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👍 | Koichi Yamadera 31 years old, 3rd marriage Robin Shoko Okada and [Full report] Maybe they are full of tsukkomi

Photo Koichi Yamadera and Robin Shoko Okada

Koichi Yamadera 31-year-old precession, third marriage Robin Shoko Okada and [Full report] Maybe they are full of tsukkomi

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I'm sorry to say that I'm sorry to say that I'm sorry to say that I'm married to Koichi Yamadera.

Voice actor Koichi Yamadera (59) updated his Twitter on the 14th and married the talent Robin Shoko Okada (28) ... → Continue reading

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Koichi Yamadera

Koichi Yamadera(Kouichi Yamara,1961May 6[4] -) isJapan OfVoice actor,talent,narrator[5],chairperson,An actor,Imitation talent.MiyagiBackground[10][4][11].Across EntertainmentAffiliation[2].. Nickname is "Yama-chan","Bazooka Mountain Temple'[2].


Tohoku Gakuin UniversityFaculty of EconomicsDepartment of Commerce(Current:Faculty of BusinessDepartment of Business Administration)graduate[12].

In middle school and high schoolbasketballI belonged to the department and was a manager[11]..大学時代はIn collegeRakugo Study GroupBelong to[12][13]..At first, I tried to find a job because I wanted to get a sales position because I could speak up, but soon I was frustrated. There was a connection in the CM appearance experienceAdvertising agencyDespite being called out by, I read the enlightenment books of actors and voice actors that became popular at that time and became interested in the work of actors and thought about aiming for it.[12]..As a result of reading the book, the actor abandoned "What's this, I don't know" and aimed to become a voice actorHaikyo Training CenterAdmission to[12]..After graduating from the training school, in parallel with the stage launched by the seniors of the training schoolTokyo Actors Co-opBelong to[14].. afterwardsAcross EntertainmentTransferred to.

1985, OVAMega zone 23Debuted as a voice actor in the role of Shinji Nakagawa[9].1988To the movieMobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack"ofGyunei Guss,Supersonic warrior borgmanDust Geed, "Genie Hero Den WataruPlayed Kurama Wataribe, and then1989"Ranma 1 / 2"ofRyoga Hibiki/ Becomes popular as P-chan.

1993June 5, voice actorKana Mikaとmarriage[6].

1997January,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.For children of the systemVariety program"Good morningBecome the main moderator of[15].

1998of"Galaxy Express 999 Eternal Fantasy] InMakio InoueからHarlockAfter inheriting the roleAncient progress,TochiroSuch,Reiji MatsumotoI often participate in the work.

2000ToThe slogan is courageDebuted as an actor[16]..Since then, he has appeared on TV as a talent, such as appearing in TV dramas and hosting variety shows.

2006I don't knowdivorceExpress[6].

2012May 6,TwitterOf voice actorsRie TanakaReport remarriage with[7].

2013May 5,Hollywood Express』(WOWOW) In the official blog "A word of the week from Koichi Yamadera", the movie "Asahi rubanIt was announced that some regular programs will be absent for about 4 weeks due to the shooting of[17]..Also, I cut my hair in the role of a movie.

2016May 3, From the intention of the person "I want to leave it to the younger generation from now on"[15],2016May 4It was announced that the main moderator of "Oha Suta" will be dismissed.[15].

2016May 4, Dropped the main moderator of "Oha Suta" who served for 18 and a half years[18].

2018May 8Reported on Twitter that he divorced Tanaka in July[19].

2019May 7, The first male voice actor to play a music programMusic Station』(TV Asahi) Appeared[20].

2021May 6, Idol group "Ciao Bella CinquettiFormer member oftalent OfOkada Robin ShokoReport remarriage with[8][21].


Features and evaluation

"A man with a seven-colored voiceIt is characterized by a wide range of voices.[27]..In addition, acting ability and skillful speech skills shown in the moderator work, astringent men, adolescents to old people, heroes to villain bosses, serious roles to comedy types, second to third, dubbing and animals Play the voice of the character[27].

I saw the performance of Yamadera in the rookie eraMasako NozawaWas evaluating that "this child will definitely grow"[28].

Our Projects

As a voice actor

He has appeared in many dubbed works and is the main actor in charge.Will Smith,Eddie Murphy,Jim Carrey,Chow Shinchi,Brad Pitt,Robin williams,Jean-Claude Van Damme,Michael keaton,Chris Tucker,Will Ferrell,Jon ham,Mike Myersand so on.Of these, he has met Will Smith multiple times.[29][30].. in the pastTom Hanks,Denzel Washington,Michael J. Fox,Charlie Sheen,Wesley Snipes,Tom cruise,Gary Oldman,Mel GibsonI was also in charge of many dubbing.

About the actor in charge

Will SmithIncluding,African AmericanI am in charge of many dubbing of actors[31].

"Independence DayRegarding Will Smith, who was in charge for the first time in 』," I had the impression that he was a person in the music field. I felt that kind of feeling, whether it was movement or tone. "Eddie Murphy,Wesley SnipesHe said that he felt the atmosphere of the next generation compared to However, he was surprised at the gap when he heard the thick voice and tried to create a macho atmosphere."If Eddie Murphy is soul, Will Smith has a hip-hop or street impression," said Nori from Smith's play.[31]..In addition, he said that he remembered his selfish familiarity because he had been imitating his face in the past. Because I do it, I can't think of anyone else and I feel a sense of intimacy. "[32].2019ToAladdinWhen I met Smith who came to Japan for the event, "It is a rare opportunity as an actor to meet someone who speaks in a different language in this way, so I really met him today. And the thing they have in common is that they are handsome. "[29]..After meeting "Gemini ManIn the interview, "One of the superstars I admired. I met him and became more and more a fan. I was very impressed by his personality as well as acting. As an actor, of course, he also took action. He can handle it, he plays human dramas well, he plays tough guys and cool roles, but I think it's wonderful that humanity and charm come out there, "he said about Smith's charm.[33][34]..Also, when asked what his favorite Smith's appearance was, he answered, "It's Dantotsu'Aladdin'," and the reason was "I played the voice, and Will himself has done so far. He said that it was the culmination of the song, "he said. Until then, he had a lot of favorite works, including those he didn't play his voice, but in" Aladdin, "he dubbed the song and met him in person. , Reveals that Smith was completely unthinkable as someone else[34]..Smith himself also confessed at the Japan premiere carpet event of "Gemini Man" that "(watching the dubbing of Yamadera) I should have acted like that," and there was one act that pleased Yamadera. Ta[35].

"Harlem Night』Since the soft version (the Japanese dubbed version VHS was released in July 1990), he has been in charge of dubbing for many works, and since 7 it was the same year for Eddie Murphy, who has been exclusive. Although he was an actor who had always thought "this person absolutely wants to do it" while watching the notice and CM, "48 hours(Nippon TV new edition), and when he was in charge of dubbing, he felt that he didn't know what to do anymore, and he was struggling.In addition, since Yamadera is a relatively latecomer in charge of Murphy, he was in charge of dubbing Murphy ahead of himself.Shimojo Atom,Toyama Kei("Eddie is Kei Tomiyama", "That (Shimojo) is Eddie Murphy, Yama-chan (Yamadera) is not interesting because he speaks normally", etc.) He says he still doesn't know if he suits Murphy even if he is in charge of several works.[36][31]..However, he has a strong feeling for Murphy, saying, "ShrekIn the series, he was in charge of dubbing the donkey played by Murphy in the original language version for 10 years, and it is best for people to feel that it is a character made for me, but in the case of dubbing, "Eddie"・ The goal is to make Murphy think that if he can speak Japanese, it will be like this. ”Especially when playing the role of Donkey, he said that he keeps in mind that“ just dubbing dexterously is not enough! ”[37].DreamworksCEO ofJeffrey KatzenbergWhen I got the approval of the best donkey in the world, he said, "When I started acting as a voice actor, I dreamed of doing Eddie's work, so I'm glad that you evaluated it."[38].

またJim CarreyAlso known as the voice actor in charge of1994MovieMASKSIs in charge of all three versions of the in-flight screening version, software = videogram version, and TV broadcasting (Nippon TV) version, and has been highly evaluated as a representative work.[39]..Yamadera commented on his ingenuity in playing Carrey in this work, saying, "Jim Carrey is doing a lot of interesting plays, so I wish I could do the same play as him with the same voice. I remembered, "I did it," and said that it was a regret that the scene of singing "Cuban Pete" was not dubbed because he was told "I don't have to do it."[40]..Yamadera himself said, "Jim Carrey is of the same age, and I really like him, so I'd be happy if I could continue to play."[41] In addition,Denzel WashingtonHe has competed in charge of many actors and co-starred in many works.Akio OtsukaIn a conversation with him, he named Carrie as an actor who "I don't want to be taken by Akio-san."[40]..In addition, Yamadera met Carrie only once, and this is one of the unforgettable scenes, saying, "It is special for those who are dubbing to meet the original actor." Is supposed to be[42].

Take over

Died in 1995Toyama KeiHas taken over many of the roles of.

PS game released in 1999 "Space Battleship Yamato The Far Star Iskandar], He was selected as the hero's ancient protagonist as a successor and was in charge of the animation part.Sequel "Farewell Space Battleship Yamato Love Warriors] Will be played in full volume with full voice. In 2005, it became a trilogy of dark stars released from PS2, "Recollection of Space Battleship Yamato Iskandar], [Space Battleship Yamato Counterattack of the Dark Star Empire], [Space Battleship Yamato Double Galaxy Collapse』Also appeared. "Toku-Uchi Heroes Space Battleship Yamato ~ Typing Diffuse Wave Gun ~" is made by connecting Yamadera's new record to the library voice that Toyama played a voice in his lifetime. Pachinko machine "CR Space Battleship Yamato" released in 2007 (Fuji Corporation) Then,Ancient progressIn a roleWave CannonAn important voice is given in the launch scene, etc., and Yamadera's name is credited as the voice actor of the ancient protagonist at the time of normal hit after 10 rounds on the jackpot screen. Published in December 2009, "Space Battleship Yamato Revival], He was in charge of the voice of Susumu Kodai for the first time in an anime work.New work "Space Battleship Yamato 2199], Another protagonist who will become an enemy and later an ally of Susumu Kodai.President DesslerSelected as (Abert Dessler in this work).He also made a surprising comment, "When I talked to Space Battleship Yamato 2199, I thought it was an ancient role, but it was a rainy day'Deslar'."[43].

Toyama played the leading role in "UFO Robo GrendizerDuke Fleet also saidSuper Robot War IMPACTAfter thatSuper Robot War series』, Yamadera plays the voice.

In addition to this, the remake version "YattermanIn addition to the two roles of Toyama's narration and Odate pig, all Yatter mechanics including Yatter One (Masaru Ikeda(Successor) and the voice of the guest character.Delonbo crewIt is also called "Yama-chan" in the play, and sometimes "Yama-chan himself" is a two-headed character in the play (ZendamanIt may also appear as the flow of "Tommy Yama").Time Bokan SeriesAs a whole, Kei Tomiyama mentioned above,Hirotaka Suzuoki("Reverse Ippatsuman]),Horiuchi Keno(CD drama version),Junpei Takiguchi("Phantom thief glitter man]) Will be the fifth generation narration.Live-action movie versionHowever, in addition to playing the voice of Narrator Yatter One Yatter King, he also appears in the face.In the anime movie version, he plays the voices of 16 roles such as narration and yatter king.

Also diedKimura hood,Shigezō Sasaoka,Ginzō Matsuo,Koichi Kitamura,Ryo Kurosawa,Taniguchi Festival,Goro Naya,Ichiro Nagai,Toru Ohira,Hiroshi FujishiroHas taken over part of the role.

Disney related

In Disney worksDonald DuckBeginning with "Naughty Duck Dream Adventure(TV Tokyo version,BandaiEdition) "beauty and the Beast''Aladdin''Muppet Christmas Carroll''Moulin''Lilo and Stitch''The Little Mermaid II Return to The Sea], Etc., in charge of more than 10 roles.Also,Disney movieYamadera is in charge of most of the CM narration for DVDs (especially anime movies for children).

Yamadera plays the voices of various characters, but the two most difficult characters to play are Donald Duck mentioned above and Stitch in "Lilo & Stitch".[44].

Donald Duck does not use voice, but uses his breath to make sounds like an instrument, but due to the relationship between vowels and consonants in English and Japanese, there are many lines that are difficult to say when translating. He says that he sometimes changes the dialogue while consulting with the translator and the director.Especially in "DuckTales", he said that it was difficult because there were many long lines that Donald would not normally speak, and he said that Donald was "much difficult no matter how many years I've been doing, and it's also my strong enemy." Talking[45]..In addition, he said that he had auditioned for the role of Donald about six times before it was decided. "First, Donald's vocalization and that way of speaking could not be done properly ..." In particular, it was an audition for Yamadera alone, and he said that it was an unforgettable audition that he had received so far, saying, "The pressure was hard even after I received it."[42].

Regarding the voice of Stitch who has been in charge for more than 10 years, he was asked to do it with the same vocalization method as Director Sanders who is in charge of Stitch in the original version, and it is difficult because the way of speaking English and Japanese is different. He said he was still struggling[44].

GenieIs said to be "the No. 1 character praised by people", and even now, 26 years after he first performed, he is often said to "I like Genie the most among the dubbed Yama-chan (Yamadera)." , Talking about the inseparable relationship with Genie, "Robin williamsIt was really hard to dubb the Genie who played as much as he wanted.That's why it was Genie who taught me the difficulty and fun of voice actors. "Genie is a special character for Yamadera because he was able to lay the foundation for his voice acting business thanks to Williams who played the animated version of Genie. It is also revealed that[46]..When the live-action film was announced, he said on the radio, "If the offer doesn't come, I'll go wild" and "I, if (the offer) doesn't come, I'll stop being a voice actor."[32](However, he said he didn't want to quit because he actually had a mortgage.[42]).

And Yamadera is in charge of dubbing in many appearances to play the role of Genie in the live-action version.Will SmithMet.Upon hearing this, Yamadera said, "(Will Smith, who plays Genie) has dubbed it in the past. Maybe the probability that Genie will come to me has increased!"Also, when the pitching was decided and the cast was announced, "Actually, I was more worried about what to do if (offer) did not come, so I was relieved that I was glad I received the offer. It's such an important character and work, "he confessed his feelings at the time.[47]..Regarding what I was particularly conscious of in the live-action version, "The live-action version is just a dubbing of Genie played by Will Smith. I watched the video closely, listened to Will Smith's voice firmly, and did it in a way that was close to it. I wasn't particularly conscious of changing it from the last time, but I applied it to that scene, the lines, and the video because it was the voice actor. "[46][47].

Will Smith himself also said, "I wish I had a respect for Robin Williams, but on top of that, Genie, who I played," and in that sense, where was the former (animated version) of Genie? Yamadera's analysis is that it may ooze out.[47].

Anpanman related

"Go! Anpanman』In the beginningBaikinmanAuditioned but lost[48], I will be in charge of the role of cheese[48].

In addition to cheese, he also serves as multiple characters, including Kabao-kun and Kamameshi-don, but he was in charge of the role of the first Uncle Jam.Hiroshi MasuokaBecause of the disembarkation due to consideration of old age[49], As a successor to Masuoka from the broadcast on August 2019, 8, he will take over the role of Uncle Jam as the second generation in the form of continuing to serve as cheese etc.[50]..Regarding taking over the role of Uncle Jam, "Hiroshi Masuoka is not only acting but also Uncle Jam himself. There is no one to replace him. But for more than 30 years, he has been exposed to his kindness and warmth. As one of the people, I will do my best to get closer to Mr. Masuoka's Uncle Jam. "[50].AnpanmanUsefulKeiko TodaCommented on his blog about his successor, "I can't think of anyone other than Yama-chan, and Masuoka-san was relieved," he said, saying that if anyone other than Yamadera did Uncle Jam, he would quit.[51][52]..Masuoka said that he was trying not to ask when he made a guest appearance on Toda's radio program "Mitsubishi Electric Presents Keiko Toda Adult Quality", and said, "I don't know that Uncle Jam has changed for children. I think that he has devised a way to make it even more than that, and he has made him a more evolved Uncle Jam. "[52]..In addition, the role name of "Uncle Jam", which was credited during the Masuoka era, was not listed in the ending theme from the change to Yamadera until the broadcast on August 8.[53] However, the credit was revived under the name of "Uncle Jam / Cheese" from the broadcast on the 30th of the following week.

The role of BaikinmanTakao NakaoCommented that Yamadera was accepted when auditioning now, and according to Nakao, Toda said, "Only our program uses Yamadera in the world with dogs."[54]..Also, according to Nakao, Yamadera was in charge of "Kabao-kun"'s bossy way of talking, which was Yamadera's idea, and due to Yamadera's impressive acting, Kabao-kun was one of many child characters. Became a character that can stand alone[55].

Guest appearance

Annual "Movie version Pokemon』It is customary to appear as a guest voice actor.However, it is not just a voice actor, but a guest appearance as a talent and Koichi Yamadera, the moderator of "Oha Suta". This trend has continued even after the moderator of "Oha Suta" was dismissed, and as of 2020, he has appeared in all works.

City Hunter related

"city ​​Hunter], Experienced several guest appearances as a bit part. In 2019, a live-action movie produced in France ``City Hunter THE MOVIE Mission of the most incense in history] In the main characterSaebaruNicky Larson (acting- Philippe Lacheau) Is in charge of dubbing.When Yamadera first received the offer, he said, "(I acted as the voice of Ryo in the anime).KamiyaI tried to decline from the idea that it is absolutely strange that Ryo Saeba does not do it, but at the launch of "Shinjuku Private Eyes", Kamiya himself directly supported me and I was in charge of dubbing.[56].

As a radio personality

As a radio personality, "Bazooka Mountain Temple", And at this time, he shows off a big, popping chat that seems to fold up at once.In addition, "Fifth ElementIn the DVD version, under the name of Bazooka YamaderaChris TuckerIn the name of Koichi YamaderaGary OldmanIs dubbed.

As a talent

As a talent, he was also in charge of many MCs for variety shows such as "Oha Suta", but in 2001, he was a big talent.Beat takeshiとTokoro GeorgeThe crown program of "The WA style of Takeshi and Tokoro has arrived!』Has served as MC.

He was appointed as Miyagi Yume Ambassador from 2002 to 2012, and has been one of the Miyagi Kizuna Ambassadors since 2013.[57].. Appointed as Shiogama Cultural Ambassador in Shiogama City, Miyagi Prefecture from 2013[58].


Anecdote in "Oha Suta"
In 2000, co-starred as Yama-chan of "Oha Suta"Kanan KoguchiWith the movie "Godzilla x Megagilas G Disappearance Operation』I played the appearance.
Regarding the appointment of talent voice actors
HollyWood Express Official Blog August 2007, 8 In "A Word of the Week from Koichi Yamadera", he complained about casting such as theatrical animation and dubbing of Western movies, which often use talents and celebrities easily.[59].
"Dating my boyfriend.You can use it for. 』\
2017May 5 OfThe BAY ☆ LINEAtOkada Robin ShokoThe image taken by the producer and the above-mentioned muttering on Twitter became a hot topic and received a response of about 20 RT.Or later,Kanna Hashimoto,Yu ShirotaIt became the beginning of similar muttering of many celebrities.
Dialogue / Session with Will Smith
2019ToWill SmithVisited Japan and performed a live interview at the request of Smith himself, and was praised by him.This is howNTVof"news every.","Oha! 4 NEWS LIVEAt eachMay 6(water),May 6Aired on (Tuesday)[60].
The tweet reporting the marriage to Rie Tanaka is2012Most retweeted in Japan[7][61].
Favorite artistsShinshin Brothers,Masayuki Suzuki[17].
Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesHe has been a fan of the club since its founding, and has become an honorary member of the fan club (a list of celebrities from the Tohoku region).I also occasionally visit the game, and the situation is posted on Twitter.[Source required].


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Theater animation




Web anime

2000 era
2010 era
2020 era


  • Granblue Fantasy Relink (Garanza)[196])
  • MARS RED ~ He Ha Who Toki no Poetry ~ (Tokuichi Yamagami[197])

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  • Ah Goddess Sama Bonus King + (Trubador[62])
  • Allison and Lillia Drama CDI ~ Allison and Lillia Another Story ~(Car Benedict)
  • Izumi Phantom Senki(Shiro Kisaragi)
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    • Tales of Destiny PROUST-FORGOTTEN CHRONICLE (December 1999, 12, MACM-22)
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  • Detective Eden (role of Eden) TV
  • Sanderina
  • DISTANT JUSTICE I will take revenge *Toei V America
  • Beast Special Attack Unit
  • Shabash India (dubbed by Koichi Yamadera) (DVD released on December 2009, 12)
  • Taxi & The City (Driver) (BS Asahi)
  • Hell Koshien (all characters) (movie)Hell Koshien Super Tornado BOX Bonus Video)

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  • Junpei Takiguchi's special program Michio Hazama, Masako Nozawa, Koichi Yamadera talks about "This is a voice actor" (November 2011, 11, Nico Nico LIVE)


* IsInternet distribution.

In 27 years at bayfm, he was in charge of "Wednesday Bay Line" under the name of Bazooka Yamadera.

Radio / Planning CD

Release datetitleStandard product number
1990/3/21Beast God Hero Den Watariger Tonight is up to hereKICA-6
1990/7/1Voice actor collection Vol.1 "Message"PLCA-808
1991/2/25Fashionable (secret) command Let's go voice actor masterpiece strategySHCU-1001
1991/9/21A child of the GAP SYSTEM eraVAD-1021
1991/10/25New fashion (secret) command club royaleSHCU-1008
1992/3/21Koichi Yamadera GAP SYSTEM2 Buy Yamadera!VAD-1022
1993/1/21Banana Fritters CLAIR DE LUNE Vol.1MECH-36001 ~ 2
1993/2/21Banana Fritters CLAIR DE LUNE Vol.2MECH-36003 ~ 4
1993/3/21Banana Fritters CLAIR DE LUNE Vol.3MECH-36005 ~ 6
1993/7/21GAP SYSTEM3 The man who held the acupointVAD-1023
1993/9/21Radio Magazine 1 Koichi Yamadera & Mika KanaiCRCP-15012
1993/10/27Fashionable (secret) session Extra edition Heiwa Driving School Crank in the afternoonPICA-1023
1994/11/23SUPER GAP SYSTEM Comfortable end of the centuryBVCH-614
1995/11/22SUPER GAP SYSTEM Feelings I want to lie downBVCH-625
1997/11/25Voice Actor Grand Prix Special CD '97
SHUFUNOTOMO "Voice Actor Grand Prix" Vol.14 December 1997 issue appendix
1998/11/25Voice Actor Grand Prix Special CD Christmas Version
SHUFUNOTOMO "Voice Actor Grand Prix" Vol.20 December 1999 issue appendix
1999/11/26Voice Actor Grand Prix Special CD 5th Anniversary
SHUFUNOTOMO "Voice Actor Grand Prix" Vol.26 December 2000 issue appendix
1999/12/18Radio Tales Ring DP DJCDMACM-1091
Voice Actor Grand Prix Special CD Sparkling Summer!Vocal collection
SHUFUNOTOMO "Voice Actor Grand Prix" Appendix
2000/9/10Monthly Voice Actor Grand Prix Special CD Emotional Heart Broadcast !!
SHUFUNOTOMO "Voice Actor Grand Prix" October 2000 issue appendix



  • TrickPerformance "Batman from Heaven" (February)
  • Trick Sutaa Performance "THE. Shinsengumi" For those of us who don't mind ... Someday Rock and Roll (March 3-21, Space24) Hijikata Toshizo
  • The Star Spangled Girl (June 1991, 6-July 27, 7)Tokyo Metropolitan Theater / July 7th and 27th,KBS Hall, Small hall) Andy
  • Trick Sutaa performance "THE DOOR" Would you like to open it ... Give courage ... (March 3-23, Space 28) As Taro Momoi
  • 81 Dramatic Company Performance Musical "Happy Ride" (May 5-19, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Small Hall / May 26-June 5, Osaka Kintetsu Small Theater) Yoshihiko Imoto, Sawanan (two roles)
  • Sutaa trick performance "Psychic Dreamer" (October 10-16, Shinjuku Space 19) Voice appearance
  • The Tale of the Heike Evening"Kurikara Ochi" (October 10, Kioi Hall)
  • Surprise tournament where I saw scary things Taki-chan Festival Vol.7 Overcoming flowers and storms ・ PART2 "GOOD BETTER BEST" (October 10, Rikkoukai Hall)
  • Produced by Parco LOVE 30 ~ Woman, Man and Story ~(February 11-3,PARCO Theater)
  • Mask play musical "Robinfoot's Adventure" as Arthur (voice appearance)
  • Mask play musical "Seriously Fumajime Kaiketsu Zorori" Zorori role (voice appearance)
  • Kazuki Kosakai & Koichi Yamadera LIVE "Irregular Liveman ★ Comic-kun !! ~ Moja Glasses-kun Appears! ~" (November 11-21, Tokyo Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club eX)
  • LOVE LETTERS(August 8, PARCO Theater) As Andy
  • Theatrical company Kishinogumi 1990 project performance "Mori no Ishimatsu Gaiden 4-Someone is aiming for someone-" (June 6, Ginza, GinzaHakuhinkan Theater) Guest singer
  • "A la carte 2" produced by Aoyama Amphitheater-Restaurant with actors and musicians (December 12th and 18th, Children's Castle Aoyama Amphitheater
  • Sound Theater(New sensation • Music reading drama) "HYPNAGOGIA Hypnagogia ”(March 3-12,Coredo Nihonbashi) As a pianist
  • Aoyama Amphitheater Produced "A La Carte 2" -Restaurant with actors and musicians (16th and 18th, Children's Castle Aoyama Amphitheater)
  • Sound Theater "MERMAID BLOOD" (June 6-2, Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall)
  • Sound Theater "Cross Road ~ Devil's Violinist ~" (September 9-22) as Butler Armand
  • Sound Theater "THANATOS" (May 5-June 31, Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall) as David Swain

Voice actor oral performance

  • "Voice Actor Oral Performance-Ateleco Live in Silent Movie-" (October 2006, 10, movie "A Dog's Life" Director / Starring: Charles Chaplin, Oral Performance: Koichi Yamadera)
  • "20th Tokyo International Film Festival Voice Actor Live with Yosuke Yamashita" (October 2007, 10, movie "Dog Life", oral performance: Koichi Yamadera)
  • "Voice actor oral performance in rice(September 2008, 9, Charles Chaplin "A Dog's Life", Oral: Koichi Yamadera)
  • "Voice actor oral performance live-Now, revive silent movie-" (October 2008, 10, movie "Dog Life", oral performance: Koichi Yamadera)
  • "Voice actor oral performance live" (August 2009-8, 15)
  • "Voice actor oral performance live in rice 2009(September 2009, 9, "The Adventurer of Chaplin", Oral: Koichi Yamadera)
  • "Voice actor oral performance with Yosuke Yamashita" (October 2009, 10, Chaplin "A Dog's Life", oral performance: Koichi Yamadera)
  • "Voice Actor Live in Shimonoseki" (July 2010, 7, Sea Hall (Large Hall), Chaplin "A Dog's Life", Oral: Koichi Yamadera)
  • "Voice actor oral performance live in rice 2010" (September 2010, 9, Chaplin "A Dog's Life", oral performance: Koichi Yamadera)
  • "Voice actor oral performance live in rice 2011" (September 2011, 9, Shinobazuike Mizukami Ongakudo, "Chaplin's Dog's Life", oral performance: Koichi Yamadera)
  • "Voice Actor Live in Yamamoto" (June 2012, 6, Large Hall on the 10nd floor of Central Public Hall, Chaplin's Dog's Life, Oral: Koichi Yamadera)
  • "Voice actor oral performance live in rice 2012" (September 2012, 9, Ueno Park Amphitheater, Tokyo, Shinobazuike Mizukami Ongakudo, Chaplin's morning, oral performance: Koichi Yamadera, Seaf Catcher <guest>)
  • "Voice Actor Live in Akashi" (November 2012, 11, Akashi Civic Community Hall, Hyogo Prefecture, Chaplin's Dog's Life, Oral: Koichi Yamadera)
  • "Voice actor oral performance live in Shin Kabukiza" (December 2012, 12, Shin Kabukiza, Osaka City)
  • "Chaplin the World Voice Actor Oral Performance SPECIAL ~ Voice of Chaplin ~" (March 2013-3, 29, Akasaka ACT Theater <Guest appearance on 30th>)
  • "Voice actor oral performance live in Miyagi 2013" (June 2013, 6, Tagajo Civic Center Small Hall & Shiogama City Yu Hall, Chaplin's Dog's Life, Oral Performance: Koichi Yamadera)
  • "Voice actor oral performance live in rice 2013" (September 2013, 9, Tokyo Ueno Park Amphitheater Outdoor Stage Shinobazu Pond Mizukami Ongakudo)
  • "Voice actor oral performance live in Shin Kabukiza" (December 2013, 11, Shin Kabukiza, Osaka City)

puppet show

Other contents



Release datetitleStandard product number
1990/8/22GLORY DAYSTYTY-5131
1991/12/21My Dear GirlPODH-1063


Release datetitleStandard product number
1998/11/26CUBE / 9 CUBE / XNUMXMLCN-3006

Tie-up song

My Dear GirlOVA"DETONATOR Organ"Image Song

Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
1986/11/21Bosco Adventure Music EditionFloak (Shigeru Nakahara), Tatti (Hiroya Ishimaru), Otter (Koichi Yamadera), Princess Apricot (Yuko Minaguchi)"Bosco Adventure"Television Animation"Bosco Adventure"Insert song
1990/11/21Ranma-like planning sound board II Ranma 1/2 song calendar (3 edition)Ryoga Hibiki (Koichi Yamadera)"Dear Sir Akane"Television Animation"Ranma 1 / 2] Related songs
Ranma Opera Company"Characters Christmas"
1991/12/4Ranma 1/2 Fighting Song KarutaRyoga Hibiki (Koichi Yamadera)"[U] present"
"[Ni] Where on earth is this!"
Curse Town Guide"[Shi] Kasenkyo Yoitoko"
Ryoga & Guide"[Chi] Letter from China"
Ranma Opera Company"[N] Ranma Da ☆ Ranma '92"
1992/10/21Ranma 1/2 Enthusiastic Song Battle"Ranma da ☆ RANMA (curtain call version)"
1993/7/21Tengai Makyo Fengyun Kabukiden Original SoundtrackFull moon Ungie (Koichi Yamadera)"Full moon Ungie"game"Tengai Makai Fengyun Kabuki] Song in the play
1994/1/26Between the sky and the earth / the wolf never dreamsInuyama Dosetsu (Koichi Yamadera)"Wolves don't dream"OVATHE Hakkenden ~ New Chapter ~] Related songs
1994/2/23THE Hakkenden ~ New Chapter ~ Music Edition Vol.1THE Hachidogushi (Toshihiko Seki, Kappei Yamaguchi, Noriko Hidaka, Akio Otsuka, Tomohiro Nishimura,Koichi Yamadera, Tetsuaki Genda, Minami Takayama)"Departure of hesitation"OVA "THE Hakkenden ~ New Chapter ~" Opening Theme
1994/6/22Genie Heroes Wataru 3 Vocal Collection 2Kurama Wataribe (Koichi Yamadera)"blue Moon"Radio Drama"Genie Hero Den Wataru 3] Related songs
1994/10/21Explosion CAMPUS Guardless Thorough Strategy Official Guide CD4Jiryu Senpai (Koichi Yamadera)"Jiryu Suite" My Homeland ""OVAExplosive Campus Guardless] Related songs
1995/4/26"THE Hakkenden-New Chapter-Best Album"Inuyama Dosetsu (Koichi Yamadera)"Tada: The wolf doesn't dream"OVA "THE Hakkenden ~ New Chapter ~" related songs
1995/11/1"Go for it!Anpanman Best Hit '96Kamameshidon (Koichi Yamadera)"Mountain-raised Kamameshidon"Television Animation"Go! Anpanman"Insert song
Anpanman (Keiko Toda), Baikinman (Ryusei Nakao), Uncle Jam (Hiroshi Masuoka), Batako-san (Rei Sakuma), Cheese (Meken Cheese)Koichi Yamadera), Dokin-chan (Hiromi Tsuru), Shokupanman (Sumi Shimamoto), Currybreadman (Michiyo Yanagisawa), Melonpanna (Mika Kanai), Tendonman (Chinatsu Sakamoto), Katsudonman (Yuji Mitsuya), Kamameshidon (Kamameshidon)Koichi Yamadera), Horrorman (Kaneta with elbow)"Recommendation! Anpanman"
1996/5/1Ruin Explorers Fam & Erie Song CollectionMiguel (Koichi Yamadera)"A man who fought a thousand people"OVARuin Explorers Fam & Erie] Related songs
1997/5/25Beast documentShizuma Murakami (Koichi Yamadera)"And the adventure has begun."Drama CD "Beast document"Opening theme
1999/12/29JANE UNOFFICIAL MISSION 2Rashid C. Jacques (Koichi Yamadera)"Amazing Grace (Space Mix)"Manga"JANE] Related songs
2000/3/18Tomorrow ...Donkey (Koichi Yamadera) & Diddy (Megumi Hayashibara)"When tomorrow comes ..."Television Animation"Donkey Kong"Opening theme
"Banana heaven"TV anime "Donkey Kong Country" ending theme
2002/7/24Let's meet again hereGLAY(Line: Dr.MOOG (Koichi Yamadera),Hikari Midorikawa,Hiromi Nishida)"GIANT STRONG FAUST SUPER STAR"
2004/2/25Go for it!Anpanman Daizenshu Motto Motto Anpanman Songs 2Tendonman (Chika Sakamoto), Katsudonman (Yuji Mitsuya), Kamameshidon (Kamameshidon)Koichi Yamadera)"Donburiman Trio Ukiuki Uta"Insert song for TV anime "Soreike! Anpanman"
Tanuki Oni (Koichi Yamadera)"Tantanukioni"
2004/3/24HustleKaiketsu Zorori (Koichi Yamadera)"Hustle"Television Animation"Kaiketsu Zorori"Opening theme
2005/4/22AjapaKaiketsu Zorori (Koichi Yamadera), Ishishi (Rikako Aikawa), Noshishi (Kumai Motoko)"Ajapa"Television Animation"Seriously Fumame Kaiketsu Zorori"Opening theme
2006/5/26Zekkocho!Zorori (Koichi Yamadera)"Zekkocho!"
August, 2006CD Book Kaiketsu Zorori Dream Hustle Kayo Show
2008/6/25Dorombo Densetsu '08Delonbo (Noriko Ohara-Yanami child-Kazuya Tatebe), Nageki pig (Koichi Yamadera)"Dorombo no Nageki Uta '08"Television Animation"Yatterman] Related songs
2009/10/28Sokura's Melancholy-Theme song for the anime "Senatrek's Shield"Tekumakujunction (Serence: Hull <Koichi Yamadera〉)"Melancholy of Sokura"
"Eternal shelter"

Other participating songs

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
1988/9/4Sonic Soldier BORGMAN II / SONIC SOLDIER BORGMANKoichi Yamadera"Borg Get On"Television Animation"Supersonic warrior borgman] Related songs
1989/11/15Tokiiro Monster 3 ~ Monster Revival ~Wayu Suzumiya,Koichi Yamadera"SECRET CITY"OVATokiiro Monster] Theme song
1989Tokiiro Monster 4 ~ Final Chapter ~ Ryuo Sorai Hen ~"Blue saint"
1989/1/11Sonic Soldier Borgman III THE LAST GIG OF THE WORLDKoichi Yamadera"BATTLE FLOWER"TV anime "Sonic Soldier Borgman" related songs
1990/1/25Gosenzo-sama!original sound trackKoichi Yamadera,Machiko Washio"The credit bureau does not believe in love"OVAYour ancestors are live!"Insert song
1990/2/5"Tenku Senki Shrat Mandara / Hana-To those in a distant country-"Mizutani Yuko,Megumi Hayashibara,Kazuhiko Inoue,Shimamoto Sumi,Seki Toshihiko,Koichi Yamadera,Horiuchi Keno,Takeyasu Koyasu"To a world with light"Television Animation"Sky Battle Record Shurat] Related songs
Koichi Yamadera, Kenyu Horiuchi"Friendship of lightning bolts"
1990/7/1Message Voice Actor Collection Vol.1Kento Shiozawa,Mayumi Tanaka,Ryo Horikawa,Kappei Yamaguchi,Koichi Yamadera, GALLOP"Summer Paradise"
Koichi Yamadera"Summer vacation library"
1990/9/5"Sonic Soldier Borgman A Midsummer Night's Dream""Cinderella My Girl"TV anime "Sonic Soldier Borgman" related songs
1990/11/21EVERYBODY'S CHRISTMAS"December illusion"
Futureland Sparkling Artists[260]"EVERYBODY'S CHRISTMAS"
Mashin Hero Wataru 2 Super Fierce Fighting Edition Music 1Koichi Yamadera"Wild wings"Television Animation"Genie Hero Den Wataru 2] Related songs
1990/12/5Tenku Senki Shrat Hachibeshu THE WORLD"Truth"Songs related to the TV anime "Tenku Senki Shrat"
1990/12/21Kyatto Ninden Teyane Nekoza Chiakiraku Performance"BLACK FIGHT"Television Animation"Don't tell the Ka-to Shinobi] Related songs
1991/2/25Fashionable (secret) command Let's go voice actor masterpiece strategy"BROKEN TIME-BROKEN HEART"
1991/3/27"Sonic Soldier Borgman / REALLY THE LAST GIG OF THE WORLD""Traps In The Night"
"Oath to tomorrow"
"Cove only for two people"
TV anime "Sonic Soldier Borgman" related songs
Matsunori Yasunori,Yoshino Takamori, Koichi Yamadera,Matsui Sakurako"Monument of youth"
1991/7/21Man of Many Faces !! No other musical is as nice as loveKoichi Yamadera"I have to put it into words"Drama CD "Please give me 20 faces !!] Related songs
1991/11/27Absolute carnival tonight !!Orchestral Parala Paradise"Paradise as you like"Television Animation"Tomorrow free kick] Related songs
Koichi Yamadera"You don't know my feeling ~ Another Wedding night"
1992/5/21Another Marionette original album"COOL DOWN"
"Standing Ovation"
Drama CD "Another Marionette] Related songs
Koichi Yamadera, Kaori Suzuki"Selected myth"
1992/9/25Red LegendKoichi Yamadera"Tragedy of Fengyun-Theme of Kazeo Hayate"Manga "Red Legend" image song
1993/9/21Radio Magazine 1 Koichi Yamadera & Mika KanaiKoichi Yamadera & Mika Kanai"LOVE IS EVERYTHING"
1993/9/21Tensho Rinkai Reincarnation Hen 1 "Reunion"Koichi Yamadera"If We Are ~ Door of Destiny ~"CD comic "Tensho Rin" opening theme
1993/12/17Aladdin Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Japanese Version"Friend Like Me (I'm my best friend)"
"Prince Ali's Street"
Anime movieAladdin"Insert song
1994/8/25Phantom Quest Music EditionRica Matsumoto,Koichi Yamadera"Cum of happiness"OVAGhost monster] Related songs
1994/11/30Black tulip love slave preview!Masami Kikuchi,Koichi Yamadera"Hachioji decisive battle!"Drama CD "Black tulip love slave preview!] Related songs
Koichi Yamadera"With love from eight volumes"
1995/3/1Happiness comes in this way"SNOW"
Drama CD "Happiness comes in this shape" related songs
1995/11/17Tokyo Disneyland FEEL THE MAGIC"Alone banquet"
1995/12/21Tokyo Denki KIRAKIRA Chorus THE HEROS"Red scarf"
1998/3/21Java Java Morning / OHA OHA StarterYama-chan & Raymond"Java Java Morning"
"Java Java Morning Chameleon Version"
Entertainment shows"Good morning"Ending theme
"OHA OHA Starter"Variety show "Oha Suta" opening theme
1998/6/24I am YouEARTH MUSIC MAGIC 97 (Koichi Yamadera, Mika Kanai, Kuroyume and 57 others)"I am You"
1998Oha Suta Jimnastic Miracle MorningYama-chan"Miracle Morning"Variety show "Oha Suta" related songs
1998/12/2Good Morning!Santa ClausYama-chan& Raymond with Oha Girl BANANA"Good Morning! Santa Claus"
1999/6/7Multiplication table complete memorization CD This is all right for Tensai Bakabon's multiplication table!Koichi Yamadera"Tensai Bakabon's multiplication table is fine!"
1999/7/28Who will be in 2000? EARTH MUSIC MAGIC 99"The world of CUBE"
1999/9/24Saiyuki CD Drama Collection 2"Wine Red no Kokoro"Drama CD "Most memorable] Related songs
1999/10/6PoisonousRiko Aikawa(Serif:Mayumi Iizuka,Mitsuo Iwata,Kana Mika,Yuko Miyamura,MUGUME,Koichi Yamadera)"Savior"
2000/2/2Instead of goodbyeOhagumi"Instead of goodbye"Variety show "Oha Suta" related songs
2000/3/16Oha Suta Best 2Yama-chanwith Jimnas Hikaru"HAPPY GO LUCKY"
2000/8/9Beauty and the Beast OST Japanese versionEri Ito,Koichi Yamadera"Something There"Anime moviebeauty and the Beast] Song in the play
2000/8/23Little Mermaid 2 RETURN TO THE SEA & MOREMayumi Suzuki, Kazuhiko Inoue, Joji Yanami,Koichi Yamadera"To the nostalgic sea"OVAThe Little Mermaid II Return to The Sea"Insert song
Koichi Yamadera, Megumi Yasuda, Mayumi Suzuki"Land and sea-finale"
2000/10/1820th Century's Best-Tokyo DisneylandKoichi Yamadera"Aladdin's Great Adventure"Tokyo DisneylandRelated songs
2000/12/16Millennium Series Time Capsule Vol.10 ~ Eternal Songs ~"I miss you'
"Old diary'
"Songs of Angels"
2001/7/11"Tokyo Disneyland Music Album 2001""Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin"
"Mickey's answering machine"
"Minnie's answering machine"
Tokyo Disneyland related songs
2002/1/1Beauty and the Beast OST Japanese version (special edition)"I want to return to humans"
2002/6/21COWBOY BEBOP CDBOX is a surprise single"Wandering Cowboy <Cowboy Bipup Theme>"Television Animation"Cowboy bebop] Related songs
2004/1/28Tokyo Disneyland 20th Anniversary Best Album
2006/1/25Kingdom Hearts II OST"Swim This Way"
"Under The Sea"
"A New Day is Dawning"
game"Kingdom Hearts II"Insert song
2009/11/61: 25 PMSakamoto Satoru(Guest vocal:Koichi Yamadera)"If you compare it to one day"
"I don't care (Ver.2)"
2010/3/32010 Undokai (5) Flame Taiko ~ The Festival ~Koichi Yamadera(Tsugaru Shamisen: Hiroshi Yamaguchi, E. Guitar: Hiroshi Kobori)"Flame Taiko ~ The Festival ~'
2011Reconstruction support song Let's build a rainbowBikkis (Muneyuki Sato,Moko Ogawa,Yusa Mimori,Kaori Kano,Koichi Yamadera, Hiroaki Higashino,Daizo Koshiba)"Let's build a rainbow"
2011/7/27Takashi Yanase + Taku Izumi I'm alive, so sing! 50th Anniversary CD with the palm of your hand in the sunKoichi Yamadera"A song that a dog sings when he sees his tail"
"Wandering Black Cat"
2012/2/22Disney Date Voice Prince"Circle of Life"
Disney Date Prince of Voice Standard Edition"Mickey Mouse March"
Disney Date Voice Prince Deluxe EditionHiroshi Kamiya,Kenichi Suzumura,Jun Fukuyama,Takahiro Sakurai,Tomokazu Sugita,Hikari Midorikawa,Tomoyuki Morikawa,Tomokazu Seki,Irino freedom,Koichi Yamadera"Disney Date Story"
2012/9/19Disney Voice Prince Chapter 2 ~ Love Stories ~Koichi Yamadera"Great Spirit"
"Rapunzel on the Tower-Reading-"
Disney Voice Prince Chapter 2 ~ Love Stories ~ Standard EditionAkira Ishida, Hiroshi Kamiya,Hiro Shimono, Tomokazu Seki, Takahiro Sakurai, Hikaru Midorikawa,Ryutaro Okiayu,Nobuhiko Okamoto,Koichi Yamadera"small world"
2013/3/27Disney Voice Prince-Tokyo Disney Resort 30th Anniversary EditionKoichi Yamadera"Cinderella-Reading-"
2014/4/23Disney Voice Dream DuetKoichi Yamadera&Rie Tanaka"The second star from the right"
2016/10/5Hana wa Saku ~ Anime Star Version ~Koichi Yamadera&Mizuki Nana"Hana wa Saku ~ Anime Star Version ~"
Koichi Yamadera
2019/5/22Neverland / Voice Actor x Masao UrinoKoichi Yamadera"Tokyo PARADISE"
Koichi Yamadera,Uchida Aya"Men and women are at XNUMX:XNUMX"
2020/9/23Let's make tomorrowOha Suta ALLSTARS[Member 1]"Let's make tomorrow"Variety show "Oha Suta" related songs
Natsuki Hanae,Ike Nwala,Kimura Subaru,Yuuki Iwai,Youka Ogawa,Toai Harada,Koichi Yamadera
Natsuki Hanae, Ike Nwala,Ryogo Matsumaru,Masuo,Kudo Masuda,Kira Yamaguchi,Koichi Yamadera
Natsuki Hanae, Ike Nwala,Miki,Chocolate planet,Sakura Inoue,Misaki Tsuruya,Koichi Yamadera
Natsuki Hanae, Ike Nwala,Kaminari,You exposed,Naoto Ikeda,Yuzuha Oda,Ran Ishii,Koichi Yamadera
Natsuki Hanae, Ike Nwala,Yamamoto Hi,Sunshine Ikezaki,Hyakuka Sumitani,Mi Nagisa Hishida,Koichi Yamadera

Live event

  • BORGMAN LIVE (April 1989, 4, TAKE OFF 2)
  • Absolute carnival tonight !! Free kick tomorrow (December 1991, 12, Hibiya Public Hall, Tokyo)
  • Banana Fritters LIVE'92 ~I can't stand it with Platonic~
  • Mashin Hero Wataru W Resurrection Festival 60 minutes around the world (August 1993, 8, Shinjuku Bunka Center)
  • LIVE A COMBINATION (September 1994-9, 17, Theater V Akasaka) (guest appearance)
  • LIVE A COMBINATION Vol.5 (December 1999-12, 22 in space 25) (guest appearance)
  • Koichi Yamadera Mini Concert (August 1999, 8 in Yomiuri Land Poolside)
  • Tokyo Actor's Life Cooperative 45th Anniversary Event "Party Live!" (February 2006)
  • 80's ~ 90's Talk Live "R33 ~ Anime ~" (January 2012, 1, Shinjuku Naked Loft, Guest)
  • SHOW25 (voice appearance) with Kazuki Kosakai's recommendation
  • SHOW26 ~ Prison Brothers ~ (guest on the 4th)
    • September 2011-9, 2, The Globe Tokyo
  • 19th Children's International Film Festival Kinder Film Festival (August 2011, 8, Opening Special Program)
  • Dolly & Tanny Live Act III (guest on the 18th)
    • October 2011-10, 18, Shinjuku SOMEDAY
  • Mimori Yusa Live Cafe mimo Vol.12 (April 2012, 4, Tokyo Sogetsu Hall, Guest)
Charity live
  • READING FOR THE TIES 2008 Charity Event (June 2008, 6, JCB Hall, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)
  • "Miyagi Bikkiki no KaiRelated performances
    • Dream Chain 2006 ~ Dreams for Children ~ (December 2006, 12, Miyagi Prefectural Civic Center)
    • Dream Chain 2008 ~ Dreams for Children ~ supported by MJQ WEDDING (January 2008, 1, Ishinomaki City Baseball Hall)
    • Iwate / Miyagi Nairiku Earthquake Emergency Assistance Live "Do your best! Hanayama / Kurikoma" (August 2008, 8, Zepp Sendai)
    • Charity Concert Dream Chain 2009 ~ Dream for Children ~ ~ supported by MJQ WEDDING (February 2009, 2, Sendai Sunplaza Hall)
    • Charity Concert Dream Chain 2010-Dreams for Children- (February 2010, 2, Sendai Sunplaza Hall)
    • Charity Concert Dream Chain 2011 ~ Dreams for Children ~ (March 2011, 3, Sendai Sunplaza Hall) *Great East Japan EarthquakePostponed once due to the influence of. Held as a postponed performance "Dream Chain Vol.2012" at the same venue on February 2, 25.
    • Miyagi Bikki no Kai Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Assistance Live (June 2011, 6, Shibuya, Tokyo, CC Lemon Hall)
    • Charity Concert Dream Chain Vol.6 (February 2012, 2, Sendai Sunplaza Hall)
  • LIVE SDD 2011(February 2011, 2, Osaka Castle Hall)
  • LIVE SDD 2012 (February 2012, 2, Storyteller)
  • The 1st Great East Japan Earthquake Charity Live (April 2011, 4, Miyagi Bikkiki no Kai)
  • Yapeshi Otsuchi Revival Festival in Iwate (June 2011, 6, Otsuchi Municipal Otsuchi Junior High School)
  • Stricken area encouragement live in Miyagi (June 2011, 6, Fresco Kikuchi Watari store parking lot)
  • Stricken area encouragement live in Fukushima (June 2011, 6, Fresco Kikuchi Higashiharacho store parking lot)
  • Reconstruction Live Reconstruction! National "Salt" Summit in Miyagi Shiogama (September 2011, 9, Esp Hall & Esp Aerial Garden, Koichi Yamadera, Daizo Koshiba)
  • Let's go back to Odaka for the reconstruction of Odaka Ward! (November 2011, 11, Sakura Hall Parking Lot Natsuyo Ishinoda, Satoru Sakamoto, Koichi Yamadera, etc.)
  • The 9th Great East Japan Earthquake Charity Live (December 2011, 12, Roppongi, Miyagi Bikkiki no Kai)
  • Miyagi Prefectural Police Music Corps Reconstruction Support Concert (February 2012, 2, Shichigahama Kokusaimura Hall, Moderator)
  • Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Assistance / Kiyase Bussan Exhibition (March 2012, 3)
  • East Japan reconstruction support event believe nippon Sakura, the sea, and ramen (April 2012, 4, Kasai Sea Life Park, Miyagi Biki no Kai)
  • Takahata Winery 2012 Spring Festa 2nd Charity Concert (May 2012-5, 3, Koichi Yamadera & Daizo Koshiba & Takafumi Shikaoka)
  • Yamadera Prayer Art Festival Sound Festival Eve (August 2011, 8-September 20, Omoshiroyama-Kogen Special Stage, September 9, Guest, Koichi Yamadera, Daizo Koshiba, etc.)




  • Tokyo Disney Resort Dream Force Smile II << Digest Version >> Special Event Edition Show & Parade Edition (Blu-ray / DVD, released on February 2015, 2) (Voice of Donald Duck, Voice of Roger Rabbit)
  • CHATTA cookie (voice: Koichi Yamadera)
  • CHATTA Candy (Voice: Koichi Yamadera)
  • Tokyo City Meruhen Series
    • Tokyo City Meruhen 2 (VHS September 1990, 9)
    • Tokyo City Meruhen 3 Champ / SHOUT (VHS December 1990, 12)
    • Tokyo City Meruhen 3 Champ / FLASH (VHS January 1991, 1)
  • Sparkling & Heartful Present ~ EVERYBODY'S CHRISTMAS ~ (VHS December 1990, 12)
  • Absolute Carnival tonight ~ "Free kick" tomorrow (VHS March 1992, 3)
  • Genie Heroes Wataru 3 Memorial Live See You Again (VHS June 1992, 6 Victor Entertainment)
  • Mashin Hero Wataru W Easter 60 Minutes Around the World (VHS December 1993, 12 Bop)
  • Voice Actor 30 Vol.1 (VHS December 1994, 12)
  • Voice Actor SUPER Vol.2 (VHS August 1995, 8)
  • Voice Actor POWER Special
  • Voice actor voice magazine series
    • It's say you !! LD version Vol.2 "Sleeping Beauty Sisters" (LD March 1996, 3)
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