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🥾 | Aizu Komagatake Summer Mountain Season Opening 200 people walk around the famous peak Fukushima / Hinoemata Village

Photographs Climbers praying for safety at the summit of Mt. Aizu Komagatake covered with snow

Aizu Komagatake Natsuyama Season Opening 200 people walk around the famous peak Fukushima / Hinoemata Village

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According to the Oze Hinoemata Onsen Tourism Association, Primula cunei and geum pentapetalum bloomed in the marshland of Mt. Komagatake, welcoming climbers.

Aizu Komagatake (2 meters) in Hinoemata Village, Fukushima Prefecture, located in Oze National Park, opened its summer mountain on the 133rd.About 3 ... → Continue reading

 Fukushima private press

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Oze Hinoemata Onsen Tourism Association

Hakusan Kozakura

Hakusan Kozakura(Hakusan Kozakura Scientific name:Primula cuneifolia Ledeb. Var. hakusanensis Makino)Primrose familyPrimrose OfPerennial.Alpine plant..The mother species is Ezokozakura.


Sea of ​​Japan side OfAlpine belt(HakusanからMt. IidesanIs distributed over)YukieGrows in moist places such as surrounding areas and wetlands[1]..The height is about 15 cm.Leaves are 3-8 cm and 9-25[2]Sawtooth margin.The flower is a pink five-petaled flower, but it looks like a ten-petaled flower because it is deeply cut into a heart shape.The flowering season is from June to August.In rare cases, white-flowered individuals, Primula cuneifolia (f. Alba, or Primula cuneifolia), are also found.Other names are Nankin Kozakura and Tanigawa Kozakura[1].Sumie Tanaka Hana no Hyakumeizan(One hundred mountains of flowers)In the bookMt. HarinokidakeIntroducing this flower and mountain that blooms in[3][4]. AlsoShin Hana no Hyakumeizan(New one hundred mountains of flowers)In the bookHakusanIntroducing this flower and mountain that blooms in[5].

Origin of the name

The name comes from being first known in Hakusan[6]..Similarly, there are many flowers with the name Hakusan.Hakusan Fuuro,Hummingbird,Hakusan Shakunage,HakusanichichieIs an example.

Related species

There are similar species below[1].

  • Ezokozakura - Primula cuneifolia Distributed in Hokkaido
  • - var. heterodonta
  • Hinazakura - Primula nipponia
  • Primula macrocarpa - Primula macrocarpa
  • - Primula yuparensis
  • - Primula sorachiana
  • - var. kamuiana
  • - Primula kitadakensis
  • - Primula tosaensis var. Brachycarpa
  • - Primula tosaensis takedana

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