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📱 | Google's new Pixel Buds, tested: The latest fro…

Photo Pixel Buds A-Series – Small, but loud: Google's Pixel Buds are now available as A-Series for just under 100 euros / dollars. – Franziska Gabbert / dpa

Google's new Pixel Buds, tested: The latest fro…

The waiter comes over and tells you today's specials in Russian – all live-translated by the technology in your ears. Google's new Pixel Buds wireless earphones are promising Google Assistant features like instant translation, as well as top sound and battery life for half the price Coman Hamilton, dpa trends & features of the earbuds' last generation. Do they deliver? A test of some of the best value-for-money earbuds is among the topics in our freshest tech and gaming stories from the dpa trends & features desk. \ ——————– TOP STORY: Pixel Buds A-Series: Google in your ears for 100… → Continue reading


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