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🐈 | Fresh water anytime ... Creating a drinking fountain with 100-yen shop goods [Cat DIY]

Photo Cat DIY: Improvement of drinking fountain environment

Fresh water anytime ... Creating a drinking fountain with 100-yen shop goods [Cat DIY]

If you write the contents roughly
If possible, I would like to fix the bottom surface with a tie wrap on a board or panel to stabilize it.

I'll change the water to fresh one every day.It's the basis of cat keeping.At my home, we have one drinking fountain on the first floor and one on the second floor ... → Continue reading


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Binding machine

Binding machineA machine that binds luggage and other items together. Also called a packing machine. This section also deals with products that are bundled with a single string without using a machine.

Unity string

computerIn electronic devicescableUsed for binding and binding magazinescable tieIs the general term for. this isUnity band(Also refers to other products),Nylon tie(NylonProduct) orTie wrap(Rice-Thomas and betsCompany[Note 1]trademark),Insulok(British-Heraman TytonCompany[Note 2]商標[1]),SG cable tie(SG Industry[2]Also called hose tie, zip tie, etc. The fixed length product for manual work (Photo 1) has a locking component on one end of the band, which is tied through the opposite end. Since the band has a tooth-like pattern, the part that once passed through the locking component does not return to the reverse and does not loosen. After binding the remaining partNippersDisconnect with. In addition, since the lock part and the band part can be connected to each other if they are products of the same type due to the structure, theoretically there is no limit length if a plurality of products can be used.

Utilizing the property that it does not return to the opposite when bound, as described laterRestraintSometimes used as.

Also in similar applicationsVinitai[Note 3]Is also used.

polypropyleneMade bandPP band(PP is an abbreviation for polypropylene), the one with a mesh pattern on the surface段 ボ ー ルIt is often used for packing boxes. For manual work, fix with plastic fixing parts.

String for automatic binding machine with glossy surface (PE/PP binding machine string)Floren TheCI formation OfRegistered trademark.

Bundling cord for each use

Physical/chemical properties

Resistancewearsex,Oil resistanceResistantorganicsex,Weatherability(Mainly resistantUVCharacteristic),Heat-resistant, Low temperature resistance,Flame retardantResistanceMedicinesex,antistaticCharacteristics, resistanceradiationSex,physicalTargetChemicalThere are various types with unique characteristics. Multiple products in one productResistanceOften equipped with.

Ties for classification

There are also binding cords that have been designed so that they can be used to identify the bundled wires, etc., because they are labeled in several colors and have a label on which letters can be written.


For cable ties

Manual tying machines for cable ties include a type in which a free length cable tie is fastened with individual lock parts and then cut, and a type in which a fixed length cable tie (Photo 1) is temporarily fastened to the binding target by hand and then tightened. There are two types that only cut. As the former, the "shimeshime series" ofSanwa SupplyThe "cable tying machine CABD1" is typical, and the latter is from Heraman Tyton.Thaimate"series,PanduitThe "GS2B" and the like are typical (some products of the Shimemeshi series are for manual work and some of the Taimate products are pneumatic).

In the Shime Shime series,Shime Shime 33(Band width 3.3 mm, no tightening lever),Shime Shime 45(Band width 4.5 mm, no additional tightening lever, standard product),Shimeshime 45-II(Band width 4.5 mm, with additional tightening lever),Shimeshime 60-II(Band width 6 mm, with additional tightening lever),Shime Shime 60(Band width 6 mm, manual binding type without binding machine),Shime Shime 80(Band width 8mm, manual binding type without binding machine), Squeeze Pro (manual binding type without binding machine), etc.

Handy products for automatic tying machines for cable ties include Heraman Tyton's AT2000 and AT2060, and Nasden's "Crook "ET-5100" is a typical example.Since these are restrictions on the size of the head portion, the target is mainly electric wires and the like, and it is impossible to bind magazines.

A cable tie for a free-length type manual binding machine has a band and a lock component separately, and since only the length used for binding can be taken out and bound, the band is less wasted. The cable ties for the fixed-length type manual binding machine and the above-mentioned automatic binding machine are cut to a prescribed length in advance, so that a surplus will occur.

For various bands

Handheld for packing cardboard boxes, etc.PP bandAutomatic packing machine (Automatic binding machine) Is used, and most of the functional parts such as band welding and band cutting are electric products, but for tightening the band, there are products that move the lever manually, and products that tighten electric or air. In addition, the electric type has a cord typebatteryThere is a formula. The band joining when using a packing machine is mainly heat welding or vibration welding.

The photo on the right is of a stationary type.Semi-automatic packing machineorAutomatic packing machineIt seems that the product is classified as.

Some also use PE bands and iron bands.

Agriculture:For use,VegetablesFor bundling and shippingVegetable binding machineExists.

concreteDuring constructionRebarAs a unity at the intersection ofRebar binding machineThere is. this iswireTo use.Blunt iron wireBind the rebar athackerIt is sometimes used in place of a device called (kukuri/hand hacker).


handcuffslikeRestraintIt is also used as a substitute for. Foreign soldiers and police officers may hang multiple cable ties around the belt. It's cheaper and lighter than a metal one and can carry manyRiotThis is because it is convenient for detaining multiple people in cases such as a terrorist's trapping incident. It can also be used for other applications such as temporary fixing of a brace. To release the restraint, cut with a knife. In the United States, the items used by police officers have personal numbers to clarify their liability.


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注 釈

  1. ^ 瑞-ABBUnder the umbrella of the company.
  2. ^ RiceAptivUnder the umbrella of the company.
  3. ^ VINY-TIESIs a registered trademark of Kyowa Co., Ltd. Thin wire is sandwiched between ribbon-shaped flat resin and sold in rolls, which can be used in any length and can be twisted and tied. VINY means "plant vine".


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