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👍 | Fuku Suzuki, who is getting more and more attention in the activities of the adult generation

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Fuku Suzuki, who is getting more and more attention in the activities of the adult generation

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"In the past, many actors disappeared as child actors, but recently there are many actors such as Tatsuomi Hamada and Seishiro Kato who are active as actors even in the adult generation.

On the XNUMXth of this month, when actor Fuku Suzuki celebrated his XNUMXth birthday, he will update his Instagram and blog and start Twitter ... → Continue reading


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Kiyoshiro Kato

Seishiro Kato(Seishiro Kato,2001 〈Heisei13 years>May 8 -) isJapan OfAn actor.

KanagawaI'm fromKenneAffiliation. Until 2019Troupe sunflowerBelonged to[2]..Also belongs to the theater company HimawariKenshiro KatoIs my younger brother.


When my mother was two months old, she wanted to make memories.Troupe sunflowerRegister and belong to. He made his debut when he was 1 year and 1 month old. Since I was 3 years old, I have been taking lessons in the kindergarten of the theater company Himawari.

2009 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,NHK-Everyone's songFlowed in the summer of 2009EnkaDebuted as a singer with "Katsuobushi Dayo Life"[3]..As of December of the same year, sales of about 12 CDs,Music distributionThe total number of incoming voices has reached 13.[4]..Debuted as a writer on October 10th of the same year with the book "Children's Actor Seishiro Kato's Feelings"[5].

Enthusiastic since childhoodHanshin TigersHe professes to be a fan.Especially retiredTomonori KanemotoWith a former outfielderNorihiro AkahoshiFormer outfielder fan.As for why I'm a Hanshin Tigers fan, my grandmotherOsakaBecause he is from.However, his father is from Kagoshima prefecture and states that he is supporting Hanshin because there is no professional baseball team in Kagoshima (broadcast on January 2010, 1).TBSVariety program "Pittanko Kang Kang』).When he was in kindergarten, he said that what he wanted to be in the future was "police officers, baseball players, ninjas."Kato himself is right-handed and left-handed.

2011 On July 7th, at the opening ceremony of the Hanshin Tigers, a big fan, the movie "Nintama RantaroAppeared in the form of Rantaro Inadera, the main character of the movie. Received great acclaim from more than 4 spectators[6].

2012 Renewed from April 4th, "Friday Road SHOW!Became a movie navigator as a cinema boy[7].

He is known as a child actor and has been doing his job smoothly, but as his physique and voice change significantly in the growing season, acting as a child actor alone does not expand his range as an actor. I also calmly grasped that. In 2011, when I was in the sixth grade of elementary school, I received acting guidance from a staff member from England through an interpreter on the stage "Les Miserables". At that time, "If I could understand English and communicate with myself," I might be able to deepen my role even more, "and eventually I began to want to study abroad and acquire English.On the other hand, he still had a childish dream, and since he originally liked sports, he had a desire to become a baseball player.

2015 , Co-starred in Roppongi Kabuki "Earth Throw Goro Space Aragoto" that appeared in the second year of junior high schoolEchizo IchikawaPushed back by his words, he decided to pursue his career as an actor.After graduating from junior high school, he went on to high school in England. Lived in a dormitory for 3 years[8]..I belong to the soccer club at my study abroad destination.I also attended the drama school "Central School of Speech and Drama" and took classes.[9].

2019 On December 12, the contract with Himawari Theater Group, which he belonged to for 31 years and 0 months from the age of 18, was terminated.[2]..Belonging to Ken-On from January 2020, 1[10].

2020 , Returned from studying in England.Entered a Japanese university from April of the same year[11][12].


  • From April 2006 to March 4, NHK Educational "Play with the body] Appeared regularly.
  • Taiga drama"Tenchijin』And Kanetsugu Higuchi (Naoe KanetsuguPlayed (childhood).Immediately after the broadcastNHKAnd that compliment that I was impressedA childBecause there were a series of inquiries about who he was and there was a voice saying "I want you to appear again"[13], Re-appeared in the flashback scene on June 2009, 6, and the eldest son of KanetsuguTakematsuWas played on the broadcast from September 9th to November 27th.
  • Broadcast from August 2009, 4ToyotaIn the CM of "Children's store managerAppeared as.He says that he has become more and more called a "children's store manager" since he appeared in the commercial.
  • November 2009, 11 Broadcast "Tetsuko's room』Appeared.At that time, it became the youngest solo appearance record (about a year later, in January 1).Mana AshidaAppeared at 6 years and 7 months, breaking Kato's record).
  • At the age of 4[14],2006 May 6broadcast[Source required]of"Tamori Club』VTR appeared in the corner" Sora Ear Hour "[14][15]..When the viewer noticed and confirmed with the office, the confirmation with the person was confirmed.
  • April 2010, 5, of the actorTakashi SorimachiIntroduced from "You can laugh!"ofTelephone shockingAppeared in.



Theater animation

Japanese dubbing

TV drama




Song program



  • FM theater-Radio Drama
    • Relive-Physiotherapist Harumi Sunagawa- (November 2007, 11,NHK-FM)
    • Revive Part 2-Physiotherapist Harumi Sunagawa- (June 2008, 6, NHK-FM)
  • Drama Radi! Live "Special Record!" (November 2012, 11,NHK radio first 1) --Karajan
  • Youth Adventure Radio Drama
    • Kampanella (September 2018, 9, NHK-FM) --Matasaburo Kazeno
    • Pakyun (December 2019, 12, NHK-FM) --Son, Shun


  • Child actor Seishiro Kato's feelings (October 2009, Shogakukan)


  • Premium 6 Grandchildren of all the people ~ Seishiro Kato I will show you all (February 2010, 2)[57].
  • ShogakukanThird grade elementary school cover model (April 2010 issue)
  • MonthlyThe televisionEditor-in-chief of children (April 2011 issue)
  • Daily SportsEditor-in-chief of specially appointed children (February 2011, 2)
  • McDonald's Happy Plarail store 1st stationmaster (October 2011, 10)
  • "Friday Road SHOW!』Movie Navigator Cinema Boy (April 2012, 4-March 6, 2013)
  • OrbiAdventure Corps inaugurated as captain (April 2014, 4,Orbi YokohamaAppointment ceremony)[58]
  • Ikusaburo Yamazaki "Zutto Sukida" MV (May 2017, 5)




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