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📱 | "Data" in your smartphone will also be a relic!Recommendation of "digital end of life" that I want to do now


The "data" in your smartphone will also be a relic!Recommendation of "digital end of life" that I want to do now

If you write the contents roughly
Some off-the-shelf ending notes come with scratch stickers, etc. to hide that information so you can see it when you need it.

You may not be aware of it, but the smartphones and computers you use every day, and the data on the Internet ... → Continue reading

 Specialty town web

First published in 1979.The "Specialty Town web", which selects the best in daily life, provides "know and gain" information on home appliances, smartphones, personal computers, AV, cameras, cars, and the outdoors.

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Ending note

Ending noteIsSenior citizensWrite down his hopes in preparation for his death at the end of his lifeNote[1].


myselfDeathWith loss of judgment and communication abilitysick[2]Write down what you want when you get sick.In particular, the latter content is instructed in advance (British: Advanced directive) May be called[3].

What is written is not fixed and arbitrary, but mainly

  • Do you want or don't want life-prolonging measures when you get sick?
  • To myselfNursing careWhat to hope for when you need
  • Information about property and valuables
  • Hope for a funeral
  • Thinking about inheritance
  • profile·My history
  • family tree

and so on.

A document with a legal characterwillUnlike, it aims to reduce the burden on the family during their lifetime and after death.

Book,StationeryThe ending note is sold as.AlsoMunicipalities,NPOIn some cases, etc. are distributing free of charge and holding lectures on ending notes.[4].

2011 The theme is the ending noteJapanese movie"Ending note" (Asami Sunada(Director) was released, and in a documentary film made in Japan, "Yukiyukite Shingun(1987), the box office revenue exceeded 1 million yen for the first time.


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