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👩‍🎤 | Which voice actors Tomokazu Seki & Tasuku Hatanaka were influenced by when they were children?


Which voice actors Tomokazu Seki & Tasuku Hatanaka were influenced by when they were children?

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In Hatanaka who answered "Nachi Nozawa" in the question, "It's astringent" "If you're affected, you're a generation above me!"

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Astringent influence

Nachi Nozawa

Nachi Nozawa(Nachi Nozawa,1938May 1[1][2] - 2010May 10[1]) IsJapan OfVoice actor,Radio personality,An actor,Director,Businessman.

Tokyo(Current:Tokyo) From[1].Office PACFormer representative.My father作家 OfNaojiro Kuga, My wife is an actressFirst sonIs an actorSatoshi Nozawa, My niecetalent OfNaoko Nozawa, The niece (Naoko's daughter)Fighter OfPearl Nozawa Oakley.

The notation of the real name is the same[Note 1]However, the reading is "Nozawa YasutomoIs[3].


ManyWestern paintingdubbing-AnimeVoice appearance in the work, againradioDJ-NarrationAnd so on.stageProduce, stageShowBut still active.

stage nameThe origin of "" is the original reading both publicly and privately.YasutomoWas never called, and as a result, the misreading of ""NachiIs due to the fact that "" was established as it was.


Converting from a stage artist to a stage director, becoming an actor

When I was a junior high school student, there was a play called "Meijiza" near my house.theaterI go to every day.However, it was not the actor who was watchingStage equipmentThen, when I returned from Meijiza, I got a mandarin orange box.stageResembledミ ニ チ ュ アI was playing with making.I didn't want to be an actor from the beginning, but in the futureStage artistI wanted to be[4].

Kokugakuin UniversityFaculty of Politics and EconomicsAfter going on to college, I started going in and out of professional theater companies when I was in the third year of college.PropsI will help you with such work.However, the stage artist of the theater company said, "YouçµµI'm not good at it.I have a good idea.It's not suitable.Stop it "[4]..Nozawa still wanted to do a play-related job, so he decided to become a stage director this time.[4].

Dropped out of college and joined the theater company Nanyokai as a director trainee.But sponsoredJunichi TakagiAs soon as I met him, he said, "Do you want to be a director? Do an actor for the time being!" And suddenly appear on the stage.After that, I decided to continue acting at the day of the week for about three years.[4]..For seniors during the day of the weekKenta with liver,Takeshi AonoThere are

Also, of the Western movies that were just born at that timedubbing OfPart-time jobI came to handle.Among the actors, "(dubbing work) is abandoning his originality as an actor," but Nozawa said, "At that time.TV dramaAlsoLive broadcastTherefore, when a drama job comes, I will be detained for a week during training and rehearsals.But then I can't practice for the stage.The dubbing ended in a certain period of time, so it was a time-efficient part-time job.Since you are aiming to be an actor, you want lesson time.Besides, since it's a job that speaks lines, dubbing is more studying than a part-time job in an industry that has nothing to do with it.I thought it was interesting as an acting drawing, and I didn't actually have any income. "[4].

After leaving the theater company Nanyokai, Nozawa gathered his fellow actors and launched the "Theatrical Company Castle".I was in charge of directing for the first time, but no customers came in because I was doing only difficult performances.Therefore, as soon as it costs money, the operation gets stuck and the theater company splits.Nozawa, who was in charge of production, cost 3 million yen (current value is about 370 million yen) in three years.debtI have held.After thatApartmentWithdraw, move from one friend's house to another, for 15 yenHot dog bunIt was a destitute life that I was satisfied with, "I ate today!"Regarding life at that time, Nozawa recalled, "The reason why it wasn't painful at all was that I like plays, but I think it was because all of Japan was poor."[4].

Full-scale start of ateleco (voice actor business)

One day when I was in trouble because I couldn't predict the debt repaymentGinzaWhen I was walking in the city, I was a senior at the theater company Nanyokai.Yanami childI came across by chance on the roadside.When Nozawa asked, "Do you have any work?", "You,AtelecoDo it.I'll introduce you to the office, "says Yanami, but at first, Nozawa thought it was a joke and didn't deal with it properly.However, a week later, when I happened to meet Yanami again, he said, "I have already contacted the office."YotsuyaTaken to a production in, but there is a back alleyFish shopOn the second floor of the building, the stairs are narrow, and when I take a closer look, "I don't think the actor's office is dirty.Tokyo Actors Co-op'[5]It was said.From such a background, Nozawa started full-scale voice work, partly due to the enthusiastic sales of the office.

The spread of television has begun in earnestHigh economic growthAt the dawn of the TV drama of the era, when I was invited to participate in a TV job due to a shortage of manpower, the job was not a staff member such as a director, but a bit part of an actor (a sex offender). Nozawa, who was confused as "I can't show it to such parents", was looking for a job "Is there a job that can be done invisibly?" After repeated appearances and stage appearances, another site of labor shortage that was drawn in nextDubbingIt was the world of.According to Nozawa, "Nachi Nozawa is the role of a young man in a teleco", and he said that he had to work one after another and did three times a day.[4].

After working for dubbing for a year and a half, my debt was halved, so I started thinking about quitting as an actor.At that time, "Finally thisauditionJust go to.Most of the cast has been decided, so it's okay because it will fall. "0011 Napoleon Solo"Met.I auditioned comfortably, but already Ilya Kriyakin (David McCallum) The role isKinya AikawaFor some reason, the cast was changed to Nozawa.[4]..According to Nozawa's acquaintance, the director accidentally saw the program in which Nozawa was appearing and noticed, "Who is this woman who plays?"And "0011 Napoleon Solo"Audience ratingIt was a big hit that took about 40%, so I could not quit the actor[4].

Nozawa started a voice acting business to repay the troupe's debt and gradually gained popularity, but eventually he revived his troupe and also worked as a director.In addition, he has appeared in many dubbing and animations,Entertainment showsI was in charge of narration.

TBS RadioMidnight radio program "Pack-in musicAs a personalityFuyumi ShiraishiIn combination withNippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.Even after moving to another station, the two of them acted as a personality combination for a radio program under the nickname of "Nachi Chaco."

1963ToTroupeFounded,ProduceとShowIn charge.Straight play,musicalFocused on the performance.1988, At the 21st performance musical "Sweet Charity" of the theater company BarazaAgency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival AwardHas been awarded.

Afterlife / afterlife

2003ToOffice PACEstablished and trained human resources who aim to become voice actors and stage actors at the Performing Art Center of the attached training center.Initially establishedCEOAs a voice actorWise productionI continued to belong to20085Around that time, he left Ken Production and virtually transferred to Office PAC.At one timeAoni ProductionAlso belonged to[6].

20082 timesVoice actor awardReceived the Distinguished Service Award.

2008,Cobra] Is revived as an OVA.Television Animation"Space cobra"soCobraNozawa who played the role of Cobra was appointed again.Nozawa himself also appealed his enthusiasm and enthusiasm in interviews related to the voice actor award, saying, "This year is a cobra!"

2009In the second half, he gradually began to get sick from around this time, and he declared that he would stop his work completely and concentrate on treatment, which spurred his work saving.

2010, I was instructing until around July, but as a result of undergoing a detailed inspection in the summerLung cancerIt turned out that he was suffering from, and he was hospitalized from August.Anti-cancer agentEven though he lived a therapeutic life, his condition did not recover at all.May 10Another in TokyohospitalTransferred to.By this time, he couldn't even talk.Surrounded by my wife, eldest son, relatives, and students at the training school that I representMay 10Died of lung cancer at 3:36 pm[7].. 72 years old died.

2011May 2A farewell party was held atKoichi Yamadera,Michio Hasama580 people attended[8]..The altar was decorated with things Nozawa loved, scripts directed by the stage, and son's gifts.[8][9]..I read the condolences with Nozawa on TBS Radio for 15 years (3 years in total at 25 stations in Tokyo).Fuyumi Shiraishi"Now that it doesn't hurt anywhere, please watch over from the sky," he said goodbye.[8].

2011May 3Was awarded the Special Achievement Award at the XNUMXth Seiyu Awards[10]..This is the first time that the voice actor award has been awarded both before and after his death.

"Star tours"ofC-3POThe voice used was the voice recorded before Nozawa's death, but2012 renewalAlong withHiroshi IwasakiWas replaced by.


Voice type Thebaritone.

As a role, he is mainly in charge of the role of youth, but sometimes he also plays the role of middle-aged and elderly people.From the voice quality, in animation and game works, "Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories(Vixen) and "Lupine the XNUMXrd Lupine assassination order』(John Close)悪 役I have a strong image of playingTiki Chiki machine fierce race』(Narrator <live>) in a hot-blooded man, dubbing Western moviesAlan Delon,Giuliano Gemma,Robert Redford,James DeanAlso perform the second role such as, and the third piece that changed the atmosphere.According to him, he said, "The madman is good at it," and he once said, "It's not so difficult to get sharp."[11].. 『Goku's Great AdventureI was in charge ofSanzo HoshiIs the so-called "OkamaWasAd libBecause.

ア ル · パ チ ー ノ,Christopher Walken,Dustin Hoffman,Dennis Hopper("speed』) There are many dubbed roles that were crazy, but he himselfGerard PhilipとTom HanksI had a dream of dubbing all the appearances.The former was in charge of the narration, "Little Prince(CD-ROM version) ”, but I had never been in charge of the latter.He said he likes the element of laughter and is impressed by his acting.

About the actor in charge

Alan Delon

1969AroundAlan DelonIn charge of dubbing for the first time.Became one of several voice actors in charge of Delon. "Sunday Western Theater』I was mainly in charge of DelonKatsuyuki HoriNozawa was a relatively latecomer in charge of Delon, but eventually1970 eraFrom the latter half of the year, Nozawa was in charge of dubbing Delon in almost all stations, and the image of "Nachi Nozawa when it comes to dubbing Alain Delon" permeated the living room.When Hori, who dubbed a lot of Delon before Nozawa, saw the work that Nozawa was in charge of, he said, "I often couldn't get into his acting, but in the case of Mr. Nozawa, it fits perfectly." Commenting[12].

Regarding the background of becoming in charge of Delon, Nozawa himself later said, ""Full of sun"soKatsuyuki HoriIs Delon, himselfMaurice RonneAfter dubbing and broadcasting, after a whileMasanobu KasugaAt the suggestion of, the cast was reversed and re-recorded and broadcast.This was the first time I dubbed Delon, and after that I started dubbing a lot. "[13]..However, there is no sound source that Nozawa dubbed Rone,MikiIn the survey, Nozawa was in charge of Delon for the first time.Black tulips], So the truth is unknown.

Since Nozawa is famous as a voice actor in charge of Delon, "I was contacted by Alain Delon" in the columns and contributions of theater and movie officials, critics, and actors. "Alain Delon was eating buckwheat in the rehearsal hall. , Etc., is often treated as Alain Delon as a joke.ToeiProduction special effects TV drama work "Kamen Rider Kuuga』(2000), Nozawa's name appears in the play as" the person who was doing the voice of Alain Delon ".In addition, Nozawa made a duet with Darida by Delon, and the hit single "Parole parole(Parole Parole) ”is also participating in the Japanese version.

Alain Delon's own voice is lower than that played by Nozawa.When I played with the director in a bass that resembled Delon (jokingly), I found that speaking Japanese with that voice was too heavy and muddy and did not match the image of Delon's appearance.Therefore, he decided the tone of his voice with the direction of "in a sweet and soft atmosphere that is imagined from Delon's face and body." "With bass like Alain Delon himselfFrenchIt sounds good when I talk about it, but with that voiceJapaneseThe way you hear is different when you speak, "says Nozawa, who makes you feel the difference in hearing between Japanese and French.Also, from the image of Delon's face and body, he decided to avoid the big play as an acting and settled the acting policy of "let's make a voice with a feeling like ripples", but "say ripples" It's also difficult, "he said, and he is the second actor in his role, just like Delon.Robert Redford"I can't say a line with a strong touch because my face is beautiful and I can't destroy the impression. It's the most difficult."[11], I often looked back on the difficulty of dubbing the second piece[14].

Nozawa said, "To make the most of the neat charm of the second piece, it never works in dirty Japanese. To be precise, I'm not playing Alain Delon. He expresses it through roles in the movie. I express what I wanted to do in Japanese, "he said in an interview.[15].

Regarding the role making, he said, "If you haven't become Delon three days ago, you can't record it." When dubbing a role that is lonely and not dexterous in human relations like many roles played by Delon, record as much as possible on the day. He goes to the scene so as not to meet people until the actual performance, and rarely greets him.So to speak, he said, "If you play a lonely role, you can't enter the story if you talk to the public," by acting as if it were the human relationship of the person in charge.According to NozawaAudrey HepburnKnown for dubbingMasako IkedaAlso makes similar roles, especially when Nozawa and Ikeda co-star in a role with little conversation, they say that they rarely talk except in the actual performance.[14].

For Nozawa, the way he stands against the microphone during recording is also one of the roles, and when dubbing Delon, he usually uses the leftmost microphone and records without dare to face the next opponent.The position is said to be "a standing position that does not involve people", "It feels like you are making a wall ... I hear the dialogue of the other person, but I do not see the other person and I do not bring my body close. I often act in a state of "because I get involved ...".When dubbing a lonely role in a dubbing scene where you act while watching the video of the work, "It is not rational because the video will be the farthest at that position. It ’s hard to do. ”[14]When dubbing Redford as mentioned above, "If you go to the rightmost mic (if you have four mics) and play in a place where all the co-stars can see, you will feel frank and it will be easier and easier to do. ", Revealing Nozawa's" manner "in dubbing the second piece.[16].

Regarding Delon's young masterpiece "Purple Noon", Nozawa highly appreciates the work itself and Delon's acting.This work has many opportunities to be dubbed on television, and up to now at least five versions of dubbing have been dubbed for television, of which Nozawa has dubbed Delon three times. A special edition DVD of this movie was produced in 5, and dubbed recording of "Nozawa Delon" was decided as an audio privilege, and Nozawa reviewed the 3 and 2008 recordings that were candidates for recording for the first time in a while. Regarding the 1972 edition, Nozawa commented on the immaturity of his acting when he was in his thirties at the time, saying, "It's embarrassing to say that the dialogue at the beginning was embarrassing." However, the play of Katsunosuke Hori, who co-starred with Maurice Ronet in the 1984 edition, and his performance in the same edition also said, "The atmosphere of" a poor young man aiming for a lot of money "is poor. Including the point that I felt that it was out, "the atmosphere of suspense is also out, and the 1972 version is better as a whole," and finally agreed to be recorded on the 30 version DVD. That[14].

2007 years,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.It was decided that "The Sun is Full" will be recorded and aired again on "Nozawa Delon", and Nozawa, who was consulted by the station, said, "(I was in my twenties at the time of the original production) A voice that matched Delon at that time. I refused from my age, which was about 20 years old the following year, saying, "I can't act with feelings anymore." Let's make a work, "said the station in an interview in June 70, saying that it was accepted for recording.[14]..At the time of the interview, Nozawa had not yet seen the finish of his third "Purple Noon" and revealed that he was "afraid to see it", but the movie was aired in July 3.

Delon and Nozawa have the same experience of losing their father when they were young, and when Nozawa mentioned his background, he said, "It may be easier to understand his work because of the commonalities."[14].

Delon is home in JapanFranceNozawa's analysis is also given as to why it became so popular. "(Dron's movie) has a Japanese feeling in the story, and he has always played the role of" a hot man who cherishes faith and friendship, "" he told the Japanese at the time. He cited the fact that he was an appealing male figure as a popular factor.He also said that the audience had a sense of intimacy that "his face was not really a foreigner, but a face that Japanese people seemed to have."[14]..In addition, in an interview in the 1980s, "Even if Alain Delon made a movie these days, I wouldn't do it in a Japanese theater. It seems that there aren't any customers, so I'm a little out of sync with the current customers," Delon said. He also mentions the decline in popularity, leaving an answer that makes him feel a little lonely and attached to Delon who has been with him for a long time.[13].

Despite the difficulties mentioned above, I can sympathize with Delon's work a lot, and since I have been involved for 30 years, "I do not know how many people have been dubbed, but Alain Delon is the best. It's easy to do, "Nozawa replies.[14].

Among the Delon works I was in charge of, two works, "Black Tulip" and "Alain Delon's Zoro", were impressed by the fun of the swashbuckler, and "Underground Room" "Any Number Can Win" and "It was fun to play" and "Like Boomerang" were also selected as "High School Teacher" as an impressive work.[14].

ア ル · パ チ ー ノ

Along with Delon,ア ル · パ チ ー ノDubbing is also the most familiar to Japanese peopleFixIt is one of Nozawa's roles that has gained high support from fans.[17]..Nozawa was admired about Pacino's acting ability, saying, "I'm jumping over the frame of acting I think."[14]..Pacino's success story and masterpiece "GodfatherIn the seriesMichael CorleoneThe role is in charge of all three parts, and in the third work, the broadcasting station goes through a long blankNippon TVof"Wednesday road showFromFuji Television Network, Incof"Golden movie theaterThe cast of the Nozawa version (NTV version) was followed even if it changed to[17]Above, the same cast is also adopted for the software version.Nozawa is the only person who plays in the entire series, but until then for the first and second commercial softwareKazuhiro Yamaji[Note 2](DVD version)Tomoyuki MorikawaOnly the new recording version was recorded by a cast different from the Nozawa version such as (Blu-ray version), and the cast was not unified, and it was impossible to watch with the Nozawa version software except for the third work. ..The Nozawa version of this seriesThe CinemaIt was aired after being made HD and widened (non-trimmed Vista size) according to the present age.[17]Later, it was planned to release a reprinted and reduced version of the dubbed script at that time as an appendix to "The Godfather Dubbed Complete Edition Blu-ray BOX [First Press Limited Edition]", and a record of all three works was released, but it was canceled. Becomes[18]..Then on March 2017, 7NBC Universal Entertainment JapanThe first Nozawa version will be recorded in the software for the first time in "The Godfather 45th Anniversary Blu-ray BOX TV Dubbing First Recording Special Edition" released by[19]..The second work is currently unrecorded in the Nozawa version.

When I was in charge of "The Godfather," I thought that I was challenged by the fact that I was exposed to Pacino's detailed expressions, "I was required to have a clear interpretation of each and every one of his performances, and asked," Can you perform? "Looking back on the serious game with Pacino on the screen, "I have been tested for my insight as an actor," and because of Pacino's high acting level, "It's really hard because I can't read the play. It's difficult, but "It was a great stimulus to be touched by that play," he said, and described this trilogy as "the work that experienced the fun of the movie and the joy of acting the most."[20], Listed as one of the most memorable jobs in my career[11][21].

When he was in charge of dubbing Pacino, he recalled that he was good at acting, "How are you, I'm good", but later Nozawaニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク OfBroadwayIn "Al Pacino himself appears in"American Buffalo』Watch the stage.At that time, Nozawa took off his hat on Pacino's terrible machine gun talk and lung capacity, and said, "Where are you breathing? You have to watch that. It's a giant, really a genius, acting like madness." He praised Pacino's technology and said he was completely overwhelmed.After that, he struggled with "I can't do the same play as this person, I'm really worried about what happened." If I could reproduce the play I was doing in Japanese as it was, it would be interesting and meaningful as an actor. " "Or, he was challenging dubbing with the consciousness of" a serious match with that person's acting. "[20][22][23].

When dubbing Pacino, who is masculine and has many leading roles, keep in mind a dignified atmosphere.[14].

Famous as an acting actor like PacinoDustin HoffmanNozawa says that he has experienced a lot of dubbing, and even when dubbing Hoffman, he will record while standing in the "position where he can be performed while looking around".[14]..Also, in the Western-style theater era, like the above two peopleOff BroadwayHas taken the first stage in Japan and has received high praise as an acting sect.James WoodsAs for the dubbing of Woods, he was reluctant to say, "He puts in a strange breath between ordinary lines, so it's hard to get along."[24]..When dubbing Pacino or Hoffman, "I'm tired, but it's okay to make a loud voice."[14]Or, "I feel fine no matter how my voice comes out."[11]He also said that if he understood their play, he would not feel uncomfortable even if he used a drastic expression, revealing the difference from the case of dubbing the second orthodox piece such as Delon.

Everyone in the same industry recognizes that "Al Pacino is Nachi Nozawa", and as mentioned above, he was in charge of "The Godfather" in the new record in 2001.Kazuhiro Yamaji"Well, what should I do? I can't do it like Nachi Nozawa," he said.[25],The Godfather Saga Full Edition』Dubbed Pacino only onceKoichi YamaderaI heard that Nozawa heard that Yamadera played once due to wind rumors, and I was afraid when I co-starred with Nozawa at a certain site later, but he was told "I will forgive you" and really tears. He said that he was so happy that he said, "Do your best," and recalled the words that he would never forget as words that he would never forget. "I can't catch up at all, but I want to do my best to get closer to Mr. Nachi. I think, "he left a comment when Nozawa died.[26].. Also"fakeCo-starring with Nozawa's PacinoJohnny DeppDubbedHiroaki HirataHowever, when he saw Nozawa's dubbing of the old Pacino, he said he was impressed, convinced that "this would not be possible without direct Nachi-san's" pressure "unless we recorded it together." Around the 2000s, TV TOKYO's "Thursday Western TheaterA new recording version within the framework of "20th Century Masterpiece Cinema" that airs the old work in "Scare crow(There is no version of Nozawa dubbed Pacino in this work), Hirata dubbed Pacino, and at that time, "I was allowed to do Nachi-san rather than Al Pacino." Based on these episodes, he said, "I was very happy to be treated as a full-fledged actor since I was a newcomer. I am very confident. I'm very happy to be dubbed. "Hirata, are you doing a play?" I still had a lot of things I wanted to tell you, "he remembered Nozawa.[27].

It has been delivered on demand since 2017NetflixTV drama series "Mind hunterIn the first episode of "Pacino's masterpiece" in the playDog Day AfternoonThere is a scene where 』is screened.In this Japanese dubbed version, the dubbed voice of the Fuji TV version, in which Nozawa dubbed Pacino (1979 "Golden movie theaterFirst aired) is used.

Giuliano Gemma

In the early stages of your careerMacaroni WesternThe second actor who is a top star who played an active part inGiuliano GemmaAlso plays the role of dubbing, and also made a lot of voices to Western plays.Goro Naya,Yasuo Yamada,Kiyoshi Kobayashi,Norio OtsukaTogether with them, he became one of the dubbers who supported the broadcast of macaroni western on the movie program.As mentioned earlier, Nozawa said that "Alain Delon is the easiest to do" in his later years, but at the beginning, a phone call from Delon's enthusiastic fans, "Why did you make it in Japanese?"[Note 3]On the contrary, Delon said that it was difficult to do, and in contrast, the actor who confessed that it was the easiest to do was Gemma.[12].

Nozawa is the stage name of Gemma's "Montgomery Wood".Sunset bouncerAfter changing the stage name to Giuliano Gemma's real name, "Blood for a silver dollar in the wilderness''Bouncer from the south''Starry sky bouncer''Day of Anger, And dubbed Gemma's successful and masterpieces in quick succession.Special Attack Great Front''BastardAlso in charge of non-Western works such as "".Established as a voice actor for the Japanese version of Gemma.

Nozawa promoted "" (1970) by Gemma in the 1973s.[Note 4]When you come to JapanNETIn an interview the following year, he said, "I met Gemma on the NET when I came to Japan last year, and I was happy that he was a country boy. He looks really fun. Dubbing is the easiest to do. You can do it with your voice as it is, the touch of the play is strong, and the lines are sharp. "[12].

In addition, most of Gemma's appearances that Nozawa was in charge of dubbing were indie works, and since the rights source was also an independent distribution company, the dubbed original version disappeared without being taken over when the rights were transferred. , For each broadcasting stationNoboru Matsuhashi(After Nozawa, he was in charge of many Gemma voices, and was mainly used in movie programs on NTV.)Teruhiko ShibataA new dubbing by an actor other than Nozawa, such as (in charge of the TBS version of "Starry Sky Bouncer", which is currently stored in the rights source), will be used for repeats. Due to the increase in the number of versions, the one dubbed by Nozawa, who is relatively old in production, was dubbed year by year.In recent years, when recording past TV dubbing for softening macaroni western works, in response to the voices of fans[28]There are more opportunities for dubbed versions of Gemma = Nachi Nozawa to be searched and recorded in cell software (main examples are "1 dollar silver coin in the wilderness" and "The Return of Ringo 1 dollar silver coin''For a Few Extra Dollar"The Wilderness of Anger" "Special Attack Front" etc.).

David McCallum

David McCallumIs an actor who plays with a high voice and overturns the image of bass in the early days of dubbing.

After transferring to the Haikyo, I was thinking of directing, so when I decided to take the opportunity to establish the theater company Baraza in 63, I decided to quit Ateleco and consulted with the office. Only one, thisKinya AikawaIt's decided by Mr., but for the time being, I went only to this audition. "0011 Napoleon SoloWas offered to play the role of Ilya Kriyakin, played by McCallum.When I entered the studio, the sound director man in the mixer room stared at Nozawa for about 30 seconds, and then said, "OK, let's do it! I decided!" And said, "Well, I'm going to quit ..." However, since I came as a representative of the Haikyo, I can't quit, so I have to say "let's talk for the time being".[20].

Nozawa said, "How to make a voice of Ateleco. It's like making a match, and I rely on intuition." Instead of the bass that was mainstream in Ateleco at that time, I chose a voice with a high and bouncing tempo. That[23]..At that time, foreigners said that they were called "bass boom" because there were many actors who sold bass.However, the moment Nozawa saw McCallum's face, he thought, "This person can't do it with bass. He's young and sloppy." When he thought about how to dubb this, he was relatively compared to the bass actor. He uttered a line with a high-pitched voice that came out of the top of his head, "Awawa".Then, the sound director acknowledged this voice, saying, "OK, let's go with it. That's the decision."In the end, I couldn't quit, and the drama continued for about five years, but the dubbing of McCallum in this work was the biggest turning point in Nozawa's dubbing life, and after that, the work of Western movies and animation came in one after another.[23].

ブ ル ー ス · ウ ィ リ ス

"Sunday Western TheaterI was in charge of it exclusivelyブ ル ー ス · ウ ィ リ スIs listed as one of the actors who is easy to dubb.

Willis' masterpiece "Die hard(First aired in 1990 at "Sunday Western Painting Theater"), when the offer came, I was confused as to "What should I do with a man with such a thick neck?" I understand Bruce Willis' feelings. "[20]As a reference, the software version that was distributed before dubbingTsutomu HiuraI watched the dubbing and studied it before recording, but my son'sSatoshi NozawaAccording to Nozawa, when he saw Hiura's performance, he said, "I can't put out this kind of Ichii worker-like thing."[29]..Most of Nozawa's acting was ad-lib, and when he was acting slenderly, he suffered from oxygen deficiency and was acting with oxygen cylinders regularly.This work was an impressive work for Nozawa, who said he still preserves the script.[11]..This script later became "Dubbed EmperorA reduced version was attached as an appendix to "Die Hard" released on the label.Detective played by Willis in this workJohn McClane"It's good that it's human-like and you don't forget humor."[21]One of Nozawa's favorite characters, he was in charge of dubbing in four series produced by the time Nozawa died.Hiura, who was in charge of McLean ahead of Nozawa, also highly appreciates Nozawa's version.[30].

In the fifth work released in 2013 after his death, he is a disciple.Hidetoshi NakamuraWas newly in charge of McLean as a successor to Nozawa, and his son Satoshi was appointed as his son.

Clint Eastwood (substitute)

Yasuo YamadaYamada was in charge of dubbing after his deathク リ ン ト · イ ー ス ト ウ ッ ドHas been taken over in several works.

The first dubbed Eastwood work was "The Secret Service(1996 "Sunday Western TheaterFirst aired).When requesting this work, the staff urged me to act like Yamada, but I was worried that I couldn't play, so in the end, the recording was done by acting like Yamada and "Nozawa Eastwood". Nozawa described the finish as "half-finished" and gave a slightly regrettable answer regarding this work.[11]..In addition, "In the end, if you do what you want in the production, you will end up imitating the play of Yasuo (Yamada) as a sigh, and even if you try not to be aware of it, it is still painful to see the person's art. And Eastwood's play is hard to grasp, "he said.However, he was still involved in the dubbing of Eastwood.

Attitude toward work

Nozawa has never received basic voice training.I thought I was in troubleClassical musicWas to sing by mouth.trumpetThen the sound of the trumpet,celloWhen the sound is heard, the whole song is sung by imitating everything, including the sound of the cello.Not only pronunciation but also vocal training can be done, and in order to imitate the sound, how to open the mouth and how to use the tongue is considered.If you have a sore throat, it means that you have poor vocalization.[14].. magazine"Record artIn the interview at 』, the classical music used for trainingrecordHe showed off his collection and said, "If I hadn't bought this many records, nowadaysPoolI lived in a house with a sword, "he once left a playful comment.In the same interview, his main business was introduced as a "stage director", and his attachment to the stage can be glimpsed.

When I played a big macho man for the first time, I was seriously worried about how to make this voice.So I thought about it the day before the recordingwhiskyWas to drink.Then the voice crouches and becomes thick, but after talking for 3 hours, it is said that it will be too humorous and dry.[15].

Nozawa was reluctant to be called a "voice actor" by others[31]However, because of the idea that he was an actor before he was a voice actor, he tried not to use the word voice actor very often.To young people who aim to be voice actors, he says, "Become an actor who can capture the heart that you can express with your own body."[15]..In interviews, etc., he told aspiring voice actors who couldn't become voice actors, "because they don't want to be actors (I don't understand that voice actors are part of an actor's job)." I have complained.

"speed』(TV Asahi version) of the villain played by NozawaDennis HopperAnd the starring hostileKeanu ReevesDubbedMiyamoto Mitsuru"I was so cheerful and kind that I had never seen an angry place. On the other hand, I have the impression that he is a stoic person when it comes to his own work." He was a very caring person. He always wore fashionable clothes and the image of Alain Delon matched perfectly. He was always practicing dialogue, and before the performance, the director said, "Mr. Nozawa, be quiet. I was told "Please" (laughs) ", reminiscing about Nozawa at the time when he co-starred.[32].


About treatment

Once a voice actorGuaranteeIs exorbitantly cheap, and while traveling on a TV station hire for an event that coincides with David McCallum's arrival in Japan, he was annoyed when he saw a chasing fan chasing after him by taxi, saying, "I'm a star of 3700 yen." It is said that it became.He said he was angry with the too cheap guarantee and tossed pages that had been recorded one after another.However, according to Nozawa, he simply imitated the act that the senior actor was doing.

At events and theatrical performances such as Ken Production and guests related to theater companies, he often said, "I was angry at the cheapness of the guarantee and decided to become the highest actor in Japan. Sometimes he talks about the top level of guarantees in a masochistic manner and invites laughter.

Koichi YamaderaNozawa, who saw the mansion, said, "If I didn't drink all the guarantees, I could have a house like Yamadera."

Relationship with the appearance work

"Star wars series"ofC-3POThe role was so distinctive that British and American voice actors said, "Nozawa is the right person."When producing the Japanese version, the cast often changes between the TV version and the video version, but this character is dubbed by Nozawa.He also works on promotional audio for related events.Nozawa plays the role of C-3PO at the "Star Wars" event in JapanAnthony DanielsHowever, Daniels ignored the interpreter and continued talking about himself endlessly, so Nozawa said he was "a strange guy."

Later, when the new "Star Wars" trilogy was produced, the voice actor in chargeHiroshi IwasakiIt was changed to.The person in charge of FOX / Lucasfilm on the home country side has been replaced by a young employee who did not know the time of the old production, and dubbed version production made the closeness of voice quality the highest priority rather than the ability of the actor and the fit of the play.Initially, Japan FOX and the audio production company strongly opposed the cast change, and explained the history of the release of the old work in Japan and the name recognition of "Nozawa C-3PO", but it is said that this conversely hardened the home country side. ..Nozawa himself seems to have been shocked at this matter, and he is worried about the deterioration of the quality of the Japanese dubbed version of the foreign movie in interviews etc.[33]..However, the latest version of the old trilogy currently recorded on DVD and Blu-ray has returned to Nozawa's voice.

"Rose of Versailles』, Immediately after being decided to play the role of Felsen, fell ill and was hospitalized, only a few episodes from the first appearanceKatsuyuki HoriActed as a substitute.It is extremely unusual for the first appearance to be a substitute.Also"Dr. Slump AraleAs Dr. Masirito and "Glass mask』In some cases, such as the role of Masumi Hayami, was changed on the way (successors are Masirito:Keiichi Noda, Masumi Hayami:Mori Koji). "HELLSINGWhen the role of Father Anderson was remade by OVA,Norio WakamotoWas changed to.

"Lupine the XNUMXrd pilot filmIn 』, NozawaLupin IIIWas playing.Nozawa wanted to play Lupine even when the series of TV anime series started.[Source required]However, due to schedule reasons, he was unable to perform, and as a result, Yasuo Yamada was selected as the role of Lupine.Nozawa later said, "I don't think I would have been such a long run if I was doing Lupine. It would have been crushed. It was really good at Yasube."Also, since the tone was similar to Yamada, when I received an offer to play the role of Cobra in "Space Cobra," I tried to "act so as not to resemble it."

Disney channelThe children's program "Knock! Knock! Welcome Bear House] (Original title:Bear in the Big Blue House) Bear role is a real sonSatoshi NozawaIt was a two-person role with (in charge of the singing part), and it was the only co-starring work in Ateleco.

Pack-in music

Fuyumi Shiraishi"Pack in Music," which served as a personality with him, was nicknamed "Nachichaco (Natchaco) Pack" and "Kinpa (Friday Pack in Music)," and was a popular program that has continued for 1967 years since its broadcast in 15. However, the contract at the beginning of the broadcast was "3 months"[14].

The first voice in Nozawa's first broadcast was a fuss about "Is it a malfunction or a malfunction?" That misunderstood the call lamp as an emergency sign. It was a start with NG.Nozawa, who fell into self-loathing due to the terrible broadcast content, thought that it would not last for three months,TBSThere is a story that he got drunk at a ramen stall that came in front of him and went home.

At that time, Nozawa was so shy that he couldn't dubbing or chatting with everyone in the recording studio, and he didn't even remember what he was talking about. I knew[14].

At the beginning, when he was unfamiliar with DJs, he continued to talk without noticing the sign even during the commercial, but the program itself gradually became popular due to Nozawa's unique wording.In the early days, Nozawa continued to talk strayly and the creator was in a difficult situation, but at that time he devised an epoch-making system to ask listeners for topics, which made the program explosively popular.In addition, the content of the postcards written in the program was also unique and attracted a lot of attention.From obscene talks to meals, hobbies, thoughts and topics, the situation was that "letters are connected to letters" (Shiraishi talk), and it was an exceptional long run of 15 years.

Released duet songs "Telephone Love" and "Aoyama Rainy Night" with Shiraishi in the program.

Nozawa is a thorough pacifist,戦 争・ Dislike conflict, force, violence or related organizations.Anti-war writersArtist,entertainerThere was also interaction with them, which became a topic of the program.From such attitude and remarks of Nozawa, some said, "It is harmful to young people.Left wingIt seems that there have been complaints that it is a broadcast, but it was a policy not to go too deep into the content of the post.In the pastsuicideThere was a post that hinted at, and he said that he experienced disillusioned results by taking action against it.

There were many enthusiastic fans, and when the show was decided to end, the fans even demonstrated protests to TBS. It is said that some fans claimed that "the popularity has not been sluggish on the uphill yet, and it was discontinued due to personnel affairs within the station."On the other hand, Atsushi Kumazawa, who was the first director of the program and was in charge of programming in the radio organization department when the program end was decided, said, "(It was the end of pack-in music) relatively old. There was a gap between young people on the radio, and if they were doing the same thing as other stations, there was a risk that they would become poor in the future, so I decided to end it. "[34]Explains how the program ended.


TroupeMany actors and voice actors were enrolled in.Since then, the members have been active in a wide variety of fields, from those who are active in the musical field, such as Motomu Azaki.Yukimasa KishinoThose who have their own theater company and are active on the stage likeTetsuaki Genda,Takashima Mara,Hirotaka SuzuokiThose who sold in Western movies and animations likeIsamu SugayaThose who specialize in narration, such asKeiko TodalikeMulti talentDiverse human resources have grown up, including those who are located in.Other than that,Arimoto Kintaka,Ishizuka Unsho,Norio Imamura,Hiroko Emori,Shigeru Shiibashi,Katsuya Shiga,Kiyonobu Suzuki,Hiroshi Takemura,Tsukui,Yoko Teppozuka,Kan Tanaka,Makiko Tomimoto,Hidetoshi Nakamura,Keiichi Namba,Jun Hazumietc.

Nozawa's guidance was terrible for the first time in Sparta, and people who knew the rigor at that time said, "In the theater world.ShuraIt was even commented.When it's no good, he mercilessly skips swearing voices such as "stupid" and "die", throws an aluminum ashtray and a pipe chair, and when he avoids it, he shouts "Why did you avoid it !!" It was said that it was a big deal.Therefore, the theatrical troupe also caught "Nachi" and said "Nazi concentration camp”, Etc., were given various nicknames.According to Tetsuaki Genda, Nozawa is practicingSunglassesMultiplysaberIt was said that he was swinging around[11]..He also appeared on the stage directed by Nozawa.Kazuhiko InoueIs no goodPeanutsWas thrown.Keiko Toda said, "Don't ask others. Shame on your own (acting)."There is also a story that Genda collapsed in the theater lobby during the performance and rehearsal.Hirotaka Suzuoki said, "I did my best because I had experienced here."[35], Unsho Ishizuka also commented on his impressions at that time, "I couldn't live because it was too hard."In the radio program where Nozawa serves as a personality, the rose seat was also introduced, but those who joined with reference to it were overwhelmed by the gap between "personality Nacchan" and "director Nachi Nozawa", and "this is a fraud". ".

Even in his later years, Nozawa's strictness in acting instruction is still alive, and when giving lectures at the Performing Art Center,Bamboo swordHowever, according to the members of the Roses era, he was still teaching more carefully than when he was the chairman of the Roses.Of graduatesKenji SugimuraAccording to the report, when Nozawa himself gave a demonstration, the speaker was damaged due to the loudness of his voice, and he did not notice it, and the students did not point out, so it was not uncommon for him to not go to class.[36].


One of the few in the voice actor industryHorse ownerAlso famous as, Nozawa himselfHorse racing fansMet.

Nozawa in his lifetimeJapan Central Horse RacingRegistered as a horse owner with (JRA) and named Shinju CoralRacehorseHad owned.The name Shinju Coral comes from the real name of Naoko's two daughters (the eldest daughter is active as a fighter as mentioned above).

In addition, Naoko's father (Nachi's brother) is also a horse owner, (1987 OfThe 32th Arima Memorial2nd place.The company name at that time was Yuwa Co., Ltd., which was founded by his brother himself.Tokyo Horse Racing) He was also the person who owned it in his name.In the radio program "Nachi Nozawa's Hello Morning," I used to talk to my brother about horse racing over the phone every time.In addition, his brother is currently withdrawing from the horse owner business due to the change in the management system that was implemented at the same time as the company name change from Uwa Riding to Tokyo Horse Racing in 2006.

Substitute / successor

Substitutes due to poor physical condition during life are as follows.

SubstituteRole nameOutline workFirst work in charge of substitute
Keiichi NodaDr. MasiritoDr. Slump AraleEpisode 198
Mori KojiMasumi HayamiGlass maskEpisode 19
Suzuki YasushiLive narratorTiki Chiki machine fierce raceNew Wacky Races Kenken's Fender Bender 500
Hiroshi IwasakiC-3POStar wars seriesStar Wars Episode 1/Phantom Menace
Norio WakamotoFather AndersonHELLSINGOVA version
Tsutomu Hiura[Note 5]ブ ル ー ス · ウ ィ リ スDubbedSunday Western TheaterHostage
Naoya UchidaCobraCOBRA THE ANIMATIONTV series version

The successors after his death are as follows.

Substitute / successorRole nameOutline workFirst work in charge of substitute / successor
Hidetoshi NakamuraJohn McClaneDie hardSeriesDie Hard/Last Day
Max SchreckBatman returns(TV Asahi version)WOWOWVersion additional recording part
Norihiro InoueHaigure Demon KingCrayon Shin-chan Action Mask VS High-Grade Demon KingCrayon Shin-chan Kasukabe Movie Stars Calls Arashi!
Toru OkawaHarry DanJim Carrie is Mr. DammerMr. Dammer Stupid MAX is back!
Uchida eveningClyde BarrowWe have no tomorrowWOWOW version additional recording
Hiroaki HirataSunnyEncounterNetflixAdditional edition recording
UedaLive narratorTiki Chiki machine fierce raceWacky Races!
Hiroshi IechuPaikalLupin IIISeriesLupine III Is Lupine still burning?
Chiba ShigeruVixenKingdom hearts seriesKingdom hearts iii
HojoFinal Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy VII Remake
Naoya UchidaSaburo KonoEVE seriesEVE rebirth terror
Futamata IsseiBaumkuchenGo! AnpanmanEpisode 1219
Mori KojiLuciferDragon ballSuper Dragon Ball Heroes


TaiziIs the main character.

TV drama



Responsible actor

Alan Delon
  • Alan Delon / Private Penalty Police(Eugène Grandel) *Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Version
  • (Fabio Montale) * NHK version
  • Zorro of Alan Delon(Zorro / Diego) * TV Asahi old version, new version (only new version contains BD)
  • Two men in town(Gino Strabriggi) * TV Asahi version
  • Assassin's melody(Frank Jackson) *TV Tokyo version
  • The joy of living(Uris Secom Nut) * TBS version
  • Airport '80(Paul Metran) * TV Asahi version (DVD recording)
  • Young lady, be gentle!(Julian Fenal) * Fuji TV version (BD recording)
  • (Casanova) * Video version
  • Full of danger(Marc) * Fuji TV version
  • (Daniel Platts) * TV Asahi version (DVD / BD recording)
  • The love mate(Julian) * Tokyo 12ch version
  • Black tulips(Julian / Guillaume) * TBS version, NET version, Tokyo 12ch version (Tokyo 12ch version is recorded on BD)
  • Close-up modern ※interview
  • High school teacher(Daniele Dominichi) * TV Asahi version (DVD recording)
  • (Julian Dandu)
  • (Martin Terrier) TV Asahi version (DVD / BD recording)
  • Samurai(Jeff Costello) * NET version, TV TOKYO version (TV TOKYO version is recorded in BD)
  • Farewell friend(Dino Balan) *Fuji Television Network, IncEdition (Reprint of memoriesRecorded on the DVD included with Blu-ray and the BD released on May 2018, 5 by KADOKAWA)
  • (Laurent) * TV Asahi version
  • Sicilian(Roger Salte) * Tokyo 12 channel version (DVD / BD recording)
  • (Dr. Devil's) * TV Asahi version
  • Scorpio(Gene Laurier / Scorpio) * TBS version (DVD / BD recording)
  • Wonderful lovers(Albert) * TBS version
  • "Celebrity Hidden Camera Italy" * Fuji TV series, voice over
  • Full of sun(Tom Ripley) * Fuji TV version (DVD / BD recording), TV Asahi version (BD recording), TV Tokyo version (TV Tokyo version is the last dubbed Alain Delon by Nozawa)
  • The sun knows(Jean-Paul) * TV Asahi version
  • (Marshal Xavier) * Japanese TV version
  • Baseball melody(Francis Verlot) * Tokyo 12 channel version 2, NET TV version
  • Texas(Don Andrea Baldazar) * TV Asahi version (DVD / BD recording)
  • (Robert) * TV Asahi version
  • Erase the thief(Eddie Pedak) * TV Asahi version
  • Half a chance(Julian Vignal) * TV Tokyo version (DVD / BD recording)
  • Big gun(Tony Argenta) * NET TV version (included in the special edition DVD released by Kinokuniya Bookstore, Annex)
  • Like a boomeran(Jack Batkin) * TV Asahi version (scheduled to be recorded on 4K restore version DVD)[37])
  • The Devil and the Ten Commandments(Pierre Messager)
  • (Roger Bornish) * TV Asahi version (BD recording)
  • Adventurers(Manu Borelli) * TBS version (BD recording), TV Tokyo version (DVD / BD recording)
  • (Michelle) * TV Tokyo version
  • Borsalino(Rocco Siffredi) * Fuji TV version, TV Asahi version (TV Asahi version recorded on DVD / BD)
  • I love you again(Father Simon Medew)
  • Red Sun(Gauche) * In-flight screening version, TBS version, TV TOKYO version (TV TOKYO version includes DVD / BD)
ア ル · パ チ ー ノ
Anthony Perkins
  • Clime of Passion(Peter Shane) * TV Asahi version
  • Black Hole(Dr. Alex Durant) * Fuji TV version
  • North Sea Hijack(Lou Kramer) * Fuji TV version and TV Asahi version (both versions are included in the reprinted Blu-ray of memories released on December 2020, 12)
Willem Dafoe
Christopher Walken
ク リ ン ト · イ ー ス ト ウ ッ ド
  • NHK Close-up modern + 76 years old, playing a movie ~ Interview with Clint Eastwood ~ * Voice over on November 2006, 11
  • CR Gunman in the setting sun Wilderness maker (Monko)
  • The Secret Service(Frank Horrigan) * TV Asahi version (Deluxe Edition Blu-ray recording)
  • Space cowboy(Frank Corvin) * NTV version
  • True climb(Steve Everett) * NTV version
  • Witness(Luther Whitney) * TV Asahi version
James Woods
Giuliano Gemma
  • (Tim) You can also see the notation of "Wandering Bouncer" and "Wandering Bouncer-Stagecoach for Killing All" * NET version
  • Day of Anger(Scott Marie) * TBS version, NET version (included in special edition DVD & BD)
  • Angry bouncer(Bill Willer) You can also see the notation of "Dallas Brit" and "Dallas of Revenge" * NET version
  • Blood for a silver dollar in the wilderness(Gary O'Hara) * TBS version (special edition version DVD / BD recording)
  • (Monty) * NET version (DVD recording)
  • One star in the wilderness(Gary Ryan) * Fuji TV version, Tokyo 12ch version
  • For a Few Extra Dollar(Gary Diamond) * NET version, TBS version (4K restore version BD recording)
  • The Return of Ringo 1 dollar silver coin(Montgomery Brown / Apple) The title of the TV broadcast is "Continued, Wilderness $ 1 Silver Coin-Ringo Returned" * TV Tokyo version (DVD recording)[38])
  • Sequel, a wandering one wolf(Brent Landers) * NET version
  • (Clios) The TV broadcast title is "Gemma's Adventure Great Romance-Titan's Great Counterattack" * Fuji TV version
  • Special Attack Great Front(Silvio Corbari) The TV title is "Genma Anger Resistance-Corbari" * Fuji TV version (DVD recording)
  • Bastard(Jason) The TV broadcast title is "Handgun Hitoshi-Bastard" * NET version
  • Starry sky bouncer(Ted Burnett) * NET version
  • Bouncer from the south(Arizona Colt) * TBS version, NET version
  • (Vito Gargano) You can also see the names of "Corleone-Days of Killing" and "Gemma's Dirty Hero" * TV Tokyo version
  • Milan lover(Nullo Branzi)
  • Sunset bouncer(Ringo) TV broadcast title "Sunset Bouncer-Pistol for Ringo" * TBS version
Dustin Hoffman
David McCallum
  • (Sol Madrid)
  • (Simon Carter)
  • 0011 Napoleon Soloseries(Ilya Kriyakin) (Only "0011 Napoleon Solo 2" is recorded on the DVD released on October 2013, 10 from King Records)
  • (Dr. Daniel Westin) * Fuji TV version
  • Double spy / international plot operation(Hiller Mondlow) * TV Tokyo version (TV broadcast title is "International Double Spy / SF Horror Brain Exchange")
  • Mosquito bombing corps(Quint Munroe) * TBS version
Troy Donahue
Bill Nighy
ブ ル ー ス · ウ ィ リ ス
Helmut Berger
Robert De Niro
Robert Redford




puppet show

Television Animation


Theater animation

1970 era
1980 era
1990 era
2000 era


  • (Takeru)


  • The Lost One Last Chapter of Eve (Saburo Kono)

Drama CD

puppet show






  • CR Cobra ~ Endless Drama Battle ~ (Cobra)
  • CR Cobra THE Drum (Cobra) * Library appearance
  • CR Fishing Kitchi Sanpei (Ayukawa Uogami)
  • CR Sunset Gunman Wilderness Maker(Monco)

Other contents




  • Orphee (1966 / Troupe)
  • Bacchus (1966 / Theatrical company Baraza)
  • Renault and Armide (1967 / Theatrical Company Baraza)
  • Britannicus (1968 / Theatrical company Baraza)
  • Knights of the Round Table (1971, 1977 / Theatrical Company Baraza)
  • BENT ~ twisted ~(1981, 1984, 1985, 1986 / Theatrical company Baraza)
  • greese Grease Rock and Roll Musical (1981, 1982 / Theatrical Company Baraza)
  • Death Trap (1981 / Theatrical Company Baraza)
  • Departure women (1981 / Theatrical company Baraza)
  • Strange events in Rome (1980, 1981 / Theatrical Company Baraza)
  • Fly! Keihin Dracula(1982 / Theater apple,81 Produce)
  • Princess Kaguya / Songoku (1984 / Theatrical company alarm clock)
  • KING of HEARTS (1985 / Theatrical Company Baraza)
  • Peeping Karakuri Telescope Bakumatsu Group Theft (1985 / Theater Company Music Theater, Theater Company Rose Theater)
  • Climes of the Heart (1985 / Theatrical Company Baraza)
  • Lady of the Dance Fleet (1985, 1986, 1987, 1989 / Theatrical Company Baraza)
  • Twelve nights(1986 / Toshiko Komura Produced <Hawk> Project)
  • I will lend you the apartment key(1987, 1988 / Theatrical company Baraza)
  • Gift of the Sage (1987 / Kiyama Office)
  • Stage Door (1987 / Theatrical Company Baraza)
  • Sweet Charity (1988 / Theatrical Company Baraza)
  • Mr. Cinderella (1988 / Theatrical Company Baraza)
  • MOONLIGHT BEAUTY (1989 / Sojusha)
  • Oh! Activity Mad Age Biograph Girl (1989, 1990 / Theatrical Company Baraza)
  • Wait until it gets dark(1990 / Theatrical company Baraza)
  • Where's Charlie? (1990 / Theatrical Company Baraza)
  • Mr. Cinderella (1990 / Soeda Office, Office Nine, Theater Company Baraza)
  • Driving Miss Daisy(1998 / Theatrical company East performance)
  • If everyone crosses ... (1999 / Theatrical company East performance)
  • Men and women who do not want to get married (2000 / For You Company)



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