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📱 | Lenovo, smart display that can wirelessly charge smartphones with a dedicated dock


Lenovo, smart display that can wirelessly charge smartphones with a dedicated dock

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The speaker is 3W, equipped with an array microphone, and compatible with Google Assistant.

On June 6, Lenovo announced a smart display "Lenovo Smart Cl ..." equipped with a 28-inch LCD. → Continue reading

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    Array microphone

    Google Assistant

    Google Assistant(British: Google Assistant) IsGoogleEquipped with artificial intelligence developed byVirtual assistantAnd mainlyMobile device,Smart home equipmentIt is used in. It was announced at the developer conference in May 2016.The company's traditional assistant,Google NowUnlike the Google Assistant, it allows two-way conversations.

    Initially, the assistant was Google's messaging app "Allo" and voice-enabled speaker "Allo".Google HomeDebuted as part of.The company's smartphone"Pixel" and "Pixel XL"After a monopoly period in February 2017, smartphones of other companiesAIntroduced to other Android devices including, in MayiOSIt was published as an app in. In addition to the announcement of the software development kit in April 2017, the assistant has also been extended to support a wide variety of devices, including cars and smart appliances.The Assistant's capabilities can also be enhanced by third-party developers.

    Users interact primarily with the Google Assistant by voice, but they can also type on the keyboard. In the same way and properties as Google Now, assistants can search the Internet, set events and alarms, adjust hardware settings on your device, and view information from your Google account. Google also announced support for assistants to identify objects, collect visual information from the device's camera, and purchase and transfer products.

    genderIn consideration,Male voiceFemale voiceCan be selected[2].


    The Google Assistant was released during the Google developer conference on May 2016, 5, along with the smart speaker "Google Nest" and the messaging app "Allo." GoogleThunder PichaiThe CEO explains that assistants are designed for two-way conversations and "use anywhere beyond the device."[3] ..Later that month, Google saidGoogle DoodleLeader Ryan Garmic and exPixarAnimator Emma Court appointed assistants to help develop "more human"[4]

    Platform expansion

    The Google Assistant was initially dedicated to Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones for system-level integration other than the Allo app and Google Home.[5] However, in February 2017, Google announced that it would make assistants available on Android smartphones running Android Marshmallow (2) or Nougat (6.0), and will start offering them from some English-speaking markets.[6][7] ..At the start, android tablets were not covered by the assistant[8][9] ..AssistantA 2.0[10]Is integrated intoAndroid TVWill be included in a future update[11][12][13]Android AutoWill be installed in[14].[15]

    September 2017, 5, ``Android PoliceReported that the Google Assistant will be available on iOS as an independent app[16] ..This information was officially announced at Google's developer conference two days later, and was officially released shortly thereafter.[17][18].

    Developer support

    In December 2016, Google established the developer platform "Actions on Google" for the Google Assistant. Actions on Google further enhances the assistant user experience by allowing developers to integrate their services with the assistant[19][20] .. In March 2017, Google added a new tool to develop Google actions to support the creation of games for the Google Assistant.[21] .. Actions on Google was originally a smart speakerGoogle HomeWas limited to, but became available on Android and iOS devices in May 2017 [22][23] At the same time, Google introduced an "app directory" that allows you to browse a list of compatible products and services.[24][25]..To give developers an incentive to build actions, Google is "best by students" and "best"Life hack, Etc., announced a competition to select winners based on categories.Winners were announced by Google, with a $ 1 prize in first place, an invitation to a tour of the Google headquarters campus and a ticket to Google's 1 developer conference, with second and third place You'll be awarded $ 2018 and $ 2, respectively, and you'll win Google Home[26].

    2017 year 4 month,Software development kit (SDK) is now available to allow third-party developers to run the Google Assistant on their own hardware [27][28] .. Google AssistantRaspberry Pi,[29][30] ,AudiVolvoCar[31][32] as well as the IRobot,LG,GE,andD-LinkIt is installed in smart home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and ovens sold by companies such as[33][34][35]

    Alternating current

    Depending on the nature and mechanics of Google Now, the Google Assistant can search the Internet, set events and alarms, adjust hardware settings on your device, and view information from your Google account. .. Unlike Google Now, GoogleNatural language processingAn algorithm is used to allow the assistant to have a two-way conversation.Search results are provided in card form, and users can tap to open the page.[36][37].. The Google Assistant allows you to manage your shopping list.This was previously done with the Google Keep app, but this feature was moved to the Google Express and Google Home apps in April 2017, significantly reducing functionality.[38].

    In May 2017, Google responded visually to the assistant on the screen with keyboard input[39][40] In addition, the ability to identify objects and collect visual information through the device's camera has been added.[41][42]Also, purchase products[43][44]And also support remittance[45][46] Announced.The keyboard allows users to view the Google Assistant's query history and edit or delete previous input.However, the assistant warns of the deletion as it will use the previous input to generate better answers in the future.[47]


    International personal computer magazine "PC WorldWriter Mark Hatchman told the Google Assistant, "CortanaCrabBetter than ”[48].

    Compatible products / apps

    • Android smartphone / tablet
    • iPhone / iPad
    • Chrome OSEquipped tablet / PC
    • Google Home
      • Google Home Mini
      • Google Nest Mini
      • Google Home Max
      • Google Nest Hub (formerly Google Home Hub)
      • Google Nest Hub Max
    • Google Assistant compatible smart speaker
    • Wear OSSmartwatch with (formerly Android Wear)
    • Android TV
    • CarAuto by Google Car Navi
    • Android Auto

    Competitive services


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