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📱 | Sand Date "Smartphone is difficult" Blog update is stagnant and "really tired"


Sand Date "Smartphones are difficult" Blog updates are stagnant and "really tired"

If you write the contents roughly
I haven't used LINE yet, and people around me recommend it, but he commented, "Short mail is enough."

Sandwichman Mikio Date talked about her concerns about smartphones in her blog on June 6th. June 16 ... → Continue reading


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Short mail

Short mailOnceNTT DoCoMoWas offered byMOVA(800MHz band) andCity phoneCan be sent and received withShort message service(SMS).


This SMS was launched on June 1997, 6 as a Japanese mobile phone ahead of other companies (it was already introduced in PHS).A new element of emailing on mobile phones was born,DDI Cellular Group,Digital phoneOther companies in the same industry have followed suit and started similar services.The maximum number of characters that can be sent and received is 50 full-width and half-width characters.

Sending a message is a character sending typePagerCall the short mail center from a telephone that can issue a push signal in the same way as callingDTMFWith the other party's mobile phone number and text2 touchCreate by inputting and sending with, and character input and screen operation by the short mail function of the compatible terminal,Circuit switchingThere is a method of sending to the short mail center by the method.

When you receive a message at the Short Mail CenterPush type communicationA message is sent to the other party and received.If you are out of service area or busy, the center will store it for a certain period of time, and if you can communicate with the terminal within the deadline, you will receive it, but if the deadline is exceeded, the center message will be deleted.

Mova started in January 1999i-modeContractors can also use short mailBackward compatibilityIs planned,i-mode additional function usage feeShort mail contracts were not possible (same for the 50Xi series, where i-mode contracts are compulsory).

電子 メ ー ル Ofi-mode mail(@ Docomo.ne.jp) and short mail were initially separate services, but from July 1999, 7, short mail addressed to i-mode subscribers will not be sent from the short mail center, but will be sent at the i-mode center. It has been changed to convert to i-mode mail and send it (mova only).However, packet communication charges were charged when receiving i-mode mail.In addition, it is not compatible with FOMA SMS, and it has been impossible to send short mails from SMS to mova / Citiphone (short mail center pushphone operation is also not possible), but from SMS in December 30 However, it has been improved so that it can be converted to i-mode mail (iMS) and received.It is also possible to send the caller ID with or without notification.

New application for short mail will end on March 2009, 3[1], The short mail service has also ended with the end of the mova service on March 2012, 3. FOMA andXiAlthough SMS is called "SMS" instead of "short mail", it is not uncommon for DoCoMo and its users to collectively call it "short mail" because the name "short mail" has become widespread.[2].


Monthly usage fee is 105 yen (tax included).The transmission charge is 30 yen every 5.25 seconds for the new rate plan, and half the price of Plan A for the old rate plan (half the call charge for the long-term plan).Receiving from the short mail center is free.However, if you are an i-mode subscriber and receive by i-mode mail, it costs about 1 yen per mail.

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