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👩‍🎤 | Sakurazaka46 Mizuho Habu, Online Event <GHS NIGHT APEX LEGENDS ~ ELL…

Photo Sakurazaka46 Mizuho Habu, online event <GHS NIGHT APEX LEGENDS ~ 10 yen if you defeat ELLY ~ EPISODE2> Appearance decision!

Sakurazaka46 Mizuho Habu, online event <GHS NIGHT APEX LEGENDS ~ ELL…

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Mizuho Habu of Sakurazaka46 will be on the official YouTube channel of e-elements and SKY PerfecTV from 6:20 on Sunday, June 18th!

Mizuho Habu of Sakurazaka46 will be on the official YouTube channel of e-elements from 6:20 on Sunday, June 18th ... → Continue reading


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Mizuho Dobu

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: For face photoImage providedplease.(August, 2021)

Mizuho Habu(Mizuho Habu,1997〈Heisei9 years>May 7 -) isJapan OfIdol,Fashion ModelAnd a female idol groupSakurazaka46Members of[3],JJ] Exclusive model[4]and"CLASSY.]'S model[5][6].TokyoBackground[3].. Height 171.6 cm[1].. Blood typeA type[3].


Born in Tokyo, August 1997, 7[7]..When I was in the 5th grade of elementary school, the fashion magazine "Nicola』I long for a model and dream of a celebrity[8]..When I was in the first year of junior high school, I was scouted as a model in Harajuku, but my parents scolded me to study.[8], I rebelled against "I'm studying at a cram school" and sometimes ran away from home[8]..However, after spending about an hour in the park, I came home soon after it got cold.[8]..At the cram school, I just ate sweets and didn't study at all, so I failed the first choice school[8]..I was particular about making notes, and although the notes and class attitude scores were good, my grades did not improve because I did not study for the exam.[8]..The entertainer gives up and begins thinking about going another way in the future[8].

When I was in the first year of high school[9],Anime"K-on!Joined the light music club under the influence of Azusa Nakano[10].. Belong for 1 year[8], With an electric guitarONE OK ROCKI played the song etc.[9]..Wake up fashionably[11], Thinking to become a designer and hair and makeup artist in the future[11], When I was in the third year of high school, I had passed a beauty school as a destination, but as a last memory of my high school days[12], To apply the recommendation of the circle companion to the audition of zelkova hill 46[10].

On August 2015, 8, passed the first-year audition for Keyakizaka21.[13]..I was planning to go to a beauty school, but I thought I shouldn't give up considering the children who challenged the audition.[12].Nogizaka46After passing the audition, I started studying about[8].

April 2016, 4, Fashion & Music Event "GirlsAward 2016 SPRING / SUMMER』Play the only model appearance in Keyakizaka46[14].

2017/4/9[15],radio"Let's do it a little bit!』(MBS Radio) started appearing as a regular personality[16].. October 2017, 10, Keyakizaka25's 46th single "Even if the wind blowsServe as the first front desk[17].

April 2018, 5, women's fashion magazine ``JJBecame an exclusive model from the July 2018 issue of[4].. From November 2018th to 11th, 16,Zambi』First experience on stage[18].


Nickname is Habu-chan[19], Mi-chan[20], Mizu[4], Mizu[21], Mizuho[Note 1], Advance Habu[Note 2]..When I was in high school, I was called Chanmizu.Also,Haraichi OfYuuki IwaiFromHubmiIt is called.Family composition is father, mother[Note 3], Habu 3 people[8]..Only child[8]..I have a toy poodle[25], It is referred to as a good read the black from the opposite from that the color is black[22]..Winter is get up in the morning and kicked in the toy poodle that has entered into the futon from the cold[22]..Japanese Kanji Kentei Level 5[26].


My favorite food is chocolate[27], Spicy hot pot dish[20].. My favorite color is pink[11]..My favorite song is Vocaloid's "Senbonzakura","I have fan club'[22].. My favorite song at Nogizaka46 is "Romantic squid","Impatient snail'[22].

The future of the dreamMai ShiraishiTo be an idol like[23].


My hobby is anime[28],game[29].

The anime is "lovelive!I fell in love with it[30]..I also like anime songs[3]..When I was a kidKirarin Revolution』And read[8],Anime"Oja Witch DoremiOr "Card Captor Sakura], [Sailor MoonI was collecting goods such as ”, but I didn't like anime[31].. What is your favorite anime"Attack on Titan","lovelive!","A city without me"[30],Sword Art Online"[32]..My favorite anime character is Armin Arlert from "Attack on Titan"[30], "Love Live!" Kotori Minami, Nico Yazawa, Maki Nishikino[33].. 『Love Live! Sunshine!!』I recommend Ruby Kurosawa[34].

The game is a group that takes a break[35]..Play home video games a lot[36].. My favorite game is "Resident Evil"[37],Mario series"[32].. In addition,Dragon quest』And also play[24]..Music games are preferred at arcades[22].


Special skill is makeover[38], Cosplay[25],ballet[28].

Cosplay has always been a dream to become a character in the game world[39],Resident Evil III"ofAliceI have shown off my cosplay[40]..Longing for men's fashion[41].

When I was three years old, my mother taught me ballet because there was a ballet class in my neighborhood.[8]..Modern ballet in elementary school[8], I learned classical ballet when I was in junior high school[20]..When I was in junior high school, I didn't do club activities and continued to learn ballet.[8].

Sakurazaka46 (Keyakizaka46)

Keyakizaka46 fashion leader[42]..Skirt group[25].. At the age of 20[43], I cut the long hair that was under my chest to the shoulders and darkened the color[44].. I thought that when I turned 20, I would naturally grow up, but I didn't, so I changed it consciously.[21]..What I want to challenge in the future is cooking[45].

The members I would like to recommend at Keyakizaka46Yuka Sugai[46].Kobayashi YuiIs forming a unit of "Incense Sisters"[47].

"Can't you write Keyakitte?』Rarely dressed as a character called" Herb-san "[48].

Quite natural in the group[49]..For example, "Red and White Singing ContestAnd 'Shine! Japan Record AwardWhen I saw the old black-and-white video used for the opening of the movie, I misunderstood that the video was not black and white, but the city itself was black and white, and I used to live in a world without color.[49]..Also, "fictitiousautobiographyIn the questionnaire, "Please give a title to", the meaning of the autobiography is a yakiniku restaurant.LianyuanI thought it was like a sister restaurant, so I misunderstood that I should answer my favorite menu, and as a result, the questionnaire said "Beef tongue (plum sauce)".[50].





Slope AKB




Video work


TV drama




  • Zambi(November 2018-11, 16, TOKYO DOME CITY HALL) --TEAM "RED" Class President Yukio Katsura[57].



  • Girls Award
    • GirlsAward 2016 SPRING / SUMMER (April 2016, 4, Yoyogi National Gymnasium No. 9 Gymnasium) --dazzlin[59].
    • GirlsAward 2016 AUTUMN / WINTER (October 2016, 10, Yoyogi National Gymnasium No. 8 Gymnasium) -one way[60].
    • GirlsAward 2017 SPRING / SUMMER (May 2017, 5, Yoyogi National Gymnasium No. 3 Gymnasium) -evelyn[61].
    • GirlsAward 2017 AUTUMN / WINTER (2017 May 9, 16, Makuhari Messe) - Bershka[62].
    • GirlsAward 2018 SPRING / SUMMER (May 2018, 5, Makuhari Messe) -R19G[63].
    • GirlsAward 2018 AUTUMN / WINTER (September 2018, 9, Makuhari Messe) -R16G[64].
    • Rakuten Girls Award 2019 SPRING / SUMMER (May 2019, 5, Makuhari Messe) --GUESS[65].
    • Rakuten Girls Award 2019 AUTUMN / WINTER (September 2019, 9, Makuhari Messe)-AG by aquagirl[66].
    • Tokyo Virtual Runway Live by GirlsAward vol.1 (June 2020, 6, ABEMA exclusive live distribution)[67].
  • Witness a cyberattack! 2017 (March 2017, 3, Bellesalle Akihabara) --Talk Event[68].
  • Tokyo Girls Collection
    • TGC KITAKYUSHU 2018 by TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION (October 2018, 10, West Japan General Exhibition Center New Building)[69]
    • SDGs Promotion TGC Shizuoka 2019 by TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION (January 2019, 1, Twin Messe Shizuoka) --jakke[70].
    • Mynavi presents 28th Tokyo Girls Collection 2019 SPRING / SUMMER (March 2019, 3, Yokohama Arena) --TGC SPECIAL COLLECTION[71].
    • TGC KUMAMOTO 2019 by TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION (April 2019, 4, Grandmesse Kumamoto)[72]
    • TGC TOYAMA 2019 by TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION (July 2019, 7, Toyama City Gymnasium) -REDYAZEL[73].
    • Mynavi presents 29th Tokyo Girls Collection 2019 AUTUMN / WINTER (September 2019, 9, Saitama Super Arena) -REDYAZEL[74].
    • SDGs Promotion TGC Shizuoka 2020 by TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION (January 2020, 1, Twin Messe Shizuoka) -R11G[75].
    • The 30th My Navi Tokyo Girls Collection 2020 SPRING/SUMMER (February 2020, 2, Yoyogi National Gymnasium No. 29 Gymnasium)[76]
    • 31st Mynavi presents Tokyo Girls Collection 2020 AUTUMN / WINTER ONLINE (September 2020, 9, Saitama Super Arena) [77]
    • The 32th My Navi Tokyo Girls Collection 2021 SPRING/SUMMER (February 2021, 2, Yoyogi National Gymnasium No. 28 Gymnasium)[78]


Magazine serialization


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注 釈

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  3. ^ My mother is from a fashion school[24].
  4. ^ Midnight Monday-Broadcast four times a week on Thursday midnight for three weeks[53].
  5. ^ April 2020th, 4-The title of the 5th broadcast (three times at the end of the appearance) has been changed to "Appare! ~ Saturday ~".


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