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👍 | TOKIO ・ Taichi Kokubun reports the completion of branding of the company logo.


TOKIO / Taichi Kokubun reports the completion of branding of the company logo.

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Taichi Kokubun, who belongs to TOKIO, has released his branding iron.The design is very cool and highly acclaimed by fans. T ... → Continue reading


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TOKYO(Tokio)Japan OfMale idol group[3],rock band[2]Is.Belongs to TOKIO Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of Johnny's office.BelongsRecord company TheJay Storm..In this article, I belongTOKIO Co., Ltd.Will also be described.


Current member

NameDate of BirthBirth PlaceBlood TypeIn charge of performance
Shigeru Joshima[4]
(Shigeru Joshima)
(1970-11-17) 1970May 11(50 years old)NaraOleader,guitar,vocal[5]
Taichi Kokubun[6]
(Kokubun Taichi)
(1974-09-02) 1974May 9(46 years old)TokyoOkeyboard,vocal[5]
Matsuoka Masahiro[7]
(Masahiro Matsuoka)
(1977-01-11) 1977May 1(44 years old)HokkaidoA typeDrums,vocal[5]

Former member

NameDate of BirthBirth PlaceBlood TypeIn charge of performanceYear of withdrawal
Hiromu Kojima
(Hiromu Kojima)
(1976-10-24) 1976May 10(44 years old)ChibaVocal, guitar1994[8]
Tatsuya Yamaguchi[9]
(Tatsuya Yamaguchi)
(1972-01-10) 1972May 1(49 years old)SaitamaOベ ー,vocal2018[10]
Tomoya Nagase[11]
(Tomoya Nagase)
(1978-11-07) 1978May 11(42 years old)KanagawaOguitar,vocal2021


Until the CD debut

1989, TV AsahiEntertainment shows"Idol Republic"At the inner,"Heike schoolJoshima and Yamaguchi, who were members of "Shigeru Joshima Band" (commonly known as "Joshima Band"), formed a unit (the predecessor unit name is "JURIA").After that, the presidentJanie KitagawaBut"TOKIO BANDI gave the band name.This TOKIO BAND is the direct predecessor of the current TOKIO.

1990In April, Kokubu (from the "Heike school" like Joshima and Yamaguchi) and Matsuoka said "SMAP schoolAfter joining Joshima (no Yamaguchi) as a selected member, the first TOKIO was formed by three people.A little lateHiromu KojimaJoins and becomes a 4-member group.The activities of these four people continued for a while, but Yamaguchi returned to being a TOKIO member after Jojima negotiated with Johnny Kitagawa.

1992From aroundJohnny's Jr.Nagase, who had been prominent in the world, will occasionally join as a support.From then until his debut, he had an irregular composition such as 5 members excluding Nagase in magazines and radio, and 6 members including Nagase in TV and live, and he was also active in a two-group system of dance team and band team. ..Jojima belongs only to the band side, and the rest of the members belong to both sides.mainlyBoy corps,Light genji,SMAPIn charge of backing dancers and backing bands, he has also experienced accompanying tours and live performances, and appearing in leading musicals.

1993From 10 month 10 day,NHK-BS2"Idol on stage』Started regular appearance (until December 1994).

1994January 1-January 5, first live tour at live houses in 1 major cities nationwide (23 performances in total)

May 5, the same year, OsakaShochikuzaPerform a live performance of "1 performances a day".
Kojima suddenly left TOKIO and left Johnny's office just before his CD debut, so Nagase was promoted to an official member, and after that, he will be active with five people for 24 years until Yamaguchi withdraws.
July 7st of the same year,Nippon BudokanMake a press release of the CD debut at.
August 8th of the same year-August 10th, concert tours in 8 major cities nationwide (30 performances in total)
July 9st of the same year,Sony RecordsFrom "LOVE YOU ONLYDebuted on CD.The catchphrase is "It's not the reason why I kept you waiting"was.This debut song is2019It is still TOKIO's biggest hit single.


Two months after the CD debut1994May 11I gave a concert at Nippon Budokan.same yearMay 12The fastest record in history at that time, 3 months and 10 days after debut (WaT,NiziU,Sakurazaka46Updated this record afterwards)The 45th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』The first appearance in.To red and white even before the CD debutBoy corps,Light genjiAppeared as a back dancer1996At the time of appearanceKoji TamakiAlso acted as a back in the "countryside" of2017He had participated 24 times in a row.This is an artist who belongs to Johnny's office (including an artist who once belonged to Johnny's office) and is the most appearance record in the NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen (2019At the time).

1995May 11,The! Astro Boy! DASH!!』(Nippon TVSystem) Broadcast started.After that, it will be a signboard program that represents TOKIO.Also, at the same time as broadcasting, although it is a project, it is an idolAgriculture:,Fishery:,dairy,Manufacturing industryAnd so on, "Agricultural idol(Agricultural dollar) ”Is regarded as a representative.Of the five members in the program, Yamaguchi and Kokubu are called "Tatsuya" and "Taichi", respectively.ZIP!The name "Tatsuya (san)" has taken root in other programs such as "Tatsuya".

1997May 12,1995May 1Occurred inGreat Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeAs a charity activity to1997TOKIO, who had debuted byV6-KinKi KidsAre united,J-FRIENDSAnnounced to form.First grade elementary school student at the time of the earthquake (1987May 4~1988May 4)ButCompulsory educationFinish2003The activity period was until March.All the released singles and mini-albums won first place with their first appearance.

1998May 8-23 days,24-hour TV "Love saves the earth" Let's get started now』(Nippon TV series), served as a personality for the first time.

1999, "15 minutes (Joshima / Yamaguchi / Kokubu)" and "Pink (Nagase / Matsuoka /)" in the program planning of "The! Tetsuwan! DASH !!"Kiyoshiro Imawano) ”, Released an indie CD. (Only some stores in Kyushu.) After that, the CD of "15 minutes" was arranged differently.YESTERDAY & TODAY] At the time of release, it was presented as a privilege to 1000 people by lottery.


2001Single "Always this / my futureFrom Sony RecordsUniversal MusicTransferred to.In the same year, the single "Message / Hitoribochi HabrushFor the first time in the 7th year since debutOriconI won the first place.

2002,TBSThe drama ofYan PapaSingle "sing-dong" including the theme song "ding-dong"ding-dong / gliderReleased. The first TOKIO singleChristmas songWon the 1st place on the Oricon chart.

2003March 8th and 23th, "24-hour TV "Love saves the earth" The person who loves you the most ...』, Served as a second personality.

In 2003Tokai passenger railway(JR Tokai)Tokaido ShinkansenShinagawa Station"" which was tied up with the opening of the businessAMBITIOUS JAPAN!Was released and won the 1st place on the Oricon chart.The intro chime of this song was adopted for the Shinkansen train belonging to the company.

2004Johnny's hit song cover album "TOK10] Will be No. 1 on the Oricon chart.The producers of each song were top musicians from Japan and overseas.

2005ToFuji Television Network, Incof"Mentole GIn deciding the ending theme in the program, the songs written and composed by each member were released anonymously, and the viewers voted for Joshima's "My Love Circumstances and Kitchen Circumstances". Won the 1st place on the DVD single.


2006May 2, TBS Friday Drama "Night King ~YAOH~Is also the theme song of ""Mr. Traveling ManReleased, No. 1 on the Oricon chart for the first time. He won the first single in 2 years and 4 months.

2006May 6Is a single "Get Your DreamHas been released. TBSSoccer world cupThe title of the song isJapan national football team OfShunsuke NakamuraNamed by the player.

2006May 7, "Play with friends" shown on TV etc.ConceptBecause it matchedMicrosoft OfXbox 360 OfImage characterAppointed to.

2006May 8,Sorafune / do! Do! Do!Released.The recorded "Sorafune" is a Saturday drama on Nippon Television starring Nagase.My Boss My Hero』Theme song.The song was written and composed bySinger-songwriterMiyuki Nakajima.. The collaboration between TOKIO (Johnny's) and Miyuki Nakajima was realized by "Sorafune", which was inspired by "hard song rock".It first appeared on the Oricon chart and won the first place (the fifth work in total, the first time that TOKIO won the first place in two singles in the same year).In addition, the next2007"March opening"79th Selected High School Baseball Tournament""Opening ceremony OfEntrance marchWas also adopted.

2006May 10, The first album in 1 year and 8 monthsHarvest] Has been released.

2007May 3,Hikari no Machi / Run Free (Swan Dance with you)Released.This song, which is the second collaboration with a big artistYoshihiro KaiWrote and composed the lyrics.

2007May 8,Singer-songwriterMiyuki NakajimaThe second collaboration with ""Today, Immature / Over DriveReleased.NTV's Saturday drama "Starring Tatsuya Yamaguchi"God of examination』Theme song.

2007May 11,Youth SEISYuNReleased.TBS Friday drama starring Tomoya Nagase歌 姫』, And the lyrics and composition are by the singer-songwriterGo NagabuchiWorked on.This is the third collaboration with a big artist, and he won the top spot with his first single appearance in 3 year and 1 months.

2008May 3, Yamaguchi enrolled with a former model 5 years younger.I reported to the fans at the Nippon Budokan live on the same night.

In July 2008, the NTV drama "Matsuoka starring"Yasco and KenjiThe single "umbrella(Songwriting:Ringo Shiina, Arrangement:Tokyo Incidents) ”,Jay StormAnnounced to transfer to.

2010May 4, "The! Tetsuwan! DASH !!" project "Solar car Around Japan with a single stroke "will take 7 years to start in Tokyo(I.e.Goal to.

2010May 6,-far-Released. It is the theme song of "DASH Kaigan", a project of "The! Tetsuwan! DASH !!"TUBE OfMaeda Wataru-Michiya HaruhataReceived a song from. It was the first time in 2 years and 7 months since "Youth SEISYuN", and it was the first time since the transfer to J Storm.In addition, the cumulative sales of the previous work exceeded the cumulative sales of the previous work only in the first move.

In July 2010, the project "DASH Kaigan" of "The! Tetsuwan! DASH !!"Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismEvaluated from, "Marine DayAward (KantoRegional Development BureauReceived the "Award for Meritorious Persons Related to Ports and Airports)"[12][13].

August 2010th and 8th, 28, "24-hour TV "Love saves the earth" Thank you ~ I want to tell that person now ~』, Served as a second personality.


In May 2011, Matsuoka said, "High school restaurant』, Starred for the 7th time, Nippon TelevisionSaturday dramaThe number of starring in the frame was the highest ever.

June 2011, 9, ``TV Asahi Dream Festival 2011』(Nippon Budokan) appearance.

On September 2012, 9, the final performance of "TOKIO LIVE TOUR 23" (Nippon Budokan) will be broadcast live as a live cinema at 1718 movie theaters in 45 prefectures nationwide, excluding Wakayama and Tottori prefectures.

2013, single "LyricReleased.Most of the singles after this are written and composed by Nagase.

TOKIO, which celebrated its 2014th anniversary in 20, is Johnny's first outdoor festival "JOIN ALIVE], [Summer sonic].

July 2014, 7, TOKIO debut 16th anniversary best album "HEART』Released. On the Oricon chart dated July 2014, 7, it sold 28 copies in the first week and won the first place.In the single, "-far-It's been 4 years and 1 month since then, and the album "TOK10It was the first time in 9 years and 10 months since then.

The 2014th anniversary live "JRA 8th presents TOKIO 11th Anniversary Live Tour HEART" was held from August to November 20.

In the 2014 variety annual average audience rating ranking, the regular program "The! Astro Boy! DASH!!』Became the top with an average audience rating of 18.4%[14].

On September 2015, 9, Kokubu announced that he was married to an ordinary woman who was a former TBS employee three years younger.[15].


On August 2016, 8, Yamaguchi announced that he had divorced a former model five years younger.

August 2016, 9,Tokyo Olympics-ParalympicWas appointed as a special ambassador for the "Flag Tour", which travels around Tokyo and the whole country.

September 2019, 9, Jojima is a talentRisa KikuchiAnnounced that he was married[16].

Yamaguchi scandal, withdrawal

June 2018, 4, May 25, 2A program hosted by YamaguchiCo-starred inHigh school girlOn the other handObsceneOn suspicion of obscenity for doing something wrongDocument inspectionIt was reported that it was done[17]..In response to this, Yamaguchi held an apology conference the next day, and Johnny & Associates announced that performing arts activities would be dismissed indefinitely.[18]..After that, on May 5, four people other than Yamaguchi held a press conference, and on April 2, Shiroshima revealed that Yamaguchi submitted a "resignation" to TOKIO and offered to withdraw.In addition, Jojima said that Yamaguchi's treatment was put on hold without a conclusion on that day.[19]However, on the official website of Johnny's office, Yamaguchi's profile, photos, information on regular programs, etc. were deleted by the same day.[20].

On May 5, the same year, Johnny's office officially accepted the "resignation" submitted by Yamaguchi, which caused Yamaguchi to withdraw from TOKIO and also from Johnny's office.Johnny & Associates said, "Based on the strong will of the person.Janie KitagawaAs a result of discussions between the president and Shigeru Joshima, the contract was canceled. "[21][22].

Due to this influence, TOKIO will suspend music activities and will decline to appear in large music specials in the summer and the end of the year.In addition, he was not selected for the NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen, which he has participated in every year since his debut, and TOKIO's continuous participation record was cut off in 11 years, the 24th place in history.[23].

Withdrawal of Nagase, establishment of TOKIO Co., Ltd.

On July 2020, 7, Nagase will withdraw from TOKIO and Johnny's office in March 22, and will also retire from the entertainment world to create a new form of work behind the scenes of music. , The remaining three people announced that they will establish "TOKIO Co., Ltd.", an affiliated company of Johnny's Group, on April 2021st of the same year and continue their activities as a group.[24].. Nagase withdrew on March 2021, 3 and left Johnny's office.The remaining 31 people transferred to TOKIO Co., Ltd.

TOKIO Co., Ltd.

On July 2020, 7, the establishment of the company was announced with Nagase's withdrawal from TOKIO at the end of March 22.[26].. The remaining three members of TOKIO will leave Johnny's office on April 3, 2021 and will belong to the company.

Registered as a corporation on the day of the announcement and became the representative director (equivalent to the chairman)Fujishima Julie Keiko, Shiroshima was appointed as President (without representative rights), Kokubu was appointed as Executive Vice President / Planning, and Matsuoka was appointed as Executive Vice President / Public Relations.[27][28].

The official website was released on April 2021, 4, and the business as TOKIO Co., Ltd. was announced.[29].


"The! Tetsuwan! DASH !!" project "DASH village"ButFukushimaFutabaNamie TownFrom the edge inFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentIt has been revealed that he has appeared in Fukushima Prefecture's agricultural products PRCM since 2011 with no gala, in order to give back to Fukushima Prefecture, which suffered serious damage.[30]..In addition, on April 2021, 4 after the establishment of TOKIO Co., Ltd.,Fukushima Prefectural OfficeThe "TOKIO Section" is set up in the Planning and Coordination Section of the Planning and Coordination Department as a virtual organization that supports the realization of plans as a contact point between the company and related organizations such as municipalities and various organizations.[31].



2000cm single until "Night when I noticed love" in 8, Maxi single from "Dotsukokotsune" in 2001.About tie-upJohnny's tie-up listSee.In addition, Nagase is the vocalist for most of the songs, but there are some songs in which Yamaguchi and Jojima are the lead vocalists.As for Nagase, depending on the song, there are cases where a guitar is used and cases where the song is sung only with a handheld microphone without holding a guitar.

#Release datetitleCouplingHighest rank[Note 1][32]Recording album
Sony Records
11994/9/21 LOVE YOU ONLYThe times(TOKYOnice to meet you!3 bitTOKYO
21994/12/12 I want to protect you tomorrow ~ YAMATO2520 ~Eternal Constellation ~ YAMATO 2520 Love Theme ~7 bit
31995/4/12 Rumored kissBelievers of sorrow2 bitBad Boys Bound ~ TOKIO II ~
41995/6/21 I have to polish my heartMy uncle ~ My uncle is a nice guy ~3 bitBest EP Selection of TOKIO
51995/8/21SoKo pear LOVE JUST YOU, TAKE YOU ~ Melting into your eyes ~5 bitBLOWING
61995/10/21I like it ~ Ticket To LOVE ~-5 bit
71995/12/2Become the windTears wedding bell5 bit
81996/2/26MAGIC CHANNELStare at6 bitBest EP Selection of TOKIO
91996/7/22Thank you ... courageWorld roof3 bit
101996/11/25Everybody Can Do!SPICY GIRL9 bitBEST EP SELECTION OF TOKIO II
111997/2/11I'm fineDash for the Dream5 bitWILD & MILD
121997/5/28JuliaTake a chance!10 bitGraffiti
131998/3/4Rare with this finger!EMBLEM9 bitBEST EP SELECTION OF TOKIO II
141998/5/20Love & PeaceSuch you shine9 bitYESTERDAY & TODAY
151999/2/17When I think of you / Oh! Heaven-9 bit
161999/6/30A love song that repeats in my dreams / overflowing feelings-7 bit
171999/8/25To you who can't forget ...-10 bit
192000/5/31Wah ha ha together! / Love is nude-6 bit
202000/9/13The night when I noticed loveOH! IT'S TRUE LOVE11 bit
Universal J
212001/3/7Always this / my future-10 bit5 AHEAD
222001/5/30Message / Hitoribochi Habrush-1 bit
232001/8/8Kampai !!-4 bit
242001/10/31DR / Only One Song-4 bit
252002/3/6Flower songThe melody of a distant day5 bitglider
262002/7/10GREENNeighbor6 bit
272002/12/4ding-dong / glider-1 bit
282003/10/1AMBITIOUS JAPAN!Station / terminal1 bitACT II
292003/12/3Love Love ♡ Manhattan / ALIVE-LIFE-4 bit
302004/3/3Transistor G Girl-4 bit
312004/11/17For myself / for youNice guys4 bit
322005/12/7Aim for tomorrow!Save As ...3 bitHarvest
LOOP ~ My dear daily melody ~
332006/2/8Mr. Traveling ManBlow away the night1 bit
Love is here
342006/6/21Get Your DreamParasitic Plants2 bit
352006/8/23Airship / do! Do! Do!reply1 bit
362007/3/28 Hikari no Machi / Run Free (Swan Dance with you)Sweet Sick Honey2 bitsugar
372007/8/15 Today, Immature / Over Driveindicator2 bit
382007/11/28 Youth SEISYuNKimajime1 bit
Stardust Lover Orchestra
J Storm
392008/9/3 Umbrella/Awesome enoughMan in a whirlpool2 bit17
Ascending thinking
402009/8/19 Sun and Desert Roses / SubekikotoVow3 bit
Cross Fade
412010/2/3 advance / morning will come againCRY FOR THE MOON5 bit
422010/6/16 -far-Everlasting1 bit
432010/8/11 NaNaNa (I don't need the sun)Roadside flowers6 bit
Dream & Breeze
Nature Mind
Only that can be done
442011/5/25 Meteor looking upWheel4 bit
452012/2/29 Miracle of Haneda Airport/KIBOUstrobe5 bit
462013/2/20LyricAria7 bitHEART
472013/3/20letterTo be8 bitAlbum not recorded
City of dusk
482013/10/30Honton Toko / FutureSwitch6 bit
home ~ this place ~
492014/5/21LOVE, HOLIDAY.If you look up4 bit
フ レ ー ズ
502015/10/28Tokyo driveI believe9 bit
Can we ...
512016/2/24fragileJump7 bit
522016/11/30Ai! wanna be with you...Lowrider 4 bit
532017/8/30ク モstory8 bit
Woman's slope / Shigeko Shima and The Soilates

Limited distribution

#Release datetitleRecording album
J Storm


Original album

#Release datetitleHighest rank
Sony Records
11994/11/21 TOKYO8 bit
21995/7/3 Bad Boys Bound ~ TOKIO II ~4 bit
31996/3/25 BLOWING7 bit
41997/3/26 WILD & MILD9 bit
51998/4/1 Graffiti9 bit
62000/2/2 YESTERDAY & TODAY9 bit
Universal J
72001/12/5 5 AHEAD8 bit
82003/2/19 glider5 bit
92005/2/2 ACT II3 bit
102006/10/18 Harvest2 bit
112008/2/20 sugar6 bit
J Storm
122012/8/22 175 bit

Mini album

#Release datetitle
Sony Records
11998/8/5 Denko SekkaOnly mini album

Best album

#Release datetitle
Sony Records
11996/8/26 Best EP Selection of TOKIOIncludes c / w of singles from "LOVE YOU ONLY" to "Thank you ... Courage" and some of the album songs
22001/5/9 BEST EP SELECTION OF TOKIO IIIncludes c / w of singles and some singles from "Everybody Can Do!" To "Night I noticed love"
J Storm
32014/7/16 HEART Includes songs selected by fan voting from songs from debut to 2013
All-time compilation album

Remix album

#Release datetitle
Sony Records
11995/3/8 TOKIO REMIX

Cover album

#Release datetitle
Universal J
12004/9/1 TOK10TOKIO debut 10th anniversary album
Includes covers of successive Johnny's artists from the first Johnny's to KinKi Kids

Video work

#VHS release dateDVD release dateBD release datetitle
Sony Records
11995/3/8--TOKIO in YAMATO2520 ~ YAMATO2520 Theme Songs ~
-1996--TOKIO CONCERT TOUR 1996 Becoming the wind(FC only)
41998/4/1--TOKIO LIVE 1997 + SPECIAL BONUS TRACK 1998
51999/10/62000/3/29-TOKIO 1999 LIVE IN Nippon Budokan ~ When you think of you ~
62000/3/29-TOKIO VIDEO CLIPS 2000
Universal J
72002/5/22-5 ROUND
82002/8/7-TOKIO LIVE TOUR 2002 5 AHEAD in Nippon Budokan
92004/5/19-5 ROUND II
102005/1/12-TOKIO 10th anniversary LIVE 2004
11-2005/11/16-My love affairs and kitchen affairs
12-2006/11/22-TOKIO Special GIGs 2006 ~ Get Your Dream ~
13-2007/1/31-5 ROUND III
J Storm
14-2011/9/14-OVER / PLUS
15-2013/4/17-TOKIO LIVE TOUR 1718
16-2015/1/28TOKIO 20th Anniversary Live Tour HEART


"TOKIO STATION" is a CD or DVD containing TOKIO's free talk, and is released or distributed as a bonus for purchasing the first edition of the album or the CD / DVD.

Release dateDistribution yeartitlespecificationRemarks
2001/12/5-TOKIO STATION -New leader decided !? Hen-8 cm CDalbum"5 AHEAD』Recorded in the first edition A
2001/12/5-TOKIO STATION -New vocal decision !? Hen-8 cm CDIncluded in the first edition B of the album "5 AHEAD"
2003/2/19-TOKIO STATION ~ Studio Session Edition ~8 cm CDalbum"glider』Recorded in the first edition A
2003/2/19-TOKIO STATION ~ Album commentary ~8 cm CDIncluded in the first edition B of the album "glider"
2005/12/7-TOKIO STATION ~ Music commentary ~12 cm CDsingle"Aim for tomorrow!』Recorded in the first edition A
2005/12/7-TOKIO STATION ~ Video clip commentary ~12 cm CDIncluded in the first edition B of the single "Aiming for Tomorrow!"
2008/9/3-TOKIO STATION II ~ Let's talk about TOKIO ~DVDsingle"Umbrella/Awesome enough』Recorded in the first limited edition 2
2009/8/19-TOKIO STATION II ~ Hanasubekikoto Edition ~DVDsingle"Sun and Desert Roses / Subekikoto』Recorded in the first limited edition 2
-2010TOKIO STATION SPECIAL ~ Beer Garden ~DVDsingle"-far-"Purchase benefits
-2011TOKIO STATION ~ Radio Edition ~12 cm CDsingle"Meteor looking up"Purchase benefits
-2012TOKIO STATION II ~ Houseboat Edition ~DVDalbum"17』Purchase privilege
-2013TOKIO STATION II ~ Public Recording ~DVDsingle"Lyric","letter"
Live DVD "TOKIO LIVE TOUR 1718』Purchase privilege
2015/10/28-TOKIO STATION II ~ Tokyo Drive Edition ~DVDsingle"Tokyo drive』Recorded in the first limited edition
2016/2/24-TOKIO STATION ~ Radio Edition ~CDsingle"fragile』Recorded in the regular edition
2016/2/24-TOKIO STATION WEB ~ Dressing room talk ~WEBsingle"fragileA password is included in the first and regular editions,
The talk you can hear is different
2016/11/30-TOKIO STATION ~ Radio Edition ~CDsingle"Ai! wanna be with you...』Recorded in the regular edition
2016/11/30-TOKIO STATION WEB ~ Dressing room talk ~WEBsingle"Ai! wanna be with you...A password is included in the first and regular editions,
The talk you can hear is different

UnCD song

ONE NIGHT MAGICIANKazuya IzumiChiho KiyookaTBS Radio"Shigeru Joshima's TOKIO CLUBThe ending theme.
Ah, youth I don't knowGoro MatsuiKazuya Izumi
Body heat TOKIOHiromi MoriNagaoka ShigemuSong in the musical "PLAY ZONE '93 WINDOW"
How much you like itTokiko MiuraHiroyuki Matsuda


For solo appearances, see individual articles. (Shigeru Jojima-Taichi Kokubun-Masahiro Matsuoka

tv set



  • Sakurakko Club(TV AsahiIn addition,Koji Utsumi-SMAPCo-star)
  • Quiz! What a year difference(April 1992-September 5, Fuji TV)
  • Idol on stage(October 1993-March 10,NHK-BS2
  • Magical brain power!!(July 1995-March 2, NTV)
  • Angel's Mask (April 1996, 4-July 16, TV Asahi)
  • pacific saury's SUPER Karakuri TV(November 1996, 4-April 21, 1998, TBS system)
  • Hyperdimension time bomber(October 1996, 10-September 17, 1997, TV Asahi) -Mainly Shigeru Joshima, Tatsuya Yamaguchi, Taichi Kokubun
  • P-STOCK (July 1996, 7-March 23, 1997, Fuji TV)
  • Toki-kin I like express! I like it.(October 1996, 10-March 16, 1997, TBS system) (KinKi KidsCo-star)
  • TOKIO HEADZ!(November 1997, 4-April 2, 1998, TBS system)
  • 24-hour TV "Love Saves the Earth"(1997/1998/2003/2010/2014, NTV)
  • Nebagiba! TOKIO(October 1997, 10-September 12, 1998, Fuji TV)
  • 8 men and women love tour! TOKIO's Nari, Yuki !!(October 1998, 10-September 13, 1999, Fuji TV)
  • Sports Party I'm crazy about it now!(April 1999, 4-June 3, Fuji TV)
  • Gachinko!(November 1999, 4-April 13, 2003, TBS system)
  • Mentole G(October 1999, 10-September 8, 2008, Fuji TV)
  • 50th Anniversary 24 Hours TV "Fight TV24 ・ You can do it!(June 2001, 6-July 30, TBS system)
  • TOKIO's actress night (January 2002, NTV)
  • Premonition of TOKIO love (January 2003, NTV)
  • ★Love and Makoto★(August 2003, 8-December 5, TBS system)
  • The biggest special program in TOKIO history! (April 2004, NTV)
  • Night at TOKIO (January 2005, NTV)
  • Big smile(January 2006, 1, January 1, 2007, January 1, 1, NTV)
  • Life 38 billion years special ・ What is a human being !? V (February 2006, 2, TBS system)
  • That's Banquet Tament(April 2008, 4, October 6, 10, NTV)
  • 5LDK(October 2008, 10-September 9, 2012, Fuji TV)
  • Serious confrontation with top players! TOKIO ☆ Dream Challenge !! (January 2009, 1, NTV)
  • New Year TOKIO Live Broadcast Dream Challenge! God Waza Human Grand Assembly SP (January 2010, 1, NTV)
  • Great Voyage Rice (January 2014, 1, NHK)
  • Gurunai× TOKIO 20th Anniversary Special (September 2014, 9, NTV) --In commemoration of the program start and the 25th anniversary of TOKIO's debut, Taichi Kokubun was a regular performer at that time.It will be a gourmet chicken race gochi! 15, All members appeared.
  • NHK Special"Origin of Food" Navigator (2019-2020)
    • Vol. 1 Rice-Enemy or ally of healthy longevity?-(November 2019, 11, NHK General TV)
    • Vol. 2 Salt-The "real reason" to captivate humanity- (December 2019, 12, NHK General TV)
    • Vol. 3 Fat-Discovery! "Abra of Life" to Save Humanity- (January 2020, 1, NHK General TV)
    • Vol. 4 Sake-What makes you want to drink is "the fate of evolution"!?-(February 2020, 2, NHK General TV)
    • Vol. 5 Gastronomy-Humanity's Endless Desire !?-(February 2020, 2, NHK General TV)

Radio program



  • Halo Mac Musical "My Cinderella" (1990,Aoyama Theater) --Shigeru Joshima, Taichi Kokubun, Masahiro Matsuoka, Hiromu Kojima will appear.Shigeyuki NakamuraThe leading musical.
  • PLAYZONE'91 SHOCK(July 1991, 7-August 4, Aoyama Theater / Osaka Festival Hall)-Shigeru Joshima, Tatsuya Yamaguchi, Taichi Kokubun, Masahiro Matsuoka, Hiromu Kojima.In addition, Tomoya Nagase alsoJohnny's Jr.He also acted as a substitute for Hiromu Kojima, who was absent due to a leg injury at the Osaka performance.Boy corpsThe leading musical.
  • Saint SeiyaMusical (August 1991, 8-September 15, Aoyama Theater) --Similarly, Shigeru Joshima, Tatsuya Yamaguchi, Taichi Kokubun, Masahiro Matsuoka, and Hiromu Kojima will perform. SMAPIn the leading musical, the five played the role of Gold Saints.Tomoya Nagase tooJohnny's Jr.Has appeared as.
  • PLAYZONE'92 Farewell Diary(July 1992-August, Aoyama Theater / Osaka Festival Hall) --Similarly, Shigeru Joshima, Tatsuya Yamaguchi, Taichi Kokubun, Masahiro Matsuoka, and Hiromu Kojima will perform.Tomoya Nagase also participated as a support member only for musicals.Boy corpsThe leading musical.
  • PLAYZONE'93 WINDOW(July 1993-August, Aoyama Theater / Osaka Festival Hall) --Similarly, Shigeru Joshima, Tatsuya Yamaguchi, Taichi Kokubun, Masahiro Matsuoka, and Hiromu Kojima will perform.Tomoya Nagase also participated as a support member only for musicals.Boy corpsThe leading musical.

Music festival


NHK Red and White Singing Battle participation history

With the hit of his debut single "LOVE YOU ONLY", he made his first appearance in the Kouhaku Uta Gassen in the 45th (1994).Only 3 months and 10 days after his debut as a singer, his first appearance in red and white was the fastest record at the time.Since then, he has participated for 68 consecutive years until the 2017th (24).This is currently a red and white white group singer,Hiroshi Itsuki(50 years in a row, ongoing),Shinichi Mori(48 years in a row),Hosokawa Takashi(32 years in a row),Haru Sanba(29 years in a row),Kitajima Saburo(27 years in a row),Frank NagaiIt is the 26th highest record in history after (7 years in a row) (including the red group singer,Yoshimi TendoAlong with that, it will be the 11th place tie in history).

In addition, 24 times at the Kouhaku Uta Gakujo, it is the 11th place in the history of the white group and male singers (including the red group and female singers,Kawayuki Miyuki-Seiko Matsuda19th place in history (Tie).Furthermore, as a singer belonging to Johnny's office, he has participated in the Red and White Song Battle 24 times.2020It will be the most appearance record at that time.

Due to the uproar of Tatsuya Yamaguchi (former member) that occurred in April 2018, he has suspended his activities as a singer, so he has not participated since 4.

Year/Broadcast timesTimesProgramOrder of appearanceOpponentRemarks
1994 years/45 timesFirstLOVE YOU ONLY02/25Ryoko Shinohara
1995 years/46 times2Become the wind (red and white version)05/25Namie Amuro
1996 years/47 times3Thank you ... courage03/25Yuki Kadokura
1997 years/48 times4I'm fine02/25Ryoko Hirosue
1998 years/49 times5Love & Peace02/25Morning Musume.
1999 years/50 times6Love storm10/27Godai Natsuko
2000 years/51 times7Wah ha ha together!07/28MAX
2001 years/52 times8Message07/27Every Little Thing
2002 years/53 times9Flower song06/27Aya Matsuura
2003 years/54 times10AMBITIOUS JAPAN!18/30aiko
2004 years/55 times11for me01/28Aya Uetotop batter
2005 years/56 times12Aim for tomorrow!13/29Yuna Ito
2006 years/57 times13Sorafune17/27Nakashima Mika
2007 years/58 times14Youth SEISYuN17/27Otsuka Ai
2008 years/59 times15umbrella14/26SPEED
2009 years/60 times16Sun and desert roses14/25Junko Akimoto
2010 years/61 times17advance14/22perfume
2011 years/62 times18Meteor looking up12/25Perfume (2)
2012 years/63 times19KIBOU13/25Perfume (3)
2013 years/64 times20AMBITIOUS JAPAN! (2nd time)16/26Akiko Wada
2014 years/65 times21LOVE YOU ONLY (2nd time)17/23Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
2015 years/66 times22AMBITIOUS JAPAN! (3nd time)15/26Ikimonogakari
2016 years/67 times23Sorafune (2nd time)19/23Fuyumi SakamotoLive broadcast from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
2017 years/68 times24AMBITIOUS JAPAN! (4nd time)14/22Nishino KanaDeclined participation from the following year
* The (○ th) after the song title indicates the number of times it was performed in red and white.

* 出演順は「出演順/出場者数」を表す。 * 対戦相手の歌手名のカッコ内の数字はその歌手との対戦回数を表す。

FNS Song Festival

"FNS Song Festival』(Fuji Television Network, Incseries) Has appeared for 1994 consecutive years until 2017 since it first appeared in 24 when it debuted as a singer (however, since the data is unknown in 1995, 1997 and 1998, neither the song title nor the song order is described. ).

年度Broadcast timesTimesProgramSong orderCollaboration solo
199423 timesFirstLOVE YOU ONLY/
199524 times2/
199625 times3Thank you ... courage/
199726 times4/
199827 times5/
199928 times6Love storm14/25
200029 times7Wah ha ha together!7/28
200130 times8DR20/30
200231 times9ding-dong14/25
200332 times10AMBITIOUS JAPAN!18/37
200433 times11for me24/26
200534 times12Aim for tomorrow!10/35
200635 times13Sorafune23/39
200736 times14Youth SEISYuN30/34
200837 times15umbrella13/39
200938 times16Sun and desert roses22/46
Anna26/46Yoshihiro Kai× Tomoya Nagase ×alan
201039 times17NaNaNa (I don't need the sun)4/74
Tiger & Dragon53/74Yokoyama sword× Tomoya Nagase
201140 times18Dynamite is XNUMX tons44/81Asahi Kobayashi× Tomoya Nagase ×Shinji Takeda
Sorafune71/81TOKIO ×Koji Yoshikawa
Meteor looking up72/81
201241 times19Miracle of Haneda Airport5/79TOKIO x Ken Yokoyama
Let's Go!77/79Masahiko Kondo× TOKIO ×KinKi Kids×Tegomass
201342 times20AMBITIOUS JAPAN!5/76
Become WA and dance6/76V6×The Gospellers× Shigeru Joshima ×Oshio Kotaro
201443 times21LOVE YOU ONLY49/105
Fool56/105Masahiko Kondo x TOKIO xKanjani Eight
201544 times
(First night)
Tokyo drive2/79
TRUE LOVE49/79Fumiya Fujii× Tomoya Nagase
201645 times
(First night)
23Sorafune21/65Tomoya Nagase ×Yuzu
Ai! wanna be with you...55/65
201746 times
(First night)
24Wandering32/70Tamio Okuda× Tomoya Nagase
ク モ47/70
Midnight shuffle67/70Masahiko Kondo with FNS Match Band (Gt. Shigeru Joshima)
High teen boogie68/70

FNS Song Summer Festival

"FNS Kayosai" (Fuji TV series) started broadcasting as a derivative program "FNS Song Summer Festival』(Fuji TV series) has appeared since 2015.

年度Broadcast timesTimesProgramSong orderCollaboration solo
20154 timesFirstSorafune20/69
20165 times2LOVE YOU ONLY116/172

TV Tokyo Music Festival

年度Broadcast timesTimesProgramSong orderCollaboration soloRemarks
20141 timesFirstLOVE, HOLIDAY.
20152 times2AMBITIOUS JAPAN!
20163 times3Sorafune74/100
20174 times4Embrace everything28/100Tomoya Nagase ×Koichi DomotoSubstitute for Tsuyoshi Domoto
フ ラ ワ ー51/100Tomoya Nagase x Koichi DomotoSubstitute for Tsuyoshi Domoto
ク モ99/100

Live chronology

  • ~ WE ARE SAY'S ~ With TOKIO (3 / 30-5 / 2)
  • FIRST LIVE (1 / 5-23)
  • See You Again ・ Shochikuza (5 / 14-15)
  • MOVE ON (8 / 20-30)
  • Nippon Budokan Concert TOKIO and a fun time (11/2)
  • TOKIO First Album Commemorative Live (11 / 3-5)
(Osaka IMP Hall / Fukuoka Crossing Hall)
  • Bad Boy's Business '95 Concert Tour (3 / 12-24)
4 performances at 11 locations nationwide
  • Bad Boy's Bound Concert Tour (8 / 3-9 / 3)
(Fukuoka Sun Palace, Sapporo Civic Center, Osaka Welfare Pension Hall, Nagoya Civic Center, Shibuya Public Hall, Sendai Civic Center, Hiroshima Astel Hall, Shibuya Public Hall)
  • TOKIO CONCERT TOUR 1996 Kaze ni Natte (1 / 4-15)
(Osaka Castle Hall, Nippon Budokan, Nagoya Rainbow Hall)
  • TOKIO CONCERT TOUR 1996 BLOWING (3 / 20-5 / 3)
(Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall, Nagoya Century Hall, Niigata Prefectural Civic Center, Matsumoto Cultural Center, Sendai Civic Center, Fukuoka Sun Palace, Osaka Castle Hall, Yokohama Arena)
  • TOKIO CONCERT TOUR 1996 Hallelujah Go Go! (8 / 11-9 / 29)
(Miyagi Prefectural Civic Center, Hiroshima Postal Savings Hall, Fukuoka Sun Palace, Nagoya Century Hall, Nippon Budokan, Nagano Civic Center, Niigata Prefectural Civic Center, Ishikawa Welfare Pension Hall, Osaka Welfare Pension Hall, Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall)
  • TOKIO CONCERT TOUR 1997 Be a HERO ~ Everybody Can Do! ~ (1 / 5-15)
(Nagoya Century Hall, Nippon Budokan, Osaka Castle Hall)
(Niigata Prefectural Civic Center, Shibuya Public Hall, NHK Hall, Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall, Nagoya Century Hall, Fukuoka Sun Palace, Osaka Festival Hall)
  • TOKIO SUMMER CONCERT Summer Festival '97 (8 / 14-9 / 28)
(Nagoya Century Hall, Osaka Festival Hall, Shibuya Public Hall, Tokyo International Forum)
  • TOKIO WINTER CONCERT BOYS & GIRLS ~ This finger is rare! ~ (12 / 20-1998 / 1/7)
(Osaka Festival Hall, Nagoya Century Hall, Tokyo Takarazuka Theater)
  • SUMMER CONCERT TOUR 1998 LIMITED (7 / 20-8 / 30)
(Shibuya Public Hall, Sendai Sun Plaza, Zepp Sapporo, Hiroshima Postal Savings Hall, Fukuoka Sun Palace, Osaka Festival Hall, Nagoya Century Hall, Ishikawa Welfare Pension Hall, Niigata Prefectural Hall, Shibuya Public Hall, Tokyo International Forum)
  • SPRING CONCERT'99 When I think of you ~ Heaven TOUR (3 / 26-6 / 18)
(NHK Hall, Osaka Festival Hall, Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall, Miyagi Prefectural Civic Center, Nagoya Century Hall, Fukuoka Sun Palace, Hiroshima Welfare Pension Hall, Nippon Budokan)
  • TOKIO LIVE TOUR 2000 YESTERDAY & TODAY (2 / 12-4 / 1)
(Ishikawa Welfare Pension Hall, Niigata Prefectural Hall, Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall, Miyagi Prefectural Hall, Osaka Castle Hall, Kyushu Welfare Pension Hall, Nagoya Century Hall, Hiroshima Postal Savings Hall, Nippon Budokan)
  • TOKIO CONCERT TOUR 2000 IN Taiwan / Hong Kong (10 / 21-26)
(Nanko 101, Hong Kong Queen Elizabeth Stadium)
  • TOKIO CONCERT TOUR 2001 TKO (2 / 3-4 / 11)
(Ishikawa Welfare Pension Hall, Niigata Terusa, Hiroshima Postal Savings Hall, Iwate Prefectural Hall, Sendai Sunplaza, Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall, Fukuoka Sun Palace, Kumamoto Civic Center, Osaka Castle Hall, Nagoya Century Hall, Nippon Budokan)
  • TOKIO LIVE TOUR 2002 5 AHEAD (2 / 2-3 / 31)
(Niigata Prefectural Civic Center, Nagano Civic Center, Iwate Prefectural Civic Center, Sendai Sunplaza Hall, Kumamoto Civic Center, Fukuoka Sun Palace, Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium, Nippon Budokan, Osaka Castle Hall, Asahikawa Civic Cultural Center, Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall, Hiroshima Welfare Pension Hall ) + Taiwan 3 Parks
  • TOKIO LIVE TOUR 2003 glider (2 / 1-3 / 30)
(Niigata Prefectural Civic Hall, Ishikawa Welfare Pension Hall, Iwate Prefectural Hall, Miyagi Prefectural Hall, Fukuoka Civic Hall, Kumamoto Civic Hall, Osaka Castle Hall, Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall, Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall, Nippon Budokan)
  • JR Tokai presents TOKIO Live Tour 2004 AMBITIOUS JAPAN! (1 / 31-3 / 28)
(Ishikawa Welfare Pension Hall, Niigata Prefectural Hall, Iwate Prefectural Hall, Sendai Sunplaza Hall, Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall, Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall, Osaka Castle Hall, Fukuoka Sun Palace, Nippon Budokan, Hiroshima Welfare Pension Hall)
  • TOKIO 10th Anniversary Performance (9 / 11-19)
(Osaka Castle Hall, Nagoya Rainbow Hall, Nippon Budokan)
  • TOKIO LIVE TOUR 2005 (2 / 5-3 / 31)
(Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall, Fukuoka Sun Palace, Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall, Ishikawa Welfare Pension Hall, Niigata Prefectural Civic Center, Osaka Castle Hall, Nippon Budokan, Hiroshima Welfare Pension Hall, Iwate Prefectural Civic Center, Sendai Sunplaza Hall)
  • TOKIO Aiming for tomorrow! LIVE TOUR !! 2006 (2 / 4-3 / 31)
(Ishikawa Welfare Pension Hall, Niigata Prefectural Hall, Iwate Prefectural Hall, Sendai Sunplaza Hall, Oita iichiko Gran Theater, Fukuoka Sun Palace, Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall, Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall, Osaka Castle Hall, Nippon Budokan)
  • TOKIO Special GIGs 2006 ~ Get Your Dream ~ (8 / 14-9 / 15)
(Zepp Fukuoka, Zepp Sendai, Zepp Sapporo, Zepp Tokyo, Zepp Nagoya, Zepp Osaka)
  • ★ TOKIO LIVE TOUR 2008 ★ SUGAR (3 / 8-30)
(Nippon Budokan, Osaka Castle Hall, Nagoya Civic Gymnasium Gaishi Hall)
  • TOKIO SUMMER LIVE'08 (7 / 27-8 / 31)
(Well City Sapporo, Sendai Sun Plaza Hall, Niigata Prefectural Civic Center, Well City Kanazawa, Morioka Citizens' Culture Hall, Fukushima Prefectural Cultural Center, Saga City Cultural Center Large Hall, Nagasaki Brick Hall, Hiroshima ALSOK Hall, Torigin Cultural Center Womans Hall, Kyoto Kaikan 100st Hall, Nara Centennial Hall, Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall)
  • TOKIO LIVE TOUR OVER 30's WORLD (9 / 22-10 / 8)
(Nippon Budokan, Osaka Castle Hall, Nagoya Civic Gymnasium Gaishi Hall)
  • TOKIO LIVE TOUR 2011 + PLUS + (3 / 6-5 / 30)
(Sendai Sunplaza Hall, Iwate Prefectural Civic Center, Shimane Prefectural Civic Center, Hiroshima, ALSOK Hall, Ehime, Matsuyama Civic Center, Japan Budokan, Ishikawa, Honda no Mori Hall, Shiga Prefectural Arts Theater Biwako Hall Large Hall, Grand Cube Osaka (Osaka) International Convention Center) ・ Saga City Cultural Center Large Hall ・ Fukuoka Sun Palace ・ Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall ・ Hakodate Civic Center ・ Sapporo ・ Nitori Cultural Hall)
Added: Kyoto Kaikan Hall XNUMX
  • TOKIO LIVE TOUR 1718 (8 / 26-9 / 23)
(Sendai Sun Plaza Hall, Iwate Prefectural Hall, Fukuoka Civic Hall, Nitori Culture Hall, Koriyama Citizens' Culture Center, Nara Centennial Hall Large Hall, Orix Theater, Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall, Honda no Mori Hall, Nippon Budokan)
  • JRA 60th presents TOKIO 20th Anniversary Live Tour HEART (8 / 1-11 / 2)
(Kawaguchi General Cultural Center Lilia Main Hall, Ueno Gakuen Hall, Niigata Prefectural Civic Center, Nitori Cultural Hall, Matsuyama Civic Center Large Hall, Nagoya Congress Center Century Hall, Honda no Mori Hall, Sendai Sunplaza Hall, Kobe International Convention Center Kokusai Hall / Osaka International Convention Center (Grand Cube Osaka) Main Hall / Fukuoka Sun Palace / Nippon Budokan)


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外部 リンク

Taichi Kokubun

Taichi Kokubun(Kokubun Taichi,1974May 9 -) isJapan Oftalent,ミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ン,chairperson,news caster,Idol.TOKYO Ofkeyboard,chorus(Mainly bass) in charge.

The affiliated office is TOKIO Co., Ltd. (The former affiliated office isJohnny's Office), Vice President and Planning Officer of the same office.The record company you belong toJay Storm. TokyoHigashikurume shiI'm from.Both father and motherYamagataShinjo CityI'm from


TokyoHigashikurume shiBackground[5].. Before the formation of TOKIOHeike schoolIn addition to belonging toSMAPIs the predecessor ofSkate boysAlso subscribed. Even when SMAP was formed, he participated as a support member.

1988May 10,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Drama"Dangerous boy IIIDebuted as an actor.

1990, Johnny's office seniorShigeyuki NakamuraAfter appearing in the leading musical of the movie and having been an uchideshi for several months, he was a member of the Heike school.Shigeru JojimaParticipated in the band "TOKIO" led by.

1994May 9,LOVE YOU ONLYMakes a CD debut with.

1994May 10,TV AsahiDrama"Household circumstances of Yagami』First starring in the drama.

2005,movies"Fantastipo』First appearance in the movie and the first starring (Domoto TsuyoshiAnd double starring).

2007May 5,movies"Talking and talking Talking and talking』For the first time alone.

2008, Japan Cotton Industry Promotion Association "COTTON USA Award] Mr. category award.

2011May 2, Held on the same dayTokyo marathonParticipate in[6].

2013May 3, The movie "Shaberedomo" for the first time in 6 years since the movie "Shaberedomo"3 sets』Starring.

2014May 3, Starting on the same dayTBS"Ippuku!』Inaugurated as the main caster[7]..After that, the renewal started "Incandescent live vivid] Is also continued.

2015May 9Announces marriage to a former TBS employee, an ordinary woman[8].

The first baby girl was born on October 2016, 10[9].

2018May 9, ModeratorTBSInformation program "VividReported that a second baby girl was born on September 9st.[10].

2019May 9, "Vivid" broadcast is over.The regular band program that served for five and a half years, including its predecessor, "Ippuku!", Has disappeared.

2021May 3,TwitterOpen a personal account in[11].


2008May 4FromTaichi x Kentaro Men's Rice"Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Start with, "Aura fountainWas discontinued for one year until March 2009, and all NHK and commercial broadcasting key stations in Tokyo had regular programs at the same time.[12].

In the first movie "Shaberedomo Shaberedomo", the 62ndEvery day movie contestReceived the Leading Actor Award.50thBlue ribbon awardAlso, he was nominated for Best Actor.In the same workRakugo performerPlaying the role of a rakugoka in the playYanagiya SanzoUnder the guidance ofFlame drum''Manju scary] Was shown.

Tokyo marathon 2011Participated in and completed the race in 4 hours 30 minutes 41 seconds[13].

Tatsuya Yamaguchi-Masahiro MatsuokaWithNoriyuki HigashiyamaThere was a time when I was living in my house[14][15].

Yoshihiko InoharaWhat is "TainocchiWith the combination name "Tainocchino"All Night Nippon(July 2003, 7, December 24, 12), and at TBS, "Tie notchI had a program called. "Round and round nine nineWhen he co-starred in "Gochi ni Naru!", Kokubu said, "We are two of Johnny's not cool."

Selected as No. 20 in "Men's Favorite Johnny's Talent Ranking (30-1s)"[16].

We also have a kitchen garden, and besides vegetablesLemonFruit trees such as are also grown.

In the ranking of the number of appearances in talent programs, the number of appearances in 2016 was 659, which was the third consecutive victory following 2014/15.[17].

Professional baseball TheYokohama DeNA BaystarsI'm a fan ofJ League TheYokohama F. MarinosFamous as a fan of.However, the fact that they have not been mentioned in the last few years isTaichi Kokubun Radio BoxWas pointed out by the listener.According to the person himself, he was originally from the Seibu line in Higashi-Kurume city.Saitama Seibu LionsI was a fan ofJingu StadiumWhen he was invited by a fan of the Ocean Whales at that time to cheer him on, he was inspired by the heat and became a fan of the Whales. 2009,Fuji Television Network, Incof"SPORT! Saturday SpecialWhen I was appointed as the editor-in-chief of ", and went out to cover various fields, I changed to the stance that" all the athletes are doing their best. I want to support all the athletes. " The BayStars and Lions are cheering, but basically all the athletes are cheering. The same is true for soccer. "

I'm not good at the popping sound of balloons, and in "Gochi", it was standard to panic and close my ears when I saw the balloons that gradually inflated every time a game using balloons was played.

The dominant hand is originally the left hand (writing is on the right), but "Men's rice" handles kitchen knives with the right hand.According to him, when he practiced cooking with his right hand when he played the chef, he couldn't do it with his left hand.[18].

As a moderator

In 2006, the moderator of "Aura no Izumi" and "R30" was evaluated.Broadcast criticism conference OfGalaxy awardReceived the May Monthly Award.

As a musician

When I was in middle school,BOØWY OfMatsui TsunematsuIt was the encounter with musical instruments that I longed for and started playing bass.In a magazine interviewElton John ImagineHe answered that he started playing the keyboard instrument because he was impressed by the way he was playing the keyboard, but he later said that the only remaining instrument when TOKIO was formed was the keyboard.synthesizer,Grand piano,Electric piano,Hammond organIn order to master various musical instruments such as, we flexibly respond to musical instrument requests by arrangements from song providers.Tokyo IncidentsRegarding the "Umbrella" provided by Tokyo Jihen, "still a challenge" and "difficult but expanded the appeal of the keyboard"Seiji KamedaIt is stated in a dialogue with.


Songs written and composed

  • Ibushi Gin (album "Graffiti』Recorded)-"Lyrics: Ore Composition: Ore featuring Jumbo Arrangement: Eagle, I" is displayed.
  • T2 (Album "5 AHEAD] Recording)
  • I made a song (album "Harvest] Recording)
  • The Course of Life (album "17] Recording)
  • home ~ this place ~ (single "Honton Toko / Future』Recorded)
  • If you look up (single "LOVE, HOLIDAY.』Recorded)
  • I believe (single "Tokyo drive』Recorded)
  • Jump (single "fragile』Recorded)
  • story (single "ク モ』Recorded)

The song that wrote the lyrics

Music that was composed

  • Live my life! (Album "glider] Recording)
  • I'm mine (included in the album "glider")
  • VALE-TUDO (Album "ACT II] Recording)
  • undid (included in the album "Harvest")
  • Subekikoto (""Sun and Desert Roses / Subekikoto, Album "17" first edition recording)
  • ... as one (included in album "17")
  • Under a free name (included in album "17")



Only appear alone.TaiziStarring.Appearance as a groupTOKIO # appearanceSee.

TV drama


TV program

Currently appearing

Entertainment shows

Special program

  • News Queen Finals(NTV)
  • Swiss Pe!Super gorgeous strongest artist large set eternal best hit blush! Debut ㊙ Legend big public special (July 2002, 7, TV Asahi)
  • ABOAB Blood type personality diagnosis lies! Real self & compatibility search Next year is a good luck special (December 2004, 12, TBS)
  • Showa Nippon Video Quiz The Time Traveler (April 2005, 4, TBS)
  • Serious battle with genius elementary school students! Quiz! Don't mess with entertainers !! (August 2005, 8, Fuji TV)
  • Koto Virtual Land(February 2006, 1, TBS)
  • Decided! 47 prefectures national super ranking battle!! Personality diagnosis in the prefecture of origin!? Nippon prefectural announcement SPSeries (TBS)
  • LolIt's the 40th anniversary! Farewell Enraku Special (May 2006, 5, NTV)
  • Serious battle with genius elementary school students! Quiz! Don't mess with entertainers !! Returns (September 2006, 9, Fuji TV)
  • Scold! Blonde teacher(TBS)
  • 2007 Biggest Sports Thanksgiving Festival Special for all the top athletes in history !! (December 2007, 12, TBS)
  • Variety News Kimiha Break"TOKIO's eyes from above Tokyo" (December 2008, 12, TBS)
  • Kids Sport! (August 2009, 8, Fuji TV)
  • Great tension battle game Easy Stadium (October 2009, 10, TBS)
  • Belief is a lifelong shame! Quiz Is that really okay?(November 2010, 4, NTV)
  • Spanichi !! I asked everyone in the world (August 2011, 8, TBS)
  • 2011 Japan Prize Presents World's Best TV (December 2011, 12,NHK E Tele
  • Introducing the whole! Japan Prize winning work (December 2011th, 12th, 24th, 25, NHK E-Tele)
  • Kokubun-kun family sports year-end party 2011 (December 2011, 12, Fuji TV)
  • Quiz! 100-person "Onsen Showdown" (October 2012, 10, NHK)
  • 2012 Japan Prize Presents World's Best TV (December 2012, 12, NHK E-Tele)
  • World Serious Tours (January 2013, 1, Fuji TV)
  • Caspe! Save me! Revolutionary Doctor (May 2013, 5, Fuji TV)
  • TV Tokyo Music Festival (first)Part 2 I'm sorry for the unfamiliar live broadcast slapstick SP (June 2014, 6, TV TOKYO)
  • The media opens, the future of children-From the Japan Prize 2014- (December 2014, 12, NHK E-Tele)
  • TV Tokyo Music Festival (2) (late June 2015, TV Tokyo)
  • The 1th of XNUMX Suntory2018 (December 2018, 12, Mainichi Broadcasting System, TBS series)[23]
  • TV Tokyo Music Festival 2019! I want to sing involuntarily! 100 strongest hit songs in a row! 5 hours live broadcast (June 2019, 6, TV TOKYO) --General moderator[24]

Documentary program

  • Impressed! Northern Nature Special Forest Love Letter (February 2009, 2, TBS)
  • Forest Love Letter II (January 2010, 1, TBS)
  • Imperial album50 Years Special (March 2010, 3,Every day broadcasting
  • Day to shake your dream tact (June 2011, 6, Mainichi Broadcasting System)
  • NHK Special"Kamaishi's" miracle "-special class to protect life-" (September 2012, 9, NHK)

Sports program

Information program


  • Bunchin Katsura's Performing Arts Book (July 2011, 7, August 31, NHK) --Special Dialogue (Katsura Bunchin(Interview with)




  • My Cinderella (August 1990, Aoyama Theater)
  • Lady, Be Good! (October 1993, Aoyama Theater)
  • Sound of Music (April-May 1995, Imperial Theater / Chunichi Theater)
  • The Audition ~ This time the leading role is my bandana ~ (September 2004, The Globe Tokyo)



Magazine serialization

  • GINZA(Music column) (Magazine House)
  • Popolo"With love from the center of TOKIO!" (Azabudai Publishing Co., Ltd.)
  • Men's Kitchen "Taste Taichi Kokubun Nippon" (2012-, Kadokawa Group Publishing)


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