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The popular science blockbuster, which has attracted many readers all over the world and has become a bestseller in Japan, is back in a form that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike!

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Popular science

"Popular science』(Popular Science) IsThe United States of AmericaQuarterly published inPopular scienceIt is a magazine and publishes articles on the theme of science and technology for the masses.PopScienceIs abbreviated.

"Popular Science" has won more than 58 awards so far, including(English editionAwards (2003 General Excellence Award, 2004 Magazine Category Best Award, 2019 Single Special Issue) are included. "Popular Science" was first published in 1872[2].. Translated into over 30 languages ​​and distributed to at least 45 countries

First issue

January 1872(English editionBy "Monthly Popular Science" (Popular Science Monthly), Which was launched to disseminate scientific knowledge to educated ordinary people.[3]..Umans previously published the weekly magazine Appleton's Journal (Appleton's Journal) Has worked as an editor and called on a former colleague to join the editing of a new magazine.Early issues were mostly reprints of British periodicals.This magazine hasCharles Darwin,Thomas Henry Huxley,Louis Pasteur,Henry Ward Beecher,Charles Sanders Peirce,William james,Thomas edison,John Dewey,James McKeen CattellContributed by.Edward's younger brother(English editionCooperated with the launch of "Popular Science" and was also active as an editor. Became editor-in-chief after Edward's death in 1887[4] .

Publisher(English editionWas forced to sell the magazine in 1900 for financial reasons[5]..That same year, James McKeen became the editor and in 1901 the publisher.Cattell had a scholarly background and continued to publish articles for educated readers.

Changes to popular science journals

By 1915, the number of readers had declined, and the publication of scientific journals had become a financial issue. In an editorial in the September 1915 issue, Cattel explained these difficulties to readers and announced that they had "transferred" the name "Popular Science" to a group that wanted a name suitable for a popular science journal. ..The following month, subscribers will continue to carry on the academic tradition.(English edition''(The Scientific Monthly) Will be sent to you[6].. "The Scientific Monthly" was published in 1958.ScienceWas absorbed by[7].

It is a modern publisher that has acquired the name "Popular Science".This company said in 1914Electrician and Mechanic''(Electrician and Mechanic) Acquired the magazine, and over the next two years, merged several magazines into a popular scientific journal.The magazine changed its title many times in a short period of time. "Modern Electrics and Mechanics" (Modern Electrics and Mechanics), "Popular Electricity and Modern Mechanics" (Popular Electricity and Modern Mechanics), "Modern Mechanics" (Modern Mechanics), "World's Advance" (World's Advance).The title of the October 1915 issue, the first issue after the acquisition, is "Popular Science Monthly and Worlds Advance" (Popular Science Monthly and World's Advance)was.The volume was inherited from Volume 87, Issue 4 and "Popular Science", but the content was that of "World's Advance".The new editor-in-chief saidScientific AmericanFormer editor-in-chief(English editionwas[8][9].

The changes in the monthly "Popular Science" were dramatic.It used to be an academic journal that published 100 to 8 articles on 10 pages, and had about 10 to 20 photographs and illustrations.The new version features hundreds of short, easy-to-read articles and hundreds of illustrations.Popular scienceIt became a magazine.The editor-in-chief, Kempfert, has defined the magazine's target audience as "craftsmen and hobbyists who want to know something about the world of science."The circulation doubled in the first year[5].

1935から1949OverParamount moviesMovie(English edition』Sponsored the series.

Recent history

Popular Science Publishing is headquartered in Los Angeles in 1967(English editionAcquired by the company. In 2000, Times Miller is based in Chicago(English editionMerged with the company and published Times Mirror magazine the following yearTime (At that timeTime WarnerSold to a subsidiary of). January 2007, 1, Time Warner published this magazine(English editionSold to[10].

In January 2016, we switched from monthly magazine publication for 1 years to bimonthly publication.[11].. It was announced that it will be a quarterly magazine in September 2018[12].


1872-1900(English edition
1900-1901(English edition
1901-1915Science Press
1915-1924Modern publisher
1924-1967Popular science publisher
1967-1973Popular Science Publishing Company (a subsidiary of Times Mirror)
1973-2000(English editionCompany
2007-(English edition

Source: American Mass-Market Magazines[5] The Wall Street Journal[13] and New York Post.[14]

Browse previously published editions

Google Books publishes all editions published from the first issue to 2009 and can be viewed for free[15].

Japanese version

In Japan, several Japanese editions have been published by different publishers.The Japanese version is from Evening Star from November 1947 to the 11s.Diamond CompanyFrom November 1981 to March 11,Trans world japanPublished from the December 2000 issue to March 12[16][17][18].

Cover of Japanese version published by World Science


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best seller

best seller(Best seller) sold wellProductsThat. EspeciallyBookI often say about[1].. This section details cumulative book bestsellers. It should be noted that in the publishing industry,bookstoreThe best-selling book announced by a major agency is the average because the customer sources differ from bookstore to bookstore.[2].


Bestsellers are products that have sold well, especially when it comes to books.Music cd,video, Often used for media contents. Other products may also be used as "best-selling products."

This section details book bestsellers.


A book's bestseller is a book that sells most prominently. It is a relative comparison with other books.[Note 1].. It is not decided based on absolute standards, such as how many books or months[Note 2] [Note 3].. The best-selling standards differ depending on the field, and the line drawing differs depending on the market size.[4].. For exampleChildren's bookIn the case of, 2 copies may be the bestseller. The number of children's books sold is generally small.


First, let's talk about the best-selling and best-selling bestsellers.

Biggest bestseller in human history[5], A global bestseller that has been read for thousands of years[6] TheBibleIs[7].. Between 1815 and 1998, an estimated 3880 billion books have been published.[8]In the year 2000 alone, about 1 million books were published by the Bible Society around the world (announced by the International Bible Society). In that Bible, especially in ChristianityThe Old TestamentThe part called "" is a book commonly adopted by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and is read by more than half of humankind, and has a great influence on human thought. Is a book[7].


Bestseller in a single book

Over 1 million copies
Book titleYear of announcement著者Original languageNumber of copies (volume)Original title
Two city stories1859Charles DickensEnglish2 million[9]A Tale of Two Cities
Ring story1954 1955J・R・R・TolkienEnglish1 million copies[10][11]The Lord of the Rings
Red House Dream1759-1791Cao XueqinChinese1 millionBeni Yume/Kourou Yume
Hobbit adventure1937J・R・R・TolkienEnglish1 million[12]The Hobbit
And nobody left1939Agatha ChristieEnglish1 million[13]And Then There Were None
Alchemist-A Boy Who Traveled the Dream1988Paulo CoelhoPortuguese1 millionO Alchemist
5000 million-less than 1 million
Book titleYear of announcement著者Original languageNumber of copies (volume)Original title
Lion and witch1950C.S.LewisEnglish8500 millionThe Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
(English edition1887Henry Rider HaggardEnglish8300 millionShe: A History of Adventure
Little Prince1943Antoine de Saint ExuperyFrench8000 million[14]The little Prince
Da vinci code2003Dan BrownEnglish8000 millionThe Da Vinci Code
(English edition1937Napoleon HillEnglish7000 million[15]Think and Grow Rich
(English edition1892Ellen G. WhiteEnglish6000 millionSteps to Christ
Caught in the rye field1951JD SalingerEnglish6000 million[16]The Catcher in the Rye
Black horse story1877Anna SchuellEnglish5000 millionBlack Beauty: His Grooms and Companions: The autobiography of a horse
Heidi's training and itinerant times1880Johanna SupiriGerman5000 million[17]Heidis Lehr- und Wanderjahre
Redhead anne1908L・M・MontgomeryEnglish5000 millionAnne of Green Gables
Dr. Spock's childcare book1946Benjamin SpockEnglish5000 millionThe Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care
Lolita1955Vladimir NabokovEnglish5000 millionLolita
Rose name1980Umberto EcoItalian5500 millionThe Name of The rose

There is also a list after this. Detail isList of best selling booksExplained in.

Major best-selling authors

The best-selling global aggregates are noteworthy and important, so here are the top ten:

作家Estimated number of sales (minimum)Estimated sales volume (highest)Original languageGenre/TitleNumber of publicationsCitizenship
William Shakespeare20 million[18]40 million[19]EnglishDramaPoetryThe United Kingdom
Agatha Christie20 million[20]40 million[19]Englishreasoning,Miss Marple], [Hercule Poulo"85The United Kingdom
Barbara Kirtland (en)5 million[21]10 million[22]Englishlove723The United Kingdom
Harold Robbins (en)7 million copies[23]7 million copies[24]Englishadventure23America
Georges Simnon5 million[25]7 million[26]FrenchReasoning, "Jules Maigret"570ベルギー
Enid Brighton3 million[27]6 million[28]EnglishChildren's literature,Noddy"800The United Kingdom
Daniel Steel5 million copies[29]5 million copies[30]Englishlove72America
Dr. Sousse (en)1 million[31]5 million[32]EnglishChildren's literature44America
(en)1 million copies[33]5 million[34]Englishadventure209America
Lev Tolstoy4 million copies[35]Russianロシア

There is also a list after this. For details, see the list of best-selling authors.


Books (excluding dictionaries, encyclopedias, study/examination reference books)

works著者Release yearInfomationCirculationRemarks
Tips for Multidisciplinary Nursing at Home (Akamoto)Takichi Tsukita1925Kensaku Hirobunkan →
Mikiensha/Takichi Takita store
1000 million[36][37]
Norway Forest(Top/bottom)Haruki Murakami1987Kodansha1000 million[38]
Totto in the window windowTetsuko Kuroyanagi1981Kodansha800 million[39]The left is the cumulative circulation in Japan, and the cumulative circulation worldwide is 2371 million.[40].
Little PrinceAntoine de Saint Exupery
Naito Rin(Translation)
1953Iwanami Shoten600 million[41]
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's StoneJK rolling
Yuko Matsuoka(Translation)
1999Shizuyamasha506 million[42]
Five unsatisfiedHiroshi Otobu1998Kodansha477 million[42]More than 550 million copies including paperback books
Open the wayKonosuke Matsushita1968PHP Institute450 million[43]
Home medicineTatsuo Kobayashi (supervised)1949Jiji Press435 million[43]
Harry Potter and the Secret RoomJK rolling
Yuko Matsuoka(Translation)
2000Shizuyamasha433 million[42]
Move peopleDale Carnegie
Hiroshi Yamaguchi
1958Sogensha430 million[44][Broken link]

Dictionary, encyclopedia, study/examination reference book

works著者Release yearInfomationCirculation
Shinmei Solution Japanese DictionaryTadao Yamada (ed.)1972Sanseido2040 million[45]
English basic vocabularyYoshio Akao1942Obunsha1720 million[46]
English words for the examIchiro Mori1967Seishun Publisher1488 million[46]
New English-Japanese dictionaryShigeru Takebayashi(Edit)1967Research society1200 million[47]
KojienShinmura Departure(Edit)1955Iwanami Shoten1177 million[48]
Obunsha dictionaryAkira Matsumura(Edit)1960Obunsha1100 million[49]
Sanseido Japanese dictionaryGobo Miki(Edit)1960Sanseido1000 million[50]
English words for the testIchiro Mori1974Seishun Publisher980 million[46]
English standard problem trainingHara Sensaku1933Obunsha950 million[51]
Iwanami Japanese DictionaryNishio Minoru(Edit)1963Iwanami Shoten880 million[52]
Newly selected Japanese dictionaryKanesuke Ichida(Edit)1959Shogakukan860 million[53]

Series works (excluding manga)

  • Depending on the work, sales of paperback books are included
works著者Volume 1 releasedInfomationCirculationRemarks
AnpanmanTakashi Yanase1970Flavel Building8100 million[54]
Kazuko HosokiSix-star scryYour destinyKazuko Hosoki1987KK Best Sellers7000 million[55]
Kaiketsu ZororiYutaka Hara1987Poplar company3500 million[56]
NontanKiyono Sachiko1976Kasei-sha3360 million[57]
Guin SagaKaoru Kurimoto1979Hayakawa Publishing3300 million[58]
Tokugawa IeyasuYamaoka Sohachi1950Kodansha3000 million[59][Broken link]
Can series1994Impress3000 million[60]
Calico HomesJiro Akagawa1978Kobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.2600 million[61]
Super Illustrated Series1996Exmedia2500 million[62]
Onihira criminal record bookShotaro Ikenami1968文藝 春秋2440 million[63]The number of paperback books only.


  • JapanManga whose sales in Japan exceeded 1 million copies
works著者Start serializationInfomationCirculation
ONE PIECEEiichiro Oda1997Shueisha4 million[64] 
Golgo 13Saito Takao1968Leid3 million[65]
ド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ルAkira Toriyama1985Shueisha1 million copies[66]
Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika WardAkimoto Osamu1976Shueisha1 million copies[67]
NarutoMasashi Kishimoto1999Shueisha1 million copies[68]
Demon BladeGotoge Yosei2016Shueisha1 million copies (including electronic version)[69]
Detective ConanGosho Aoyama1994Shogakukan1 million copies[70]
Delicious ShinboSatoshi Kariya(Original)
Hanasaki Akira(Drawing)
1983Shogakukan1 million copies[71]
SLAM DUNKTakehiko Inoue1990Shueisha1 million copies (full version included)[72]
Astro boyOsamu Tezuka1952Kobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.1 million[73]
DoraemonFujiko F. Fujio1969Shogakukan1 million[74]
touchAdachi Mitsuru1981Shogakukan1 million copies (including paperback edition)[75]
JoJo's Bizarre AdventureHirohiko Araki1987Shueisha1 million[76]
Kindaichi Shonen Case FilesAmagi Seimaru(Original plan/Original)
Yozaburo Kinari(Original)
Fumiya Sato(Drawing)
1992Kodansha1 million[77]

Shincho Bunko (as of August 2005)

(Shincho Bunko)
1 bitHeartNatsume Soseki1952Over 600 million copies
2 bitHuman disqualificationOsamu Dazai1952
3 bit老人 と 海Ernest Hemingway
1966Over 500 million copies
4 bit友情Warrior alley1947Over 400 million copies
5 bitThe StrangerAlbert Camus
Keisaku Kubota(Translation)
6 bitBocchanNatsume Soseki1950
7 bitBreakingShimazaki Fujimura1954
8 bitHello by sadnessFrancoise sagan
Asako Asbuki(Translation)
9 bitSnow countryYasunari Kawabata1947
10 bitSunsetOsamu Dazai1950

Iwanami Bunko (as of December 2012)

1 bitSocrates's defense-ClitonPlato
Tsutomu Kubo (translation)
162.8 million
2 bitBocchanNatsume Soseki139.0 million
2 bitEmile(Up)Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Kazuo Konno (Translation)
139.0 million
4 bitArgumentConfucius
Osamu Kanaya(Translation)
131.4 million
5 bitHeartNatsume Soseki130.0 million
6 bitSpoon of silverNaka Kansuke128.1 million
7 bitCommunist declarationKarl Marx
Friedrich Engels
Ouchi Bei(Translation)
Itou Kosaka(Translation)
127.1 million
8 bitGood researchKitaro Nishida121.4 million
9 bitDifferent abstractYui yen
Kaneko Daiei(School note)
120.0 million
10 bitRecord of Ancient MattersAida Hieda
Kenji Kurano(School note)
119.9 million


Agency that announces bestsellers
  • Tohan -4 categories, 8 fields, "general", "books (literary/nonfiction/business/game-related books)", "new books (novels/nonfiction)", "complete works" according to "weekly" "first half" "year" Have been announced.
  • Japanese publishing sales -Announced "Weekly Ranking".
Bookstores that have announced bestsellers

Long seller

Long seller(Long hit) refers to a product that continues to sell for a long time.

In the case of books, it will be "books that have been selling for a long time", but the standard of long-selling is vague and before it pointed to books that could be sold in units of several years, but since the weight of sales shifted to new publications, half a year If it continues to sell, it is called a long seller[2].. Even if a person sells as a best seller, it does not always become a long seller, and on the contrary, it may continue to be sold as a long seller even if it does not appear as a best seller. Therefore, even if the initial sales were poor,topicsex(ReviewsIt may continue to sell for a long period of time due to such reasons).

Typical books that can be sold for a long time are masterpieces of literature, picture books, and life lessons of great men.[2].


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注 釈

  1. ^ The English words "most" and "best" do not indicate the highest rank. Check the English dictionary.
  2. ^ Points to over 100 million salesMillion sellerIs different from.
  3. ^ in Japan,Minoru ShiozawaSaid that "a book that sold double-digit units (more than 2 copies) in a short period of time" was a bestseller[3][4].


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