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📚 | Don't be a decarbonized "free rider"

Photo "Inconvenient substances around the earth" (edited by the Environmental Chemistry Society of Japan, Kodansha)

Don't be a decarbonized "free rider"

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Air check

Air check(British: Aircheck) Istv set-radio OfBroadcast programTheRecording-recordingA word used to mean having fun and recording the medium.

In terms of sound qualityAM broadcastthanFM broadcastIs better, so the target of the air check was often FM broadcasting.for that reasonJapanThen.FM checkIt was also called.


OriginallycommercialThe provider said that the program was broadcast according to the contract, but in Japan, the programs and artists that the viewers (listeners) especially liked were selected.video tape-cassette tape-CD-R-MD,DVD,Blu-ray DiscIt may also be used when recording in.Originally, this was a euphemism, and despite the fact that it was a copy / reproduction, it was a way to insist that "No, I'm just checking the broadcast."

FM broadcast air check

1970 eraUntil the center of music mediaAnalog recordHowever, it was extremely expensive, and it was difficult to buy all of them except for the wealthy.On the other hand, at this time, cassette tapes (cassette tapes) in JapanCompact cassette) Is widely used.When the performance improved and the sound quality became satisfactory, some people enjoyed recording FM broadcast music programs.This "air check" hobby is aimed at readersFM information magazineWas launched one after another, and air checks were actively carried out with reference to the program schedule posted on it.

Cassette tapes were the most common recording method, but among audiophiles who want to improve sound quality, the entire program is recorded.Open reel,PCM processorConnectedVideo deckOrTHATAnd Hi-Fi voice supportVideo deck(VHS-β), Etc., and then dubbing only the necessary songs to a cassette was adopted.

Required air check

Most of the programs (mainly television) that were broadcast by the 1980s were left behind because the broadcast tapes at that time were very expensive and there was no concept of secondary use such as software release. Not.Therefore, in recent yearsNHK program excavation projectFor example, the program may be restored by soliciting air checks from general viewers at that time.

In addition,Movie showOf overseas works used indubbingIn many cases, the voice source was lost later,Field Works Co., Ltd.Then, on the official website, the dubbing is restored from the air check (sometimes recording such as cassettes), and the work and cooperation for secondary use are being carried out.


Around the late 1980sRental recordWith the advent of karma, it became possible to easily listen to the record of the song of interest, and by recording directly from the record, the sound quality of the music listened to on cassette tape was further improved. The CD was released in 1982,1980 eraAs CD rental became more common, the "air check" that records FM broadcasts on cassette tapes began to disappear.

FM broadcastA TV scheduleIn many cases, the songs to be broadcast were announced in advance, and Aircheck assumed that, but the composition of the request program centered on the electric shock telephone jockey (J-WAVETo get a lot of attention (such as) or to cover the music with the introduction of the musicDisc jockeyIn the first half of the 1990s, the number of people who air-check FM broadcasts decreased due to the fact thatMany FM information magazines1999By the end, it had to be discontinued or suspended.


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