi-Meihan Tour ... → Continue reading


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Hurray Chiaki

Hurray Chiaki(Senzumanzai) is中 世(12st century - 16st century) Japan that existed in the periodFolk performing arts,Street art,KadozukeAnd the one who does it[1][2][3][4].. "Senju Manzai"[1][2]"Senshu Manzai"[3]Also readHurray SenjuAlso written as (Senzumanzai)[5]..Performing artsChiaki Mansai HoshiAlso called (Senzumanzaihoshi)[6].New Year season words-January season wordsIs[3].

Originally read as "Senshubanzei", it was read as "thousand years", that is, "thousand years".永遠Means, in turnlongevityWas a word to celebrate[3]..This is the etymologyPreliminary entertainmentThis section describes in detail what has become.

Biography / Overview

Continues to the present dayTreading party OfTageThere is a theory that is the source[2].The end of the Heian periodRise in the Middle Ages and became very popular in the Middle Ages[2].. In the art performed by two people, there were those who danced with a fan and those who beat with a drum.[5].

Mid-11th century, 1052 (Perseverance7 years) It is said that it was established aroundNew monkey music"so,Fujiwara no AkihiraIs said to be the oldest record, which he wrote as "Senzumanzai no Sakahogai".[1].Kamakura Period(12st century - 14st century) HasFujiwara Teikes diary"Tomorrow(1180-1235),Hirohashi KanenakaThe diary "" (1268-1300) also mentions "Chiaki Mansai".[1].. 1275 (KenjiThe dictionary completed in the first year)Famous wordBy definition, (Sanjohoshi) is the first child's day of the new year (first)Child's day) Is a trick to visit the houses and get a gate[1].

Muromachi Period(14th century- 16st century) Is a professional entertainer who belongs to a temple or has fallen and flowed to the private sector.Voice teacher"(Shomoji) was doing a kadozuke as a pre-celebration entertainment for the new year.[2].. 15 at the end of the 1494th centuryMysteryCompiled in 3 years)XNUMXnd craftsman song』Introduced as" Chiaki Mansaiboshi "along with" Etoki "[6]..In this era, "voice teacher"Lunar New Year XNUMXthForbidden (Imperial Palace),Lunar New Year XNUMXthToKuboVisited and played "Chiaki Mansai"Turn danceDanced[1].

Sengoku periodIn the (16th century) courtWay of yin and yangNew Year's ritual byYin Yang HeadWent, butXNUMXth day of the new year-Five daysThere is a "Chiaki Mansai no Ki", which was performed by a private performing art, "Voice Master".[7].Gregorian calendarFebruary 1570, 2Former turtleOn the XNUMXth day of the first year,Emperor MasachikaThere is a record that (the 106th emperor) watched "Chiaki Mansai" and "" performed by "Voice Master".[8].

Originated at the end of the 16th centuryManagawa MikawaBecame the source of[5].


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