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👩‍🎤 | Angerme, crown regular program start!Ayaka Wada is in charge of narration + present campaign

Photo Angerme, crown regular program start!Ayaka Wada is in charge of narration + present campaign

Angerme, crown regular program start!Ayaka Wada is in charge of narration + present campaign

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For application conditions and details, see the same program site of "Space Shower TV Plus".

The crown program "Angerum's Hello! Project!" "TOKYO Walk" will be held on June 6 (Wednesday ...) → Continue reading


Pop'n'Roll is an idol media focused on idol personality and hidden talent. We will deliver interviews, new photos, event reports, columns, news, including coverage articles by the idol himself.

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100% Hits! Space Shower TV Plus

100% Hits! Space Shower TV Plus(Hyaku Percent Hits! Space Shower TV Plus,100% HITS! SPACE SHOWER TV Plus) Is a corporationSpace shower networkMusic run byProfessional channel.


SKY PerfecTV! Premium ServiceAndHikari TV,Part ofCable TVYou can watch it at. At 2011:4 on April 1, 0, the channel name was changed from "Music Video Specialty / VMC".

VJThere are many programsSpace shower tvUnlike, live footage such as "London Live" (started broadcasting in July 2010 during the VMC era) will be played at some times.Music videoIt is a central organization.

From April 2012, 4, SKY PerfecTV! E1 (currentlySKY PerfecTV!) Has also started broadcasting, and 16: 9 full-size broadcasting (standard definition) is being performed (Satellite backbone broadcaster TheNippon TVOf seriesCS Japan).


  • 19987 month - News CorporationNews Broadcasting Japan (NBJ, now) under its umbrellaFOX International Channels), Sky Perfect TV! (Currently SKY PerfecTV! Premium Service (standard definition). Ch.732) "Channel [V]" (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)STAR(Music channel operated by) started broadcasting. Even on Ch.350, Sky Entertainment (currently J Sports (currently J Sports)J SPORTS)) Was broadcast from July 1997 to March 7.
  • 2002
    • January-Space Shower Networks takes over Channel [V] business from NBJ[1].
    • April-"Space Shower Video Music Ch." (VMC) opened (channel name changed from "Channel [V]").
  • 20048 --Changed the channel name to "Video Music Ch."
  • 200512 --Channel name changed to "Music Video Specialty / VMC".
  • 2009October-Skapar! HD (currently Skapar! Premium Service),Hikari TVAtHigh definitionBroadcast (channel name is "Music video specialty / VMC HD")start.
  • 2011
    • July-Channel name "100% Hits! Space Shower TV Plus"change to[2].
    • November --Concluded a basic agreement to supply programs for CS Nippon and 11 degrees east longitude CS broadcasting[3].
  • 2012
    • May 4 --Start broadcasting this channel on SKY PerfecTV! E1 (currently SKY PerfecTV!) From 00:2 (until the day before, "Music Japan TV"Broadcast). Also, from the same day, 16: 9 aspect ratio information was added and full-size SD broadcasting was started.
  • 2016

Channel configuration

  • Its predecessor, "Channel [V]," was broadcast at a rate of 100% Western music (in the past, it was a program for Asia, but it was transferred to "Star Plus / Asia TV" and broadcast).
  • After the start of VMC, the ratio of both Western and Japanese music was changed to 50% (the ratio of Western music was slightly higher because we often have one Western music special feature per month).
  • From the opening of the station to the beginning of April 2006, genres, rankings, and the latest music videos were ON AIR based on requests.
  • From mid-April 2006, the broadcast was based on the selection of VMC songs from new music videos from ON AIR on request, so the request organization was only one hour.
  • The organization has changed significantly since September 2007, with the addition of request frames and artist special feature frames, and the modification of VMC song selection frames, for each Western and Japanese music, 9s music video organization, idol frame, Asia / Korea frame. Is newly added.
  • From April 2011, the channel name was changed to "Space Shower TV Plus", and under the contract with SKY PerfecTV! HD / SDSpace shower tvStarted selling as a set with (with a set contract, 1050 yen). Basically broadcasting music videos and live images is the same as before, but the number of programs for Western music is decreasing because the composition is based on old and new hit songs and the ratio of Japanese music is higher than VMC. ..
  • From April 2020, the organization was significantly changed, the idol frame and anime song frame were abolished, and the broadcast frame of Hits Now! Was also significantly reduced.


In the VMC era, it was a yellow-green sphere (circle) that symbolized V and M. Currently, to distinguish it from the Space Shower TV main unit, "+ (plus)" is added to the upper right of the same red S mark against the blue color of the main unit. I am using the one with "".

Original program

Program being broadcast

  • Korean Hits
  • Hits Now!
  • Singing Hits Now!
  • Adult Best Hits 80's-90's JPN

The program that was being broadcast

Program that was being broadcast on VMC

  • SELECTA-A weekly broadcast of songs selected by various artists.
  • Hits Again Japanese / Western Music-A song that broadcasts a hit a few years ago.
  • CLASSIC ZONE (POPS / INTERNATIONAL / R & B)-A broadcast of former hit songs.
  • ARTISTJP / INT'L --A group of artists' PVs are broadcast every week in Western and Japanese music. It is divided into 1 minutes and 30 minutes.
  • Western / Japanese Music Request-A broadcast of the PV of the requested song sent by the viewer.
  • The masters Collection-A weekly collection of PVs by a group of Japanese music artists.
  • VMC SPECIAL-Two sets of Western and Japanese artists are featured every week. There are also times when it is a theme. The broadcast time varies.

Power select program

  • Hebirote! --The PV of the artist of interest is broadcast multiple times a day. The artist's career does not matter. The same artist may be featured several times.[10].
  • Recommended! --Several songs of notable artists are broadcast multiple times a day. Special programs may also be organized. Space Shower TV "VIPThe range of artists is wider than[11].


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