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📷 | Abric releases the industry's smallest in-vehicle camera / antenna connection diagnostic high-side switch

Photo High-side switch for in-vehicle camera / antenna connection diagnosis "S-19682 / 3 series"

Abric Launches Industry's Smallest In-Vehicle Camera / Antenna Connection Diagnostic High-Side Switch

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Since the ECU and the camera / sensor / antenna are often located far apart, there is a risk of short circuit or disconnection of the harness, malfunction or damage due to overcurrent, and when an abnormality that leads to trouble is detected, the camera / sensor / antenna Demand for high-side switches is increasing in order to cut off the connection between the sensor / antenna and the ECU and ensure the safety of the equipment.

Abric sells the high-side switch "S-19682 / 3 series" for in-vehicle camera / antenna connection diagnosis ... → Continue reading


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