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🤝 | "Let's hire a part-time job" J1 Fukuoka's recruitment of desk work volunteers is inundated with criticism!

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"Let's hire a part-time job" J1 Fukuoka's recruitment of desk work volunteers is inundated with criticism!

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We are pleased to inform you that Avispa Fukuoka is looking for volunteers to help with desk work (simple office work).

Meiji Yasuda Life J1 League Avispa Fukuoka has been criticized by others for recruiting "desk work volunteers" ... → Continue reading

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Office work

Office workWhat is (jimu)?Government office,CompanyGeneral work such as creating and organizing documents and specializing in thisOccupationThat.General affairsSometimes called (shomu).

deskBecause the work done on is the maindesk workAlso called20st centuryFrom the endPersonal computer,Computer terminalOperations such as are also included.Similar related words includeThe office(office) Work inWorkerAsWhite collarThere is.


In the old days, vaguelyworkAlthough it was referring to the generalMeijiAfter thatEnglishOf "affairs" and "business"Japanese translationThis word was used as, and was made in the middle of the Meiji era.Sea of ​​wordsIt was adopted in dictionaries such as ”and became established in society.

Industrial revolutionAfter that,Office workerWas born, and a certain number of intellectuals, mainly from the upper class, were born.EducationConsists of those who receivedBusinessmanAs a profession that plays a part in the management work ofManual workerThere were many people who made a clear distinction and went on to become a businessman himself.彼らは、出納管理やThey manage the balance andwageThe calculation, contact with other businesses, and business instructions to the employer were carried out on behalf of the businessman's will.

In due time19st centuryLate to early 20th centuryTypewriter,Statistical accounting machine(Punch card system) Such asOffice machineDevelopment and dissemination progresses, office workers participate in a part of managementManagementExcept for the light paperwork, it is essentially the same as a manual worker.ClerkIt was decided to separate into. 

Further down the era, when it came to the end of the 20th century, it became an office workComputerIntroduction (→Office automation) With thisoperator,ProgrammerWorkers like this are also treated as part of white-collar workers, and are also regarded as clerical workers in a broad sense.Besides this,designな どengineerAmong them, those who are mainly involved in document preparation have ambiguous boundaries with clerical workers, and clerical workers often draw designs, or engineers often create business documents such as slips. By the way.

In addition, the main business is document creation, organization and management.Government officeThen, these duties are office work.

インターネットIn an environment where you can enjoy the connectionTelework(Working from home) AndFreelanceWith the advent of, if you have a laptop computer, you can remote office work (remote) Has been reached.

Relationship with other business

Aside from the times when the category of clerical work was ambiguous at the beginning, in the era when the era went down and specialized such as clerical work progressed, general workers (general workers (Blue collar) Persons who manage wage calculations based on employment and attendance and process welfare programs工場I work for.It is also the job of these factory clerks to manage negotiations (billing and payments) with other vendors.

on the other hand,CompanyIn a broad sense, for negotiations between companies whenSalesIsBusinessmanAlso appeared, but these businessmen also from the preparation of documentspresentationClerks are backed up for the production of materials such as, or for contact work within the company to which they belong.A businessman is in charge of the foreign affairs of a company, and is in charge of the internal affairs such as creating and organizing documents related to the work.The same can be said even if a businessman is replaced with an old businessman.

As companies grow larger and their operations become more complicated, it is also the job of clerical workers to prepare documents for various legal exchanges.Documents to be submitted to the government office are prepared by the clerical staff, approved by managers and managers (businessmen), and then submitted to the government office.

In addition, clerical work may also serve as a chore of miscellaneous business tasks.In places where the scale is not very large even within a company, various miscellaneous tasks such as customer service, office cleaning, and dealing with related parties are the tasks of clerical work, and in some cases, they are practiced when workers are in short supply. There are even cases where people are forced to work.

Relationship with other business

Not only that, but the office work is also being combined with other operations.SalesIncludingSales office,MedicalIncludingMedical insurance office work,human resourcesIncludingGeneral affairs,accountingIncludingbookkeeping,Nursing careIncludingAnd so on.Bookkeeping also includes commercial bookkeeping and industrial bookkeeping.List of qualifications regarding medical, welfare and education in JapanPlease also refer to.

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