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🚁 | SONY domestic drone "Airpeak S1" has the highest degree of attention at the venue! Note that the "α" series can be installed ...


Sony's domestic drone "Airpeak S1" has the highest degree of attention at the venue! Note that the "α" series can be installed ...

If you write the contents roughly
Of course, the mobile app for flight is also made by SONY, and you can centrally control the "α" series and make simple settings.

Japan Drone 2021 has finally begun.The highlight of this time was the "Ai ..." that SONY introduced with full satisfaction. → Continue reading


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Mobile application

Mobile application(English: Mobile application) IsSmartphone,Tablet computer, OtherMobile terminalDesigned and manufactured to work withApplication software(Computer programone of).

"Mobile app""Smartphone appOr simply "AppsIs often abbreviated.


2008Has appeared fromApp Store,Google Play,(English edition,BlackBerry App WorldBasically likeMobile operating systemApplication distribution operated by the manufacturerplatformIt is common to use through.

PaySome are delivered atFreeDelivered by (depending on the softwareBillingSome applications are (some do).Generally from the platformiPhone,BlackBerry,AndroidTerminal,Windows PhoneDownload to the target terminal, butLaptop(laptop) AndDesktop computerThere are also applications that can be downloaded.

Generally, about 30% of the application price is the distributor (in the name of "commission" etc.iTunesEtc.), and the rest is distributed to the application author[1]..Depending on the average number of smartphone users, the price of the same application may differ on devices such as iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry 10.

"App" (up) Is the term "Application software(WhatsappIt is an abbreviation of "lication software)", and it is a well-established word that is often used.(English edition The2010To this termWord of the Year(Word of the Year, This year's words)[2].. In 2009, a technical columnist(English editionNames newer smartphones "app phones" to distinguish them from early, unsophisticated smartphones.[3].

Early mobile applications電子 メ ー ル,カレンダー,Contact,Stock priceinformation,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIn generalProductivityAnd applications for information retrieval were provided, but due to the expansion of user demand and the development of development tool functions,desktopOther categories of applications provided in application software packages for applications are now available.With the increasing number and types of applications, a wide range of reviews and recommendations,Blog,magazine, Dedicated online application information serviceCurationSources have emerged and application exploration has evolved. In 2014, government regulators began attempts to regulate and curate applications, especially medical applications.[4].

The use of mobile applications continues to evolve and continues to grow among mobile phone users.[5].. April 2012,Com scoreIn the last quarter, 51.1% and 49.8% of mobile users used the application and viewed it in a browser, respectively, according to a study by[6]..Researchers also found that mobile application usage is strongly related to the environment and dependence of users' location and time.[7].

Market research companyGartnerAccording to the company, the number of application downloads in 2013 was 102 billion (91% of which are free applications), and sales also increased 2012% from $ 18 billion in 44 to $ 26 billion.[8]..In addition, some analysts have announced that the growth of the application market has led to application sales in the European Union exceeding € 10 billion, creating 28 jobs in 529,000 European Union countries.[9].

development of

When developing a mobile terminal compatible application, it is necessary to consider the restrictions and characteristics of the compatible terminals.A battery is essential for the operation of mobile terminals, and it is installed.ProcessorIs less powerful than the one for desktop computers, but it has position detection and camera functions.Developers also have to make trial and error in a fiercely competitive environment between screen size, hardware specifications, and mobile software, and have to change specifications for each platform.

In addition, specialized in mobile application developmentIntegrated development environmentMust be used.The first test isemulatorPerform in a development environment using, and then perform a field test.Emulators are an inexpensive way to test your application on your mobile phone and don't require developer physical access[10].

Mobile as part of the development processUser interface(UI) design is also very important for the production of mobile applications.The mobile UI must consider constraints, environment, screen, input, and mobility as an overview of the design.Users are often the key to interacting with the device, and the interface involves both software and hardware components.The user is typing to operate the system, and the display on the terminal allows the system to point to the user's operation results.The mobile UI is limited by limited attention and form factors, such as the screen size of the mobile device that fits the user's hand.The mobile UI context also signals cues from user activities such as location and scheduling that users can see from interactions within the mobile application.Overall, the goal of the mobile UI is primarily a straightforward and user-friendly interface.

Mobile UIs and frontends rely on mobile backends to support access to enterprise systems, which facilitates data routing, security, authentication, authorization, offline work, and service orchestration. There is.This featureMobile application server, (MBaaS),SOAIncluding infrastructureMiddlewareIt corresponds by mixing components.

配 信

Application storeThe two biggest players are Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS.

Google Play

Google Play (formerly known as Android Market) is a worldwide online software store that supports Android devices and is handled by Google. Started in October 2008[11].

App Store

ApplebyiOS対応のApp Storeは2008年7月10日にスタート、2011年1月時点でダウンロード数が10億を突破した。同年6月6日時点で425,000本のアプリケーション数があり、約2億人のiOSユーザーがダウンロードした[12][13]..2012 by AppleWorldwide Developers ConferenceTim Cook said that not only were 650,000 applications available for download on the App Store, but surprisingly 30 billion applications had been downloaded by this date.[14].

Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore is one of the application stores compatible with the Android operating system and opened in March 1 with 2011 applications.[15].. The Android application on the Amazon Appstore is also compatible with Blackberry 10 devices.

BlackBerry World

What is BlackBerry WorldBlackBerry 10BlackBerry OSに対応したアプリケーションストアで、2009年4月にBlackBerry App Worldとしてスタート、2011年2月時点でアプリ1本あたりの最大売上はアップルの6,480.00ドル、Android市場における1,200ドルよりも多い9,166.67ドルである。2011年7月、1日のダウンロード数が300万、総数で1億ダウンロードとそれぞれ突破している[16].. As of May 2013, more than 5 applications are available, but BlackBerry 120,000 also supports Android applications.

Nokia Store

Nokiaのアプリケーションストアは2009年5月から全世界向けに開始された。2011年4月時点で、5万本配信されていて、8月時点で1日900万ダウンロードされていると発表した。2011年2月、Windows PhoneAnnounced that it will be supported as the main OS[17].. To rebrand the Ovi product line to the Nokia brand in May and October 2011[18]Announces Plans to Rename Ovi Store to Nokia Store[19].. The Nokia Store supports past products as a distribution platform, but in January 2014, new distribution and updates of applications compatible with the old Symbian and MeeGo have ended.[20].

Windows Phone Store

What is Windows Phone Store?MicrosoftStarted in October 2010 on a platform compatible with Windows Phone by, October 10 (2012-10 )NowOver 120,000 applications available[21].

Windows store

What is the Windows Store by MicrosoftWindows 8/Windows 10RT WindowsIt is a platform that supports Windows 8 and also supports conventional desktop programs that have been certified as compatible with Windows XNUMX, but it mainly distributes applications compatible with tablets and other touch panel terminals, but it is still For desktop computers and laptopskeyboard,mouseBut applications that can be used are also distributed[22][23]).

Samsung Apps Store

SamsungAn application store compatible with handset-made terminals started in September 2009[24]As of October 2011, the number of downloads exceeded 10 million, and currently in 1,000 countries Windows Mobile, Android,BadaIt is delivered to the terminal of.

Corporate management

Mobile Application Management (MAM) is software and services for in-house developed and publicly available business mobile applications.ProvisioningAccess controlBy being in charge ofBYODWe are taking measures against.If an employee brings his or her device into the corporate environment, mobile application management is the transfer of necessary applications and control access to business data by the corporate IT technician and if the device is lost or the owner leaves the enterprise. When you leave the terminal, you can delete the business data stored locally on the terminal.

Comparison of application wrapping and native application management using mobile applications

Mobile applications, especially in BYOD environments, pose a significant security risk to businesses as unprotected confidential material can be leaked onto the Internet without the knowledge or awareness of the user.Reports of stolen corporate materials show how quickly information about companies and individuals falls into the wrong hands.Data theft is more than just a loss of sensitive information, exposing the company itself to attacks and intimidation.[25].

Professional mobile application management is involved in protecting corporate materials.Application wrapping is also a method of protecting corporate materials, but it also has drawbacks such as copyright infringement and loss of warranty rights.Functionality, productivity and user experience are particularly limited under application wrapping, and the policy of wrapped applications cannot be changed.Therefore, if necessary, it will have to be created from scratch again, which will incur additional costs.[26].

Alternatively, native applications without limiting the native user experienceEnterprise Mobility ManagementThere is also a way to provide it safely through, enabling more flexible IT management such as easy implementation of applications and adjustment of policies at any time.[27].


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Chlordiazepoxide(British: Chlordiazepoxide) Is the firstBenzodiazepinesIs a medicineAnxiolytic.1950 eraIn the middle of a Polish Jewish chemistLeo SternbachFound by1957Toスイス OfRocheReleased by.In Japan in March 1961Takeda PharmaceuticalFromControl[1],Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical(Current:Astellas PharmaFrom)Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euSold by[2]All of these are treated as generic drugs.

By continuous useDependence, Due to a sharp decrease in quantityWithdrawal symptomsMay occur[3].Convention on Psychotropic DrugsIt is specified in Schedule IV of.Narcotics and Psychotropic Drugs Control ActIt is a third-class psychotropic drug.


  • Anxiety / tension / depression in neurosis[4]
  • Anxiety / tension in depression[4]
  • Physical symptoms and anxiety / tension / depression in psychosomatic disorder (stomach / duodenal ulcer, hypertension)[4]


Long-acting benzodiazepines should not be used in the elderly[5].


Chlordiazepoxide has sedative, anxiolytic, anticonvulsant and muscle relaxant effects similar to common benzodiazepines.It also has an autonomic nerve stabilizing effect and an anti-stress effect.When 100 mg of a healthy adult is orally administered, the blood concentration reaches a maximum after about 4 hours and then gradually decreases.Among benzodiazepine anxiolytics, it is classified as a long-acting type.The mechanism of action is similar to that of many other benzodiazepines.GABAAReceptorBy acting on.


Patients with a history of hypersensitivity to benzodiazepines ,,Myasthenia gravisFor patientsTaboo.

alcohol,Monoamine oxidase inhibitor,Maprotiline hydrochloride,Dantrolene sodiumIt is necessary to be careful when using with.

Side effects

Commonly seenSide effectsIs drowsiness, light-headedness, dizziness, headache, malaise, etc.RarelyjaundiceOr abnormalities in blood, circulatory system, digestive system (nausea), skin, etc.Serious side effects include stimulant excitement, confusion, and respiratory depression.Concomitant use with alcohol (drinking) has adverse effects such as enhanced central nervous system depressant effect and amplified side effects, so concomitant use should be avoided.


In Japan, in March 2017, in the section of "serious side effects", by continuous useDependenceCareful administration, paying attention to the dose and duration of use, due to a rapid decrease in doseWithdrawal symptomsIt was added that the weight should be gradually reduced, and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare notified the relevant organizations to ensure that this was well known.[3].Paradoxical reactionRegarding[6], It is stated that confusion and excitement will occur[3].Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices AgencyHas requested that patients avoid long-term use indiscriminately considering the necessity, confirm dose compliance and duplication of similar drugs, and carefully and gradually reduce the dose of drugs.[7]..The survey results include summaries from five Japanese clinical practice guidelines and eight Japanese academic journals.[6].


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