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👍 | Arrest of two wise men who called for demonstration


Arrest of two wise men who called for demonstration

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A post that police found on SNS in early June called on citizens to participate in illegal gatherings in Mongkok and Causeway Bay, promoting and inspiring conflicts using force.

Wang Yi, a convenor of the student organization "Kengaku Shisei," and a spokesman for Huang Yu Lin were arrested on June XNUMX.Hong Kong Medi on the same day ... → Continue reading

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"Hong Kong Post" was first published in June XNUMX as Hong Kong's first full-scale Japanese newspaper. We provide Japanese residents in Hong Kong and Japanese readers with seasonal information that supports business and life through Hong Kong in tabloids and electronic media.

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Causeway Bay

Coordinate: North Latitude 22 Degrees 16 Minutes 50 Seconds East longitude 114 degree 10 min 51 sec /22.28066 degrees north latitude 114.18096 degrees east longitude / 22.28066; 114.18096

Causeway Bay(Dorawan,CantoneseReading: Tonlow One,British: Causeway bay Causeway Bay)Hong KongIt is inHong Kong IslandOn the north bank ofWan Chai WardandHigashi WardIt is an area that includes a part of each.Causeway Bay(Chinese version)Is very densely packed with buildings.The Chinese name is also Douwan Road (Tung Lo Wan Road) In "Tung Lo Wan" Often written in Roman letters, such as.Rents for Causeway Bay commercial land are based on 2013 statisticsニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク OfFifth AvenueIt is the highest in the world, surpassing such.


Seifu-gai in Causeway Bay (Tsing Fung Street), Electric road (Electric Road) Causeway Bay Market,Victoria park, Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (Hong Kong Yacht Club),Jardine Matheson OfNoon Day GunAnd the Police Officers Club (Police Officer Club) is located in the eastern ward.Meanwhile, Queen's College and Hong Kong Central Library are located in Wan Chai District.


Prior to urban development and large-scale reclamation, Causeway Bay was a highly silted bay.The old shape can be seen by tracing the Causeway Bay road that runs along the old bay on a map.Early in development "causeway" That is, a breakwater was built, which is today.Causeway Road(Causeway Road). From Japan in the 1950sQueen victoriaThe coastline went further when the statue returned and the rest of the bay was reclaimed for the construction of Victoria Park.This statue isSecond World WarDuring,CentralBlocking road (Jedardow,Chater Road) It was taken out because it is along the road.

The evacuation port of Causeway Bay and the god of the seaMazuThe existence of the Tengo Mausoleum, which enshrines the temple, tells us that this area was a fishing village.

Yee Wo Street, Chaatingai,Jardine's Bazaar) And then, Chaa Ting Fung,Jardine's Crescent) Is a companyJardine MathesonHong Kong nameJardine HouseAnd the kanji notation for the person's name JardinJardineIt is due to the fact that.This means that the land in this area was destroyed by the British colonial government in the first half of the 19th century.Jardine MathesonI'm telling you that it was sold to.This areaVictoria cityIt was named the eastern corner after the pointed part of the coastline east of the center of.


The current Causeway Bay is often confused with the eastern corner, due to the former incorporating the latter.Original Causeway Bay is nowMTRTin Hau StationNear the MTRCauseway Bay StationIs in the eastern corner.The concept of the Causeway Bay area today is Canal Road (Kinnadou).Canal Road), That is, OgenkyuCanal Road District) is also included.

The eastern corner is now considered part of Causeway Bay as a result of the absorption of its geographical name.East Point RoadRemains now, showing the pointed coastline of the old days, before landfill.

Causeway Bay or East Corner is one of Hong Kong's major commercial areas.There, there is a 13-story Japanese department store, Takamitsu, which is currently operated by a franchise system.SOGO) AndTimes SquareThere is a commercial complex such as.In addition, World Trade Center (center of world trade), Windsor House (center of imperial family), Han Lung Center (center of Henglong), Fashion Island, Fashion Walk (famous store), Lee Gardens (Rien) and Lee Gardens There are also slightly smaller shopping malls such as XNUMX (Rien XNUMXnd term).Causeway Bay is one of the busiest areas in Hong Kong, as there are numerous fashionable stores that carry both locally made fashion and products from Japan, Europe and the United States. ..Many stores in the area are open until late at night.As a result, Causeway Bay has become a popular spot for young people.

Famous hotels in Causeway Bay include Excelsior and Regal Hong Kong Hotel.Jia , Shamas Apartments that offer modern services have opened in the last few years.

English name Causeway bay(Causeway Bay) is today's Causeway Road (Causeway Road) Was in the previous place causeway That is, it was named after the breakwater.Floating off the coast of Causeway BayKellett IslandAs a result of landfill, it was no longer an independent island and was connected to Hong Kong Island.This originally Kellet Island is the location of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (Hong Kong Yacht Club).

For many yearsJardine MathesonBut,Victoria HarborOn the other hand, every day on the east side of Causeway Bay's former Kellett Island,Noon gunIs ringing.The gunshot has served as a time signal for generations for the ancient inhabitants of Hong Kong.This tradition continues today.This is,Noel Cowardsong of"Mad dogs and Englishmen""Noon Day GunIt is.

Some features in the western part of Causeway Bay begin with "Wan Chai" (eg Wan Chai Fire Department), but they are the Canal Road, which is the customary regional boundary of Wan Chai (eg Wan Chai Fire Department).Canal Road) Is exceeded.

Causeway Bay BooksIs in ChinaXi JinpingHe had published a book that was critical of the administration,2015Since October, five bookstore managers and shareholders have gone missing one after another, and the Hong Kong police have searched.[1].

Causeway Bay Famous Place



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