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👩‍🎤 | Atsuko Maeda, Yuko Oshima, Mai Fukagawa and other 50 actresses photographed <actress face>, postponement schedule announced!

Photo exhibition <actress face> featuring 50 actresses such as Atsuko Maeda, Yuko Oshima, Mai Fukagawa, and postponement schedule announced!

Photo exhibition <actress face> of 50 actresses such as Atsuko Maeda, Yuko Oshima, Mai Fukagawa, postponement schedule announced!

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The photo exhibition includes Atsuko Maeda, Yuko Oshima, Mai Fukagawa, Kasumi Arimura, Eliza Ikeda, Taho Tsuchiya, Erika Toda, Ayami Nakajo, Minami Hamabe, Alice Hirose, Suzu Hirose, Haruka Fukuhara, and Yoshioka. 50 top Japanese actresses, including Riho, will participate.

A photo exhibition of 50 actresses by photographer Masaaki Tomitori, with Atsuko Maeda, Yuko Oshima, Mai Fukagawa and others participating ... → Continue reading


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Oshima Yuko

Oshima Yuko(Yuko Oshima,1988〈Showa63 years>May 10 -) isJapan OfactressAnd a female idol groupAKB48Former member of.Same real name.TochigiBackground[1][2].Ota ProductionsBelongs.


Child actor / junior idol era (1st solo activity)

AKB48 era





  • The movie released on July 3Teke Teke』First starring in the movie.
  • September 4, "AKB48 Team K 5th Stage "Rise Up"Announced to have throat surgery on the first day of the performance[6], Completed surgery on 13th of the same month and discharged on 20th of the same month[7]..同月25日・26日にOn the XNUMXth and XNUMXth of the same monthNHK HallConcert "" God Performance Schedule "* Please note that due to various circumstances, it may not be a God performance. 』Although it is only MC, it appears in public for the first time after surgery.
  • It was carried out from June to July.AKB48 13th Single Selection General Election "I swear to God"], It will be ranked second and will be selected by the media.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Amoeba blogStarted "Yuko Oshima official blog" Yuko Yurari "" at.






  • March 3National Stadium"AKB48 Solo & Group Spring Contest in National Stadium-Please throw away all your memories here!-"AKB48 GroupThe graduation ceremony was scheduled for the performance, but the performance itself will be canceled due to stormy weather.[23]..代替コンサートは、6月8日にAlternative concert on June XNUMXthAjinomoto StadiumWill be held in[24], About 7 hours live will be held on the day with about 4 spectators[25].
  • I graduated from AKB6 with "Yuko Oshima Graduation Performance" held at AKB9 Theater on June 48th.[26].

After graduating from AKB48 (second solo activity)


  • The official blog "Yurari Yuko" is finished after the update on October 10th.[27]..開設から約5年、読者数は約18万7000人であったAbout XNUMX years after its opening, the number of readers was about XNUMX.[28]..その後、公式サイトで会員限定のブログを開始するAfter that, start a member-only blog on the official website[29].


  • May-June,Money war』(Kansai TV) Regular appearance.
  • In January, the movie "Paper moon"so38th Japan Academy AwardReceived the Outstanding Supporting Actress Award.
  • May-June,Yamegoku-Please stop yakuza-] (TBS) starring in a serial drama for the first time[30]..Prior to that, on March 3th, in order to make the role of the drama, the appearance of cutting hair and making black hair will be released on Instagram[31].
  • Appeared on the stage for the first time in October with ""[32].



  • May-June,Tokyo Tarareba Musume』(Nippon TV) Regular appearance.
  • In July, it was reported that some people would take a temporary suspension of entertainment activities and go outside Japan.[35], The agency denied the temporary closure "to broaden the knowledge" at the request of the person[36].
  • March-,AmericaAfter studying abroad for over a yearOregonPortlandAthome stayTo[37][38][39].
  • To study languages ​​and entertainment for one year from September and Augustニ ュ ー ヨ ー クIt was reported that he had traveled to[40]..帰国後のインタビューでエンターテインメントを勉強しに行ったわけではなく、語学留学であり、留学先はニューヨークではなくI didn't go to study entertainment in an interview after returning to Japan, I was studying abroad in a language, and I was studying abroad in New York.CollegeHe revealed that he was spending his days in English.[41].


  • On October 10, I reported on Instagram that I was returning from study abroad.[42].
  • On November 11th, the smartphone game "Phantom of killAttended the new TV commercial presentation, and appeared in public for the first time in a year after returning to Japan.[43].




  • Nickname is mainly "Yuko'[51]. "CorrisWas also called[52][53].
  • Japanese father,Japan-America OfhalfBorn to his motherQuarter[54].
  • After graduating from elementary school, he moved from Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture to Tochigi Prefecture, but soon after his parents divorced, he followed his father and grew up in a father-son family.I met my mother again in high school[55].
  • The motto is the words of my teacher in high school, "Ten people, ten colors, believe in yourself and devote yourself."[56].
  • From the 3rd and 4th grade of elementary schoolYuzuA fan of Yuzu and a local of Yuzu横 浜 市Isogo-kuI even go to Okamura.My favorite song is "In my heart","bystander'[57]. Also,Yuhi KitagawaProclaims to be a fan of Oshima.
  • The actress you admireHiromi Nagasaku.Teruyuki KagawaThe goal is to become a female version of[58].
  • "Tokyo Tarareba Musume』(Nippon TV system) co-starredYuriko Yoshitaka,Nana EikuraAnd hold a "Tarareba Girls' Association" on a regular basis even after the broadcast ends.[59].Toda ErikaHe has a close friendship with him, and the serial TV novel "scarlet』(NHK), He co-stars as a childhood friend.
  • My favorite thing is snowboarding (I've been skiing since I was 9 years old and I also own my board and my wear[60]), Sneakers, reptiles[56].
  • My favorite sport is soccer[61].
  • DuffyCollecting and appearing frequently on blogs[62].
  • Lop ear rabbitI have a.The name is "hip"[63].
  • I hate balloons[64].


  • He is one of the core members of AKB48, and has been selected as a member of all single title songs except Janken.さらにfurtherMaeda Atsuko-Mayu Watanabe-Takahashi MinamiHe was treated as one of the ace from various fields, including exposure to media and magazines.
  • From the beginning of joining, he was the center ace of Team K, but as a core member of AKB48 at that time, besides MaedaRina Nakanishi,Mai OshimaWas enrolled and was always in 4th or 5th position[65].
  • At the time of AKB48's debut, I was from Tochigi prefecture, and I went to Tokyo for lessons in the evening and went home at night.[66]..その時期を乗り越えられたのは、毎日弁当を作って車で送り迎えして支えてくれた父親の存在が一番大きかったとインタビューで答えているIn an interview, he said that the biggest reason for overcoming that period was the presence of his father, who made lunch boxes every day and picked them up by car to support them.[41].
  • Among the members, his legs are fast and his motor nerves are good.
    • He won the sprinter deciding match at "AKB2009 Team Opposition Athletic Meet-Kizunayo Forever-" held on October 10, 10, and became the No. 48 sprinter.
    • Not yet "Surfing shaved iceIn the PV shootingsurfingEven though it was my first challenge when I did, I was able to ride the waves in about 10 minutes, and Oshima himself was surprised, "I thought it would take an hour."[67].
  • His solo song "Smile while cryingIs a song.毎回ステージに出る前には、音程を取るためTo get the pitch before each stageMasuda YukaWas singing while clasping his hand[55].
  • My favorite AKB48 song is Team A's "Hold me from your backIs[68].
  • We were together in Team K at the same timeAyaka Umeda,Natsumi Matsubara,Kayo NoroHe voluntarily formed a dance group "Umeshima Natsuyo".
  • Ayaka Umeda, as a planning unit for the radio "AKB48 I won't be back tonight ..."Toshima flowerAnd formed "H3O" (three are really adults).
  • Theater performance "Team K 3rd Stage "Paradise Paradise""Tomoyo" and the single "GIVE ME FIVE!""Electric bassWas in charge of.
  • To the active members of AKB48 who were close friendsKashiwagi Yuki, Mayu Watanabe, Mariko Shinoda, Minami Takahashi, graduated membersTomomi Itano,Maeda Atsuko,Haruna Kojima,Minami Minegishi, Ayaka Umeda[69],Sae Miyazawa[70][71],Akimoto Saika,Kayo Noro[72]And so on.In particular, Akimoto and Miyazawa call each other "heart friends."He has also become friends with Not yet members Rino Sashihara, Rie Kitahara, and Yui Yokoyama.
  • It was sometimes said that it resembled Minami Takahashi.In particular"Ponytail and Hair TieWas released by all membersポ ニ ー テ ー ルBecause it was often unified in, Takahashi's manager sometimes made a mistake.[73].


  • WOWOW Theatrical Award 2015 / Actress Award- "No.9-Immortal Rhythm-"[86]
  • BVLGARI AVRORA AWARDS Bvlgari Aurora Award[87]

Participating songs when enrolled in AKB48

Single CD selection songs

AKB48 Team Surprise name

Gravity Sympathy Performance

  • Gravity sympathy
  • 1994 thunder
  • Betel oyster
  • When departing
  • AKB Festival
  • Than you think...
  • Where does the goddess smile?

Rose ceremonial performance

  • The future sees
  • Hungry lion
  • Broken love alliance
  • Rose ritual
  • Beautiful hunt
  • River of love
  • Cheeks, tunnel

SKE48 name

Album CD selection songs

  • "God songsRecorded in
    • Baby! Baby! Baby! Baby!
    • You and the rainbow and the sun
  • "SET LIST-Greatest Songs-Complete EditionRecorded in
    • Seventeen
    • Because you were here
  • "Being hereRecorded in
    • girls
    • What I can do-in the name of "Team K"
    • Whereabouts of the wind
    • Being here-in the name of "AKB48 + SKE48 + SDN48 + NMB48"
  • "1830cmRecorded in
    • First Rabbit
    • Iede no Yoru-in the name of "Team K"
    • Let's go to Scandalous!
    • Important time
    • Welcome
    • Aozora, are you lonely?-- In the name of "AKB48+SKE48+NMB48+HKT48"
  • "Next footprintRecorded in
    • After rain
    • Between strength and weakness
    • Ichininosan
    • I will do my best
    • Accomplice-Team K

Other participating songs

Unsourced music

  • Isarel Toy Ukoto-"ICE from AKB48"Name
  • Similar to me (songs included in the Nintendo 3DS software "AKB48 + Me")
  • Common love (GREE "AKB48 Stage Fighter" CM song)

Theater performance unit song

Team K 1st Stage "PARTY begins"Performance

  • Skirt, Hirari

Team A 2nd Stage "I wanted to meet you"Performance(May 2006, 5, acting for Tomomi Itano)

  • Lamentation figure
  • Glass of I LOVE YOU

Team K 2nd Stage "Youth Girls"Performance

  • Forbidden two
  • Slutty summer

Team K 3rd Stage "Paradise Paradise"Performance

  • Smile while crying * Solo song

Sunflower Team 1st Stage "My Sun"Performance

  • Me, juliet, and roller coaster

Himawari-gumi 2nd Stage "I can't let my dream die"Performance

  • Confession

Team K 4th Stage "The final bell rings"Performance

  • Sorry jewel

Team K 5th Stage "reverse rise"Performance

  • End roll

THEATER G-ROSSO "I can't let my dream die"Performance

  • Confession (Amina Sato・ Standby of Madoka Asai)

Team K 6th Stage "RESET"Performance

  • Sofa at the edge of the heart

Oshima Team K Waiting Performance

  • Glory days
  • Higurashi No Koi

Team K Waiting Performance II "The Final Bell Rings"Performance

  • 19 sister songs


Works as AKB48 are excluded.


  • Dreaming Toy Box-Love Dancing Doll (August 2005, 8, Universal Japan)- Doll's Vox.

Video work



TV drama



Theater animation

puppet show



  • SP to think about Akira Ikegami's war ~ Why the war begins and how does it end ~ (August 2010, 8, TV TOKYO)
  • Athlete's soul"Soccer Yuto Nagatomo on the World's No. 2011 Sideback" (May 5, 9, NHK General TV) --Narration
  • Passion continent(Daily broadcast)
    • [Yuko Oshima ▽ I'm worried about AKB48 ...] (October 2013, 10)[132]
    • [800th Anniversary Special ▽ We were born in 1988] (May 2014th and 5th, 4)
  • Milan, Italy A story about beauty-Beautiful Mansion Museum x Renaissance "Profile Beauty"-(April 2014, 4 (TBS), April 18, 2014 ()BS-TBS))-Special navigator[133]
  • Touching earth special Yuko Oshima'sアイス ランド~AuroraDancing volcanic island ~ (March 2016, 3, Fuji TV system (produced by Fuji TV)TV Shizuoka)) - traveller[134]
  • Touching earth special Caribbean Sea and Holy Fountain-Yuko Oshima Trip to Mexico (March 2017, 3, Fuji TV) --Traveler[135]
  • Touching earth special Yuko Oshima I want to go to Nepal! Touring the Himalayas in the sky and wild paradise (March 2018, 3, TV Shizuoka / Fuji TV) --Traveler[136][137]
  • Start "Savior" or "Monster"! AI evolution theory (January 2020, 1,BS Tele)[138]
  • Mushroom Wonderland approaching with Tochispe 8K (November 2020, 11, NHK BS22K)[139]
  • Let's say thank you to 3.11 Committee (March 2021, 3, NHK General TV) --Narration[140]




original video

  • HARD BOILED Hard Boiled (September 1997, 9, Magzam) --Rie Kiryu
  • Flame (June 2000, 6, Magzam) --Yuko Wakatabe
  • ICE(January 2007, 5, July 25, December 7, 25,E-Net Frontier) --Rinne

Music video

  • Ohori pistil"Sweet hip joint" (2008)-Miss cabaret club
  • Mitsuo Nakatani "Detective Bruce Naniwa" (2009, Director:Kimura Yuichi) --Snack Miss


Online delivery

  • Yahoo Live Talk (April 2008, 1,Yahoo! JAPAN)
  • Cote d'Azur N ° 10 (Number Ten) HuluEdition (delivered on November 2017, 11, all 28 episodes, Hulu)[Note 10][107][108]
  • Seven secretaries Original spin-off drama "The Entertainment-Secretary's Hospitality-" (Started distribution on November 2020, 11, all 5 episodes, TELASA) --Miwa Kazama[212]
  • Hierarchical relationship (delivered on July 2021, 7, all 30 episodes, LINE NEWS VISION) --Yamaha Nonohana[213]


  • AKB48 Team K Yuko Oshima Hong Kong Port Commemorative Event Mini Live & Handshake Event (February 2011, 2,Hong Kong・ Dragon Center Event Hall)
  • "FINAL FANTASY XIII-2Release countdown event (December 2011, 12, BicCamera Yurakucho store) --Guest[214]
  • Professional Baseball Opening Ceremony Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters vs. Saitama Seibu Lions (July 2013, 7,Sapporo Dome)[215]
  • Milan Poldi Pezzoli Museum Brilliant Aristocratic Collection-Exhibition Navigator (Audio Guide)[216]


Photo album

Magazine serialization



  • Yuko Oshima 2009 Calendar (October 2008, 10,Hagoromo)
  • Yuko Oshima 2010 Calendar (October 2009, Hagoromo)
  • Yuko Oshima 2011 Calendar (September 2010, 9, Hagoromo)
  • Yuko Oshima 2012 Calendar (September 2011, 11, Hagoromo)
  • Yuko Oshima 2012 TOKYO Date Calendar (November 2011, 11, Hagoromo)
  • Wall hangings AKB48-03 Yuko Oshima Calendar 2013 (November 2012, 11, Hagoromo)
  • Desktop AKB48-119 Yuko Oshima Calendar 2013 (December 2012, 12, Hagoromo)
  • Wall hangings AKB48-03 Yuko Oshima Calendar 2014 (November 2013, 12, Hagoromo)
  • Desktop AKB48-119 Yuko Oshima Calendar 2014 (December 2013, 12, Hagoromo)
  • Wall hanging Yuko Oshima Calendar 2016 (November 2015, 11, Hagoromo)
  • Desktop Yuko Oshima Calendar 2016 (November 2015, 11, Hagoromo)
  • YUKO OSHIMA x VoCE 2017 CALENDAR (December 2016, 12, Kodansha, Photo: Yasuhisa Kikuchi)

Trading cards

  • HITS! PREMIUM AKB48 Yuko Oshima Trading Card (February 2010, 2, Hits)


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