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🐈 | Necoli Public releases new socks with the image of cat's legs wearing white socks

Photo Necoli Public releases socks with the image of a "sock cat" that looks like wearing white socks

Necoli Public releases new socks with the image of cat's legs wearing white socks

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There are four colors, "Hachiware (black white)", "British shorthair (gray white)", "Singapura (brown white)", and "Indigo", which are based on the image of a cat pattern, and are easy to match for both men and women.

At its online shop, Necoli Public said, "A cat with a brain hides its claws. Five-finger socks socks cat (stander ...) → Continue reading


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Gray white

British shorthair

British blue whole body
British blue

British shorthair(British : British Shorthair) IsCatOneVariety.Great BritainOriginIt is said that.Short hair type.The indigenous short-haired cat has been improved and pedigree-managed.

Similar to naturally occurring species[2]Is considered to be the oldest of the many cat breeds that have their origins in Britain.[3]..In particular, the blue (gray) coat color of this breed is also referred to as the "eternal masterpiece" of British Shorthair, and is sometimes referred to as "British Blue".[1].


2st centuryToGreat BritainInvadedRomanIt is,AgricultureAt the same time, he brought a cat to this place as a measure against mice.After the Romans withdrew, cats breeded on the isolated island.[4]..British Shorthair, which is said to be the descendant of the cats bred in this way,1800 eraWas known for its existence[5].

When is the origin1880 eraAnd it lived in England at that timeStray catIt was created after crossing various species such as domestic cats and domestic cats.[1].. In 1871UKWon numerous awards for excellence when the world's first cat show (cat exhibition) was held in[4]To do. In the 1890s, it was officially recognized as a cat breed in the local England.[2].

Mid 20th centurySecond World WarAlthough it was endangered due to food shortages during this period,BreederDue to our efforts, it was regarded as the closest type of this variety.PersianMating plan with and begins.This avoided pedigree disruption, and external mating gave birth to a previously unprecedented coat color and body shape.[6].

Eventually in the 1970s米 国Brought to the popular cat breed there[1].. Widely recognized in the United States in the 1980s[2]. 21st centuryDiverse since enteringOrientalCat breeds-attempts to crossbreed with so-called oriental breeds have become more active, and various new coat colors that did not exist before have been seen.[7].


Originally it was called "British blue".This is because British Shorthair, which was exhibited at the cat show, was limited to blue coat color until a certain time.[8]And because the popularity was concentrated on this coat color[6]..Blue British Shorthair is characterized by a thicker coat than other coat color individuals.[8].

As the name "short hair" means "short hair", it is a short hair type, with thick legs, thick and wide chest, tight torso, heavy round face, and especially dense short coat. Characterized by hair[5]..It takes about 3 to 5 years to reach full maturity[9]. B type bloodReach 4% of the individuals who hold.This is a rare feature not found in other short-haired species[1].

In terms of temperament, it features honesty, patience and modest appearance.[1], Very quiet nature[6]..Although he is obedient and docile, he is reluctant to be touched, so he is evaluated as a "calm cat with a strong independence".[1].


Cheshire cat

Cheshire catIt is,Lewis Carroll OfChildrenNovel"Alice in Wonderland』(1865), A fictional cat that always grins and can move freely in space to disappear or appear.This world-famous popularitycharacterVarious theories have been put forward as to what the author got the inspiration for creating.cf.).There are various credibility depending on the theory, but it may be that this breed was modeled on a living cat because the appearance of British Shorthair is very similar to the face of a Cheshire cat that keeps grinning. The absence is advocated as a hopeful inference.EnglandSouthernCheshireIt's certainly possible that Carol, who was born and raised in a rural area, would have seen British Shorthair, but beyond that there's no way to prove it, and it's just a cat-loving delusion. It may be better to do it.Also,IllustrationWas not drawn by CarolJohn tennielTherefore, it may be necessary to ask the illustrator for the origin of the Cheshire Cat's drawing.Anyway(English edition(CFA)[Note 1]Admits that the cat's face resembles the laughing face of a Cheshire cat.


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