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🥾 | Sae Yamamoto Climbing Aso with navel wear Amazing abs & constriction "Inner muscle consciousness"

Photo Sae Yamamoto

Aso mountain climbing with Sae Yamamoto navel wear Amazing abdominal muscles & constriction "Inner muscle consciousness"

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Regarding the garment, he wrote, "I feel like I'm feeling hungry when I go with the garment to be aware of the inner muscles ... Lucky, but surely tomorrow (or the day after tomorrow) there will be no mistake in muscle pain in my legs."

Talent Sae Yamamoto posted on Instagram on the 15th.I told him that I climbed Mt. Aso with my sister and a childhood friend ... → Continue reading

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Inner muscle

Inner muscleIt is,身体Located deep in筋肉(Deep muscle) is a general term.


It is used as a general term for muscles located deep inside the body. In contrast to inner muscle, muscles located on the surface of the bodyOuter muscleIt is called (surface muscle).Trunk muscleIn addition,Upper limb,Lower limbsThe deep muscle of the muscle is also included in the inner muscle.

Since it is a deep muscle, it is difficult to see directly because it is invisible unlike outer muscles,joint,内 臓It works stably and works with the outer muscles during operation.postureIt acts to support the retention and movement of the body and promote the correct functioning of internal organs. It plays the role of supporting the muscles on the surface, and both the inner and outer muscles work in a well-balanced manner, which makes it possible to exert more effects. Since inner muscles are a little harder to grow than outer muscles, it is effective to incorporate specialized training.Weight trainingEven if it is one, it is best to stimulate slowly and slowly over a long period of time with a low load.

Main inner muscle

Main inner muscle training

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