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🥾 | Screaming in the living room! "Itte Q" Yoshiko cries "Climbing" and "Stops"

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Scream in the living room! "Itte Q" Yoshiko cries "Climbing" and "Stops"

If you write the contents roughly
《There are only people who can recommend Nakaoka-san and Ganbaruya in Itte Q, so I'd like you to stop climbing like today because it's dangerous.
<< I don't want you to do dangerous things, so it will be painful in such a dangerous place >>
《Looking at Itte Q, it looks like you are licking a mountain climbing》
《I feel that the climbing level required of the performers is the most difficult in the variety show》
《Even though I was trying my best to climb the mountain, the broadcast was only a few minutes.

Two people from the comedy combination "Ganbaruya" will broadcast "Itte Q to the End of the World!" On June 2th. (Nippon TV) ... → Continue reading


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