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👩‍🎤 | ZOC, AWA ranking 1st to 22nd monopoly!Members appeared Online event was a big hit!

Photo ZOC, AWA ranking 1st to 22nd monopoly!Members appeared Online event was a big hit!

ZOC, AWA ranking 1st to 22nd monopoly!Members appeared Online event was a big hit!

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In addition, ZOC is releasing a playlist "ZOC's CLASSICS" that collects representative songs at AWA.

ZOC monopolized the top of the ranking "THE HOT 6" in AWA on June 9th (Wednesday). "THE ... → Continue reading


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playlist(English : playlist) OrplaylistIt is,Music,MovieIs a list of the order in which to play.iTunesLikeMedia playerThen, the standard function is to collect your favorite music and create an original playlist. Also,radioA music list broadcast on the internet is called a playlist.YouTubeThen,AccountOnly those who have registered in, can be published in a playlist.SpotifyAlso has a playlist function, and services that share that playlist have also appeared.[1]

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Originals using music loaded in the media playercassette tapeYou can enjoy the same way as. Also,musicianThe playlists created by are published in various places, so you can enjoy the creator's preferences and roots. The created playlist isiPodOr transfer it to a portable audio player such asAudio cdYou can also write in. To save/read the playlist as a file (export/import),extensionThe "M3U" and "PLS" formats are commonly used. The contents of bothtext fileIs. Depending on the software, there is a function to automatically create playlists by narrowing down information such as genre and artist names from the songs registered in the library (iTunes: smart playlist,SonicStage: Dynamic playlist). In addition, there is also a function to create playlists that match the user's taste by using music information and music analysis results on the Internet (iTunes: Genius Mix, SonicStage: Omakase Channel).

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Part ofDVD recorder-BD recorder-HDD recorderEtc.HDDVirtually cut and edit the recordings saved in, or create a playlist in which multiple programs are arranged. Play playlists on BD/DVD media, etc.dubbingWhether it can be done depends on the model (some models can copy only programs without copy restrictions).


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