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👩‍🎤 | Team Kurerekko! , Jubilee jubilee, Flood Lyrics, esports vs ...

Photo Team Kurerekko! , Jubilee jubilee, Flood Lyrics, esports showdown! <XNUMXst Idol eSports Championship-Regional Competition-> Participation

Team Kurerekko! , Jubilee jubilee, Flood Lyrics, esports vs ...

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In addition, fans can support the idol team through real and distribution (SHOWROOM, TwitCasting).

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TwitCasting(TwitCasting)Moi Co., Ltd.Operated by,iPhone,AndroidTerminal,PCIt is a service that allows you to easily perform live distribution from such sources.It is also distributed by celebrities and companies.


High-quality broadcasting is possibleUstreamOn the other hand, TwitCasting aims to be easy to deliver without being too particular about quality.The distribution method can be selected from live distribution or radio distribution (only audio is distributed and still images are displayed on the screen).Registration and login are required for delivery and comments.However, login is not required for viewing without posting comments.

Twitter,Facebook,InstagramYou can register in sync with your account.かつて日本語版ではOnce in the Japanese versionmixiI was able to register with my account, but new registration has already been completed and I can only log in.また、現在はツイキャス専用アカウントからもログインする事も可能You can also log in from your TwitCasting account now.[3].

To log inTwitterYou can use your account,TwitterThere is no particular capital relationship with.

From June to July 2020, a system update made it impossible to create new accounts and log in using only Instagram accounts.

To use your account, you must enter your Instagram ID and password on the login screen and obtain the verification number from the email sent to your account from Moi.


  • 2010August 2- TwitterTwitCasting Live for, a street live casting service that works with iPhoneService start[4].
  • May 2010, 5-"TwitCasting Viewer for iPhone" released
  • December 2010, 12-Supports delivery from PC.
  • February 2011, 2-"TwitCasting Viewer for Android"Release.
  • April 2011, 4-"TwitCasting Live for Android" released[5].
  • August 2011, 8-System renewal, "Points" and "Items"InsertIntroduced the function.
  • 2012February 2-Operating company changed from Side Feed Co., Ltd. (currently Moi Labs Co., Ltd.) to Moi Co., Ltd., which was created through a company split.[6].
  • May 2013-Moi Co., Ltd.East Ventures, Masao Ito (User Local CEO) and other individual investors to underwrite capital increase through third-party allotment to raise 6480 million yen[7].
  • May 2014-Moi Co., Ltd.Sinar Mas Group,East VenturesRaised $ 500 million through a third-party allotment of capital to underwriters[8].
  • April 2015-TwitCasting official online store "Cass Market" released[9].
  • June 2015, 6 --Released "Mawashi shooting function" that can be rotated during live performance[10].
  • September 2015, 9-Live streaming exceeded 16 million times[11].
  • August 2017, 8-TV commercial aired[12].
  • December 2017, 12-TwitCasting community app "Casmo!" Released[13].
  • February 2018, 2 --Release of "TwitCasting Quitos", a function that allows listeners to support the planning of live broadcasters.[14].
  • April 2018, 4-TwitCastingVirtual currencySupports "remittance"[15].
  • June 2018, 6-Added "Item Revenue" and "Video Revenue (β)" functions[16].
  • October 2019, 4- Nintendo Co., LtdConcluded a comprehensive license agreement regarding the use of copyrighted works[17].
  • April 2019, 4-Moi Co., Ltd., Global Brain No. 10 Investment Limited Partnership,KDDI New Business Development No. 3 Investment Limited Partnership,SBI AI & Blockchain Investment Limited PartnershipRaised 6 million yen by implementing a third-party allotment of capital to the underwriter[18].
  • August 2019, 8 --The game live app "TwitCasting Games" is released[19].
  • March 2020, 3-Started offering "Premier Broadcasting" that allows you to hold paid live performances on TwitCasting and "Public Broadcasting" that allows you to use official distribution options.[20].
  • July 2020, 7 --Released "Screen Sharing Distribution" function that allows live distribution of screens on PCs[21].
  • August 2020, 8-Released "Theater Party", a function that allows distributors and viewers to watch videos at the same time during live distribution.[22]
  • August 2020, 8-Pre-release of "TwitCasting V Maker", an app that can generate face animation from a single character image, on Android[23]
  • November 2020, 11-Released "Membership" feature that allows you to open a monthly membership fee fan community[24]
  • January 2021, 1 --Compatible with CMAF, the HTTP streaming standard[25].
  • February 2021, 2 --Added search / viewing function by game title that allows you to search distribution slots by game.[26].
  • March 2021, 3 --The anime broadcast "TwitCasting Anime" started, and the TV anime "TwitCasting Anime" was broadcast for the first time.SHOW BY ROCK !!Broadcast all at once[27].
  • April 2021, 4 --Started official support project "TwitCasting 27V" to support the virtual activities of distributors[28].


2018 yearsNational Police AgencySurvey ofTwitterTo the topHimabe,LINE, It has been reported that the number of victims is the fifth highest after Marine Chat (currently ORCA).[29].

  • 2015May 7 --A poster with a major distributorSapporo Station,Nagoya Station,Osaka Station,Shibuya Station,Akihabara StationHugePosterHowever, among them, the part adopted at Akihabara Station was postponed as a "rights-related problem".[30].
  • 2017May 1 - OkayamaWakimachiOkayama Prefectural Police for a 33-year-old man who is a part-time schoolchild instructor living in JapanAkaiwa StationWas arrested on suspicion of violating the Prefectural Youth Healthy Development Ordinance.The man did a lewd act on the girl in a light passenger car parked in Akaiwa city in the same prefecture, knowing that the girl he met on TwitCasting on the 16th and 27th of the same month was a minor (3rd year of junior high school at that time, 15 years old). .. In late February, the girl's mother consulted with the police and was discovered.[31]
  • 2018May 5 - ShigaYasuOn suspicion of forced sexual intercourse, as a man of an office worker had sexual intercourse with a girl child in elementary schoolArrestWas done. 2人は前年XNUMX people the previous yearMay 12, He said he met on TwitCasting, a live video distribution site.[32]
  • 2018May 7 - NaraYamatokoriyama CityA female student (1 years old) in the first grade of a prefectural high school who had suicidal ideation living inKintetsu Kashihara LineKintetsu Koriyama StationHe committed suicide and jumped into the railroad track, collided with a train and died.The situation at that time was live-streamed on TwitCasting.[33]
  • 2018May 7 - SaitamaTokorozawa22-year-old self-proclaimed unemployed man living inChiba Prefectural PoliceThe Abiko police station arrested a junior high school girl for kidnapping.The man admitted that he invited a 3-year-old female student in the third year of junior high school who he met through TwitCasting, knowing that he was a minor, and let him sleep in his apartment in Tokorozawa City from 14st to 21rd.[34]
  • 20194 --A male distributor who tried to obtain a landing permit on an uninhabited island was refused landing by the administrator for safety reasons.However, he landed on an uninhabited island without permission and carried out survival delivery.その後体調を崩しThen I got sickJapan Coast GuardDeveloped into a situation where a rescue request was made to.Island owners have suggested taking legal action in some circumstances.[35]
  • 2019May 5 - LGBTIt was posted on the site "Detective watch" as a nuisance distributor because a male distributor who abused the game developed an unauthorized distribution in the park and was warned that he would not give permission from the staff who received the report.[36]
  • 2021May 5 - - Nagoya cityA man of a dispatched employee living in Fushiya, Nakagawa-kuMetropolitan Police DepartmentThe Higashiyamato police station was arrested on suspicion of abducting a minor.Suspected that a man brought a junior high school girl in Higashiyamato, Tokyo, whom he met through TwitCasting, to his home for 2 to 6 days, knowing that he was a minor.[37].
  • June 2021, 6 --- A 25-year-old woman working at a cabaret club in Kabukicho was arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of attempted murder for cutting the back of her friend's dating partner with a knife and injuring her.A female friend was broadcasting live on TwitCasting at that time.

the term

Greetings used within TwitCasting.意味はMeaningFinnishIn "Hello". In the case of "moimoi", it means "goodbye".社長がThe presidentフィンランドI met this word when I went to, and it spread.
Immediately after the start of the live, this character string is automatically displayed, and you can select whether to post (contents can be changed) or not. "Moi" is also used in the name of the operating company.
A fictitious currency used at the time of deposit.Points will be automatically charged up to 24pt for free when you log in for the first time after renewal or 100 hours after the last insertion.You can also buy points for a fee,PayPal-WebMoney-Amazon PayIn addition to payment with, the app allows you to make payments with in-app purchases.[38]
Also, if you insert it into a distributor, you will become a supporter of that distributor, and points will be given when that person's level rises.There is a supporter ranking, and there are many points that the higher ranking can get.[38]
A viewer uses points to purchase an item and give it to the distributor.The distributor can receive various effects such as "the live is easily displayed on the top page" and "the distribution time can be extended" by this insertion.[39]
Tea explosion
 It is an item subject to distribution revenue, and it is a service that allows a part of it to be returned to the distributor, and various items are thrown, but only the tea bomb will increase the profit.The viewer has free points and paid points, but only the tea bombs thrown at the paid points are the profit of the distributor.Specifically, "7% of the tea bombs thrown at paid points" is the profit.
People who don't comment, don't send items, just watch the broadcast
Three o'clock
The distributor asks listeners to register for notifications, register as supporters, and follow SNS.
No rip
The distributor prohibits listeners from commenting using the reply function during broadcasting.
Blocking listeners who are trolls or do not fit the broadcast style

Number of registered users

  • 2010-25 people
  • 2011-75 people
  • 2012-175 people
  • March 2013-3 million people[40]
  • March 2013-5 million people
  • March 2014-2 million people
  • March 2014-6 million people[41]
  • 2015April-4 million people[42]
  • 2017April-8 million people[43]
  • 2018-2,500 people[18]
  • March 2020-7 million people[44]


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