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🐈 | Online event "Animal World Cup 2021" held, with dog sports and pets ...

Photo "Animal World Cup 2021"

Online event "Animal World Cup 2021" held, with dog sports and pets ...

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In the live distribution, each competition group will introduce the contents and charms of dog sports such as "DOG PULLER", "Frisby Dog", "Agility", "DOG DANCE", "K9 Game", "Extreme", and "Parcourt" that you can enjoy with your dog.

The Japan Animal Pick Committee will hold an online event "Animal World Cu ..." from June 6th to 19th. → Continue reading


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Dog sports

Dog sportsIs according to certain rulesdogIt is a competition to compete for physical function and skill.It includes a wide range of activities, some with participation by humans (handlers) and some with only dogs.

In Europe and the United States, there are competitions that are continued only by some enthusiastic fans due to the agility that is so popular that it is broadcast on TV media, and with the development of cultural activities performed by humans, new dog sports are born every day. It is no exaggeration to say that it is.


Dogs (or teams of dogs and people) compete with each otherSportsCompetition.

Many of the competitions held only by dogs make use of the characteristics of the breed, such as the instinct and physical ability of the individual, for example.Racing, Burn hunting, fighting dogs, etc.

In addition to the physical abilities of dogs, many of the competitions that dogs and humans jointly compete for are the special skills that dogs have acquired under the direction of humans. Examples include obedience competitions and sheep sheep competitions. ..

List of dog sports

Below is a list of a wide range of dog sports.It also includes emerging sports competitions that are recognized as "dog sports" by some.


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・ Daily Dog Walker UK

・ 35th Annual Canadian German Shepherd Dog Championships and Sieger Show



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