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👍 | NCT 127's YUTA crosses mountain P and exceeds 600 million followers

Photo Image: YUTA Official Instagram

NCT 127's YUTA crosses mountain P and surpasses 600 million followers

If you write the contents roughly
YUTA jumped to No. 12 with the number of Instagram followers surpassing 600 million (as of 496th), surpassing Tomohisa Yamashita (about 1 million) (who was the top among Japanese male talents). It means that.

"Anan has been released ♪" Instagram updated the other day, a dozen days after this post.Follower ... → Continue reading

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Tomohisa Yamashita

Tomohisa Yamashita(Ya Tomohisa[1],1985<Showa 60>May 4[1] -) isJapanMen ofsinger,An actor,talent.

ChibaBackground[1].Meiji University Faculty of Commercegraduate[9].. left handed[10].NicknameIs "Mountain P'[11].

NEWSFormer member of[1]So, since October 2011 after withdrawal, he has been active as a solo artist.


1996 years,TV drama"Thursday ghost storyAppear inHideaki TakizawaLonging to see[12], Asked her mother at the age of 11 to send her resume to Johnny's office[13]..はっきり「合格」とは言われず、週末にあるレッスンに呼ばれたり呼ばれなかったりという日々がしばらく続きIt wasn't clearly said to "pass", and the days of being called or not being called for a lesson on the weekend continued for a while.[14]I was worried and sometimes I thought it was no good[15].. First timeJohnny's Jr.On the day when I was supposed to appear on the program as[15]..医者には手術をすすめられたにも関わらず、痛み止めを飲んでギプスをして収録に参加するEven though the doctor recommended surgery, I took a painkiller, cast and participated in the recording.[15]..しかしそのおかげで「お前、根性あるな」と、次の週からも呼んでもらえるようになるHowever, thanks to that, you will be able to call me "You have guts" from the next week.[15].

While working as Johnny's Jr.KinKi KidsServing as an exclusive back dancer[16], June 1998Ikuta TomaAnd two peopleBIG East(Five new members joined in September of the same yearBIGRenamed to)[17]Also active. In 1999, at the age of 14, "Ppoi!Starred in the serial drama for the first time, and after that, "Ikebukuro West Gate Park (TV drama)And 'Queen of Lunch』And appeared in many topical works before debut. In 2002Ikuta Toma,Hasegawa Jun,Shunsuke KazamaAnd two peopleFour TopsWas forming a unit called[18]..また、ジャニーズJr.の初代リーダー・滝沢に“後継者”として目をかけられ、2代目のリーダーにも就任するIn addition, Johnny's Jr.'s first leader, Takizawa, was seen as a "successor" and became the second leader.[19].

August 2003, 9,NewSSelected as a member of[20], The single "NEWS NipponCD debut with. Leader of the group until leaving in 2011[21], Also active as a center[22].

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayHorikoshi High SchoolGraduated from[23][Annotation 1], April of the same year, by general recommendationMeiji UniversityFaculty of CommerceAdmission[9].

May 2005,Wild pig. Produce』Kamenashi KazuyaAnd a limited time unitShuji and AkiraFormed.Theme song "Youth AmigoIs released[1]And it becomes a big hit of a million seller[25].

In 2006Black heron』, Served as the first single starring in a prime time serial drama[26], May 5st theme song "Embrace SenoritaDebuted as a solo CD[1].. It became a big hit with sales of over 80 copies[27].. In August, Johnny & Associates' first international unitGYM(Kitty GYM) Was formed for a limited time[28], Single on August 8thFever and FutureWill be released[29].

The 2007 drama "Proposal Daisakusen"soDue by March 9thFirst starring[30].. afterwards,"Buzzer Beat-The Hero of Cliffs-], [Code Blue-Doctor Heli Emergency Lifesaving-2nd season], [SUMMER NUDE (TV drama)], [Code Blue -Doctor Heli Emergency Lifesaving-3rd season], And starred in 5 works a month, 9 times in total.This is the third highest number of actors and actresses who have starred in the 9th month in the past.

In 2008, "" released on March 3Movie black heron』First appearance and first starring in the movie[31]..In addition to his activities in the popular group NEWS, he also made a break as an actor, and although the schedule was extremely overcrowded, he tried to balance his studies.[32]Graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, Meiji University on September 9th[9].

The first solo concert at Yokohama Arena from November 2009, 11SHORT BUT SWEETHold[33].

In February 2011, the starring movie "Tomorrow's Joe" was released.After more than 2 months of rigorous training to create a role, he lost 3 kg, made a trained body with a body fat percentage of 8.5%, and performed a serious boxing scene enthusiastically.[34].. From January to May, the first solo world tour "TOMOHISA YAMASHITA ASIA TOUR 2011 SUPER GOOD SUPER BADIs held.Expanding his activities as a solo artist by performing in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and Thailand as well as in Japan.[35][36].. On October 10, he left NEWS and devoted himself to solo activities.[37]..翌年、レコード会社をThe following year, the record companyWarner Music JapanMove to. In November, "Tomohisa Yamashita Route 66-Only AmericaExperience crossing the United States alone[38]..For Yamashita, who was 26 at the time, various experiences such as communication in English and interaction with local people became the starting point for Yamashita to expand his field of activity globally.[39].

In 2012, the drama "MONSTERSW starred inShingo KatoriAnd a limited time unitThe MONSTERSFormed.The co-produced single "MONSTERSIs released[40]However, he deepens his musical friendship with Katori. 2013 solo tour "TOMOHISA YAMASHITA TOUR 2013 -A NUDE-Is directed by Katori and shows off an entertaining stage that integrates the show and live performances.[41]..Katori's guidance was a turning point that had a great influence on Yamashita's subsequent concert production.[42].

From 2013, "generation of paradise』For the first time to host a variety show[43]..The English ability that I have been studying on my own has begun to be utilized in my work[44],2014"Adult KISS English, 2015 "Mountain P kiss English』Moderator[45], Came to Japan in the programAngelina JolieInterviewed in English[46].. 2015 TV drama ``5 → 9 ~ A monk who fell in love with me ~』But showing off fluent English lines[47].

In 2015, he challenged a difficult role, "Bouquet for Algernon"The 19th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix" starring actor award, "5 → 9 ~ A monk who fell in love with me ~』And won the supporting actor award and double.It was the first double award in the history of the Drama Grand Prix, and it was a fulfilling year as an actor.[48]..On New Year's EveJohnny's CountdownSurprise appearance in 2015-2016.Singing Kazuya Kamenashi and youth Amigo and receiving great cheers[49].

2016 is January 1th, the first solo best album "YAMA-PReleased[50]And end the contract with Warner Music. Participated in the shooting of the Chinese movie "Cyber ​​Mission" (released in Japan in January 5) held in Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in May.[51], First appearance in overseas works.Achieve full-scale expansion into Asia[52].. From June, the tour "TOMOHISA YAMASHITA THE BEST LIVE TOUR 6 FUTURE FANTASY" was held for the first time in about two and a half years, celebrating the 2th anniversary of joining Johnny's office and the 2016th anniversary of solo debut with fans.[53].

In 2017, "I am the destined person.』Re-starred with Kazuya Kamenashi for the first time in 12 years.Special unit ・Turtle and Mountain PFormed[54], Single on August 5thChance over the backWas released.

The drama "Code Blue -Doctor Heli Emergency Lifesaving-』Has a deep-rooted popularity that lasts until the 3rd season, and was made into a movie on July 2018, 7.In addition, the box office revenue of this movie recorded a big hit of 27 billion yen, which is the 5th place in the history of live-action Japanese movies.[55], Became one of his masterpieces.

August 2018, 7,Sony Music LabelsUnder the umbrellaSME RecordsNew contract with[8].. September 9thNamie AmuroSurprise appearance at the last live in Okinawa.Received great cheers by performing the collaboration song "UNUSUAL"[56]..The dream of co-starring for the first time, which made me tremble, was a stage that Yamashita learned a lot and will never forget.[57].. A national tour will be held for the first time in two years from September 9st.[58]Released the original album "UNLEASHED" in November, which he wrote and composed many of.[59].

In 2019, stayed in Iceland, Tenerife, Spain to appear as the main cast in the international drama "THE HEAD". Participate alone in overseas locations for 3 months without an interpreter or manager[60]Then, challenge the role of full-length English in an international environment.Started working as an international actor in earnest[61].

2020 by Johnny & AssociatesNew coronavirusSupport activities to prevent the spread of infection "Smile Up! Project"[62],Twenty ★ TwentyJoin in[63].. On July 7th, "THE HEADThe single "" was appointed as the ending theme of "Nights ColdReleased[64]..He also started overseas distribution of his first song, and released his first lyric video in 7 languages.[65]..At the same time as making an overseas drama debut, he grabbed a tie-up of songs from overseas works and made his world debut as an artist.[66]..Furthermore, on July 7th and 25th, he made a remote appearance as an artist / actor who is active globally at the Belgian music festival "Tomorrowland Around The World, the digital festival" "Inspiration Sessions" and sent a message.[67].. On August 8, it was announced that it would refrain from performing arts activities for a certain period of time after receiving some reports.[68][69]..After that, due to Yamashita's offer to appear in multiple overseas films such as Hollywood movies, and his desire to take a new step toward his childhood dream, the office and himself held discussions. As a result, he left Johnny's office on October 10st.[70][71].. Staying in Canada in November to shoot the 11 Hollywood movie "Man From Toronto"[72]Also, returning to Japan on December 12st[73]Was reported on their own Instagram.

Official fan club "Club 2021" opened on February 2, 28[74].. March 3, luxury jewelery brandBulgariBecame the first Japanese man to become an ambassador[75].. He was also appointed as Dior's Beauty Ambassador on May 5th.[76].


  • Nicknamed "Mountain P"[Annotation 2]"Hideaki TakizawaNamed[11][78]..報道で使われたり、冠番組のタイトルにも使われているIt is used in the press and also in the title of the crown program[79].
  • During the summer vacation of 6th grade,Los AngelesAfter being taken to Japan, I longed for foreign cultures and music, and started to have a desire to be able to speak English someday.[80][81].. 『Tomohisa Yamashita Route 66-Only AmericaExperience crossing the United States alone[45], I've been interacting with local actors and staff more and more in foreign jobs[46], Start studying by yourself after becoming an adult[46]..In addition to learning by text, I made all conversations and emails with native friends in English and created a place to use English myself.[82]..I also took acting and pronunciation lessons at the Actors School in Los Angeles in private[83].
  • Will Smith[84][85], Will's sonJaden Smith[86],Han Geng,Jaejoong[87]Exchanges with overseas friends are also expanding.
  • Popular microblogging in China on June 2018, 6 ``Weibo(Waver)Opened an official account.Johnny & Associates talent is the first in history to send from SNS except for a limited time[88]..In addition to Japan, the media reported and became a hot topic in Asia.[89]..It is also very popular in China, such as being ranked number one in the ranking of popular Japanese actors in China.[90].
  • Opened in May 2019InstagramHas surpassed 2 million followers in 7 and a half hours, the second fastest in the world at the time.[91]After that, the number of followers became the number one among Japanese male entertainers.[92]..Posts such as likes and comments received a lot of feedback, and the average number of reactions and the average engagement rate exceeded 100 million and ranked first.[93].
  • The actor's co-starring in KurosagiTsutomu YamazakiRespect.Since then, he has been deeply intimate with him, such as being invited to his home, and is influenced by his acting and outlook on life.[94].


In TV dramas and moviesTaiziIs the star.

TV drama


Delivery drama

  • The Head(Japan-Europe co-produced drama, released worldwide on June 2020, 6, same dayHuluDistribution start[115]) --Aki Kobayashi[116]



Television Animation

  • Toriko(June 2012, 6, Him / Herself, Fuji TV)


Radio program


  • Johnny's Jr. <East, Osaka, Name> 3 major dome CONCERT (September 2000, 9-October 3, Tokyo Dome, Osaka Dome, Nagoya Dome)[155]
  • Johnny's Countdown 2012-2013(December 2012, 12-January 31, 2013, Tokyo Dome)[156]
  • Johnny's Countdown 2013-2014(December 2013, 12-January 31, 2014, Tokyo Dome)[157]
  • Johnny's Count Down 2015-2016 (December 2015, 12-January 31, 2016, Tokyo Dome)[49]
  • Johnny's Count Down 2016-2017 (December 2016, 12-January 31, 2017, Tokyo Dome)[158]
  • Johnny's Count Down 2017-2018 (December 2017, 12-January 31, 2018, Tokyo Dome)[159]
  • Johnny's Count Down 2018-2019 (December 2018, 12-January 31, 2019, Tokyo Dome)[160]
  • Johnny's Count Down 2019-2020 (December 2019, 12-January 31, 2020, Tokyo Dome) [161]


Online delivery

  • [100 minutes] The result of playing serious tag on the Japanese champions vs Silk Road! ??Fishers(December 2020, 1,YouTube) --Special guest appearance[176]
  • Johnny's World Happy LIVE with YOU (March 2020, 3, YouTube "Johnny's official" channel)[177]
  • "Tomorrow land Around The World, the digital festival" Inspiration Sessions (July 2020, 7, digitally distributed on DMM)[178]


NEWSThe work of the member eraNEWS (group) #worksSee.タイアップについてはAbout tie-upJohnny's tie-up listSee.

* Ranking isOriconRecord in the weekly ranking announced by.


Release datetitleRankingRecording album
Johnny's Entertainment
1st2006/5/31Embrace Senorita1 bitSUPERGOOD, SUPERBAD
2nd2009/11/18Loveless1 bit
3rd2010/7/28One in a million1 bit
4th2011/1/19Hadakanbo1 bit
Warner Music Japan
5th2012/2/29Love, texas1 bit[179]Erotic,YAMA-P
6th2012/7/4LOVE CHASE2 bitYAMA-P
7th2013/3/13Mysterious Sera Sera2 bitA NUDE, YAMA-P
8th2013/7/31SUMMER NUDE '131 bit[180]YAMA-P
SME Records
9th2019/2/13Reason / Never Lose2 bit[181]
10th2019/6/19CHANGE1 bit[182]
11th2020/7/15Nights Cold1 bit

Collaboration single

Release datetitleUnit nameRankingRecording album
Johnny's Entertainment
1st2005/11/2Youth AmigoShuji and Akira1 bitSUPERGOOD, SUPERBAD
2nd2006/8/30Fever and FutureGYM1 bitNot recorded
Victor Entertainment
3rd2012/11/28MONSTERSThe MONSTERS1 bitGIFT of SMAP
Jay Storm
4th2017/5/17Chance over the backTurtle and Mountain P1 bit


Original album

Release datetitleRanking
Johnny's Entertainment
1st2011/1/26SUPERGOOD, SUPERBAD1 bit
Warner Music Japan
2nd2012/7/25Erotic2 bit
3rd2013/9/11A NUDE2 bit
4th2014/10/8YOU1 bit[183]
SME Records
5th2018/11/28UNLEASHED1 bit[184]

Mini album

Release datetitleRanking
Warner Music Japan
1st2014/8/20Play2 bit

Best album

Release datetitleRanking
Warner Music Japan
1st2016/1/27YAMA-P1 bit[185]

Video work

Release datetitle
Johnny's Entertainment
Warner Music Japan
2nd2012/12/12TOMOHISA YAMASHITA LIVE TOUR 2012 ~ Erotic P ~
SME Records

Solo release song other than the person's name

Participating works

Concert guest appearance

  • SMAP"GIFT of SMAP CONCERT'2012(December 2012, 12) --October 5, 2012 at Ajinomoto StadiumShingo KatoriUnit withThe MONSTERSRecorded the pattern that the first performance of was shown.
  • Tackey & Tsubasa"There is a star beside me / Viva Vivamore"Takitsuba SHOP Edition (March 2014, 3) --Bonus DVD Tackey & Tsubasa 19th Anniversary in Tokyo Dome Special Video (Recorded for about 10 minutes) as a guest appearance.
  • Namie Amuro"Documentary of Namie Amuro" Finally "# 13" (September 2018, 9-Limited delivery for 29 weeks,Hulu)[188] --Recorded the appearance of performing as a surprise guest at the music event "WE ♥ NAMIE HANABI SHOW Eve Festival" (September 2018, 9) and performing the collaboration song "UNUSUAL".[189]
  • Kamenashi Kazuya"Rain" First Press Limited Edition 1 and 2 (May 2019, 5)[190] --Bonus DVD First Limited Edition 1 ・ KAT-TUN KAZUYA KAMENASHI CONCERT TOUR 2017 The 2017.08.31 ~ Follow me ~ (Tokyo International Forum Performance 2) appeared as a VTR guest, First Limited Edition 2017 ・ KAT-TUN KAZUYA KAMENASHI CONCERT TOUR XNUMX The XNUMX ~ Follow me ~ Edogawa Ward General Cultural Center Performance Making & Digest Appeared as a surprise guest on a special video, a unit with KamenashiShuji and Akira-Turtle and Mountain PSong "Youth Amigo"Chance over the back”Is recorded.


Song titleSongwritingRecordingJASRAC work code
PainLyricsNEWS DVD "NEWS Nippon 0304"114-8870-1
LOVE SONG[97]Songwriting[97]NEWS album"touch"111-5167-6
colorful[97]Lyrics[97]Shuji and Akira single"Youth Amigo"126-6168-6
To tomorrowSongwriting130-6721-4
RoadSongwriting(Kato ShigeakiAnd collaboration)132-4948-7
ringSongwriting[191]single"Embrace Senorita'114-8876-0
LET MELyrics130-6726-5
Houkago bluesSongwritingGYM single"Fever and Future"133-9804-1
Tell with Kiss137-9587-2
I'm sorry JulietNEWS Album "pacific"138-5458-5
Ginza RhapsodyLyrics (Keiichiro KoyamaAnd collaboration.Koyama P name)NEWS DVD "NEWS LIVE DIAMOND"157-5116-3
Moon lightLyricssingle"Loveless』First edition B1A6-7462-8
World is yoursSongwritingsingle"One in a million"Normal Edition700-8880-2
PARTY DON'T STOP (feat. DJ DASK)Co-written lyrics[192]album"SUPERGOOD, SUPERBAD"1B9-6569-3
TOMOAlbum "SUPERGOOD, SUPERBAD" Regular Edition1B9-6652-5
Friday NightLyrics7A0-7508-9
DreamerLyricsDVDTOMOHISA YAMASHITA ASIA TOUR 2011 SUPER GOOD SUPER BAD, Self-covered banvox Remix is ​​the best album "YAMA-P』Recorded in[50]500-7444-0
You, the wind, and the crescent moonSongwritingsingle"LOVE CHASE"Normal Edition186-5431-2
Hit the wallalbum"Erotic"705-3923-5
Dancing nightAlbum "Erotic" Regular Edition705-3935-9
MONSTERSSongwriting(Shingo KatoriCollaboration with TOMOHISA YAMASHITA)The MONSTERS single"MONSTERS"187-3988-1
PAri-PArASongwriting(Shingo KatoriCollaboration with, The MONSTERS name)Album "A NUDE"195-6397-3
Orion in summerLyrics (co-writing) compositionalbum"A NUDE"Normal Edition195-6402-3
Ain't EnoughSongwriting(Akanishi JinCollaboration with TOMOHISA YAMASHITA)Jin Akanishi Album ""198-2091-7
Moon DiscoLyricsMini album "Play"203-4644-1
BrodiaLyrics (co-authored)album"YOU"7C0-6246-4
IBRDLyricssingle"Chance over the back』First Press Limited Edition 21K6-1863-2
Forever SummerLyrics and composition (co-writing)Single "Chance over the back" regular edition228-1983-5
UnleAsHedLyrics (co-written) (in the name of Tomohisa Yamashita)album"UNLEASHED"1M5-0968-7
You Make Me1M5-0991-1
Right moves1M5-0994-6
ParadiseLyrics and composition (co-written) (in the name of Tomohisa Yamashita)241-5525-0
Second handLyrics and joint composition (in the name of Tomohisa Yamashita)241-5526-8
With youLyrics (in the name of Tomohisa Yamashita)1M5-1100-2
The scent of that dayAlbum "UNLEASHED" regular edition241-4406-1
Our StrengthsLyrics (co-written) (in the name of Tomohisa Yamashita)single"Reason / Never Lose"726-3612-2
Like A MovieLyrics and composition (co-written) (in the name of Tomohisa Yamashita)Single "Reason / Never Lose" Regular Edition726-3611-4
Without You726-3613-1
CHANGELyrics (in the name of Tomohisa Yamashita)Single "CHANGE"1N1-7057-8
COME AROUNDLyrics and composition (co-written) (in the name of Tomohisa Yamashita)245-9551-4
LALAlove[193]Lyrics / Composition / Produce (co-authored)Johnny's Jr. OfBeautiful boyProviding music to[193]251-0118-8
Nights ColdLyrics (co-written) (in the name of Tomohisa Yamashita)Single "Nights Cold"254-8898-8
BASICSSingle "Nights Cold" Regular Edition7F3-7307-0

Solo concert

YearstitlePerformance scaleRemarks
BUT SWEET ~ Short but good time ~
2 cities/10 performancesOwn first solo concert[3]..ツアータイトルは山下自身が命名したThe tour title was named by Yamashita himself[33].
Super good Super bad
9 cities/31 performances
Mobilized 29 people[195][196]
My first Asian tour[198]..ジャニーズ事務所でソロでアジアツアーを行ったのは、1990年のIt was in XNUMX that he toured Asia solo at Johnny's office.Masahiko Kondo21 years since then[199]..演出の大部分を自ら担当し、衣装は7パターンを用意Most of the production is in charge of himself, and XNUMX patterns of costumes are prepared[198].. 『SUPERGOOD, SUPERBAD27 songs centered on the songs[196].Great East Japan EarthquakePerformances in Hokkaido and Taiwan will start in March due to the influence of[195]It was postponed to the end of May[196]..海外公演と代々木公演のみOnly overseas performances and Yoyogi performancesABC-ZAccompanied[196].
2012TOMOHISA YAMASHITA LIVE TOUR 2012 ~ Erotic P ~6 cities/11 performances
13 mobilized[78]
NEWS First tour after leaving
2013TOMOHISA YAMASHITA TOUR 2013 -A NUDE-20 cities/29 performances[201]
13 mobilized[202]
Yamashita requested himself[202],Shingo KatoriIs in charge of the overall production of the tour[204]..代々木第一体育館で行われた最終公演のアンコールで種明かしされ、ステージにも登場したIt was revealed at the encore of the final performance held at Yoyogi Daiichi Gymnasium and appeared on the stage.[202].
13 cities/28 performances
Over 8 mobilization[205]
1 cities/3 performances
Mobilized 13 people[19]
Written 12 out of 11 songs[77]28 songs centered on the songs from the latest album "UNLEASHED"[209].. 「StrAwbErry」では女性ダンサーにシャツを脱がされ上半身裸になる演出が注目を浴びたIn "StrAwb Erry", a female dancer took off her shirt and became naked to the waist.[77][209]..横浜アリーナの最終公演には「Dancer」で共作したCo-produced with "Dancer" for the final performance of Yokohama ArenaKamenashi KazuyaMade a surprise appearance, the same song and "Youth AmigoWas sung by two people[210].


  • Johnny's Web *Official mobile site
    • Tomohisa Yamashita's Diary (July 2003, 7-)
  • Shueisha magazine"SEVENTEEN"
    • 0409-Zero Yong Zero Kyu- (No. 2006, 17-July 2013)
  • Kodansha magazine"GLAMOROUS"
    • SOMEWHERE (April 2013 issue-August 4 issue)
  • Kodansha magazine"ViVi"
    • P's style (December 2013 issue-)


  • Movie "Kurosagi" Official Guidebook (March 2008, Shogakukan)
  • Movie "Ashita no Joe" OFFICIAL GUIDEBOOK (January 2011, Kodansha)
  • Drama "The Best End of Life-Ending Planner-" OFFICIAL PHOTO BOOK (March 2012, Tokyo News Service)
  • Drama "MONSTERS" OFFICIAL BOOK (December 2012, Pia)

Video work


  • Tomohisa Yamashita Route 66-Only One America-Director's Cut Edition- (April 2012, 4)[211]



  • At "Youth Amigo"Million sellerRecord
  • NEWS, Shuji to Akira, Tomohisa Yamashita, GYUnder the names of M, THE MONSTERS, Kame and Yama POricon1st place in single ranking
  • The movie starring in the movie "Love's Reach" won the first place in the box office revenue ranking for three consecutive weeks and the first place in the weekend mobilization ranking for two consecutive weeks.[215].


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注 釈

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