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👩‍🎤 | Hinatazaka46 ・ Kyoko Saito appears in "Weekly Shonen Champion"!Gravure that makes you feel the beginning of summer is posted!


Hinatazaka46 and Kyoko Saito appear in "Weekly Shonen Champion"!Gravure that makes you feel the beginning of summer is posted!

If you write the contents roughly
"Weekly Shonen Champion" No. 200, which comes with Mr. Saito's double-sided BIG poster and a limited QUO card for 29 people, will be released on June 6th (Thursday).

Kyoko Saito, a member of the idol group "Hinatazaka46", has released the magazine "Weekly Shonen Chan ..." on June 6th (Thursday). → Continue reading

 Magazine summit

"Magazine" is one of the few media that can efficiently collect information that you do not know. We launched the Magazine Summit in the winter of 2015 with the aim of creating a medium that can create opportunities that make you want to read more magazines or want magazines a little.

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Weekly Shonen Champion

"Weekly Shonen Champion] (Shukan Shoen Champion)Akita ShotenIssued byJapan OfWeekly publicationjuvenileCartoon magazine.1969May 7First issue (Initially published every other week and the title is "Shonen Champion".1970May 6The magazine name was changed to "Weekly Shonen Champion" and published weekly).Released every Thursday.Abbreviations are "Champion" and "Weekly Chan"[1][2]etc.


Issuance and release dates are weeklyThursday(Hokkaido,KyusyuSome areas are Friday.2010From January onward, the issue date and the release date are basically the same (the "○ month ○ day" part remains the same as the old issue date). List price is 1Yen.. The mascot character is an idol mark with a beard, wearing a large two-tone top hat, and the official name is "Little chang"("Monthly Shonen ChampionIs also commonly used). The magazine logo used to change every year,1991It has been the current one since (1995Degree2015Every time a minor change has been added to the "chi" part).

Due to the changes in past published works, it is described that many free manga and strong manga are published compared to other weekly Shonen Manga magazines.

Since the absolute number of champion readers is inferior to other weekly Shonen Manga magazines, it is difficult to reflect the relative topical works in the magazines as they are in absolute sales. The volume of books received at bookstores is smaller than that of other weekly Shonen magazines.

Although a special issue has not been published for new writers, instead there are many read-throughs and short-term intensive serialization, and a frame for that is secured almost every week. If these works are judged to be well received by readers, serialization will begin at a relatively early stage.

Due to unpopularityCensoredExists like other magazines. Even if the discontinued work is judged to be extremely unpopularShonen Champion ComicsMay not be published, or if the sales of the book is judged to be extremely poor, it may not be published until the final volume.

The number of copies of the first volume of a book with no track record is often very small compared to other magazines in the same as above. There are many things. The works that have been popular with such writers since the beginning of the series may run out of stock for the time being, as the first edition may run out shortly after its release. Also, in the case of reprints, the number of copies per reprint is often kept low at the beginning, so it may be finally released several months after the release.


First publication

Monthly Shonen Magazine "Adventure king''Manga KingAkita Shoten, which had been working on "The Weekly Shonen Magazine" in July 1969, said "Fresh Shonen Weekly Magazine"[3]Started as a bi-weekly (two monthly) magazine with the title "Shonen Champion". On the cover of the first issueKickboxer OfSawamura TadashiWas appointed.

Unlike Shueisha's Shonen Jump, which was launched in the previous year and was forced to compete with a lineup centered on newcomers,Osamu Tezuka,Saito TakaoInfluential writers are arranged in the series.1970May 6The magazine name was changed to "Weekly Shonen Champion" with the weekly publication from the release issue. The economic foundation of the first issue was supported by a new book manga book that major publishers were not serious about.Sunday ComicsIs said to be due to a hit[4].. As a popular series of this time, "Evening Bancho』(Ikki Kajiwara-Toshio Souji), "Abashiri family』(Nagai Hao), "Madman army』(Fujio FujikoⒶ), "Guts Jun』(Jimbo Shiro-Shunji Obata), "Space monkey man Gori』(Ushio cleaning-Daiji Ichimine), "Lover of the sun] (Ikki KajiwaraKazama Eiji), "Primitive Boy Ryu』(Shotaro Ishinomori), "Babel II』(Yokoyama Mitsuteru)and so on.

1970 era

January 1972Muramura TaizoBecame the editor-in-chief and established a golden age. In the magazine, which had fallen behind 24 copies in actual sales, Makamura made a reform to change the entire book to read-only format.

DramasThe youth magazine was being developed on the line.Weekly Shonen Magazine''Weekly Shonen Sunday』For the royal road[5]Breakthrough. Developed as a seriesDocaben』(Mizushima Shinji) And became a long sellerblack Jack』(Osamu Tezuka),Mataro will come!』(Fujio FujikoⒶ), "Mars』(Yokoyama Mitsuteru), "cutie Honey』(Nagai Hao), "Bancho planet』(Shotaro Ishinomori), "Horror newspaper』(Tsudojirou), "Two people and five people』(Hideo Azuma), "XNUMX billion days and XNUMX billion nights] (Original:Ryu Mitsuse, Drawing:Moto Hagio), "Postcard deca』(Tatsuhiko Yamagami), "Moon and turtle』(Kimio Yanagisawa), "Ranpo』(Uchizaki Masato), "Racing pigeon 0777』(Koichi Iimori), "White clouds hung over the blue sky』(Hiroshi Asuna), "750 rider』(Ishii Isami), "Eco Eco Azarak』(Shinichi Koga), "Prime Minister of Yuhigaoka』(Mochizuki Akira), "Macaroni spinach』(Kamogawa SwallowMany popular works such asSpo root, School things, horror, sex appeal,gagIt covers almost all genres.

The circulation is also "Weekly Shonen JumpIn January 1977, the number of copies exceeded 1 million.[6]Finally, I got to the top. However, in 1981, Muramura fell ill and resigned as editor-in-chief (succeedingKunihiko Akutsu.. He retired in 1985 and retired in 1989).1980 eraIf you enter, the succession from the popular serial work will not work well, and you will drop out of the number competition.

1980 era

In the early 1980sRunrun Company"Kurukuru Kurin』(Miki), "Plares Sanshiro』(Ushijiro-Minoru Kamiya), "Scrapbook"Buru Peter』(Iku Oyamada), "Mood is groovy』(Hiroyuki Sato) Became a popular work with a light style, but the number of copies fell sharply without being blessed with a work comparable to the explosive hit work of the late 1970s.

In 1985, Taizo Kabemura returned to the editor-in-chief. At this timeLet's friend』(Block bomb-Tomoo Kimura), “” (Kazuki MatsudaThe number of manga such as ), etc. has greatly increased, and the "heat and masculinity" of "Champion" has been formed. The polar comics started in 1986Seriously!』(Ayumi Tachihara) Became a long-term serial that lasted more than 10 years, including the sequel, and became a signboard work of "Champion".

Other representative works of this period are "Great Koshien"Good morning K Jiro(Shinji Mizushima), "4P Tanaka』(Nanasantaro-River third address), "Hanazawa High School"・"" (Dookuman), "Demon city hunter"Makai Academy』(Kikuchi Hideyuki-Shinichi Hosoma), ""[7]・「」[8](), "" (Miya Takeshi), “” (Yoshida Window), “” (Yoshinobu Swamp), "Let it bother me my Mai』(Joji Yamaguchi)and so on.

1990 era

In 1991, the magazine logo became almost the same as it is today. Also, around this time, "Sanshiro2』(Shota Kikuchi), ""[9](Tokichi Ishiyama), "Shakaliki!』(Masato Soda), "There is no free time doing Udauda!』(Yonehara Hideyuki), "Recommendation of resolution』(Takayoshi Yamaguchi, Etc., a line from the magazines that were mainly bad manga until then, the popularity of unique popular works by young writers will emerge. Also, serialized in 1991 and 1993 respectively.Grappler blade』(Keisuke Itagaki)When"Urayasu Rebar Family』(Kenji Hamaoka) Has been a signboard work of "Champion" for over 20 years including the sequel.

1994 years,Monthly Shonen Champion,Play comicsWas in charge ofOtsuka KoheiBecame the editor-in-chief. "Yushun Gate』(Yamasaki Takumi), "Groom party』(Yoshio Kawashima), "School ghost story』(Yosuke Takahashi), "Jean in an iron pot!』(Shinji Saijo), "Dokaben Pro Baseball Edition(Shinji Mizushima), "Kyoshiro』(Kazuhiko Hida), "Special attack』(Misaki speed), Popular long-term serialization of various genres has started one after another, and there is also a reader's corner1995The "Champion Cup (C1)" that started in issue 2 continued for a long time, and the stable magazine composition continued until around 2000.In particular, "Dokaben Professional Baseball Edition" was widely featured in various media such as TV programs at the beginning of the series, and attracted a lot of attention.

After that, adventure fantasy "Full ahead!(Hideyuki Yonehara)Gokudo(Yukiguchi Yamaguchi)Oyama! Kikunosuke』(Takahiro Seguchi),comedy"Omakase! Peace electronics store』(Tatsunori Noda)・「Getchu True Heart Flight』(Toshiki Hihi), short gag "Snack" (Oh Hinatago)・「Do your best, vinegared rice!』(Yuki Segawa), defective oneFujiken』(Toshio Ozawa), Sports "Star of the Sky" (Satoshi Kusumoto), etc., followed by hits in each genre.

Early 2000s

2000-2001Naka 6/17』(Ken Yagami), "Aiken』(Matsuyama Seiji) Such as "Moe-kei" has started (both were animated), and the reader's post page "Champion Cup" that has been running for 1995 years since 7,broccoliIt is a mascot character of the company by tie-up withDe the carat“Dejiko”” was set as MCDejiko Champion CupWas renewed to[Note 1].. It will be a long-term serialization in story mangaShow ☆ van』(Moritaka Yuuji-Kotaro Matsushima), ramen manga "Iridescent ramen』(Tamio Baba) And other stable works, known for their unique styleMan☆Garoof"Jukai Boy ZOO1] And comicalized work that showed a completely different development from animeSclydeThere were also challenging works such as ".

In 2002Otsuka KoheiShigeru Higuchi became the editor-in-chief instead. The long-term series that has supported the 1990s champion has ended, but the popularity of the title has not been produced, and the magazine has become unstable and the number of copies has dropped significantly.

Both story manga and sports manga have a short-lived work that has been provoked.Acmetsu』(Yuu Tabata-Yuki Yoko)・「Ippon!」 (Takahiro Sato, Etc.) It fell into the state that it is better to continue the series for 2-3 years. From 2003 to 2005, the number of moe-type comics decreased and the number of bad comics increased again.Bancho Union』(Shuji Abe) Or “Number MG5Other than "(Toshio Ozawa)", it ended poorly across the board. Around that time, a media mix-based comicalized work in the magazine was also posted,Khao Chic Runes』(Kenji Yamamoto)[Note 2], OrMai-HiME』(Hajime Yatate-Kimura Noboru-Kenetsu Sato), etc.) with the exception of comicalization etc.

On the other hand, in the gag/comedy mangaInvincible poster girl』(Jun Sadogawa) Was a hit and was also animated. Once upon a time comedy manga used to be 15-16 pages as the industry standard, the magazine will continue to increase the number of short comedies with 8 pages or less.

The aforementioned page posted by readers was changed to "Champion Road" and "Black Champion Party" within a span of less than 1 to 2 years, and it was sluggish, but it started in January 2005Nishiguchi WrestlingI tie up with "Champion Post Coliseum (CTC)] Has gained steady popularity and lasted until 2013. In the game introduction column, instead of "Electric Brain Garden" that was published in 9,Kagura Tsuna"Denyu Diary" with[Note 3]Continued until.

Late 2000s

In October 2005, the editor-in-chiefTakashi SawaTo change to a major magazine reform. Most of the serializations up to that point were replaced during fiscal 2006, and the policy was changed to a bone-less policy that does not allow as many rests as possible in the normal serialization.

From the 2006th issue of 20 to the 2009st issue of 1This is fun! This is fun!!By Masami KurumadaSaint SeiyaSequel toSaint Seiya NEXT DIMENSION Hades Myth] And its Gaiden seriesSaint Seiya THE LOST CANVAS Hades Myth] (Drawing/Shiori Teshirogi) Was launched. In addition, in gag "Mitsudomoe』(Sakurai Norio)・「Invasion! Squid girl』(Abe Masahiro), in bad comicsClover』(Tetsuhiro Hirakawa),Sports cartoonThen,ANGEL VOICE』(Takao Furuyano)・「Yowamushi Pedal』(Watanabe Wataru)・「BeeThe series (Takahiro Sato)Black Jack's Secret Story-From Osamu Tezuka's Workplace-』(Miyazaki Katsura-Koji Yoshimoto), etc. have produced topical works in each genre. Some worksAnime,TV dramaOther media, such as, "Yowamushi Pedal" became the signboard work of "Champion".

In addition, the above-mentioned "Champion Contribution Coliseum (CTC)" was well received, and the reader page frame, which was fixed at 3 pages for many years, was expanded to 4 pages.

In 2009, as the 40th anniversary commemorative project, we announced a number of new read-only works from popular series in the past. Also, as a part of the project, we are soliciting new catchphrases, and as a result, "Indiscriminate manga magazine with everything!Was selected (published in the same year No. 40) and subsequently used as the cover until No. 2010 in 52. The magazine name logo of the 40th issue of 2009, which started the 17th anniversary project, was used around 1977.

2010 era

From the Weekly Shonen Champion, which has long relied heavily on "Dokaben," "Urayasu," and "Baki"Shonen Champion ComicsWith regard to the sales of, the ratio has weakened due to the appearance of the above-mentioned serial work, and the whole has been raised. Therefore basically gravure (gravure is "Weekly Shonen Champion Idol PhotogenicLabel development as. In the first half of the 2010sAKB Group,Slope seriesWas monopolized, but from around 2016Hello! Project-STARDUST PLANET-iDOL StreetThe relations also came to appear), but the cover that occupies a lot, the number of manga works that came to the fore again came to increase. But,Jun Sadogawa,Takahiro SatoSome manga artists have passed away, and as a result,Perfect strokeThere was also a work that became, especially the number 2018 shop published by Takahiro Sato at the end of the year was sold out immediately after the release.

August 2016, 3,ElectronicVersion distribution has started. At the beginning of the distribution, the contents released in a paper magazine on Thursday were distributed on Tuesday next week.[10]However, it began to be distributed on the same day that the paper magazine will be released from 2017 issue 7[11].. However, "Dokaben Dream Tournament』And the opening gravure planning page "Weekly Shonen Champion Idol Photogenic] Is not posted. As an electronic version only,Takahiro SatoReprint serialization of "Bachi Bachi" by memorial service, "Boss Renoma ~Prisoner Riku Gaiden~To commemorate the start of the seriesPrisoner Riku] The first and second episodes of the main part are reprinted.

In June 2017, Shingo Takekawa took over as editor-in-chief in place of Sawa, which led this magazine for almost 6 years.

In June 2018, the "Docaven" series, which had been serialized for 6 years in paper edition No. 31 including the suspension period, was completed with the final episode of "Dream Tournament"[12].

In 2019, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first issue,Desperately come for half a centuryWith the slogan "", we publish each issue of revival remasters of masterpieces and popular works as of 2019. From the same year No. 46, a manga depicting the success of the champion editor-in-chiefChampions ~The story of the men who created the Weekly Shonen Champion~』(Sota Uonome) Serialized. Also, the first episode of "Grappler Blade"Keisuke ItagakiIt was remade by the person himself.

The representative work of this period is "Vampire die soon(), in comedyI'm here!』(Osamu Nishi), in love mangaActually I』(Eiji Masuda), in bad comicsSugarless』(Masami Hosokawa)・「Rikudo's evil women] (),Sports cartoonThen,Harigae Service] (), otherwise "Prisoner Riku』(Shinobu Seguchi)・「BEASTARS』(Itameki Tomoedome), etc., some works have also expanded into other media such as anime and TV dramas.

Collaborative serialization linked to other media will continue,Resident EvilAnd 'Theater spirits] Serialized comic version. In addition, the spin-off work was also serialized, and it is a biographical work of "Prisoner Riku".Boss Renoma ~Prisoner Riku Gaiden~(Shinomi Seguchi) andWORSTIs a Gaiden work ofWORST Gaiden Glico』(Hiroshi Takahashi・) has been launched.

2020 era

Serialized work

The work currently serialized on September 2021, 7 (No. 21, 2021). Including non-regular serialized works and short-term intensive serialized works that are suspended.

Title of workAuthor (Drawing/Novel)Original work etc.Start issueRemarks
People and peopleSaint Seiya NEXT DIMENSION Hades MythKurumata MasamiMasami Kurumada-2006 36/37 merger issueSeries serialization
WhirlingYowamushi PedalWatanatoWatanabe Wataru-2008 Issue 12
Mokuyo HinokiThursday FruttIshikuroIshiguro positive number-2009 Issue 6The order of publication is fixed at the end of the book
KiyuketsukiVampire die soonJust-2015 Issue 30
Atsume Fushiki Kenki YufuAtsume! Mysterious Research DepartmentAnhe MasahiroAbe Masahiro-2016 Issue 44
I'm comingI'm here!NisosamuOsamu Nishi-2017 Issue 14
Atsushi Ura YasueUrayasu Rebar FamilyHamaoka KenshiKenji Hamaoka-2018 Issue 16Sequel to the "Urayasu Rebar Family" series
I'm listeningYuenchi-Baki Gaiden-Dream pillowDream Pillow Tapir(novel)Itakiki KeisukeKeisuke Itagaki(draft)
Futa yuria(Illustration)
2018 Issue 25Spin-off work of "Baki" series
Novel work
HikitoBaki RoadItakiki KeisukeKeisuke Itagaki-2018 Issue 45Sequel to the "Fang Fang" series
SomedayAlready!Muraoka YuYu Muraoka-2018 Issue 47
Harikane SahiesuHedgehog Service ACEKotatsuya-2018 Issue 50Sequel to "Harigane Service"
TomorrowWORST Gaiden GlicoSusukiri Yuta(Drawing)Hiroshi TakahashiHiroshi Takahashi(Original)2019 Issue 7Spin-off work of "WORST"
QuickSHYMiki Fukimi-2019 Issue 35
We are all happyWe are the protagonists of the world!Tsutanuma Atsushi(Drawing)NisosamuOsamu Nishi(Supervision)
Koneshima(Supervised by the original)
2020 Issue 6"I entered the devil! Irima-kun"
Spin-off work
Meika can't give upYoshio Sato-2020 Issue 8
I'll keep you goingYamamura Ichi-2020 Issue 11
Yankee Ishie Ekusaku HanachiyanYankee JK KuzuhanaSokahe ToshinoriToshinori Sokabe-2020 Issue 16Serialized from one-shot
Token AnkiUrushihara Yura-2020 Issue 28
I'm gonna do itHashimoto Kurara-2020 Issue 49
Kurohane HakushiyoKuroba White PaperUchita KoheiKohei Uchida-2021 Issue 13
Isekai IsekaiAnother world chef and the strongest eating princessTakeshi AsumaTouki-2021 Issue 18
Kanoshiyo's Neiro is aliveHer tone is aliveSanata poke-2021 Issue 27Short-term intensive serialization
SantaSANDAHaruka ItakiItameki Tomoedome-2021 Issue 34


Title of workAuthor (Drawing)Original work etc.Start issueRemarks
I'm going to speakBaki Gaiden Defect-Scarface-Yamauchi Yukina(Drawing)Itakiki KeisukeKeisuke Itagaki(Original)2009 Issue 7Spin-off work of "Baki" series

Visualized work


Television Animation
worksBroadcast yearAnimation productionRemarks
Primitive Boy Ryu1971 - 1972 Toei video
Babel II1973 (1st work)ToeiWith OVA
2001 (2st work)Vega Entertainment
Docaben1976 - 1979 Tsuchida Production
Don Dracula1982Jin production
Plares Sanshiro1983 - 1984 Kaname Production
Prime Rose1983Tezuka Productions
Postcard deca1989 - 1990 Studio GallopWith OVA
Urayasu Rebar Family1998 (1st term)Studio Dean
2014 (2st term)
Grappler blade2001Group tack
Hungry Heart WILD STRIKER2002 - 2003 Japanese animation
Mars2002 - 2003 plum
Studio Guts
With OVA
Naka 6/172003JCSTAFF
black Jack2004-2006 (1st work)Tezuka ProductionsWith OVA
2006 years(21)
Invincible poster girl2006Telecom animation film
Mitsudomoe2010 (1st term)bridgeThere is a special episode 1 (1st term)
2011 (2st term)
Invasion! Squid girl2010 (1st term)Diomedia
2011 (2st term)
Yowamushi Pedal2013-2014 (Phase 1)TMS / 8PANThere is a movie
2014-2015 (Phase 2)
2017 (3st term)
2018 (4st term)
Actually I2015TMS Entertainment / 3xCube
Magical girl site2018production dóA
Baki2018 (1st term)TMS / Daburu IguruSequel to Baki the Grappler
2020 (2st term)
I'm here!2019-2020 (Phase 1)BN Pictures
2021-(2rd term)
BEASTARS2019 (1st term)Orange
2021 (2st term)
Vampire die soon2021Mad house
Web anime
worksYearsAnimation productionRemarks
Penguin girl2008Picture magic
Hanma FangunpublishedunpublishedBaki's sequel
worksYearsAnimation productionRemarks
Horror newspaper1991Piero Project
Abashiri family1992Studio Piero
Tokyo kids
Let it bother me my Mai1993
Gotaman1994Animate film(Volume 1)
Studio flagship(Volume 2)
There is no free time doing Udauda!1995
Recommendation of resolution1996Reed production
Aiken2003 - 2004 JCSTAFF
Saint Seiya THE LOST CANVAS Hades Myth2009-2010 (Chapter 1)Tokyo movie
2011 (Chapter 2)

Live action

Seriously!1991 (movie)
1994 - 2004 original video
Horror newspaper1996 (1st movie)
2004 (prophecy)
2011 (2st movie)
2020 (drama)
Abashiri family2009
Urayasu Rebar Family2020
Yowamushi Pedal2016 (1st drama)
2017 (2st drama)
2020 (movie)

Reader post page

Article series

Game introduction

K & O Bros. Electric Brain Garden (K & O Brothers Denkizu no Uen)
(Constitution:·Ozaki Teizou(Change in charge), text cut: → →Noriyuki Murase(Alternative): Year-Issue 2004 30
In the middle of Nakata Rhythm charge, "Editor S" (female according to the illustration) was added to the critics, so "Electric Brain Garden" without "K & O Bros." was the official name.
Ellis & Morrison & Pachi's Denyu Diary (-Den Yunikki)
(Composition/Sentence:Brain navigation・・Wyvern (Irregular charge), text illustration:Kagura Tsuna) Issue 2004 31-April 2010 merger issue
Since Pachi is a character that appeared in the middle, the title before that was "Eris & Morrison's Denyu Diary".
Gal Gamer Marie
(Composition/text: Studio Survival, text illustration: (Yuro Isato)) No. 2010 6-No. 2011 52
Week chan game board
(Composition/text: Studio Survival)
VER.1 Week of God, dog and Yamashita game board
(Text illustration:) Issue 2012-1 53
VER.2 Horse, smartphone and Tachibana week Chan game board
(Text illustration:) Issue 2013-1 52
VER.3 Devil, Me and Taku Kiguchi's Week Chan Game Board (Akuma and Momoko and Kikutaku-)
(Text illustration: (Miyaru)) Issue 2014 1-

General information corner

  • Champion Radar (1970s-1980)
  • Information channel Aiduru group
  • My world
  • Information Express (Artist interview, event information, present information page)
    • Champion CINEMA preview (Movie introduction article, which used to have an independent page, but was downgraded to an Information Express article in 2006)

Past Editor

  1. Kiyomi Narita (First issue in 1969-Issue 1972 in 25 (March 1972))
  2. Muramura Taizo(the first time, 1972 Issue 26 (April 1972)-4 Issue 1981)
  3. Kunihiko Akutsu(No. 1981 47-No. 1983 9)
  4. Etsuya Kaminaga (1983th 10-1985th 16)
  5. Muramura Seizo (the second time, 1985 Issue 17-1989 Issue 31)
  6. Okamoto Sanji (1989 issue 32-1994 37+38 merger issue)
  7. Otsuka Kohei(1994th issue of 39-2002+4 issue of 5 (December 2001))-Also a movie critic, Takuya Nikaido ("Black Jack's Secret Story-From Osamu Tezuka's Workplace-] From Volume 3)
  8. Shigeru Higuchi (2002th 6 (January 2002)-1th 2005 (October 47))
  9. Takashi Sawa(No. 2005, 48 (October 2005)-No. 10, 2017 (May 26))
  10. Shingo Takekawa (No. 2017, 27 (June 2017) -)

Sponsored New Comic Award


Note that these numbers are nominal and estimated values, not real numbers.

  • First issue on July 1969, 7 15 copies[13]
  • July 1972, 7 issue 3 copies[13]
  • July 1973, 8 issue 20 copies[13]
  • July 1974, 9 issue 9 copies[13]
  • September 1977 1 million copies[14]
  • July 1978, 9 issue 11 copies[13]
  • January 1979 1/22 merger issue 29 million copies[13]
  • 2009 55 copies[13]

The above is the announcement based on the nominal values.

Estimated circulation (National Publishing Association)
Number of copiesSource
1989(XNUMX)70 million1990 edition publication index annual report
1990(2)64 million1991 edition publication index annual report
1991(3)65 million1992 edition publication index annual report
1992(4)65 million1993 edition publication index annual report
1993(5)65 million1994 edition publication index annual report
1994(6)65 million1995 edition publication index annual report
1995(7)75 million1996 edition publication index annual report
1996(8)75 million1997 edition publication index annual report
1997(9)70 million1998 edition publication index annual report
1998(10)67 million1999 edition publication index annual report
1999(11)60 million2000 edition publication index annual report
2000(12)60 million2001 edition publication index annual report
2003(15)35 million2004 edition publication index annual report ISBN-4 9901618-1-5
2004(16)30 million2005 edition publication index annual report ISBN-4 9901618-2-3
2005(17)32 million2006 edition publication index annual report ISBN-4 9901618-3-1
2006(18)32 million2007 edition publication index annual report ISBN 978-4-9901618-4-2
2007(19)32 million2008 edition publication index annual report ISBN 978-4-9901618-5-9
2008(20)30 million2009 edition publication index annual report ISBN 978-4-9901618-6-6
2009(21)29 million2010 edition publication index annual report ISBN 978-4-9901618-7-3
2010(22)27 million2011 edition publication index annual report ISBN 978-4-9901618-8-0
2011(23)28 million2012 edition publication index annual report ISBN 978-4-9901618-9-7
2012(24)26 million2013 edition publication index annual report ISBN 978-4-915084-00-3
2013(25)25 million2014 edition publication index annual report ISBN 978-4-915084-01-0
2014(26)24 million2015 edition publication index annual report ISBN 978-4-915084-02-7
2015(27)21 million2016 edition publication index annual report ISBN 978-4-915084-03-4

The above number of copiesNational Publishing AssociationIt is an estimated value for publication in the "Publishing Index Annual Report", and its characteristics differ from the nominal value.

Special issue

"Monthly Shonen Champion" was launched in 1970,Adventure king], became a brother magazine in the form of absorbing the manga part. After that, a special issue was published focusing on reading by new writers, and there was also a period in the early 1980s when the "Weekly Shonen Champion Special Edition Young Champion" was occasionally published as a youth magazine.

Currently there is no special issue that is regularly published,Hanma FangOf theEvery time! Urayasu rebar family"Every time! Urayasu rebar family extra number", which publishes new works and masterpiece selections, and readings by new gag writers, is published irregularly.

Derivative magazine


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注 釈

  1. ^ Champion editor Jun Ito (2002-2005 deputy editor) who pushed these lines forward, and now almost all comicalized works and moe-based works are "Champion RED』Move to.
  2. ^ However, the media mix plan (card game) was blank during the serialization.
  3. ^ Until April 2009, 12 merger issue released on December 24, 2010.


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