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😀 | Sho Kasamatsu starring in the movie Next year's "Ring Wandering" will be the role of a young man who is worried about becoming a cartoonist

Photograph Sho Kasamatsu (C) 2021 Ring Wandering Production Committee starring in the movie "Ring Wandering"

Sho Kasamatsu starring in the movie The role of a young man who aspires to be a cartoonist in "Ring Wandering" to be released next year

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In addition, actress Junko Abe (28) plays a daughter who lives in the downtown area of ​​the heroine who meets the main character.

It was revealed on the 28th that actor Sho Kasamatsu (2) will star in the movie "Ring Wandering" (released in February next year). ... → Continue reading

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Junko Abe

Junko Abe(Junko Abe,1993May 5 -) isJapan Ofactress,Fashion Model.. Same real name[1]..旧芸名はThe old stage name isAtsushi Yoshinaga(Yoshinaga Jun)[1].

OsakaI'm fromAmuseAffiliation[1].. Long time agoDiscovery EntertainmentBelonged to[2][3].


Scouted when I was in elementary schoolHankyu Department StoreDebuted as an advertising model for[4].

In junior high school, the fashion magazine "Hana * chu →]'S model[5],Fuji Television Network, IncSeries animeLion KingImage character[6]Served.

2010,movies"Real tag 2』In the auditionKazushige ShibataExpected to be a director, selected as a heroine, appeared in the same work under the stage name of Jun Yoshinaga[7].

2012,Nippon TVDrama seriesIdeal son』, Played the role of a high school girl who boarded a boys' school as one of the main casts, and attracted attention such as the number of access to the official blog reached 22 after its first appearance[8].

2014,Second window"(directed by:Naomi Kawase), The 4th Sakhalin International Film Festival Leading Actress Award, 29thTakasaki Film FestivalReceived the Best New Actress Award.With this award, I decided to study abroad in the United States because I felt lack of power, quit my office and stopped performing arts activities, and went to the United States for one year from August 2014.[1].New York UniversityI met the staff of Amuse while studying in the drama department, and when I returned to Japan in 2015, I resumed performing arts activities and returned my stage name to Junko Abe.[1]..After returning to Japan, NHKContinuous tv novel"And my sisterWas auditioned and was selected as a regular cast by the role of Aya Nakata, a friend of the heroine.[1][9].




TV drama


  • FM Radio Drama Retake Sixteen (August 2013, 8-September 26, 9,NHK-FM) --Starring Saori Komine

Delivery drama




  • Suntory
    • CC lemon Vitamin C Tors-Sister
    • Suntory Group CM "Let's walk upward", "Look up at the stars at night" (April 2011)
  • Haruyama Shoji Men's clothing Haruyama "Freshers" Mother's Thoughts "Daughter" (February 2013) --Daughter role
  • Starbucks "Human Observation"
  • Odakyu Electric Railway One day in the world and "one detour" (August 1, 2017-)[42]
  • ABC-MART ASICS / ASICS GEL-PROMESA (January 2018, 1-)
  • Daily Yamazaki(November 2018)
    • "Spring Bread Festival"
    • "Hand-rolled rice balls with plenty of ingredients"
  • CCI"Chemistry is for the world and for people" (2020)[43]





  • 4th Sakhalin International Film Festival Leading Actress Award ("Still the Water")
  • 29 timesTakasaki Film Festival Best New Actress Award ("Second Window")


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