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👍 | Like it or not, Facebook is still around – but…

Photo Facebook: Too big to fail – Too big to fail: Even after countless scandals, Facebook still commands a massive user base around the world. – Daniel Reinhardt / dpa

Like it or not, Facebook is still around – but…

There are more than 2.5 billion Facebook users worldwide, making it by far the largest social media platform online today. But swamped by fake news and annoying posts, some users, especially younger ones, are turning away from Facebook, migrating to other platforms such as Instagram – a Facebook subsidiary – or TikTok, leaving behind an older user base. Even if they still maintain a profile, fewer of these users are logging in and using it actively. So why do some people stay on Facebook and others go? What inspires them to log in these days? Journalist Daniel Fiene says that if it were up to… → Continue reading


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