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👍 | Anri Sakaguchi, "I don't feel comfortable living every day" "I was disappointed because I didn't know"


Anri Sakaguchi, "I don't feel comfortable living every day" "I was disappointed because I didn't know"

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Sakaguchi said, "I want you to contact Shukan Bunshun."

Former talent Anri Sakaguchi updated Instagram Stories (6-hour limited release) on June 25, and at the hospital, "... → Continue reading

 Saizo Woman

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Weekly Bunshun

"Weekly Bunshun』(Shukan Bunsyun[Annotation 1]) IsBungeishunju Co., Ltd.To issueweekly magazine.


1959 First published in May.JapanIn the publisher weekly magazine1956 The first issue of "Weekly Shincho』(Shinchosha Co., Ltd.) Is a long-established store. "News (Chinese)-tv setTake the stance of a weekly magazine that writes "articles that are not written by."

1977 May 5From the issue, the picture on the cover isMakoto WadaIs in charge. Wada passed away on October 2019, 10, but Shukan Bunshun announced that Wada's illustrations will continue to be on the cover.[2]..The cover of Wada is2017 May 7The number of issues has reached 2000, and from the July 2017, 7 issue, encore planning by selection of past masterpieces has continued.

  • Release date: WeeklyThursday.. By regionFriday,Saturday.
  • Sales (actual sales) have reached 1988 copies from 1992 to 60, and reached 1993 copies in 70. He has held the top position in general weekly magazines (such as "Weekly Bunshun", "Weekly Shincho" and "Weekly Hyundai"). However, after that, after 1992, it fell to the 1993 level,Weekly post』(Shogakukan), "Weekly Hyundai』(Kodansha) I will be worried about the dust. Approximately 2007 copies in the first half of 52, and about 2008 in the first half of 50,tabloidBy aiming to achieve this, we have been at the top of the total number of sales of general weekly magazines for the 2004th consecutive period from the first half of 2008 (until the second half of 10)[3].
  • Manabu ShintaniAccording to the report, when the actual sales rate exceeds 8%, it is said to be "sold out".[4]In 2016, there was a background to the fact that this magazine received attention from the public.May 1issue·May 2issue·May 2issue·May 8Issue 4 was sold out[5].
  • In the first half of 2020, the actual sales volume was 104.4% compared to the same period of the previous year while paper publications were generally struggling, and the top three actual sales volume during the period wasMay 6Issue 41 copies,May 3Issue 40 copies,May 5With 35 copies of the issue, all the top three were "sold out"[6].
  • For a long time on a railroad carHanging advertisementWas issued, but2021 May 8It was abolished with the advertisement of the release issue.The reason is that the freshness of the news became short in the online era, and the advertisement was completed earlier than this magazine, so even if a serious incident or scoop is included in the magazine after the completion of the school, it will be included in the advertisement. There were problems such as complaints if the article announced in the advertisement was removed from the magazine, and by reducing the advertising cost, the cost can be focused on the electronic version that started in March 2021. To[7].

Main editing policy

  • 1990 eraIn the first half, "Weekly Hyundai" and "Weekly Post" are on the gravure pageHair nudeWhile I was posting "NonudeI've put an ad in a newspaper declaring "no nude".
  • Kikai HanadaDuring his tenure as editor-in-chief,Nippon TV"THE Sunday]commentatorAppeared as.
  • 2004 Since Hiroshi Suzuki became editor-in-chief,Political economyInvestigation reportthanEntertainment world・In the sports worldscandalThere have been many cases of taking up.[Original research?]At the same time, the exclusive contract reporters who have supported the magazine so far have left the company one after another, with Kae Morishita in charge of the murder case and Masayo Kawamura in charge of the government office.Asahi ShimbunWhat,"Rumored Makoto] Of the public security expertKensuke NishiokaMoved to "Weekly Hyundai".HS SecuritiesVice President Hideaki NoguchisuicideNews aboutYomiuri ShimbunSuch as a critical battle withLibel OfLawsuitThere are many cases where settlements are settled on the basis of loss or plaintiff's advantage.
  • Regarding political issues, economic issues, and corporate scandals, scandals involving “gold” by politicians, bureaucrats, and business people are the main focus, but some articles directly cover them. It also covers many social cases such as celebrity scandals and murder cases. In recent years, the number of cases and scandals that have become social problems due to being scooped by "Weekly Bunshun" are increasing. These articles areBunshun gunWas originally calledInternet slangHowever, from the 2010s on TVWide show,News program, "Weekly Bunshun" article headlines[8]But this term has come to be used.
  • Often referred to as the "1000 person questionnaire", the articles compiled by the questionnaire survey are posted. The main ones are "Women who hate women" and "Female entertainer rating". Regarding details such as the method of counting the questionnaire, the editorial department of "Weekly Bunharu" and Bungei Shunju Co., Ltd. continued to refuse to reply,In recent years[When?], 1000 randomly selected respondents are clarified that they are taking the method of totaling and responding by free-filling every 3 people. In addition, the influence of the questionnaire article itself is strong,Tamao Sato,Nishikawa FumikoAppears in that rank-inEntertainment showsI often take it in reverse.Akiko WadaBecame the top hater for three consecutive times in 2013, 2015 and 2016 (no survey in 2014)[9].
  • 作家 OfscandalForTaboo view[10]That the former reporterRyutaro Nakamura[11]Hanada, former editor-in-chief[12][13]Acknowledges.

Articles that were viewed as problematic

1980 era

  • 1980, thenNagashima Shigeo(Currently: Honorary Director of the Giants for Life) was the directorYomiuri Giants(Giants) posted a roundtable discussion by Giants OB in two parts, the July 7st issue and the August 31th issue, in response to the stagnant B class. The attendees of this roundtable areAota Noboru,Tetsuji Kawakami,Shigeru Makino,Fujita Motoshi,Kunimatsu Akira, Hosted by a former giant OBAnji Taki.. This roundtable was intended to criticize the current situation of giants by OB, but in the second article in particular, Kawakami made a big step, such as saying that "It may be Fujita Motoshi to the next director". It was a big reaction. Originally the owner of the giant at the timePositive forceIs to invite several OBs from the giants to a golf competition, hold a dinner party, and beg their opinions.Shigeru Mizuhara,Chiba Shigeru,Shoichi KanedaThey were also participating. However, after the competition, a roundtable discussion was planned by "Weekly Bunshun", and the roundtable discussion was as described above. Later, Kawakami argued, "That was my lifelong blindness. Alcohol came out at the round-table talk. I left it to the momentum and said something like that." After the season, Nagashima resigned, but the media and the public received "dismissal", and the mastermind was accused of being Kawakami.
  • In 1982, retired the previous yearProfessional boxer OfGushiken High School WBA世界Light flyweightWhat defended the title 13 times in a rowKyoei GymThe then chairman of the boxerI sent a fruit containing laxativeIs the resultHe concludes, and publishes a series of charges called "Ring's plot". Chairman of that timeMasanori KonpeiDenied that he was "totally lame"JBCInvestigation revealed that it was black and Kinpei was subject to an indefinite license suspension including this case. Also as a defamationCivil actionHas been raised, but has won the whole case.
  • In 1984, titled "Alleged Bullets" seven timesLos AngelesThe shooting incident that happened inInsurance murderIt may be reported (so-calledSuspicion of loss). With that as a trigger, newspapers, TV, etc. also joined and an unusual news battle was held (Media punishment). Then suspected the criminalKazuyoshi MiuraToSupreme CourtWas acquitted in (6 years in prison was confirmed in the case of hitting his wife the actress). Also, at the time of reporting this suspicion of loss, a financial problem of the "Weekly Bunshun" desk that was investigating and reporting this suspicion was discovered later, and the desk is forced to leave Bungeishunju.
  • In 1985Fuji Television Network, Inc OfEntertainment shows"SunsetHas appeared regularlyOnyanko ClubThis is a photo taken of 6 minors who are smoking together at a coffee shop. At that time, the program was about to startLocal frameAs a result, it has not been noticed by the world yet, and the program side immediately stopped appearance → Withdrawing the Onyanko club, it ended without much noise. However, immediately after this, "Yuya Nyan Nyan" and the Nyanko club made a big break, so after this incident and 6 out of 5 people who withdrew (1 returned to a dozen days later) in the program and Onyanko club Became a taboo within (Weekly Bunshun Smoking Case).
  • In 1989TokyoAdachiOccurred inSchoolgirl concrete murder caseso,ArrestOf four boysReal name coverageFace photoPosted. Editor'sKikai HanadaAnd the subordinateMasahiko KatsuyaHanada said, "Murderer Ofsurface(TsuraNot because you want to see it, but because you raise a problem. "beast(KemonoTohuman rightsThere is no such thing, "but the boy's real-name coverage caused a big ripple.

1990 era

  • Issued on October 1992, 10JGSDF shooting school OfShinsaku Yanagi・3rdTokyo Sagawa Express Incident"It is no longer possible to legally correct injustice in elections. There are only revolutions or coups to cut off."Coup d'etatPlan papers[14]Was published in the magazine and caused ripples.Secretary of Defense Agency-Sohei MiyashitaIs "DemocracyIt is not permissible to announce a view that denies the system, "said Shinsaku Yanai.Self Defense Force ActIn violation of Article 58 (act of losing prestige)Defense AgencyからDisciplinary dismissalI was punished.
  • In June 1994, titled "Your monster nesting in JR East Japan,"Leather martialWas an executive ofEast Japan Railway Company(→All Japan Railway Labor Union General Federation) ChairpersonAkira MatsuzakiI posted a serialized article in pursuit ofEast Japan RailwayIt developed into a total war with (JR East). that time,East Japan KioskWill stop selling "Weekly Bunshun"harassmentHaving received it became a big topic.However, in the midst of the turmoil, he made a mistake in posting the face photo of the union chairman, which is the target of the article on the gravure page, and the reporter and editor in charge were transferred, and the pursuit of suspicion was cut off.Also in 1995平凡 社According to the yearbook, (the author is a journalistKiyoshi KurodaThe eastern Japan kiosk refused to sell, and the number of copies has dropped to nearly 5 (after all, "Weekly Bunshun side" was settled by posting an apology advertisement). In addition, for the person concernedPublic Security Department, Metropolitan Police DepartmentIn conjunction with the investigation, the article about this executive was posted again in the December 2005, 12 issue, but the trauma that the refusal to sell the East Japan Kiosk gave to Bunharu was great, and regarding the "JR East Leather Maru Problem",Kodansha"Weekly Hyundai』It was decided to give up the place of suspicion pursuit.
  • In the July 1997, 7 issue (released on July 24 of the same year) and August 7 issue (released on July 17 of the same year)Osaka/Aichi/Gifu Consecutive Lynch Murder Case(Generated in 1994Juvenile crime), but the perpetrator boy (4 years old at the time of the case / sentenced to death in 18) who was charged with murder and robbery and murder as the main criminal killing a total of four people at this time The use of a pseudonym that is similar to the real name of the company, or the false content being described has been detrimental to the privacy rights and honors.”[15].. First trial (Nagoya District Court[16]・Appeal trial (Nagoya High Court) Was sentenced to Bunchun's loss[17]Supreme Court Reverses/Remands Appeals Tribunal in 2003[18].. Then, in 2004, the Nagoya High Court sentenced Bunchun to full victory.[19] Confirmed[20].
  • In the June 1998, 6 issue,United Nations"Children's Rights CommitteeIn the preliminary examination, Japanese high school girls were deprived of their right to make decisions and self-determination at school.School uniformWhen complaining about the compulsion ofRussiaFrom Mr. Korosov,uniformThere are many nations in the world who don't wear clothes, so you should enjoy the wonderfulness of wearing them. "Sadakazu AramakiIt produced a response such as being mentioned by the prefectural governor.However, the committee said, "I am particularly concerned that ordinary children are facing difficulties in exercising their participation rights, especially in school life," said the high school students.presentationJudith Carp, who praised and chaired theIsrael) Also, when he came to Japan in December of the same year, "praised his remarks again and expressed resentment at the'heartless media'defeated them."[21].
  • From the September 1999, 9 issue to November, the series "Hidden in Japan"Kim Jong IlSuper-large direct reportspy,"Osaka University of Economics and LawPosted an article about the Vice President.He was sued by the university for defamation and settled on the condition that he paid a settlement fee of 300 million yen and apologized.

2000 era

  • May 2000, at that timePrime Minister-Mori President of the United States-Bill ClintonAgainstEnglishWas reported at the end of July of the same year.Kyushu/Okinawa SummitIn addition to the rebuke toFRIDAY], "Weekly Bunshun"[22]. In addition, "Weekly AsahiWas skeptical of this story from the beginning[23].. The fact was thenMainichi ShimbunEditorial boardIt was Akio Takahata (laterSankei ShimbunIt was created by[24], Mori criticizes this as hoax[25](Who are you?). In addition, Takahata himselfjokeI admitted that I was created as, and that it was reported in fact but did not take particular action[24].
  • In the January 2001, 1, February 25, and March 2, 1 issuesSeiji Ruins, Ruins of Hogyoji Temple, Ruins of Kikuzoji Temple, etc.FabricationReported suspicion and described as if involved in fabricationBeppu UniversityHonorary professor-Mitsuo KagawaProtestsuicideDid. Bereaved familyhonorFor recoveryRestitution for DamagesrequestLawsuitCaused First instanceOita District Court(May 2003, 5) ordered Bungei Shunju to pay 15 million yen and post an apology advertisement[26]The second trialFukuoka High Court(February 2004, 2) increased the compensation for Bungeishunju to 23 million yen and designated the position of the apology advertisement on the first page of Bunshun.[27].. On July 2004, 7, the Supreme Court upheld Bungei SpringappealTheRejection.. Bungei Shunju's loss was confirmed[28].. In the September 9, issue of "Weekly Bunshun,"CEOThe apology sentence of the joint name of Toru Ueno, former editor-in-chief Masatake Nagamata and reporter Kiichi Kawasaki was posted.
  • In the April 2000, 4 issue, "Kisho KurokawaAn article called "Citizen's Abuse" was posted in "100 billion yen Dinosaur Bridge". Kurokawa sued the publisher, Bungei Shunju, for being harmed. On October 2001, 10, the Tokyo District Court in the first instance admitted to Kurokawa's defamation, saying, "We did not recognize that many citizens were blaming us, and we took up further critical opinions. As a result, I ordered payment of 22 million yen and posting an apology advertisement. The Tokyo High Court in the second instance ordered the posting of an apology advertisement after reducing the amount of compensation to 1000 million yen.[29].. On June 2004, 6, the Supreme Court rejected Bungei Shunju's appeal and a second-instance decision was confirmed.[29].
  • In the June 2002, 4 issue,Yamazaki Taku Unification ChurchPosted an article saying that he is dating a woman related to.He reported that state secrets could be leaked.Yamazaki filed a proceeding in Bungeishunju for damages of 5 million yen and an apology for being disgraced, but on September 2003, 9, the Tokyo District Court dismissed Yamazaki's claim.[30].
  • In the May 2002nd and 5th issue of 2 (released on April 9th), the heading "Former mistress's naked memoir, Taku Yamasaki's" transformation act "appeal tape and horrifying photo with mistress!"Yamazaki TakuPosted an article about the exposure[31]..The hostess, who had been in a mistress relationship for about 10 years, told the interview that "Yamazaki requested drinking urine from the penis." "Yamazaki called the hostess's mother and recommended sexual intercourse with three mothers and daughters." "I took a picture of myself with my naked eyes and naked body to appeal to my mother because'I look intelligent when I take off my glasses.'" "I always said,'If I'm not a member of the Diet, I'll definitely be an AV actor.'"The name of the hostess was later revealed to be Kanako Yamada.The Yamazaki side sued Bunshun for defamation of this article, but dismissed the request at the first instance.[32]Yamazaki side withdrew the lawsuit[Annotation 2].
  • September 2002th, 9-October 26rd, 10 weeks,Video gamesOverdoing makes a child youngDementiaWill become!'',Akio Moriof"Game brainI took up the hypothesis in a big way. Since the coverage of "Weekly Bunshun", following the mass media, this theory was erroneously recognized as a scientific theory despite its lack of scientific basis. Therefore, as of 2008, someBoard of education,Japan PTA National CouncilThere are activities to support the forest, but many scientists and experts havePseudo scienceThere are many objections to this. In addition, it is not "Weekly Bunharu" that "Game Brain" appeared in the mass media.Mainichi NewspapersIt was the first time that it was reported on the front page.
  • In the May 2001, 5 issue, "Amazing Whistleblowing Cosmetics CompanyDHCPresident "Female employees enjoy life". Sued by DHC, the Tokyo District Court granted defamation and ordered payment of 2002 million yen on October 10, 15.
    • August 2003, 9,Tokyo High CourtDismissed the appeal in favor of the district court ruling, saying "most of the articles are not true." We ordered Bunshun to increase the compensation and pay 550 million yen.
    • February 2004, 2, Supreme Court FirstSmall court(Judge JudgeTokuharu Izumi) Dismissed the appeal in favor of a second-instance judgment ordering payment of 550 million yen. Bunharu's loss is confirmed.
  • In 2004Japan Broadcasting Corporation(NHK)Red and White Singing ContestBy the chief producer ofembezzlementThe scoop.NHK reception feeNonpayment ofShoji EbisawaTo the resignation of the chairman ofNHK scandalBecame a trigger to. The NHK problem is "Weekly Shincho"ofEighteenthAnd, it became a form that showed the nose of the rival,国会But NHK’s “Project XThe issue of sponsorship of the exhibition was never published. This is because Bungei Shunju made the program into a book and sales of "Project X" books were strong. Also, the producer of "Project X"Imai AkiraHowever, by publishing all the interview contents of his subordinates under his own name, it was enormousroyaltyI got a problem with "Weekly Shincho" and inside NHK, but I have not touched on it at all.
  • March 2004, Member of the House of RepresentativesMakiko TanakaWas published as an article about the private life of my eldest daughter, and the issue of "Weekly Bunharu" before release was suspended.Provisional disposalWas submitted to the Tokyo District Court and the court acknowledged thatFreedom of the pressIt becomes a big topic by involving each media as if it is "infringement of" (Makiko Tanaka's eldest daughter article publication injunction case).
  • In the April 2003, 4 issue, ""Hikaru NishidaMishima SatoIs the mistress of the president?ポ ー ラThe article "Bomb Question" was posted at the general meeting of shareholders. With NishidaManassee ProductionWill be sued by. On October 2004, 10, the Tokyo District Court recognized defamation and ordered Bunshun to pay 8 million yen.
  • In the April 2005, 4 issue (released March 7st), as an editorial cooperation fee for the serialization project of the gravure article about the travelogue in "Weekly Asahi" in 3TakefujiPaid 5000 million yen, but there was no sponsor's notation in the serialization project (→Chiaki Omori #Takefuji "Back Money",Weekly Asahi # articles and scandals criticized), and the title of the article, which is said to be the backing for Takefuji's media countermeasures, was "People call it black journalism. The "backside advertising expenses" 5000 million yen that the Asahi Shimbun received from Takefuji." Regarding the newspaper advertisement of this magazine that made this a big headline, only the phrase "People call it black journalism" was blacked out by the advertising agency in charge as it contacted the company's advertising guidelines only for the Asahi Shimbun It was published after being done.
    • From the influence of the article on the night of March 3asahi.comAboveAsahi ShimbunThe publishing and public relations officer of the company announced a comment and said, "Although we did not carefully examine the framework of the tie-up planning, we do not have strange exchanges regarding the editing cooperation fee," but later we refunded the editing cooperation fee. , Carried out in-house disposal.
  • Also in the April 2005, 4 issue,plagiarismFormerly, he was suspended from performing arts activities upon discoveryMorning Musume. OfNatsumi AbeHowever, I posted a column article that said, "It's about plagiarism and it's rattled and it's muddy." Abe's affiliated officeUpfront agencyIs a forgery and sued Bungei Shunju for damages, and settled by posting an apology article saying it was not the case.
  • In the June 2005, 11 issue,Doshisha UniversityProfessor, Faculty of SociologyKenichi Asanoof"On-campus sexual harassment". Asano said that this is virtually rootless, and the article retaliated against Asano's continued criticism of "Weekly Bunshun" as a "human rights infringing media", and sued Bungei Shunju on January 2006, 1, 27 The four majors, including the compensation for damages of 1 million yen (1000 million yen is lawyer's expense) and the apology sentenceNational newspaperAsked to be placed in the ad.
    • August 2008, 2,Kyoto District Court(Judge Tetsu Nakamura) ordered Bunshun to pay 275 million yen, saying that "some of the articles were not true and lowered the plaintiff's social reputation."
    • August 2009, 5,Osaka High Court(Judge JudgeSatoshi Matsumoto), "There is not enough evidence to admit that it is true," denying the truth of almost all the statements in the article. He sentenced the company to a payment of 275 million, which is twice as much as the compensation amount of 550 million yen in the trial court decision before the Kyoto District Court.
  • In the December 2005, 12 issue (the suspect was arrested the day after the issue of this issue),Hiroshima Elementary School Girl Killing CaseThen, since the victim's girl was packed in a cardboard box, the tape mold that sealed the cardboard box was "Weekly Shonen Jump』(Shueisha) Manga serialized inMajin detective brain biting neuro』(Yusei Matsui) And published an article of the content that was forced. Similar coverage was made in some television news programs. This pointed out is a reproduction image of TV coverage and a vinyl tape on a cardboard box in the cartoonPhantom thief murderer "XI"It seems that it comes from the fact that it was wrapped in the shape of, but it is unrelated to the condition of the cardboard box actually used for the crime. From thissub cultureIt is criticized as a bashing report to.
  • January 2006th, 1 New Year oversized issue (released December 5th, 12)Consul General's suicide case in ShanghaiThescoop.. The publication in the last page section provided information on this case. 『KoizumiPrime Minister,AsoIn this scoop article titled "National Confidential Leakage Case,"Ministry of Foreign AffairsAn outline of the case, which is said to be based on interviews with staffhoney trapAlso, the content of interviews with government leaders is described.
  • From the February 2006, 2 issue,Live door caseEntangled inHS SecuritiesRepeated reports that questioned the suicide of Vice President Hideaki Noguchi. With the coverage of "Weekly Bunshun", the wide shows and other weekly magazines were also followed up, and blogs and bulletin boards on the Internet were rumored to be mixed with falsehood, but in the end, no solid evidence was available. Also, "Weekly Bunshun" is toned down.National Police AgencyExecutives argued and criticized some reports about Noguchi at a press conference, and in the trial of the Livedoor case, Noguchi's business embezzlement was taken over and the "motive for suicide" became clear,Horie mail problemAlong with that, it ended as a fuss that took advantage of the incident.
  • From March 2006th to April 3th, 9, we published an article entitled "Thorough coverage, Nagata "Gasemer" The whole truth that even democracy does not know." For these three articles, former members of the House of RepresentativesToshiyasu NagataToFake emailFormer company executives who provided the above filed a lawsuit for damages for a total of 5500 million yen. On January 2009, 1, the Tokyo District Court admitted defamation as "there is no evidence of specific evidence and no reason to believe it is true", and ordered to pay JPY 19 million for Bungei Shunju. It was
  • From May 2006, in Weekly Hyundai magazine,Religious housefortune teller OfKazuko HosokiPursuing the half life of "witch OfResume"Weekly Bunshun" began a counter-argument campaign that fully posted interviews with Hosoki, but when the basis of Hosoki's counter-arguments against the article in "Weekly Hyundai" became questionable, withdrawal contraction began, and the result was 4 times. It suffered a substantial defeat called the end.
  • On September 2006, 9, the Tokyo District CourtThe Fukuoka family killed four peopleAbout six articles that reported the victim's relatives as true criminals, ``Neither of the articles that the plaintiffs described as being the true criminals of the case were found to be true and coverage was insufficient. It was," he said, and ordered Bunshun to pay 6 million yen. Bunharu appealed, but on August 1100, 2007, the Tokyo High Court upheld the trial and dismissed the appeal.
  • On July 2007, 7, the Tokyo District Court issued a statement to the Bunshun side that "The article is not considered to be true," regarding the article "Tsugaki Minister of Finance, "Women's Prostitution" Suspect" (December 9, 2005). I ordered the payment of 12 yen. Article in 8Sadakazu TanigakiAccording to Bunchun, who was interviewed by the Chinese authorities for alleged prostitution, said Tanigaki's name was on the "List of Chinese authorities' detections" created by the National Police Agency. "It's not clear," "it wasn't admitted that the National Police Agency prepared it," and "there was no factual inquiry." Bunharu appealed, but on May 2008, 5, the Tokyo High Court upheld the trial and dismissed the appeal. Ordered to pay JPY 29 million.
  • On September 2007, 9, the Tokyo District CourtJR Fukuchiyama Line derailment accidentIn an alleged defamation case onJR West Labor Union"It is not true that the statement that (union) stopped the collection and reporting of unfavorable information is not true," and ordered Bunshun to pay 100 million yen.
  • In the March 2007, 11 issue, ``MyanmarAn article entitled "Representative of a news agency that preys on Mr. Nagai" will be published.December 12, the same year, journalistKenji NagaiHis parents filed a proceeding against Bungei Shunju and the editor-in-chief of "Weekly Bunshun" for damages of 500 million yen, saying that "the deceased's honor was damaged and his parents' personal interests were infringed."
  • In the May 2008, 5 issue, an article entitled "Mr. Motomura's phrase in former Prime Minister Abe's" Political Use "" will be published.September 15, the same year,Shinzo AbeBut,Hikariichi Mother and Child Killing CaseThe article allegedly made a false speech about the victim's bereaved family, Hiroshi Motomura, filed a lawsuit with the Tokyo District Court for damages of 2300 million yen, alleging that it was defaming.Bunshun admitted the mistake and published a corrected article in the next week's issue of the release.
  • In the February 2009, 2 issue, "Prime Minister Abe, who threw in power when his stomach hurts, is still overprotected by his mother."Takashi UesugiPosted a signed article of. In response to a protest from Abe, he replied, "Because this answer is an unpublished copyrighted work, please refrain from quoting or publishing it on the HP as it is."


  • In the issue released in May 2010,UNIQLOExpandFast retailingAbout UniqloPeople's Republic of ChinaIn the factory sent toChinese peopleWorkers are allowed to work until midnight or 0:3 am." I was also in charge of writing this articleYokota MasuoPublished a book titled "Light and Shadow of the Uniqlo Empire" from Bunshun in March 2011. The FAST RETAILING side filed a 3 million yen claim for damages against Yokota, saying that the content of the article was not true.Tokyo District CourtFiled on October 2013, 10 in the district court (Akihiko TsuchidaThe presiding judge sentenced the decision to reject the complaint (Slap[33].. After that, the Tokyo High Court and Supreme Court also ruled that FAST RETAILING was defeated and became a final sentence.
  • May 2010th and 5th, 6 In the Golden Week oversized issue "13 total pursuits, solve this woman's mystery!"Manabe Kaori OfAge misrepresentationReported.The article is with the entertainment agencyCivil action Tokyo District CourtIn the battleplaintiffOf (Manabe Kaori)Date of BirthBut"Showa 55It was "born on May 5st". However, in 31, Manabe's entertainment profile was "Showa 56Born March 3st,” for exactly 31 monthsMackerelIt was. When a reporter from "Weekly Bunshun" interviewed the date of birth directly with Manabe Kaori, he was avoided, "I'm sorry, I can't talk to you right now," but as a result, Manabe Kaori acknowledged the fact, As of 2012, the date of birth of "May 1980, 55" is used for the profile.[34].
  • In the March 2010, 6 issue, ``Kashiwazaki nuclear power plantWas sent toNorthAn article entitled "Spy" will be published.TEPCOOfficially commented, "There are no foreign spies or operatives in the office."[35].
  • In the May 2012, 5 issue, "Dotacan, sudden high tension, strange things in the field...Erika Sawajiri ThemarijuanaI was addicted to it. "He reported in detail on Erika Sawajiri's cannabis use in the same year.Sawajiri is a synthetic drug on November 2019, 11MDMAAs if you hadViolation of the Drug Enforcement LawArrested on charges of[36].
  • In the June 2012, 7 issue,Nihon Keizai ShimbunPresident (at that time)Tsuneo KitaReported that a female desk of the company's economic department is working from an apartment in Tokyo where[37].. about this,Nihon Keizai ShimbunOn the same day, on the social side, the side indicated that it would file a lawsuit against the publisher, Bungeishunju, in the near future, saying that "honoral headlines/articles have hurt the honor."[38].. The Tokyo District Court in the first instance admitted the Nikkei side's assertion and ordered the Bungeishunju side to post an apology advertisement on Nikkei and Bunshun, compensate for 1210 million yen, delete articles and photos posted on the website[39].. Bungei Shunju appealed and submitted new evidence of the credibility of the article, but the Tokyo High Court in the second instance rejected it as "credit is extremely weak." He supported the first-instance judgment, saying that "Even if all the evidence cannot be confirmed as true"[39].. Bungei Shunju appealed the judgment, but[39]Supreme Court rejected Bungei Shunju's appeal on June 2015, 6, and lost the case[40].. Bungei Shunju initially regretted rejecting the appeal.[40], Turned around and published an apology ad in the June 2015, 6 issue of Shukan Bunshun because it was "misinformation that all articles are false." A similar apology advertisement was posted on the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.[41].
  • It was the September 2012, 9 issue and was the governor of Miyazaki at that time.Hideo HigashikuniharaHowever, he posted an article that he was calling an interested female employee to the governor's office of the Miyazaki Prefectural Office. Higashikunihara is accused of being damaged, and filed a lawsuit in the publisher, Bungei Shunju, for the compensation of 2200 million yen and the posting of an apology advertisement. On June 2014, 6, the Tokyo District Court recognized defamation as "there is no evidence to believe that the contents are true," and ordered payment of 30 million yen. Regarding the apology advertisement, he dismissed as "Mr. Higashikunihara has a high name recognition and can regain his honor to some extent by refuting the article himself"[42].
  • May 2013, 5 issue Wide feature "Front and back faces" "In this article, the official approval of the House of Councilors was canceled. The LDP beauty candidate was a former gang leader's mistress!"[43] Listed as a spear ball inAso Mamiyako(Real name: Miwa Tajima) says that it interferes with political activitiesLibelWill be sued in. In May 2015, order for compensation for damages and publication of an apology statement for one year in a row from the use of one page immediately before the text and the final decision[44].
  • On July 2013, 7, on the official website, ``Urgent survey! Miki AndoDo you support the birth of athletes?"questionnaireThe survey was closed during the day due to a large number of protests againstManabu ShintaniAn apology was uploaded as "For those who feel uncomfortable about the questionnaire" under the name[45][46][47].
  • In the August 2013, 8 issue, under the heading "Shab & ASKA's Impact"ASKA(CHAGE and ASKA)ofStimulantUse is reported by real name. Two months later, ASKA made an "exclusive confession" in Shukan Bunshun, and in response to this, the agency "Rockdam Artists" announced that he would be closed.[48].. This article isMagazine journalism award selected by editorsWas awarded. May 2014, 5, ASKAStimulants Control LawArrested by the Metropolitan Police Department along with an acquaintance for alleged violation (use)[49][50].
  • In the October 2013, 10 issue, "Chest Fir & Cheeks on the Cheeks ... Weekly Asahi New Editor-in-Chief Retired with" Sexual Harassment Addictive "" was published.In addition, "Weekly AsahiIs issuedAsahi Shimbun PublishingIs "seriousLabor regulationsIkuya Kozakai, editor-in-chief of the magazine, was dismissed as ``There was a violation'',Asahi ShimbunMade a disciplinary dismissal on the territory, but did not disclose the contents of the violation of work rules[51].. In addition, in response to the same issue, "Uncovering the deadly sins of Aeon's fake poisonous Chinese rice",ion”Requested discontinuation/collection as “There are many parts that are contrary to the facts and cause unnecessary credit doubts from customers”[52] And all over JapanAEON MALLRemove the issue[53][54]Also, on the 16th, a lawsuit was filed for compensation of more than 1 million yen and an apology advertisement[55].. On December 2016, 12, the Tokyo District Court ordered Bunshun to compensate approximately 16 million yen, and Bunshun appealed the same day.[56].
  • In the November 2013, 11 issue (released November 21, 11), Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said, "China is a ridiculous country, but you can still play diplomatic games rationally. South KoreaIs just a stupid country."[57].. Korean opposition and media accused Abe[57][58].. November 11, Chief Cabinet SecretaryYoshii Kan"I knew that article for the first time, but there is no reason to say that. It is our formal view that there is no possibility," he said in a press conference.[57].
  • In the March 2014, 2 issue, ``All deaf Of作曲家 TheCharlatanIt was!''Noriko KamiyamaAnd the Weekly Bunshun coverage groupInterviewBySamura KawachiAnother person composition problemWas picked up. Samura Kawauchi is only a composer, and the actual composition isTakashi AragakiWas going. With this effect,YaraseNHK (broadcast before it was discovered)NHK Special"The melody of the soul The composer who lost the sound")WhenTBS(To Masahiro Nakai's Friday smartphones) Will apologize,CDWas taken out of action. Kamiyama by this articleSoichi Oya Non-Fiction AwardReceive.
  • In the March 2014, 3 issue, ``Kiyohara KazuhiroUrgent hospitalization Battered with drugs Battered at the entrance of the hospital If the journalist hits directly, Roritsu can't run..." Kiyohara's alleged use of stimulants was reported. The office "Office Kiyohara" ishospitalDiabetes mellitusWas hospitalized for the treatment ofLawyerThrough all legal means, including litigation,FAXWas sent to the news media[59].
  • In the June 2014, 7 issue,Beat takeshiReportedly divorced herself into a 49-year-old beautiful woman. The other party is a daughter of a local celebrity who has also served as a prefectural assembly member in Kumamoto, and decided to abandon all property and jump into the beautiful woman's pocket.[64][65].. Takeshi's officeOffice kitanoReplied to Bunharu's interview, saying that “I am asked to consult for work and I am not a man or woman.”[66].. Takeshi also broadcast on July 7Information 7days newscaster] Denied the content of the report[67][68].. Takeshi then divorced[69].
  • In the March 2015, 3 issue, NHK "Close-up modernIt turned out that there was a harassment in the "Chase" Homecoming Fraud "~ Targeted Religious Corporation ~" broadcast on May 2014, 5.Interviews with brokers and multiple debtors who introduce religious corporations are suspected of being harassed.The interviewed person confessed that he played the broker at the request of the reporter interviewed.In addition, after the broadcast, a protested reporter reportedly proposed to pay a moratorium. NHK's upper management made this a problem, and the program was renewed and only in 14Yuko KuniyaDecided to dismiss caster[70].
  • August 2015, 8, in the electronic version of the weekly Bunshun, of the members of the House of RepresentativesTakaya MutoWas reported to have been in financial trouble, saying that he had approached an acquaintance, saying, "You can buy new public stocks that are sure to rise in price in the parliamentary quota."[71]..In response to this, Muto announced on August 8th.LDPLeaved the party.
  • In the September 2015, 9 issue, Takaya Mutou mentioned above is a minor man.Buy springIt was reported that he was doing[72]..Muto did not run for the House of Representatives election in October 2017, and lost his job due to the dissolution of the House of Representatives in the same year.
  • In the June 2015, 10 issue,Eisei BunkoIt is a planned exhibition ofSpring paintingIs not only picked up as an article but also posted in gravure. The editor-in-chief, Shintani, had three months of rest for the breakup of the credibility of a "family-friendly family-friendly" weekly magazine.Kiyoto MatsuiPassed on to[73].


2016 From the beginning of the week, the number of cases where politicians and celebrities were forced to resign or suspend their activities due to the scoop article of Shukan Bunshun increased.Bunshun gunI became afraid[74].

  • In the June 2016, 1 issue,Becky indigo la End,Guess's ultimate maiden.Is the vocal ofKawane EonI posted that I had an affair. BeckyMay 1At nightPress conferenceHe denied the affair with saying "I'm not going out with friends, but with friends", but the press conference itself was a one-sided statement by Sun Music Production, and there was no question-and-answer session with the press. In the subsequent report, Becky and KawataniLINEThe communication was posted. After a series of influences, Becky dropped all TV commercials and TV programs that he appeared on.[75], OfficeSun music productionBut,May 1Announced that the person will be closed for the time being[Annotation 3].
  • In the June 2016, 1 issue,Minister for Economic RecoveryAmari AkiraFrom 2013 to 2015, the sideIndependent administrative agencyUrban regeneration mechanismInvolved in the bid ofChibaShirai CityS construction company S reported that it received cash etc. in return for its cleverness. Akira Amari took responsibility for the allegations and resigned as Minister for Economic Recovery. Furthermore, from the day after the resignation meeting, the reason for "sleep disorder"190th DietI was absent.
  • In the February 2016 issue released on February 2, 10, an article entitled "I took a picture of Kensuke Miyazaki, a member of the Diet on maternity leave," will be published.[83]..Of the Liberal Democratic Party House of RepresentativesKensuke MiyazakiIs a wife and a member of the Liberal Democratic Party House of RepresentativesEmi KanekoWhile being hospitalized for childbirthKyoto CityIt was reported that a female talent was invited to her home condominium and stayed with her.In response to the news, Miyazaki resigned as a member of the House of Representatives on February 2, and left the Liberal Democratic Party on the same day.
  • March 2016, 3, in the electronic version of Shukan Bunshun,Baseball betting problem by Yomiuri Giants playersIn addition to the three people who were previously disposed of in, "the fourth player was participating"Kyousuke TakagiNamed based on the interview[84].. As a result of the quality of the baseball team Takagi, the person himself admitted. However, Bungeishunju, who reported this,Yomiuri GiantsFrom the press conference inharassmentReceived.
  • On March 2016, 3, the electronic version of Shukan Bunshun delivered an article entitled "Fuji" Face of New News "Sean K Suspicion of Job Faud."Fuji TelevisionNewNews program"Your Time-Your Time-"Shaun K", a management consultant who had been offered as the main casterShawn McAdle KawakamiHe pointed out his educational fraud. As a result, the program on which Sean K is appearing (scheduled appearance, 6 radio included) has been suppressed[85].
  • May 2016th, 5th, 5 Golden Week Oversized Issue (May 4Released)Governor of TokyoYoichi MasuzoeBut every weekendKanagawaAshigarashimoYugawara townIt is inVillaI scooped "I was in a public car"[86]..After that, he continued to pursue the issue of public-private confusion, such as the unnatural expenses stated in the Political Funds Balance Report.MasuzoeTokyo Metropolitan AssemblyBut as a result of being pursued,May 6I was forced to resign as Governor of Tokyo[87].
  • In the June 2016, 6 issue (released June 16th),Shigeru Yokota-SakieIn March 2014Mongolia OfUlaanbaatarI posted a photo when I first met my grandson and great grandson in the city[88].. The photo shows a member of the House of Councilors who interacts with Mr. and Mrs. Yokota.Yoshio AritaGot by[88][89].
  • Yokota and his wifeNational council to rescue Japanese abducted by North KoreaThrough “(Saving Society)”, two handwritten comments (to June 2th, 2016) “To everyone” and “To everyone in the media” were signed with the signature of the couple. "To everyone" contains photos and signatures of Arita's "Weekly Bunshun" and counter-arguments.[90].. Regarding the photo, "I was shown by Mr. Yoshio Arita and explained that it is a photo to be published in some weekly magazines," he said, and he promised that his grandchild would not take it outside. , "I haven't taken a single photo from the Yokotas anywhere."[90].. The "Saving Society" is where you can actually get the photos that Arita published.north koreaI thought that I could not think of anything other than[91].
  • Arita argues, "We selected the photos together, took the time to look at the manuscript, corrected and requested corrections, and then became the article of "Weekly Bunshun"."[92].. Also, when I brought the picture to be posted and said to Mr. and Mrs. Yokota, "This is the picture to be posted," "I understand that person.[93]," explained. Mr. and Mrs. Yokota also had an intention to make it public to supporters from that time, so I told Arita that "I have no problem posting a photo."[91].. After that, Sakie Yokota himself said, ``The subsequent process was only for Shukan Bunshun and Mr. Arita, we did not know what kind of thing would come out, and I gave Mr. Arita a statement like this. However, I accepted the release of the photo without touching it at all."[94].
  • Arita consistently denied unauthorized disclosure[95]Argued that Yokota's comments were fake because "Yokota is talking to himself as Mr. Arita, not Mr. Arita."[96] From this point onward, I quote the alleged statements from Mr. and Mrs. Yokota.[97].


  • On March 2017, 3, an article entitled "Illegal shooting of all-nighters who cried as a genius child in the WOWOW drama" was distributed in the electronic version of Shukan Bunshun.WOWOWAt the shooting site of the serial drama "Tokyo Sumikkogohan" (scheduled to be broadcast in May of the same year), the staff will play the child role of the performerLabor Standards ActI posted an article saying that I was forced to shoot from night to early morning that conflicts with[Annotation 4][98][Annotation 5].. WOWOW and the production company announced that they would apologize to the child actors and their guardians for the fact that long-time shooting was taken, and take preventive measures against recurrence.[100][101][102].. WOWOW also announced that it will stop broadcasting "Tokyo Sumikko rice" in May.[103][Annotation 6].
  • On the April 2017th, 4 oversized issue,Ken WatanabeReported an affair with a former hostess.After that, Watanabe divorced.
  • On August 2017, 8, Issue 17, ``After the rainHiroyuki Miyasako""Death affair"""[106] With the headingHiroyuki Miyasako(at that timeAfter the rain) Reported an alleged affair. Miyasako has deleted the commercial video of the insurance company "Aflac" that he appeared on from the official website of the company by 16th[107].
  • In the March 2017, 3 issue of Mayor HimiYujiro MotokawaRepeatedlyPower harassmentThe actual situation is reported[108]..Motokawa aims to win the second term in the mayoral election executed on April 4, but due to the influence of the article, formerToyama Prefectural OfficeStaffMasayuki HayashiLost by a large margin[109].
  • In the August 2017, 8 issue, an article entitled "Former Under Secretary of Finance Suspicion of" Embezzlement "for 3 Million Yen to Advisor Genron NPO Chairman" will be published.[110].. For this reasonSpeech NPOWas sued by Chairman Yasushi Kudo. On July 2020, 7, the Tokyo High Court revoked the first-instance judgment that partially admitted Kudo's request, saying that the article was found to be true, and dismissed the request.Bunshun won the case in reverse[111].
  • September 2017, 9, Democratic PartySeiji MaeharaUnder the representative, "Weekly magazineShiori YamaoWe are covering allegations of dating between a member of the House of Representatives and a married man. "Maehara canceled the offer of the appointment of Secretary-General Yamao at the general meeting of both Houses held on the same day, and proposed and approved a personnel case in which former Deputy Secretary-General Atsushi Oshima was assigned as the secretary-general.[112].. On September 9th, the electronic version of Shukan Bunshun delivered an article titled "Shiori Yamao stays with a handsome lawyer forbidden love".Yamao submitted a notice of withdrawal on the night of September 6th.[113].
  • In the October 2017, 10 issue (released September 5), "Wednesday downtown』\ As the director in charge of the program handed over cash to a junior high school girl and did a nasty actChild prostitution and child pornographyIt was revealed that the current offender had been arrested on suspicion.It was held on the 27th of the same month, the day before the release.TBS HoldingsAt the president's regular meeting, he acknowledged the content of the article presented by Bunshun and apologized, and announced that the director was excluded from the program staff.
  • In the November 2017nd issue released on October 10th, 26, a member of the House of Representatives who was just elected for the first time in the general election four days agoMasayuki AoyamaAllegations of sexual harassment were reported.According to the testimony of a former female secretary who worked at the Aoyama supporters' association office, Aoyama kissed the woman and hugged her in the elevator.Also, when I stayed at an inn in the prefecture in August of the previous year, Drunk Aoyama crawls on all fours and quickly approaches a woman.When a frightened woman guarded with a cushion, Aoyama gently stroked the woman's head.[114]..On October 10, the release date, the Constitutional Democratic Party decided to suspend Aoyama's membership indefinitely and not allow him to join the parliamentary group.[115]After that, Aoyama left the party on October 2018, 10.[116].
  • October 2017, 10, of the House of RepresentativesAkihiro HatsukaIt becomes clear that the alleged obscenity will be published in Shukan Bunshun. October 10st evening,Constitutional Democratic PartyAfter the general assembly of both House members, Hatsushika reiterated to the press that he "did not remember" and "did not be called obscene."However, in the November 11th issue released on November 1st, "Dirty"liberal To Akihiro Hatsushika of the Constitutional Democratic PartyForced obsceneWhen Hatsushika's obscene suspicion was reported under the heading "Suspicion," the Constitutional Democratic Party decided on the same day to suspend his post for six months and canceled the offer of the chief vice chairman of the Political Investigation Committee.[117]..After that, Hatsushika served as the secretary-general of four subcommittees, including the party's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and PTs with disabilities, but was charged with obscenity on December 4, 2019.Document inspectionDone[118]Submitted a notice of withdrawal on the 20th of the same month[119].. Resigned as a member of the Diet on October 2020, 10.


  • In the January 2018, 1 issue of the music producerTetsuya KomuroWas published an alleged affair with a female nurse, Komuro held a press conference on the afternoon of the launch, completely denied the content of Bunshun's article, and announced retirement from the entertainment industry and the music world in 2018. did.
  • Former NHK announcer in the February 2018, 2 issueJunichi Tosaka NHK Sapporo Broadcasting StationWhen a new employee casts a job, she chases herself to the toilet and touches her body.sexual harassmentFor junior announcersPower harassmentThe report that caused the uphill climb will be broadcast from April 4 of the same year.Prime news evening(Fuji TV) Declined to appear[120].
  • February 2018, 2, playersTatsuya ImaiI got information that the scandal will be published in Shukan BunshunSaitama Seibu LionsAnnounced that it will suspend participation in foreign games until May, paying close attention to Imai.[121].May 2In the February 2th issue of the release, Imai will be on January 15th.Saitama OfTokorozawa OfSlingshot slotIt was reported that he was smoking a minor at the store.
  • In the June 2018, 4 issue,Niigata Governor-Mt. Yoneyama RyuichiReported that he had been dating with several female college students. Mt. Yoneyama resigned as governor[122].
  • In the June 2018, 6 issue, under the heading "NEWS Koyama and Kato oblige underage women to drink"Women sevenWithNEWS OfKeiichiro KoyamaShigeaki KatoReported that he was drinking with a minor woman,Johnny's OfficeAnnounced the disposal of Oyama as a self-restraint and Kato as a strict caution[123].
  • In the November 2018, 11 issue, Mayor OwariasahiYoshinori MizunoIs reported to have had an improper dating with a city employee woman with a photo[124]..Mizuno had totally denied the press,[125], November 11, announced resignation[126].. Resigned on December 12st[127].


  • October 2019, 2, of the House of RepresentativesTabata TsuyoshiWas accused by an acquaintance woman who had a quasi-forced sexual intercourse.The Liberal Democratic Party tried to close the curtain early by accepting Tabata's notice of withdrawal, but on February 2, the electronic version of Shukan Bunshun reported another scandal in Tabata. It was revealed that a 27-year-old high school girl who met on SNS in 2010 was taken to a condominium that is supposed to be a home and office, forced to act without contraceptives, and shot on video[128]..In response to this, Tabata submitted a resignation request on the same day.[129].. I resigned on March 3st.
  • In the August 2019, 7 issue, released on July 25, 8, a member of the House of RepresentativesTohru IshizakiWas reported to have offered prostitution for 27 yen to a 5-year-old woman from Eastern Europe who she met in an English lesson.[130]..Prior to that, on July 7, Ishizaki released the voice of abusive words against the former secretary by the electronic version of Shukan Shincho.[131]..In addition, in the Upper House election on July 7, the incumbent Liberal Democratic Party in the Niigata prefectural constituencyIchiro TsukadaWas defeated by a small margin.In response to criticism, Ishizaki resigned from the Liberal Democratic Party Niigata Branch Chief (synonymous with the Liberal Democratic Party House of Representatives Niigata 8st District Branch Chief) on August 3.
  • In the August 2019, 8 issue, released on July 21, 8, a member of the House of RepresentativesHiroshi UenoFrom the Ueno side regarding foreigners who have applied for a status of residence by a temporary staffing company in TokyoMinistry of JusticeIt was reported that he asked for money in return for contacting[132].. On August 8, the electronic version of Shukan Bunshun released audio evidence of Ueno's attempt to earn money by speaking.[133].. On August 8, Ueno resigned as Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Health, Labor and Welfare[134].
  • In the September 2019, 9 issue, "Yoshimoto entertainer EXIT Kanechika was arrested for a girl prostitution mediation" and posted an article reporting crimes in the past minors.Regarding this, Yoshimoto Kogyo issued a statement with the title "About some reports about our talent and Daiki Kanechika."Strongly protested against Bunshun[Annotation 7].. Regarding this matter, there were criticisms from some people about reciting and reporting before becoming an entertainer, and Yoshimoto announced that he would consider legal measures, Mr. Kaneka explained to the interview that he could finally talk, "I want you to expose everything", and he reported that it is "not to deny Mr. Kaneka who is now".[136].
  • In the October 2019th issue released on October 10th, 10,Kazuhide SugawaraThe Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry was suspected of giving melons and crabs to the residents of the constituency, the editorial department obtained the "gift list" and back books from 2006 to 2007, and Sugawara's violence caused the public secretary. It was reported that 17 people had retired.[137].
On October 10, the same year, in the electronic version of Shukan Bunshun, a photo of Sugawara's public secretary handing the incense to the reception was delivered at the night of a local supporter held at the funeral hall in the constituency on the 23th of the same month. Ta[138].. On October 10, Sugawara resigned as Minister[139].. He resigned as a member of the Diet on June 2021, 6.
  • On October 2019, 10, in the electronic version of Shukan Bunshun, "Another AnotherKanAides also "suspicious department store"Minister of Justice<Katsuyuki Kawai> Of the coupleMiss UguisuAn article entitled "Illegal Acquisition" will be delivered.Minister of Justice Katsuyuki Kawai in July25rd House of Councilors ordinary electionMy first wife ofKawai KuriReports of alleged violations of the Public Offices Election Law, which is said to have given the election staff compensation over the statutory maximum amount regarding their election campaign[140], October 10, Katsuyuki Kawai resigned as Minister[141].. On February 2021, 2, Anri resigned as a member of the Diet.On April 3, the same year, Katsuyuki also resigned as a member of the Diet.


  • In the January 2020, 1 issue, under the heading "April and Divorce Crisis Masahiro Higashi "Minor Adultery""Todai MasahiroBut,apricotWhile having a wife namedErika KarataReported that he had an affair with[142].. Tode canceled all commercial contracts with the four companies that appeared[143][144], Karata appeared as a regular TBS "Do not recite Nembutsu in the hospital room』, the second and subsequent episodes were dropped[145].
  • March 2020, 5, in the electronic version of Shukan Bunshun,Tokyo KokenProsecutor'sHirotsugu KurokawaOn May 5st of the same yearSankei Shimbun2 people from the Social Affairs Department,Asahi ShimbunBet with one former prosecution reporterMahjongIt was reported that he was doing[146].. KurokawaMinistry of JusticeHe acknowledged the facts in his investigation and resigned on the 22nd. Bungei Shunju announced on May 5nd, "Weekly Bunshun" sold on May 22st was sold out.[147].
  • The June 2020, 5 issue, released on May 28, 6, belongs to the Constitutional Democratic Party.Saitama Prefectural AssemblyReported the affair problem of lawmaker Masakatsu Inoue.Inoue resigned as a member of the Diet on May 5 in response to this.[148].
  • In the March 2020, 6 issue, ``Watanabe Ken<Unjash> Reported Ken Watabe's affair scandal under the heading "Takeout affair"[149], Watanabe asked TV stations two days before the article was released to refrain from appearing in his own programs.[150].
  • On July 2020, 7, the electronic version of Shukan Bunshun was dealing with the new coronavirus.Deputy Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare OfMt. HashimotoParliamentary Vice-Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare OfEiko EmiHas fallen into an affair, and after leaving the office every evening, it was reported that he has been dating repeatedly.[151]..In response to this reportYoshii KanChief Cabinet Secretary at a press conference on July 7Katsunobu KatoMinister of Health, Labor and Welfare said he had paid attention to the two by the same day[152].. May 8, same year,Junya OgawaAsked Hashimoto and Jimi to explain the facts at the House of Representatives Health, Labor and Welfare Committee, but both refused to answer.[153].


  • 2021 On January 1, an article entitled "Komeito's Hope, Former Deputy Minister of Finance Kiyohiko Toyama's" Ginza Luxury Club at Midnight "will be carefully watched by the party" will be delivered in the electronic version of Shukan Bunshun.Of the House of RepresentativesKiyohiko ToyamaIs from March 1New coronavirusUntil midnight on January 1nd, while the state of emergency was issued byGinzaIt was revealed that he was meeting an acquaintance at a high-class club in Japan[154]..Toyama resigned as a member of the Diet on February 2st[155].
  • 2021 February 2, in the electronic version of Shukan Bunshun,Yoshii Kanprime ministerThe eldest son, Masatake SugaMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsWas reported to have been illegally entertaining executives[156]..Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announced disciplinary action for executives on February 2021, 2[157].. July 2021, 2,Tohoku ShinshaAnnounced that President Kiyotaka Ninomiya resigned and Masatake, who was the general manager of the Media Division, was disciplined and attached to the Human Resources Department.[158].
  • March 2021, 2, in the electronic version of Shukan Bunshun,LDPHouse of RepresentativesTakaki ShirasukaOn the night under the state of emergencyAzabuIt was revealed that he was accompanied to work in the luxury lounge of[159]..On the same day, Shirasuka left the Liberal Democratic Party and announced his intention not to run for the next general election.[160].
  • In March 2021, the electronic version of Shukan Bunshun reported various scoops on the Tokyo Olympics.
  • March 2021, 4, in the electronic version of Shukan Bunshun,Shiori YamaoUnauthorized use of "special ticket" (so-called parliamentary pass) multiple times in April of the same yearRintaro KuramochiIt was revealed that Kuramochi's ex-wife had committed suicide at home on October 2020, 10.[161][162]..In response to the news, a LDP official said, "Now there is no possibility of Yamao joining the party."[163], Yamao on June 6th,Next House of Representatives electionAnnounced not to run[164].

Criticism of articles related to the imperial family

  • September 1993, 9 issue "Empress MichikoAt the request of the Emperor Showa, the Imperial Palace Natural Forest is Maruberu," September 1993, 9 issue.Imperial Household AgencyVSDefense AgencyThe Emperor and Empress are developingSDFI disliked "School uniform" and protested this article from the Imperial Household Agency at the end of September 1993 and was the editor-in-chief at that timeKikai Hanada"It is not my intention to say that the article in a magazine is called Empress Bichishichi Michiko. If I say so, I intend to criticize the Imperial Household Agency."[165].
  • In the January 2008, 1 issue, titled “Masako and his wife, Owada and his wife, “The New Year's Day Osechi Incident,”” “When His Majesty was a Crown Prince, Masada and his wife were never invited to eat at the Higashimiya Imperial Palace. Posted a sentence.Emperor AkihitoAre the parents of the Crown Princess during the Crown Prince eraEisaburo ShodaThe coupleHigashimiya Imperial PalaceHe said he had never been invited to a meal. On the other handImperial Household Agency``During the Emperor Showa era, Mr. and Mrs. Masada did not have a meal at the Higashimiya Imperial Palace on New Year's day with his then Crown Prince and Princess, but at the time of their birthday, I was invited to the Imperial Palace and had a meal with the lower shrine." He pointed out to Bunharu that there was an error in the content of the article.[166].
  • In the July 2014, 7 issue, "Aiko-sama's shocking words: I hate teachers, I can't say what I am saying,"Aiko's prince Gakushuin Elementary SchoolI posted an article to the teacher who said, "I hate elementary school teachers" and "I can't say what I say." On the other hand, the Imperial Household AgencyTonomiyaProtested to the Bunharu editorial department, saying that the content of the article was unrooted. Requested correction of article content. The Imperial Household Agency said that it received a report from the Gakushuin Elementary School that the remarks made in the article were unfounded.[167].

Comfort Women Related Articles

  • In the April 2014, 4 issue, in the early 10s, in South KoreaComfort womanWas in charge of the interview surveyNaivetyAn interview article was posted. According to the article, Ahn stated that the credibility of the former comfort women's testimony was "no good at all" and interviewed and wrote.Miki OtakaConcludes that Ahn "acknowledged substantial "search failure""[168].. On the other hand, AhnWeekly friday(September 9, issue), “Interviewing the testimony is difficult and time consuming because the embarrassing part of the other party is elicited. It was just a forgery of admitting a specific “failure to investigate””, denying the contents of Bunshun's article and considering accusing Otaka and Bunshun of judicial authorities for fraud and defamation.[169].. Bunharu says that part of the interview video will be released on "Weekly Bunharu Digital"[168].
  • In the September 2014, 9 issue (released on August 4 and 8 of the same year), the Asahi ShimbunSelling countryDNA””,Asahi ShimbunAcknowledged an error in some articlesComfort womanA special article about the press is posted.Asahi ShimbunThe Public Relations Department said, "We have decided that the advertisement in question will significantly deviate from the scope of commentary and will reduce the social evaluation of the head office, and we will not be able to post it based on the advertising placement standard of the head office.[170]Refused to appear in the Asahi Shimbun[170][171].. The publisher, Bungei Shunju, said, “Not only posting the entire article, not just the article, would deprive Asahi Shimbun readers of the opportunity to know.[171], And made a protest statement against the Asahi Shimbun.[172].

Feud with the Yomiuri Shimbun

Since Suzuki became the editor-in-chief in 2004,Yomiuri ShimbunandYomiuri Shimbun Group HeadquartersChairman·Tsuneo WatanabeYomiuri has filed lawsuits for damages claims and apology advertisements, and many have been defeated.

  • In the opening gravure of the August 2004, 8 issue, a photo of Watanabe in a gown at his home apartment is posted, titled "The End of One Man."
    • On October 2005, 10, the Tokyo District Court (Judge Kaiami) said, "The appearance of wearing a gown at home is an unprotected and purely private area free from social tension. It cannot be said that it is a matter of public interest. , Which is a privacy infringement," and ordered Bungei Shunju to pay 27 million yen.
  • In the September 2004, 9 issue, "The highest executive of the Yomiuri Shimbun, who says "I was the one who killed Nabetsune!" The content is President YomiuriHitoshi UchiyamaSuppose that Watanabe resigned from the giant army job.
    • On September 2004, 9, Yomiuri and Uchiyama filed a lawsuit with the Tokyo District Court as a "factless article" for Bungei Shunju and the editor-in-chief for damages of 24 million yen and an apology advertisement.
    • On March 2006, 3, the Tokyo District Court (Judge Yasuo Kanai) ordered Bunshun to pay a total of 20 million yen, saying, "The article is not true and we have not collected information to support it."
  • In the October 2004, 10 issue, "Sendai Wars Nabetsune Empire Strikes Back to Rakuten Mikitani"Live door"President of the Giants Army Momoi team pleading for "crushing"" is posted.Tsunekazu MomoiRagaRakutenVisiting the head office and saying, "Give yourself a chance to join the new team"Hiroshi MikitaniI asked. In the Yomiuri Shimbun, names related to giants were redacted and the advertisement was posted in a form where only the part of "Pleasure for "Livedoor crushing" at Rakuten Mikitani" appeared.
    • On October 2004, 10, a lawsuit was filed against giants Bunharu and Bungei Shunju for posting an apology advertisement in national newspapers and seeking damages of 7 million yen. It is argued that the president Momoi and the team executives have never met Mikitani or requested entry.
    • On January 2006, 1, the Tokyo District Court (Judge Yoshinori Tomita) ordered Bungei Shunju to pay 27 million yen, saying that "there is no evidence to back up the article and no evidence that it was backed up."
  • In the October 2004, 10 issue, "YomiuriYoshinobu TakahashiPublished the article entitled "Father's debt of 11 billion yen". CorporationYomiuriBut,Reverse nominationIn return, he reported that he had taken over Takahashi's father's debt, but Yomiuri sent a protest stating that "there is no secret contract to join."
  • In the November 2004th, 11 issue, the article entitled "Mystery of Nabetsune's "18 billion yen real estate written by newspaper publishers"" was published. It is announced that Watanabe is making illegal savings.
    • On October 2006, 10, the Tokyo District Court (Judge Minoru Watabiki) said, "There is no material that suggests that he was fraudulently accumulating money." "Article has no good reason to believe it is true It was illegal," he said, and posted an apology ad and paid a compensation of 30 million yen. Bunharu appealed.
    • July 2007, 7, Appeal decision. The Tokyo High Court (Judge Otsubooka) dismissed the appeal, supporting the first-instance judgment, saying, "There is an error in the estimated figures and it cannot be considered true."
  • The Yomiuri Shimbun counterattacks on paper. From 2005st to 9th September 21, a four-week series of criticism campaign "Weekly Magazine Where" will be held. In response to this, Shukan Bunshun countered the Yomiuri article by publishing in the October 24th issue, "Is Chairman Nabetsune, who criticizes the Yomiuri Shimbun's Weekly Magazine Criticism Campaign, hate magazines?"
  • In the June 2012, 6 issue, "GiantHaraWas paying 1 million yen to a former gangster! Is posted.Yomiuri GiantsOn June 6, the day before the release of the issuePress conferenceOpening and defaming as there is a part that differs from the factRestitution for DamagesHara apologized, saying he was going to file a claim lawsuit[173].. In December, the Yomiuri Giants Baseball Team Headquarters filed a lawsuit seeking damages of 12 million yen and posting an apology advertisement, but it was rejected.
    • On July 2015, 7, the Tokyo District Court (Judge Masumi Kurachi) rejected the Yomiuri Giants' claim. The giant's claim, "The anti-social forces are different from us in the sense that the police have recognized them," whereas "it is reasonable to think of a blackmailer as an anti-social force in a general sense." "There are good reasons why Bunshun believed that the Giants' Army had the same perceptions during the interview."[174].. The Yomiuri Giants appealed the judgment and appealed.
    • On December 2015, 12, the Tokyo High Court also upheld the district court's decision and dismissed the Yomiuri Giants' appeal[175].. A Yomiuri Giants spokesman said, "It's a serious misconception of false positives."
    • On June 2016, 6, the Supreme Court dismissed the giant's appeal.The giant spokesman said, "It is extremely regrettable that a seriously unjustified judgment of factual misunderstanding was confirmed."[176].

Conflict with Johnny's Office

Unlike other major publishers,Johnny's OfficeHas almost no influence over the years, since 1999-2000Janie KitagawaChildren of (Johnny's Jr.Trainees)Sexual abuseReported the allegations.New York Times,オ ブ ザ ー バ ーHe also followed up with foreign media such as, and spread his ripples inside and outside the country, such as being taken up by the Diet. These allegations have long beenRumored MakotoWas featured in some media such asFor LeavesWas a member ofNorth KojiAlthough a book exposed by the author was written, this issue was taken up for the first time as a major media.

However, Johnny's side seems to be dissatisfied with this article, for example after the 2000s, "A minute of samuraiWas filmed in 2006,Bunshun libraryIs on sale atShuhei FujisawaStarring in the band of the original bookKimura TakuyaIt is taking countermeasures such as not allowing any use of the picture of. KimuraShizuka KudoWhen he got married, he closed Bunshun from the interview. On the other hand, Bunchun drew only outlines of Kimura and the interviewer on a blank page in the opening gravure, accusing him of media control by Johnny's.

  • 2002年3月27日、東京地裁は、ジャニーズ事務所とジャニー喜多川が1億2000万円の損害賠償と謝罪広告を求めた訴訟の判決で、「高度の信用性を認めがたい。証人の証言はたやすく信用できない点を残している」として、文春に880万円の支払いを命じた。2003年7月15日の二審判決で東京高裁は性的虐待に関する記事の信用性を認め、損害賠償額を120万円に減額する判決を下し[177]The Supreme Court upheld this in its appeal on February 2004, 2.
  • 2009 years,Takeshi Kusagi OfPublic obsceneIn capital lettersInagaki GoroIt is posted in a large scale with the heading "Short-term period". He criticized, "The TV station that defends is making the most noise."
  • In the January 2015, 1 issue,Merry KitagawaInterview with[178].. MarySMAPIs the manager ofSatoshi IijimaThis interview, which also included the part that ridiculed, was a cause of the departure of Iijima and the dissolution of SMAP. The interviewMagazine journalism award selected by editorsHas received the 22nd Grand Prize.

Fabrication article about AKB48 Group

In the February 2010, 2 issue, “Vibrant Scoop!mistressI'm not raising AKB48Is the office president (Yasushi Kubota)of"Joy group』" posted.AKS(CurrentVernalossom), The Tokyo District Court filed a lawsuit seeking compensation of about 1 million yen and posting of an apology advertisement, alleging that it was unfounded and hurt its honor and had a serious impact on the activities of the group.[179], September 2013, received an order for compensation of 9 million yen. Bungeishunju side appeals[180] However, even in the decision of the Tokyo High Court in December 2013, which was the appeal case, we supported the first-instance judgment and rejected the appeal of Bungei Shunju[181].

Slope series

Slope seriesIt is also in a conflicting relationship.

  • In the October 2014, 10 issue (released on October 16),Nogizaka46 OfMatsumura SayuriBut"Weekly Young Jump』Posted a photo of a street kiss with a married editor in his 30s[182].. In the October 10 issue (October 23),Yamato RinaPosted underage drinking article. Initially, the Nogizaka46 management side did not dispose of it, so it seems that it was decided as a job offer.The 65th NHK Red and White Singing BattleLost to[183].. In a hurryHKT48Has decided to participate. After that, as of December 12, Yamato's exclusive contract ends[184].. Matsumura has been enrolled since then,AffairSince we have not been sent off atThe 66th NHK Red and White Singing BattleFirst appearance in[185].
  • May 2018, 5, 3th merger issue (released on April 10),Keyakizaka46 OfAika ShidaIs from where he was absent from the concert due to poor physical conditionNiigataPosted that he returned to his hometown and had an overnight date at a local general man's house.The following week, Shida announced that he would suspend his entertainment activities indefinitely because of his poor physical condition.About half a year later, on November 11th of the same year, he left the group without returning.[186].
  • After that, scandal articles of multiple members belonging to Keyakizaka46 were posted intermittently through Bungei Online, and the reported members left the group one after another (acted as the center).Yurina Hirate(Including the impact of withdrawal) Finally, the group was renamed in October 2020.[187].

Articles about the Tokyo Olympics and pressure from the Organizing Committee

On March 2021, 3, Bungei Online will be the creative director of the overall Olympic opening and closing ceremony.Hiroshi SasakiWas scheduled to appear at the ceremonyNaomi WatanabeIt was reported that the group LINE was proposing a production with content that insulted the appearance of[188]..In response to this, Sasaki was early on March 3th.Tokyo Olympic Organizing CommitteePublished an apology through[189].. Same day,Hashimoto Seiko・ The chairman of the Organizing Committee announced the resignation of Sasaki.[190]

On March 3, the same year, Bungei Online delivered an article entitled "The bike of the main character of" AKIRA "... The whole picture of the" MIKIKO team opening ceremony "that Naomi Watanabe also praised."[191].Dentsu OfHiroshi IgarashiThe choreographer whose representative director was the executive officer of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo OlympicsMIKIKOWas dismissed and reported on how Sasaki was assigned to his successor. On April 4st, the April 1th issue of Shukan Bunshun will be released.In the same issue, an article related to MIKIKO's dismissal and an article entitled "Hakuho, Ebizo, Supporters ... Mori, Suga, Koike's Olympic Opening Ceremony" Kuchikomi List "" will be published together.

On April 4, the same year, the Olympic Organizing Committee described the article as "extremely regrettable," and in the name of Hashimoto, "collection and discontinuation of the April 1 issue of the weekly Bunshun," "deletion of the article on Bunshun Online," " Requested the weekly Bunshun to "discard the opening ceremony presentation materials obtained by the Bunshun side and keep the contents private"[192].

On April 4, the same year, the editorial department of Shukan Bunshun immediately argued through Bunshun Online.The following statement was issued[193].

The article reports on the opening ceremony plan that was buried in the process of the director MIKIKO being excluded from the opening ceremony manager.There is a high degree of publicity and public interest in reporting the inside of the opening ceremony, which is suspected of wasting a huge amount of tax due to improper management such as insulting proposals and politicians' "speaking".It is clear that it does not violate copyright law or interfere with business.
We believe that the Organizing Committee's stance of demanding extremely unusual "discontinuation and collection of magazines" from magazines is unusual as a highly public organization in which taxes are being put.The magazine will continue to cover and report without responding to these unreasonable demands. — Comment from the editorial department of "Weekly Bunshun", April 2021, 4[194].

The problem of getting the hanging advertisement of Weekly Shincho in advance

Released on January 2017, 5Weekly Shincho』, in the weekly BunshunPublication agencyContractorTohanAn article was posted in Weekly Shincho, which said that he had previously obtained hanging advertisements through the website, and said that he had previously obtained the content of the article. Shincho side criticized this as "the scoop article was crushed by the weekly Bunshun."

For the article of Weekly Shincho, it was said that Weekly Bunshun was not illegal, but I did not make a statement as to whether the information was actually obtained, but in the articleconvenience storeSo, the new tide hanging advertisementCopyIn addition to the photo posted, Tohan acknowledged and apologized for "the fact that the article was lent"[195][196].

As a result, on September 2017, 9文藝 春秋President Kiyoto Matsui acknowledged the content of the weekly Shincho article,Shinchosha Co., Ltd.Apologized after turning to[197].

10 best detective stories

Bunharu Kiichigo Award

Select the lowest movie each yearGolden raspberry awardWas established in 2005 as the Japanese version of.

Current serialization column

Current serial novel

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