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📱 | [Skill] When I used my smartphone for my homework, I became like a hot spring woman!

Photo from Mr. Toguchi Ike Twitter / Via Twitter: @iketoguche

[Skill] When I used my smartphone for my homework, I became like a hot spring woman!

If you write the contents roughly
Google Translate had such a function ...

The ability to manipulate characters is a hot topic.Posted by Toguchi Ike (@iketoguche) on Twitter Goog… → Continue reading

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Google Translate

Google Translate(Google Translate)GoogleProvided bytranslation Web siteAnd text (up to 5000 characters) orWeb pageThe whole in another language翻 訳Service to do[1]..It has language identification of sentences, real-time translation that immediately reflects the entered characters, and voice input function.A suitable English-Japanese translation can be made.


Babel Fish,AOL,Yahoo!Etc. internallySYSTRANStatistical, unlike other translation services that useMachine translationOriginal translation byengineTo use.

Google's translation engineUnited NationsConsists of about XNUMX billion words from the documents ofCorpusThe original text and the translated text by the UN translator are mutually searched using, and the type is extracted and translated.Expert systemIt was created.

Chrome browserIs integrated into a foreign languageWebsiteIt has a function to automatically translate the whole.

Currently it is possible to translate between all languages, but we do not translate directly in all languages,EnglishOften translated through[2]..Therefore, even if you enter text such as English that is different from the specified language, it will be translated.[Source required].

Excellent vocabulary[3]However, mistranslations are scattered in specific words such as program names and technical terms, and accuracy is reduced in long sentences.

2016Translation algorithmneural networkIt was changed to the one using, and the accuracy of translation was improved.Unlike traditional algorithms, it treats sentences as a whole rather than part by part, so it represents more accurate translation candidates.[4].

In November 2018, the Google Translate UI that runs on the Web will be renewed to Material Design[5].

Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization, announced on January 2019, 1 that Google Translate will be available for content translation on Wikipedia.[6].. It can be used free of charge with the agreement of both Google and the Wikimedia Foundation.[7].

Mobile application

For mobile useAndroidとiOSIs provided for.Mobile functions have been added to the same basic functions as the web version, such as voice input, multilingual translation, and real-time translation.

Mobile features

Compared to Bing Translator, Google Translate is considered a smart translation system because it has all 5 input methods (text mode, conversation mode, offline translation, camera input, handwriting input).[12].

Text mode

The basic way to enter data.

Conversation mode
When two or more people talk, Google Translate automatically determines and switches the translation language.[13].
When it is determined that the speaker has finished speaking, it is automatically translated into the language of the conversation partner and read aloud by machine voice, and immediately after that, it waits for voice input in the other party's language.
Offline translation
Required for translationalgorithmAnd data etc. to the terminal in advanceDownloaddo it,data communicationSome functions of Google Translate can be used even in an environment where[14].
Camera input
Of the terminalカメラIt is a function to read characters by OCR from the video taken with[15]..Some languages ​​support "real-time translation," which allows you to shoot and translate at the same time.In real-time translationAugmented reality(AR) technology is applied.The foreign language shown through the camera is automatically filled in, and the process of applying the native language to that part is dynamically performed.
Handwriting input
It is a function to draw and input characters directly on the dedicated input pad displayed on the screen.Virtual keyboardIs used in languages ​​that are difficult to input[16].

Translateable languages

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