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🐈 | "Blessings of the Earth" are pets OK!Cafe @ Nagara Town that also pays attention to organic vegetables

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"Blessings of the earth" are pets OK!Cafe @ Nagara Town that also pays attention to organic vegetables

If you write the contents roughly
It's OK to eat in only half and bring back the rest.

A house cafe I found in a green area When I was driving along the Kanto Fureai Road with my dogs and my family, Takemine God ... → Continue reading

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Eat in

Eat in (Japanese: eat-in) IsJapan OfMealIn terms ofJapanglish.

In English-speaking, "Eat in" means "eating at home (conversely eating with friends at a friend's house)", while Eat out means "eating out." In the case of English, it is not in or Out based on the store, but in or Out based on your own home.


Eating the groceries bought at a restaurant inside the store. Take it out of the storeTake-outAs a word used in contrast to2000 eraSince then, it has been generalized in Japan.

Fast foodShops andconvenience store,Department store basement (Department storeIt is mainly used in the grocery section).

It is not used in restaurants that eat only in the store, but is displayed only when the store chooses “take out” or “eat in”.America"Stay" when asked "Stay or Notstay" at a fast food restaurant in Thailand is equivalent to eat-in.

There are many famous shops in the basement of the department store.tenantIf you have shops and can eat in at those shops, it is often used as a way to enjoy a sense of luxury more easily than when you go to the main shop.

2019May 10Made inconsumption taxDue to the tax increase, eat-in is considered as "dining out" and 10% consumption tax will be charged. Take outReduced tax rate8% was deferred, and confusion occurred at convenience stores that have eat-ins.[1].. Eat what you purchased as a takeout in the eat-in space as it isEat-in tax evasion"aboutNational Tax AgencySays "There are no institutional problems"[2].


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