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📚 | The 25th radio program "Murakami RADIO" with Haruki Murakami as DJ features classical music


The 25th installment of the radio program "Murakami RADIO", in which Haruki Murakami acts as a DJ, features classical music.

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We introduced songs by artists familiar to Japanese people, such as Keisuke Kuwata and Tatsuro Yamashita.

Radio program "Murakami RADIO" in which the writer Haruki Murakami acts as a DJ.Selection of the 25th broadcast on June 6 (Sun) ... → Continue reading


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Tatsuro Yamashita

Tatsuro Yamashita(Tatsuro Yamashita,1953Showa28 years>May 2 -) isJapan OfSinger-songwriterso,ミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ン..Traditional in JapanNickname TheYamatatsu[9][10][11][12]..Foreign languagecreditLet's take Tatsuro Tatsu[13]Or Tats[14]May be spelled as.TokyoToshima wardIkebukurobirth.wife TheTakeuchi Mariya(Singer-songwriter).

Currently belongRecord company TheWarner Music Japan[15]..Currently belongEntertainment office TheSmile Company[7], And Tendaberry & Harvest (Yamashita side company) of a private office (for copyright management) jointly managed with his wife[Annotation 1]Is Tenderberry Music Co., Ltd.[8]).

Person, musicality

Tatsuro Yamashita was influenced by many who are so familiar with Beach Boys that he is said to be a Beach Boys enthusiast.Brian WilsonAnd American like the Beach BoysPops-LockWas from a musician.He also covers the Beach Boys on his album.Also in JapanDoo WapHe is one of the enthusiastic fans of, and has a wealth of knowledge.Your own vocalOverdubbingIt is also known to use a technique called "one person a cappella".He is also a fan of soft rock, blue-eyed soul, chorus group and sweet soul.James BrownHe has a wide range of music hobbies, such as liking garage rock and garage rock.In addition, it should be noted.Kenta HagiwaraAlong with that, it is a representative of Beach Boys fans in Japan.

From his commitment to music making and his unique production attitude, "Sound craftsmanIt is also called[17][18]..Vocal in recordingBack chorusBesides, from the arrangementguitar, ComputerPress,synthesizer,percussionUntilI'm working alone..Some songs are all performed by one person.Especially for guitarRhythm cuttingGood at[Annotation 2]..It has a strong acoustic style, but has a wide range of know-how covering from analog to digital due to its policy of utilizing the latest technology.

Taeko OnukiTogether withSugar BabeFormed the album "SONGS』(1975) debuted.ProducedEiichi Otaki OfNiagara LabelThen,Nippon ColumbiaParticipated in the works of the era with chorus and strings arrangement.Especially Otaki's solo album "NIAGARA MOON(1975) andNIAGARA CALENDAR』(1977) is deeply involved[Annotation 3]..Also, besides making his own work, from around 1975, othersinger, Started to provide music to musicians.Riu KosugiThroughJohnny's OfficeThere is also a connection withMasahiko Kondoof"High teen boogie(1982),KinKi KidsDebut single "Glass boy(1997) and "Jet coaster romance”(1998), he has also produced many theme songs for Johnny's talent appearances.

Like Otaki, a record / CD collector,audioMania, especially rockR&B・ Has a deep knowledge of pop music, and collects mainly original analog discs, with a total collection of over 6.[20].

I didn't release my work overseas,2010 era OfVapor WaveThe work was excavated and spread by the boom of.By the way, Tatsuro Yamashita created the back track.Takeuchi MariyaOf the workPlastic loveAs of 2021, although it is an unofficial video, it is mainly for overseas listeners.UAF YouTubeHas been played over 1 million times in total (see "For details"Plastic Love # "Japanese City Pop""reference).

Equipment used


1950 era



  • The father's transfer has been going on since 1954Shinmu businessHowever, in July of this year, the economy cooled rapidly, andPan bottom depressionWhen the (57 recession) arrived, the Yamashita family's factory went bankrupt due to the agitation.[22]..The recession continued until June 1958 (Showa 33), so it seems that it went bankrupt during this period.After that, Tatsuro was in IkebukuroApartmentUnder a double-income couple living inKey girlTo live as[22].


  • April 4, Toshima Ward Ikebukuro No. 1 Elementary School (currently Toshima Ward Ikebukuro Elementary School)[gm 2]) Enrolled in.
  • Tatsuro, who was in elementary school, is a typical honor student who loves space and reading and goes to cram school seriously, and was also elected as an officer of the children's association.

1960 era


  • When I was in the sixth grade of elementary school, I was recommended by the music teacher at that time to join the club.marching bandBelong todrumIn charge of.Although my interest in musical instruments grew as a result of this, as for the music itself, I enjoyed the movie music that I heard under the influence of my parents who loved movies and the songs that flowed from TV and radio song programs. I was staying.My favorite at that time wasHaru Sanba OfKayorankyokuMet[23].


  • April 4, Toshima Ward Takada Junior High School (currently[gm 3]).herebrass bandJoined the club and is also in charge of small drums.Since then, he has spent 6 years in junior high and high school as a brass band member.Percussion instrumentContinued to be in charge of.Also at the same time,ukuleleTriggered by having you buyguitarAlso interested in独 学I'm starting to practice at.Inspired by friendsVenturesIt was around this time that I started listening to Western music, and became an enthusiastic top 40 listener.Looking at the list of songs on The Ventures' concert program, I learned that my favorite song was the work of a particular writer, and then I started listening to pop music systematically.


  • At the end of January, the familyNerima-kuHeiwadai[gm 4] He moved to and opened a candy store with his father's desire to do business.Tatsuro did not transfer,Cross-border schoolIt was decided to do.
  • In this year of the second year of junior high school, he formed an amateur band "Dee Bowern" with his friends.It consists of drums, bass, and two guitars, and a keyboard will be added later, but TatsuroDrumsWas in charge of.A chorus group with all vocals, which was rare at the time.


  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Tokyo Metropolitan Takehaya High School[gm 5] Go on to school.To the metropolitan high school entrance examination that started the previous yearSchool group systemTatsuro recalls that his life would have changed significantly if he had been in another high school because he was hired to go on to Takehaya High School.
  • As a reward for enrolling in a metropolitan high school, ask parents to buy the drum set they've always wanted.After that, I've been interested since I was a kidAstrophysicist-AstronomerAiming for, but devoting himself to music.In addition, there is a sense of discomfort with the management system peculiar to preparatory schools,National first term schoolAt that time, I was suffering from a feeling of isolation among my classmates who were all about taking the entrance exam, and the school life continued to be threatened by teachers because of their long hair.


  • Tatsuro, whose grades declined and was in danger of repeating a grade, managed to advance to the next grade, but was frustrated by the academic path he was aiming for at this point.
  • In May, the whole school by teachers on campusBriberyIs discovered[Annotation 5] Then,70 years securityAgainst the background of the social situation, all school meetings continue every day, and the function of the school is temporarily stopped.In the midst of turmoil, in the second semester, due to school building renovation work,Tokyo Metropolitan Shinjuku High SchoolThe old school building was made a temporary school building for one year[Annotation 6]..At that time, student meetings were thrivingShinjukuAnd myselfStudent movementAnd became involved in student circles, completely from high school lifeDrop outdid. "Music, part-time job, student circle,Jazz cafeToMasterpieceSpend every day[Annotation 7].
  • Dropped out when I was in high schooltraumaLater, "The feeling of despair that deviates from the society of school has a dream of not being able to leave high school even this year."[24]It has a great influence.
  • This time,Matsui Michio(LaterMatsui SecuritiesPresident) and Tatsuya Kaneko (later)Promo modelerso,Diorama作家) Have friends with others[Annotation 8].

Early 1970s


  • In March, as the turmoil on campus was settled, Tatsuro, who hadn't attended enough days, was in danger of graduating, but graduated from high school so that he could be kicked out.After that, the days of being absorbed in music begin.That said, "Behind the scenesIt can only be about, and if so, at least musicCopyrightBut learnMusic publisherTatsuro thought, "Would you like to join us?"Faculty of LawAiming to take the examPrep schoolEnrolled in, for one yearRoninI ended up living a life.However, in reality, it hardly passed.[25]



  • In the spring, I met a friend (ADD SOME ~)Taeko Onuki,Akihiko Noguchi), Muramatsu and Ogawa were added to form Sugar Babe.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Bunkyo AuditoriumAtHappy EndFor the last concert "CITY -Last Time Around-"Eiichi Otaki Sugar Babe (Yamashita, Onuki, Muramatsu) participated in the backing chorus on the stage of & Coconut Bank.
  • On December 12th, Sugar Babe's debut concert "Hello! We are SUGAR BABE" was held at Aoyama Tower Hall.


  • In January, I signed a contract with a music agency, but I couldn't get a salary and I was in financial difficulty.[Annotation 9]..However, Tatsuro's voice is gradually recognized through the CM music work that he started around this time and the chorus work activities in the studio.Sugar Babe will gradually increase in popularity at school festivals and live houses.[26].
  • In October, Sugar Babe's record company changed to Otaki.Niagara LabelAnd start recording.
  • Sugar Babe (Yamashita, Onuki, Muramatsu) participated in the chorus on October 10th.Arai YumiAlbum ofMISSLIM』Release.Tatsuro participates as a guitarist in some songs in addition to the chorus.Even after being solo in Arai's (Matsutoya) work, "OLIVE』(1979) has been involved.

Late 1970s


  • April 4, Sugar Babe, album "SONGS] And the single "DOWN TOWNWas released simultaneously from the Niagara label.
  • There was a change in the members before and after the album release, and instead of Noguchi and OgawaYutaka Uehara-Ginji Ito-Jiro TeraoBy joining, it became a 6-member group.
  • In June, Ito left and became a five-member group again.
  • January,Mayumi KurokiIs the album 『12 scribbles』Release.This work includes two songs, "Called a Lover" and "Around the North Pole," which Yamashita wrote for the first time for another singer.


  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc."All Night Nippon』Wednesday 2nd part (Thursday midnight 3:5 to 3:25) Regular start (until March 3). On March 27th, he served as a temporary personality for the first part of Friday.
  • March 3, Niagara Triangle (Yamashita, Ginji Ito,Eiichi Otaki) By the omnibus album "NIAGARA TRIANGLE Vol.1"release.On the same day, Minako Yoshida, the album "flapper"release.later"CIRCUS TOWN"soSelf-coverIncludes two songs, "Forever" and "LAST STEP".
  • October 3th and November 31th,Ogikubo LoftPerformed a Sugar Babe dissolution concert at.
  • April 4, Niagara Triangle, from "NIAGARA TRIANGLE Vol.1"Recut single"Goodbye to happiness"release.
  • On April 4th, moved to Nippon Broadcasting System "All Night Nippon" Monday 6nd part (Tuesday midnight 2:3 to 5:9).Regular start (until September 28).
  • August 8th, traveled to the United States to record the album "CIRCUS TOWN" (August 16-8:ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク, 30th-September 9rd:Los Angeles, Returned to Japan on the 5th).The debut album as a solo singer isAmericaIt was an exceptional treatment to record at, but the director realized itRiu Kosugi2 years of study abroad experience in the United States and thenSunshineThe background was the personal connections that I had cultivated while inviting musicians and managing the copyright of Western music.[Annotation 10].
  • On December 12th, the album "All songs by American recording"CIRCUS TOWNRCA ⁄ RVCMore solo debut.


  • On March 3th, Minako Yoshida's album "TWILIGHT ZONE], Co-produced with Yoshida.On the same day, the recut single "Koi wa Meteor Part I / IIWas released.
  • January 5th, the album “SPACY"release.I was greatly inspired by the overseas recording experience of my previous work "CIRCUS TOWN", and after that, several years of making records with studio musicians with the score I wrote began.As a result, "SPACY" became an experimental and introspective album, and although sales were not good, a chorus by overdubbing by one person, which became a selling point later, appeared.Many old fans say that this work is the best.[28].
  • November 11th, arranged and produced by YamashitaMother gooseSingle "Exposed to trade wind / Marine Blue"release.The first production work by another singer.


  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,RoppongiRecorded live at PIT INNLive album"IT'S A POPPIN'TIME"release.
  • In December, with financial support from concert eventer Sogo Tokyo, he opened his own agency "Wild Honey".Shibuya WardEstablished in Room 2 on the 302nd floor of Wago Heights in front of Jingumae.The company name isBeach boys OfAlbum of the same nameFrom (1967).After his solo debut, Our House, which was his agency at the time of his solo debut, went bankrupt due to financial difficulties after Yamashita and Onuki's solo debut.After that, Yamashita became a music publisher until his office was established.Pacific Music Publishing Enrolled in (PMP).
  • January 12th, the album “GO AHEAD!"release.I thought that this might be the last time I could make a solo album, so I tried to finish it by doing what I liked, and it became one of the simmering sounds packed with various tunes.[29].


  • January 1, first solo single "LET'S DANCE BABY"release.The first single cut for the 4th album.
  • Spring, B side of the single "LET'S DANCE BABY" released in January "BOMBERIs a smash hit centered on Osaka discos.In response to that, it was temporarily released in Osaka with the AB side of the single board reversed.The sales of three albums including the live performance so far did not meet the expectations of the record company, and I was thinking of living as a composer in the future, but the situation gradually started to improve.[30].
  • November 3th, arranged and produced by YamashitaCOOLS ROCKABILLY CLUBReleased the album "NEW YORK CITY, NY".The recording was done in New York with the hope of being a member, but due to the coordinator's inadequacy, nothing was prepared in advance, and Yamashita went to the United States alone one week before the recording.All the arrangements for the studio and musicians were done by myself, and then at the live performance that was held in a hurry there.RoadieI did it.The first and last all-produced work.The album is credited as "SOUND CREATIVE PRODUCER".
  • April 4th, the first tie-up second single "Draw love -LET'S KISS THE SUN-"(JAL"Okinawa Campaign" Let's Kiss The Sun "" image song) released.
  • June 6nd, Concert Tour "FLYING TOUR '79 PART-1"start.All 4 performances.My first national tour.
  • On June 6th, the first performance in Osaka since the smash hit of "BOMBER" was held at Osaka Sankei Hall.The audience seats were filled with people who were clearly different from the audience so far, and the direct reaction in Osaka was fresh and happy, so I was motivated to create works that are closer to the atmosphere of the times. is what happened[31].
  • August 8, produced by YamashitaAnne LewisReleased the album "PINK PUSSYCAT".Later the album "POCKET MUSIC』Includes self-covering" shampoo ".
  • On September 9st, the concert tour "FLYING TOUR '1 PART-79" started.All 2 performances.
  • Independence established in RVC by director Ryuzo Kosugi on October 10LabelParticipated in "AIR" as a producer and musician[Annotation 11], The first album "MOONGLOW] And the single "Eternal FULL MOONReleased on the same day.In order to know the site of album sales, local radio stations, cable broadcasting, sales promotion meetings with major retailers, etc.dealerActively promoted activities such as participation in conventions.
  • On December 12, Ann Lewis's single "Koi no Bugi Ugi Train" was released, composed and arranged by Yamashita.
  • On September 12st, the concert tour "FLYING TOUR '26 PART-79" started.All 3 performances.

Early 1980s


  • June 1nd, Concert Tour "CONCERT '80"start.All 5 performances.
  • On March 3, the concert tour "RIDE ON TIME CONCERT '19" started.All 80 performances.
  • On March 3, the LP produced for promotion in the summer of 21 became popular, and "COME ALONGReleased with the title (カ セ ッ トonly).DJenterCompilation albumA pioneering work of.
  • July 5, single "RIDE ON TIME"release.I also appearedmaxellRecorded the first top 10 hit as a cassette tape CM song.
  • May 5, produced by Yamashita,Haruyuki MizuguchiReleased "BLACK or WHITE". The first solo album after becoming independent from COOLS ROCKABILLY CLUB.
  • July 7, "27's JAM OVER JAPAN" (Seibu Stadium) Appeared.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Kanagawa"RIDE ON TIME CONCERT in HAYAMA" was held at Hayama Marina Emerald Pool.Under the influence of the cold summer of this year, it was held for about 4 hours in the worst conditions of cold and heavy rain, making it one of the most impressive concerts for Yamashita.[32].
  • On September 9, the concert tour "RIDE ON TIME CONCERT '17 -'80" started.All 81 performances.
  • January 9th, the album “RIDE ON TIME"release.Recorded No. 1 on the album chart and made a break in the 4th year of his solo debut.
  • October 10, the song "RIDE ON TIME" from the album "RIDE ON TIME"MY SUGAR BABE"ButNippon TVDrama seriesPolice-K] Used for the theme song and released as a recut single.Program producer and starring who liked the songKatsu ShintaroNegotiated directly with Yamashita over the phone and decided to use it almost forcibly.At a press conference to announce the production of the program that was held later, he was allowed to attend with other performers, and at a later date, entertainment newspapers and sports newspapers featured a photo of Yamashita with a stern look at the press conference.[Annotation 12].
  • December 12th, aloneA capella·album"ON THE STREET CORNER] Released in a limited edition of 10.By a cappella of overdubbing by one personDoo Wapthe work.Since then, Yamashita's one a cappella will increase its recognition.[26].
  • On December 12, the album "MOONGLOW"But22th Japan Record AwardWon the best album award.


  • On March 3th, the concert tour "PERFORMANCE '13" started.All 81 performances.
  • On March 3, the first in-house studio "Smile Garage" opened.Minato-kuShibauraWarehouse in (Yokohama WarehouseShibaura Office Co., Ltd.) was partially renovated and is a pioneer of garage studios.However, it took time to repair, and in his own work, the 1986 album "POCKET MUSIC] Start using from recording.
  • On September 9, the concert tour "PERFORMANCE '7 -'81" started.All 82 performances.



  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,NHK-FM"Sound street』\ Regular start on Thursday (until March 1986, 3).
  • April 4, Moon Records transfer first single "High pressure girl"(ANAOkinawa image song) released.
  • August 5, produced by YamashitaMurata KazutoReleased the album "Hitokake no Natsu".
  • June 6th, the first original album after the transfer "MELODIES"release.He also wrote the lyrics himself.
  • July 9, single "sprinkler"release.On the same day, the concert tour "PERFORMANCE '83 -'84" started.All 38 performances.
  • July 12, single "Christmas Eve"12 イ ン チReleased as a limited edition picture disc.


  • In April, Kosugi became president of his agency.In response to this, the company name was changed from "Wild Honey" to "Until then used as an affiliated publisher name"Smile Company"change to.At the same time, the publisher name will be changed to "Smile Music Publishing" and the corporate group name will be unified to "Smile Group".The company name "Smile" is the unreleased album "Smile" of Beach Boys 1967.Smile』From.Since then, the name Wild Honey has been used as the private label name for mail-order CDs since the establishment of the official fan club.
  • In May, Kosugi also served as president of "Smile Music Publishing" and became the representative of Smile Group.At the same time, at the recommendation of Kosugi, Yamashita established a private office "Tenderberry Music" for the purpose of managing the copyright of his own songs, apart from Smile Music Publishing.Mariya Takeuchi also established "Music Harvest Co., Ltd." and later changed the name to "Tendaberry & Harvest" as a joint office for the couple.However, "Music Harvest Co., Ltd." is Takeuchi's parents' home.Shimane IzumoThe office is located in the inn "Takenoya"[35].. Name isLaura NiroAlbum ofNEW YORK TENDABERRY"WhenNeil YoungAlbum ofHarvest] From.
  • April 4, Mariya Takeuchi's first moon record transfer album "VARIETY"release. Two and a half years after the suspension of activities in 81, Yamashita proposed to make an album after listening to the songs that Takeuchi had written down before his marriage, and this is the first album with all Takeuchi's original songs.With this return work, he recorded No. 2 on the album chart.Since then, he has been involved in arranging and producing Takeuchi's songs.
  • July 5, single "THE THEME FROM BIG WAVE"(Japan HeraldDistribution movie "Big Wave" theme song) released.
  • January 6th, the album “BIG WAVE"release.The movie of the same name with all English lyrics, including the cover of the Beach Boyssoundtrack.
  • On September 12, the concert tour "PERFORMANCE '10 -'84" started.All 85 performances.
  • This year, a daughter was born.

Late 1980s




  • July 5, single "Dance, fish"(ANAOkinawa campaign image song) released.
  • On August 8, Mariya Takeuchi's album "REQUEST"release.In addition to No. 1 on the album chart, he recorded a chart-in for the third consecutive year.
  • Held on October 10th at Roppongi PIT INN to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its openingShuichi MurakamiGuest appearance on the 10th day of the live "ROPPONGI PIT INN 87th Anniversary PONTA WEEK SUPER SHOCK '7 PONTA SPECIAL SESSION"[36].


  • Recorded 4 songs produced by Yamashita on April 21st.Masayuki SuzukiSecond album "Radio Days"release.
  • July 4, single "GET BACK IN LOVE(TBS drama "Coastal story Like in the old days ...』Theme song) release.
  • May 5st, composed and producedA capella・ Released the single "THE GIRL IN WHITE" of the group "14 Karat Soul".Later self-covered on the album "Boku no Naka no Shounen".
  • July 7st, recut single "Radio Days" from Masayuki Suzuki "Radio Days"Guilty"release.
  • January 10th, the album “Boy in me"release.
  • January,JR Tokai"Christmas Eve" was used in the Christmas campaign CM song and became a hit.Since then, it has become one of the standard numbers for Japanese Christmas songs.
  • On September 12, the concert tour "PERFORMANCE '9 -'88" started.All 89 performances.


Early 1990s


  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,JFNsystem"Premier 3] Regular start in the 1st and 3rd weeks of every month (until January 1992, 1).
  • July 4, single "Endless Game(TBS Friday drama "誘惑』Theme song) release.
  • October 10, TBS TV "Big morningAs the theme song of ""Morning Shine"On-air start.The song was released as a coupling song for the next year's single "Sayonara Natsu no Hi".



  • July 2, single "Atom's child"(GiraffeGolden Bitter CM Song) released."BLOW" (TBS TV "America's Cup '92" theme song) is included in the coupling.
  • On October 10, JFN's "Saturday Songbook" (every Saturday 3: 15-00: 15) started (until March 54, 1994).
  • On August 10, Mariya Takeuchi's album "Quiet Life"release.Recorded No. 1 on the Oricon album chart.


  • July 6, single "MAGIC TOUCH(Maxell CD-XL image song) released.
  • On June 6, "Don't ring HERON" started airing as the theme song for TBS TV "Big Morning".
  • July 10, single "Jungle Swing"(NissanSKYLINEImage song) released.
  • On November 11th, a special album for the Christmas season consisting of a cappella and a full orchestra.SEASON'S GREETINGS"release.
  • In December, "Christmas Eve"TBCUsed for Christmas commercials.
  • December 12th, as TBS Radio's program "Akasaka Live" "11th Anniversary Special"TBS hallAppeared in "Tatsuro Yamashita-Christmas Eve Special Mini Live-" held at[37].


  • July 1, single "parade"(Fuji Television Network, Incsystem"Ponki kicks』Ending theme) release.
  • On April 4rd, "Saturday Songbook" was released as "Sunday Songbook], Every Sunday from 14:00.
  • April 4th, Sugar Babe "SONGS] Is made into a CD for the first time as an original master.Recorded No. 3 on the Oricon album chart.
  • April 4th, 26th, May 27st and 5nd, a concert consisting only of the repertoire before the solo debut "Tatsuro Yamashita sings SUGAR BABE』Held (Nakano Sanguraza).
  • The smile garage is closed due to the decision to demolish the warehouse building due to the redevelopment of the Gulf area.The failure to secure a satisfactory studio environment for digital recording until the opening of a new studio after that also contributed to the temporary stagnation of activities.He describes this period as "a blank three years."
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,NHKDrama new galaxy"Baby came] As the theme song, "LAI-LA -Encounter-" started airing.
  • In December, "Christmas Eve" will be used again for the TBC Christmas commercial.

Late 1990s


  • In January, "SOUTHBOUND # 1" will be used for the Nissan Skyline commercial.
  • July 11, single "Until the end of the world"(Yomiuri Television-Nippon TVSeries drama "best friend』Theme song) release.
  • November 11th, the first time since the transfer to the Moon labelBest album"TREASURES"release.Become a million seller.
  • On November 11th, an acoustic mini-live was held to commemorate the 26rd anniversary of "Sunday Songbook" (Hanzomon TOKYO FM Hall, Tokyo).



  • On June 6th, the best album "GREATEST HITS! OF TATSURO YAMASHITA" released in 4 was released.Bonus trackWith,Digital remasterRe-released on board. Regarding the drastic changes in the contents when making a CD in 1990, the former affiliationBMG VictorAlthough it developed into a litigation issue, a settlement was reached in 1995.Taking this opportunity, the remastering work of the catalog in the RCA ⁄ AIR era under the supervision of Yamashita himself began.
  • July 7, written by Takashi Matsumoto, composed and arranged by Yamashita, producedKinKi KidsDebut single "Glass boy"release.It will be a long hit that will be ranked in the top of the single chart for 1 weeks, first appearance first place.
  • In December, "Moment" will be adopted as a commercial for JACCS cards.


  • July 1, single "Heron"(Kirin Lager Beer CF Song) released.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Kyushu Asahi BroadcastingFormer director ofHitoshi KishikawaFor four days from February 2th to March 26st to commemorate the retirement age ofFukuoka Sun PalaceAppeared in "MIRACLE NIGHT" on the first day of "Legendary Live" atStardust Review,Shogo Hamada[39].. Performed live for the first time in 3 years and 10 months from "sings SUGAR BABE".
  • April 4, KinKi Kids, written by Takashi Matsumoto and composed by Yamashita, the third single "Jet coaster romance"release.I'm busy recording the album, so the arrangement isMotoki FunayamaIs in charge.Yamashita was very surprised at the arrangement that was completely different from his demo tape.
  • July 4, single "Someday on a sunny day(TBS drama "Don't you know the teacher?』Theme song) release.
  • On August 8th, the original album "COZY"release.It will be the first million seller as an original album.
  • On September 10, the concert tour "PERFORMANCE '8 -'98" started.All 99 performances.
  • On October 10th, the album "COZY" 25-disc analog LP version was released.
  • December 12, written by Takashi Matsumoto, composed and arranged by Yamashita, produced by KinKi Kids, the fifth single "Happy Happy Greeting"release.


Early 2000s


  • January 1, 26 release "ON THE STREET CORNER 1, And the 1986 release of "ON THE STREET CORNER 2], 2 bonus tracks have been added, and re-released on the digitally remastered version.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,ShinseidoAn in-store street live sponsored by the Takadanobaba ESP Hall will be held.
  • July 7, single "JUVENILE's Theme ~ RAINBOW in the Eyes ~"(movies"Juvenile』Theme song) release.
  • July 7, 11, 12Nippon BudokanOsaka Castle HallHeld inTOKYO FM & FM OSAKA30th Anniversary Event ”(Co-star:cane,SING LIKE TALKING) As a band master (guitar, chorus, percussion, keyboard) of Mariya Takeuchi, and also performed a duet with her husband and wife in Angkor.
  • On November 11nd, the first live album "Mariya Takeuchi's first live album in 22 years and 18 months"REMEMBER"release.
  • On the same day, "Christmas Eve" was released as a maxi single.English version and original CD for the first timekaraokeIs recorded. Used as a campaign CM song for JR Central's "X'mas Express 8", which has been revived for the first time in eight years.


  • In April, "SO MUCH IN LOVE"Asahi Used for super malt commercials.
  • July 6, single "I'm in love with your voice(NTT Communications CM song) released.
  • April 11, ShibuyaON AIR EASTMade inHiroyuki NambaGuest appearance on "Thanks to Singers", a live performance commemorating the 25th anniversary of professional debut[40].


  • On June 1,LOVELAND, ISLAND"ButFuji Television Network, IncDrama seriesLong Love Letter-Drifting Classroom-』Adopted as the theme song, single cut that also serves as a promotion for the recurrence of the old catalog of the RCA ⁄ AIR era."YOUR EYES" from "FOR YOU" is also included in the coupling.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,BMG JAPANMore 7 album titles from the RCA ⁄ AIR era reissued with a digital remaster and bonus track supervised by the person himself.Dated 25th of the same monthOricon album chartAll seven titles were ranked in the top 7, and albums two years after their release dominated the second to eighth places on the target catalog chart.
  • On March 3nd, along with the album reissue of the RCA ⁄ AIR era, a concert tour consisting only of songs from this era "PERFORMANCE 2002 RCA ⁄ AIR YEARS SPECIAL"start.All 33 performances.The first additional performance in Okinawa will be held on May 5th and 25th.
  • On October 10, the best album "The best album that summarizes unreleased singles and unreleased sound sources"RARITIES"release.



Late 2000s


  • July 1, single "FOREVER MINE(Toho movie "Tokyo Tower』Theme song) release."MIDAS TOUCH" for coupling (Fuji TV series "Friday Entertainment] Opening theme) is recorded.
  • July 4, single "Sun's hollow"(Fuji TV series"Mezamashi TV] Theme song) released.
  • September 9th for recordingPro ToolsThe original album "SONORITE"release.
  • October 10th, the title song recorded by Mariya Takeuchi and composed by YamashitaMori MitsukoReleased "Tango of the Moonlit Night" (theme song of the stage "Tsukiko no Tsuki and Tango").It was the first new song for Mori in 10 years, but it first appeared on the Oricon chart on October 10, and was charted in at No. 17.The first chart-in in 45 years since his debut as a singer is the longest record in history. The first appearance in the top 64 at 85 years and 5 months was also the oldest record, and it was a double feat.[Annotation 13].
  • January 10th, the album “SONORITE"fromRecut single"White Umbrella ⁄ Lucky Girl with a bouquet"(HONDA LIFE CM song / HONDA LIFE DIVA CM song) released.
  • April 12th, Sugar Babe "SONGSIs a 30th anniversary edition with a new bonus track under the remastering of Eiichi Ohtaki himself.SONGS -30th Anniversary Edition-』Released as.




  • July 3, single "Always together(Fuji TV drama "Flower shop without roses』Theme song) release.Coupling is "Rose Life-La Vie En Rose" (TBS series "Broadcaster』Theme song) and" ANGEL OF THE LIGHT "(Nikon Includes corporate CM song).
  • May 5th and 5th in TokyoHamarikyu Asahi HallOn the 10thOsaka Welfare Pension Hall"TATSURO YAMASHITA ACOUSTIC MINI", which serves as a commemoration of the release of the song and the 800th anniversary of the "Sunday Songbook", for the winners of the "Zutto Together" enclosed postcard and the winners of the "Sunday Songbook" listeners at the art hall. LIVE ”is ​​held[42].
  • On October 10st, Mariya Takeuchi's all-time best album "Produced by Yamashita"Expressions"release.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Shibuya CLUB QUATTROMade inSentimental City RomanceAppeared as a support guitarist for Mariya Takeuchi, a secret guest, in "35th Anniversary LIVE".He acted as the back for "A Door of the Life" sung by Takeuchi.
  • On December 12th, the concert tour "PERFORMANCE 5-6" started for the first time in 10 years (2008 years as a regular tour).All 2009 performances.Reorganized the band members to return the activity stance to the live activity center.This tour will be closed for rebuilding at the end of the yearOsaka Festival HallAt, the pop singer performed the last live[Annotation 14].


Early 2010s


  • July 4, single "Light named hope"(movies"Tidakankan-The sea, corals and small miracles-』Theme song) release."Happy Gathering Day" (Kentucky 40th Anniversary theme song) is included in the coupling.
  • On April 4th, Sugar Babe will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its official debut with the release of the album "SONGS".
  • July 6, single "Town story (town story)(TBS drama Sunday Theater "new comer』Theme song) release.
  • June 8nd, Concert Tour "PERFORMANCE 2010"start.All 39 performances.
  • September 8, "RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2010 in EZO』(Ishikari Bay New PortAppeared on the Tarukawa Wharf Yoko Outdoor Special Stage).It's been 29 years since I participated in an outdoor live performance.
  • Held at Nippon Budokan on October 10th and 30st,Warner Music JapanAppeared in the 40th anniversary event "WARNER MUSIC JAPAN 40th. Anniversary ~ 100 Years MUSIC FESTIVAL ~". On the first day, Mariya Takeuchi appeared as a secret guest and performed a duet with her husband and wife. On the second day, his own songs ("SPARKLE", "Light named hope”) For the first time on the Budokan stage[44].
  • December 12, 3, 4, 21Nippon BudokanOsaka Castle HallMariya Takeuchi's live performance for the first time in 10 yearsTOKYO FM-FM OSAKA40th Anniversary Special "Souvenir again" Mariya Takeuchi LIVE 2010[45]Participated again as a band master.


  • July 3, single "I can't say I love you(TBS drama Sunday Theater "Cherry blossoms in winter』Theme song) release.
  • On August 8th, the original album "For the first time in 10 years"Ray Of Hope"release. It first appeared on the Oricon album chart on August 8nd for the first time in 22 years and 8 months, and won the 9st place.Yumi Matsutoya,Tokunaga Hideaki,Keisuke KuwataThe fourth person in history to win the top ranking in the 4s, 80s, 90s, 00s and 10th consecutive years.[46].
  • 8月23、25、29、31日と9月4、6日の6日間の日程で、デビュー36周年にして初の試みとして、『Ray Of Hope』購入者のうち、シリアルナンバー当選者を対象にしたシアターイベントを全国6か所のCine computerHeld at.Bonus disc "JOY1.5The work "JOY1.5 --THE MOVIE", which is a compilation of the video source of the live sound source recorded in the movie, was screened.[47][Annotation 15].
  • On November 11nd, the album "Ray Of Hope" 2-disc analog LP version was released.
  • On November 11th, the concert tour "PERFORMANCE 6-2011" started.All 2012 performances.
  • In December, "Christmas Eve"MobageUsed for Christmas commercials.Recorded in the top 100 of the Oricon chart, breaking the continuous record in 26.
  • "Sunday Songbook" will be broadcast 12 times on December 11th[48].


  • April 4th marks the 6th anniversary of marriage (pearl marriage).
  • "Sunday Songbook" broadcast on June 6nd and March 22thGreat East Japan Earthquake"1st Anniversary Memorial and Reconstruction Prayer Program"38th Broadcast Culture Fund Award(Organizer:Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Broadcasting Culture Fund), Received two categories, "Radio Program Excellence Award" (program category) and "Performer Award" (program category individual field)[49]..Smile Company President Ryuzo Kosugi attended the presentation ceremony on behalf of Yamashita and read his message on his behalf.Among them, the prize money of the performer award (10 yen) is fully used to support reconstruction after the earthquake.Japanese Red Cross SocietyIt was also announced that it would be donated to[50].
  • August 8, 25 locations nationwideTi joyThe first theater live "PERFORMANCE 1984-2012" with live video at a multiplex system (produced by Warner Music Japan / Smile Company, distributed by:Toei) Will be held for one week until September 9st.It became a big hit beyond expectations, such as winning the 1st place in the box office results in the mini theater ranking (announced by the box office news agency), and the holding was extended until September 1nd, and a week was added at Shibuya TOEI from September 1th. Screening was done[51].
  • On September 9nd, he will participate in an outdoor festival for the first time in two years.SWEET LOVE SHOWER 2012"(Yamanashi Prefecture·Yamanakako Communication Plaza Kirara) Appeared.Mariya Takeuchi appeared as a surprise guest in the middle of the stage and performed two songs.[52].
  • On September 9th, the new work "Tell me about love" from Sugar Babe "DOWN TOWN" (TV AsahisystemThursday drama"Residency investigation』Theme song), the first song selected beyond the labelAll time best"OPUS-ALL TIME BEST 1975-2012-"release.
  • On October 10th, following the popularity of the theater live "PERFORMANCE 6-1984",TOHO Cinemassystem,109 cinemasRe-screened at 19 cinema multiplexes nationwide, including the system (until October 10).
  • On October 10, "Sunday Songbook" will celebrate its 7th anniversary.
  • On November 11th, the Christmas limited-time package, which is wrapped in a Christmas-designed three-sided box on the regular edition of "OPUS", will be on sale (until December 20th).
  • On December 12th, the Christmas Eve single "Christmas Eve", which is a 11 remastered single packaged in a special Christmas box, will be on sale for a limited time (until December 2003th).



  • September 7, "BIG WAVE 30th Anniversary Edition"release. 2014 remastered, bonus track recording.
  • June 7nd, Concert Tour "Maniac Tour ~ PERFORMANCE 2014 ~"start.All 29 performances.
  • September 8, "RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2014 in EZO(Ishikari Bay New Port Tarukawa Pier Yoko Outdoor Special Stage) for the second time in four years[58].
  • On August 8, "BIG WAVE 20th Anniversary Edition" analog version was released.
  • September 8, "SWEET LOVE SHOWER 2014(Yamanashi Prefecture, Yamanakako Communication Plaza Kirara)[59][60].
  • On May 9, Mariya Takeuchi's album "Co-produced with Yamashita"TRAD"release.
  • "Tatsuro Yamashita LIVE at THE BOTTOM LINE" will be held on October 10th at the bottom line of a live house in Nagoya.[61].
  • On November 11th, the song "MIRACLE Devikuro-kun no Koi to Mahou" in the movie "MIRACLE Devikuro-kun no Koi to Mahou", which uses "Christmas Eve" as the theme song, Mariya Takeuchi "The Christmas Song" and "Have Yourself A Merry"・ Released the 19 limited version of the single "Christmas Eve" with an additional medley of "Little Christmas".On the same day, Mariya Takeuchi's "TRAD" analog board and "VARIETY -30th Anniversary Edition-"release.
  • On November 11, the movie "MIRACLE Devil Claus's Love and Magic", which was supervised by music[62][Annotation 17] Release[63]..On the same day, Mariya Takeuchi started her national tour "SOUVENIR 33" for the first time in 2014 years (6 performances at 9 venues).Participated as a band master.
  • In November, "Dance, Fish"SUBARU Impreza SPORTUsed for commercials[64].
  • On December 12th, Mariya Takeuchi released an analog version of "VARIETY -10th Anniversary Edition-".

Late 2010s


  • March 3, 12 (26th)Art AwardMinister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award(Popular entertainment category) Awarded. 2014 Concert Tour "Maniac Tour ~ PERFORMANCE 2014 ~』, Mainly showing songs that have not been played so far, and was evaluated for its unique singing ability and further enhancing musicality.[65][66].
  • April 4th marks the 25th anniversary of music activities.On the same day, TV Asahi dramaThursday mystery"Kyoto Humanitarian Investigation File] Theme song "My Guardian Angel (drama size ver.)"Ringing songFull delivery start.
  • April 8th, Sugar Babe "SONGS -40th Anniversary Ultimate Edition-] Released.A 2015-disc set consisting of the original track's 1 remastered sound source + bonus track disc 2015 and the original track's 2 remixed sound source + bonus track disc 2.A 1-disc analog board equivalent to Disc 2 is also released at the same time.
  • On October 10, the concert tour "PERFORMANCE 9-2015" started.2016 performances in 35 cities nationwide.
  • On October 10th, the official band score "Tatsuro Yamashita / 10th Anniversary Score Book Vol.40 / Vol.40" commemorating the 1th anniversary of his debut (Doremi sheet music publisher) Released.
  • In November, "High Pressure Girl" will be used for the CM of SUBARU Impreza SPORT.
  • On December 12th, the "14 Christmas Special Package" with a three-sided box illustrated by Tatsuya Kaneko on "Christmas Eve 30th Anniversary Edition" will be on sale for a limited time (until December 2015th).


  • February 2, written by Takeuchi, composed and arranged by Yamashita,storm48th single "Resurrection LOVE"release[67]..On the same day, the original "SONGS" song recorded in Disc 40 "2 Remix" of Sugar Babe "SONGS -2015th Anniversary Ultimate Edition-" will be distributed on "High Resolution Audio Sound Source".[68].
  • On March 3th, at the NHK Hall performance of "PERFORMANCE 24-2015", "Christmas Eve" entered the Japanese weekly single ranking (TOP2016) for 1986 consecutive years from 30, on the same date.Guinness World RecordsAnnounced that it was certified by[69].
  • April 4, Yokohama City, Kanagawa PrefectureKannai HallAt "PERFORMANCE 2015-2016"Kanagawa Prefectural HallPerformance ticket sales Accident target performances[70].
  • April 4th, "PERFORMANCE 20-2015" Iwate Prefectural Hall Large Hall Performance, December 2016th Transfer Performance at the same venue[71]..On the same day, a duet number by Yamashita and Takeuchi "Let It Be Me(Fuji TV series Thursday 22:XNUMX drama "Sayako, is it true to get married?』Start of distribution of the song in the play)[72].
  • July 8, single "CHEER UP! THE SUMMERAdvance delivery start.
  • September 9, single "CHEER UP! THE SUMMER" (Fuji TV Thursday 14:22 drama "Sales Manager Natsuko Kira』Theme song) release[73].
  • July 9, TokyoEX THEATER ROPPONGIAppeared as a surprise guest at the Hiroyuki Namba 40th Anniversary Live Event "Hiroyuki Namba 40th Anniversary Live ~ Lifetime Key Life ~" held at.Sang 8 Western music covers[74].
  • On October 10rd and 3th, an acoustic live will be held at the 4th anniversary live event "SHINJUKU LOFT 40TH ANNIVERSARY" 40YEARSx40LIVES "" in Shinjuku, Tokyo.[75].
  • Released on December 12thPlayStation 4Game software forA dragon-like 6-poem of life.Providing music to[76].


  • On March 3, the concert tour "PERFORMANCE 18" started.2017 performances in 25 cities nationwide[77].
  • In June, Ryuzo Kosugi retired as President of Smile Company.Toshiyuki Kuroiwa, a former director of the promotion department of Warner Music Japan, will succeed him.
  • September 8, "COME ALONG 3"release. The third in the "COME ALONG" series, the sequel for the first time in 33 years[78].. 『COME ALONG''COME ALONG 2Will be released at the same time with the latest remastering sound source in 2017[79].
  • July 9, single "Reborn"(movies"Miracle of Namiya general store』Theme song) release[80].
  • September 9, "Kishidan Expo2017 ~ Yotaro Boso Bakuon Mashimashi, Rock and Roll Chomoramma ~ ”(Chiba, ChibaSodegaura Seaside Park)[81].
  • On November 11, a special live "Tatsuro Yamashita's Sunday Songbook 28th Anniversary Acoustic Live & Talk Show" was held to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the broadcast of "Tatsuro Yamashita's Sunday Songbook" (Hanzomon TOKYO FM Hall, Tokyo)[82].



  • July 11, single "RECIPE(TBS drama Sunday Theater "Grand Maison ★ Tokyo』Theme song) release.
  • In December, "Christmas Eve" ranked 12th in the Oricon weekly single ranking, achieving the 17th consecutive year of ranking.[83].

Early 2020s



  • January 8th, the album “ARTISANIn 30, which celebrated the 2021th anniversary of its release, the remastered version was released.ARTISAN -30th Anniversary Edition-』Released as (analog version also released at the same time for the first time).


About the workList of works by Tatsuro Yamashitato see the available categories of products and services.
Studio album

Music video

Yamashita himself also appears in some of the works, but he does not appear.
  • Until the end of the world
    • Tamao SatoAppears.Yamashita appears in the form of overlapping the voice at the beginning, the silhouette that overlaps the image, and the appearance of playing the guitar (from the neck down).
  • Heron
    • In the middle of the video of a dancer with blue paint on the sandy beach, a cut of the back of a man with long hair and a guitar is inserted (an image cut by another person, not Yamashita himself).
  • Someday on a sunny day
  • JUVENILE's Theme ~ RAINBOW in the Eyes
  • I'm in love with your voice
    • Kyusaku ShimadaA drama-style work with the appearance of model Asuka Takatsu.The director isHiroki Tange. "MVA06Was nominated for the "BEST STORY VIDEO" category.
  • Sun's hollow
    • "Mezamashi TVYamashita liked the image video that was aired in 』, and produced it in an anime style by the same director as the image video with a slightly different taste.
  • LOVE GOES ON <The eyes are a goddess (Goddess)>
    • Produced as the lead song of the best album "RARITIES".Jacket images and toys that became motifsobjectAre projected one after another.
  • Our summer dream
    • The animated movie "Theme Song"summer WarsAn anime-style promotional video in line with the image of.
  • Light named hope
  • Town story (town story)
  • Requiem for light and you
    • The movie "Theme Song"Girlfriend in the sun"ofSpin-offAs a work, the main character Kosuke Okuda (Matsumoto Jun) And Mao Watari (Ueno Juri) Worked on the movie based on the concept of "memories of a certain summer day" when he was in junior high school.Takahiro MikiServed as the director.The cast played the main character in the movie when he was in junior high schoolTakumi Kitamura,Aoi WakanaIt was taken by two people. There are 2 patterns in the MV that cross over the newly shot scene and the movie scene.[84].
  • Synchronicity (a wonderful coincidence) ⁄ Mariya Takeuchi
    • With Sentimental City Romance (Nobutaka Tsugei, Yutaka Hosoi, Tokuo Nakano), Akihiko Noguchi (ds), Hironori Ito (B)Acoustic guitarAppeared as one of the performers who play.
    • A work that depicts the story of the captain of the baseball club who lost the game and the leader of the cheerleading club who continued to support him.Junko AbeAppeared as a cheerleader[85].
  • Reborn [86][87]
  • RECIPE[89]
    • CG version of "Tatsuro-kun" jumped out of the jacketmoon walk,Robot dancePerformed a comical dance reminiscent of, and held studios and concerts where Yamashita actually recorded.LINE CUBE SHIBUYAAnd so on.All of these live-action footage are "iPhone 11 ProWas taken in[90].
  • Aoi ~ Dance, Fish
    • "Boy in me (2020 Remaster)Produced to commemorate the release, on the release date of November 2020, 11 at 25:20UAF YouTubeIt was premiered at.Morikatsu was in charge of the director, and from April to May during the state of emergency, he shot unmanned parts of Tokyo, and this video was used for the MV of "Aoi".Meanwhile, in 4ANAIn the MV for "Dance Royo, Fish" produced as an Okinawan campaign song, he appeared in the commercial for this campaign.Yuriko IshidaCollaboration with is realized for the first time in 33 years.The newly produced MV is set in CASICA, a commercial facility in Shinkiba, Tokyo, and Ishida's dog, Yuki, also participated in the shooting.[91].




  • Tatsuro Yamashita's Sunday Songbook(TOKYO FM, Every Sunday 14:00-14:55)
    • 『サタデー・ソングブック』(1992年10月3日-1994年3月26日、毎週土曜15:00-15:55)として放送開始。1994年4月3日放送分より現在の放送枠へ移動し、『サンデー・ソングブック』として再スタート。山下が自身の個人コレクション音源を使って放送しているOldiesSpecialized program. Although it declares itself as a "cult program" and a "nerd program," it was broadcast 2019 times in August 8, and in October 1,400 it celebrated its 2019th anniversary, and it has already become a long-lived program on TOKYO FM.Although it is mainly oldies, songs by himself and Mariya Takeuchi, JapanesePops,Popular songEtc. will also be broadcast.In addition to regular requests, special features on singers, musicians, and songwriters (Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil,Lieber & Stoller,Carol King & Gerry GoffinEtc.) are assembled irregularly.
    • In the 8rd and 12th weeks of August and December (with exceptions), Mariya Takeuchi was invited to talk about "cool couple talk" and "year-forgotten couple talk", and in January 3st and 4nd week "New Year talkOther than that, Yamashita alone is running the program without calling guests.
      • However, the broadcast on July 2019, 7 was made by a music critic because Yamashita suffered from bronchitis and could not appear on the program.Junji MiyajiActed as a substitute.As a result, he also appeared as a guest on July 7st and 21th.
    • Until 2011, "New Year's talk" was broadcast with Eiichi Ohtaki as a guest, but the 2012 broadcast was suspended, and on December 12, the same year, the end was officially announced on his official website.After that, from 23, the aforementioned Junichi Miyaji was invited as a guest to resume the "New Year talk".
    • The opening song "ONLY WITH YOU" is based on the album "ONLY WITH YOU".BIG WAVE] Instrumental version of the recorded song.Originally used as the theme song for "Sound Street," it has been used continuously, including during the "Saturday Songbook" era.


  • Tatsuro Yamashita's All Night Nippon(Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.、1976年1月8日 - 3月25日、毎週水曜27:00-29:00、4月6日 - 9月28日、毎週月曜27:00-29:00)
    • From January to March, he is in charge of the second part on Wednesday, and from April to September, he is in charge of the second part on Monday.Although all the songs on the Beach Boys album were aired, some listeners supported the song selection that pushed out his own record maniac hobby.Listening rateIt didn't lead to the acquisition, and he resisted the request from the producer that "10 out of 8 songs must be played by a song that everyone knows", but it ended in 9 months. Only on March 3th, he appeared on a business trip on the first part of Friday.
  • Sounds with Coke(TBS Radio、1982年4月10日 - 1983年4月2日、毎週土曜23:00-23:30、提供:Coca Cola
    • An amateur band / singer contest held by Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS Radio) and Coca-Cola Japan from 1977 to the early 1990s.Fresh Sounds Contest"(Flexible container) in a linked program[Annotation 18], The only regular program for a year with a woman (2nd winner singer-songwriter Kazuko Ishibashi)PersonalityServed. "6th National Convention(August 1982, 8, Nakano Sunplaza), he has appeared as a guest.The original instrumental theme song produced for this program was later written by himself as "Sorrowful JODY (She Was Crying)" on the album "MELODIES』(1983), againAlan O'DayThe album "JODY" in English byBIG WAVE』(1984) was recorded respectively.
  • サウンドストリート(NHK-FM、1983年4月7日 - 1986年3月20日、毎週木曜22:00-22:45)
    • Thursday regular.The opening theme is Beach Boys "Pet Sounds, "Nostalgia of Island-Part 1: Bird Wind", "High Pressure Girl" (without intro percussion), "Night-Fly", etc. were used, but later "ONLY WITH" mentioned above. Changed to "YOU (Instrumental)".OldiesAlthough it was mainly a program structure, special features of his new album and live specials,Black musicThere was also a special feature on the new album.
  • Premier 3(TOKYO FM, April 1990, 4-March 1, every Sunday 1992: 3-12: 00, courtesy of:Toshiba
    • Ryuichi Sakamoto,Kyosuke HimuroYamashita was in charge of the first and third weeks.The opening and ending themes will be later on the album "ARTISAN"GROOVIN'" recorded in.The opening corner is the rock'n'roll version of "What day is it today" "DAY BY DAY" (the corner theme isFour Freshmen"Day by Day"), And this corner continued until" Saturday Songbook ".

Special program

  • Special Feature Sound of Pops "Japanese Pop Now: The World of Tatsuro Yamashita" (NHK-FM, September 1981-8, 10)
    • A special program that was broadcast for five consecutive nights.The last day, August 5thEiichi OtakiThe studio live with[Annotation 19].
  • Tatsuro Yamashita talks about Sugar Babe (NHK-FM, August 2015, 8)
  • Tatsuro Yamashita 40th Anniversary Special(NHK-FM, October 2015, 10 (Part 4: 1 years of live performance), December 40 (Part 12: 20 years of music production)) * Interviewer:Chris Matsumura
  • WE LOVE RADIO! ~ Tatsuro Yamashita / Gen Hoshino's radio talk(March 2017, 3) * Navigator:Sunfish
    • A special program of 101 commercial radio stations. With Yamashita, which was created with the purpose of "connecting the listeners of the parent generation who have loved radio for a long time with the two generations of non-listeners and young people who are not familiar with radio yet".Hoshino GenSpecial program by dialogue[92].


  • He professes that he will not publish books, perform in the arena, or appear on TV.However, "ON THE STREET CORNERAfter that, in his own album and albums that are closely related to himself such as Beach Boys,Liner notesI am working on.Besides, the magazine "Record collectorsHe also appears as one of the collectors in "My Harvest".There are also exceptions to TV appearances, only voice, but NHK "SONGS』And has a history of appearances.
  • At the time of the bargain sale, he wears rubber non-slip work gloves and sorts records at a tremendous speed while squeezing his hair.However, this is denied by the person himself, and likewise once the TV program "Weekly Oriraj Economic White Paper』Broadcasted a story that he was buying intensively using a tape measure (measurement) at a record shop in New York, but he said," I do not do such a vulgar thing and I am very rude to the artist. It's an act. (Viewers) Don't be fooled. "
  • Since childhoodComicHe also loves and professes to be a fan of Osamu Tezuka.Astro boy] Is said to remember from frame division to dialogue.On March 1959th, the year I went to elementary school (3),Weekly Shonen MagazineIs first published.From the first issue (March 1959, 3), "Harris no Kaze』(Chiba Tetsuya) I had a subscription until the middle of the series. What impressed me in "Magazine" was "Start No. 13" (Yoshiteru Takano) And "Champion Futoshi" (Original:Ikki Kajiwara, Drawing:Tatsuo Yoshida), "Kaze no Ishimaru" (Sanpei Shirato), Etc., the first work that impressed me was "Small magic ball(Original:Kazuya Fukumoto, Drawing: Tetsuya Chiba)[23].
  • When I was young, I liked to watch Western moviesJohn Fordof"They Were Expendables],Stanley Kubrickof"2001 Space Journey"[23].
  • Since I was a kid, partly because of my uncle who loved performing artsRakugoLike. In particularKokontei ShinshoHas been a favorite since that time, and I listen to it enough to imitate the touch of the performance.[Annotation 20].. Favorite isShunfutei Shota[94],Takataro Yanagiya"(Recent rakugoka) is a new rakugo person. I like classics, but younger classics are not interesting, and at this age, the ones that are recorded (good masters) are enough. Is also answered[27].
  • In private, since around 1990BMW320iI'm riding. In a 2011 interviewETCHe said he would like to continue riding in the future.[95].
  • Ginji Ito's self-produced album "Yamashita's self-produced album"ADD SOME MUSIC TO YOUR DAYI took it to Otaki's home at that time and told him about it.
  • With my wife Mariya,Southern All Stars OfKeisuke Kuwata-Yuko HaraHave a family friendship with the couple[96].
  • Aired in 1992JR TokaiTV commercial "X'mas expressToTakami YoshimotoAs a male role that collidesCameo appearanceare doing.Later, he said, although he was offered to appear in the commercial by a person concerned, he refused, but at the request of the other party, he said, "That's why you don't know your face." It is revealed that it was a cameo appearance that only appeared for a moment so that I could not understand.
  • I also like comedy shows on TV, and comedy duoTunnelsRegular program "It was your thanks to the Tunnels』When the endTakaaki Ishibashi"Please continue only that" too fine "."The imitation championship that is too detailed to conveyI requested that you continue[97].
  • The composer and arranger who died at the age of 2020 due to end-stage renal disease on June 6, 14 in the "Sunday Songbook"Katsuhisa HattoriIn memory of[98]..Hattori has arranged a number of famous songs such as Yamashita's "Hikari Named Hope" and Mariya Takeuchi's "Station".[98].
  • subscriptionHe is reluctant to distribute music by, and has not lifted the ban on music distribution as of 2021.As an exception, only "Christmas Eve" has been lifted, and the 30th anniversary version isAmazon MusicCan be heard at[99].

Self-authored etc.

Here, I will describe my own work and similar literature.Pamphlets, etc. should be described only for those used as sources.

Single Author
Pamphlets, etc.
  • Tatsuro Yamashita "Tatsuro Yamashita PERFORMANCE '91 -'92" (pamphlet), 1991.
  • Tatsuro Yamashita "Tatsuro Yamashita Performance 2013" (pamphlet), 2013.



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  2. ^ As a favorite guitaristBuzz Feiten,Steve CropperMy favorite isReggie YoungIt is.
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