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🎣 | "Rainbow trout" Yokoze Town, Saitama Prefecture / Ashigakubo Valley International Fishing Ground-All over Japan ☆ Fishing pilgrimage

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"Rainbow trout" Yokoze Town, Saitama Prefecture / Ashigakubo Valley International Fishing Ground-All over Japan ☆ Fishing pilgrimage

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On the way, transfer to the Seibu-Chichibu Line at Hanno Station and secure a box seat full of travel.

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Hanno Station

Hanno Station(Hannoueki) isSaitamaHannoIn Nakamachi,Seibu RailwayIkebukuro Line OfstationIs[1].. Station numberSI26.

Provincial superiorIt is a station, and as "Hanno Station District"Musashi Fujisawa Station - Koma StationManages each station in between[2].


FoldedSwitchbackIt is a large premises because the railroad tracks are arranged in the system and the handling of cargo was once popular.Cement transportation disappeared and railroad tracks and equipment were organized to some extent, and the headshunt used by locomotives when handling cargo remained on the west side of the station for a long time, but it was removed and one of the premises of the fire department. It is a department.

Seibu Hanno Station Building was built on the north exit sideSeibu PropertiesShopping mall operated bySeibu Hanno Pepe"(Hanno PePe) etc.[3]..Previously "HannoPrince HotelThere was also[3]However, it is now "Hotel Heritage Hanno sta."In addition, the south exit has been added to improve convenience.

Due to the structure of the station, a considerable number of trains return to this station, but this station- AganoThe line is also on the Ikebukuro line.Tokyo subway(Tokyo Metro)Yurakucho Line-Fukutoshin LineDirect driving from is to this station. (Saturday and holiday "S-TRAIN"as well asForwardingExcluding trains)


  • 1915 (Taisho4 years)May 4 -Open[1].
  • 1929 (Showa4 years)May 9 ――It will be a station on the way due to the opening to Agano.
  • 1989 (HeiseiFirst year)May 12 --A new south exit was opened due to the conversion to a Hashigami station building.At the same time, the conventional station entrance will be called the north exit.
  • 1990 (2) --Ikebukuro Line Hanno --Divided between Ano on the service system.In the direction of Ikebukuro andSeibu ChichibuIt is the start and end point of the direction.
  • 1992 (4)
    • May 5 --Start using the north-south free passage.
    • May 10 --Seibu Hanno Station Building opened[3][4].
  • 2001 (13) --Changed the manned passage at the ticket gate to an open counter type.
  • 2019 (31)May 3 --Renewal completed[5].

Station structure

Single platform1 side 1 line,Island homeIt has 2 sidings on the south side of the station on 3 sides and 3 lines.Ground stationAndHashigami station building.

Platforms 1 and 2 are numbered from the south exit side, and the north exit side is the 5th platform dedicated to limited express trains.Platforms 2 and 3 where trains in the direction of Seibu-Chichibu mainly enter are located on both sides of one track, and by opening the doors on both sides of the vehicle, they face the trains in the direction of Ikebukuro which enter platforms 1 and 1. It is devised so that you can change trains.

The track wiring on the east side of the station has been improved so that trains in the direction of Ikebukuro and Seibu-Chichibu can arrive and depart at the same time.

The siding and track used for freight transportation are left on the south and west sides of the station, but the "Kushita Inari railroad crossing" on the border with the track has been removed.

Inside the ticket gateConcourseMiddle on the 5th home side ofTicket gateThere is, hereLimited express ticketI'm checking my possession. The limited express ticket (only) is shown to the staff at the entrance of Platform 5 and passed (entering the platform).In the case of the limited express ticket ticketless service Smooz, the purchase history screen is presented to the staff and passed.There is also a limited express ticket vending machine in front of the intermediate ticket gate, and you can purchase limited express tickets at the concourse.

WCIs in the concourse inside the ticket gate.Universal designThere is also a multifunctional toilet as part of this.There is no emergency staff call button in the multifunctional toilet.

Paid seat reserved train "S-TRAIN"" Enters this station only on Saturdays and holidays, and both upper and lower trains stop.In addition, one round trip will depart and arrive at this station.[6].

Wiring diagram

Seibu Railway Hanno station yard wiring schematic
Seibu Railway Hanno Station yard wiring schematic
↓ Aganoaspect
Usage Guide
As of July 2001

Bus stop

1 - 4SI Ikebukuro Line
(General type)
Going upTokorozawa-Ikebukuro-Shinkiba-Shibuya-YokohamaaspectIkebukuro is mainly homes 1 and 4, and Seibu Chichibu is mainly homes 2 and 3.
Going downAgano-Seibu Chichibuaspect
5SI Ikebukuro Line
(Limited express)
Going upTokorozawa / IkebukuroIntermediate ticket gate installation
Going downFor Seibu Chichibu
  • 2001 (13)May 12Until then, the numbering of platforms 1-5 was reversed (the limited express platform was platform 1).

Station building / premises store

For details of the stores on the premisesSeibu PropertiesOfficial site"Hanno station store informationSee.

  • Hanno Station Building
    • Seibu Hanno PePe --For details on the stores opened, see the official website "Floor guideSee.
    • Heritage Resorts Hanno (formerly Hanno Prince Hotel)
      The food and beverage department of Hanno Prince Hotel2010 ToKumagayaWas transferred to Heritage, which runs a hotel in Hanno, and became Heritage Resorts Hanno.[8][9]Following that, the accommodation department was also transferred to Heritage in October 2012.[8], It became "Hotel Heritage Hanno" together with Heritage Resorts Hanno[9][10].
  • TOMONYHanno store
  • Hanno City Office Hanno Station Service Corner
  • Sport Hanno Bowl
  • Hidakaya Hanno Station South Exit

Usage situation

Recent daily averageGetting on and offPersonnel andBoardingpersonnelThe transition of is as follows.

Daily average boarding/alighting personnel by year[*1]
年度Daily average
Boarding and alighting personnel[*2]
Daily average
Boarding personnel[*3]
1990 (Heisei02 years)33,58716,877
1991 (Heisei03 years)35,39217,786
1992 (Heisei04 years)37,83019,068
1993 (Heisei05 years)39,13919,726
1994 (Heisei06 years)40,11920,181
1995 (Heisei07 years)40,78220,487
1996 (Heisei08 years)40,62020,362
1997 (Heisei09 years)39,53719,858
199937,79618,930[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 1]
200037,15618,566[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 2]
2001[11]36,37018,127[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 3]
2002[12]35,76817,810[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 4]
2003[12]35,46217,637[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 5]
2004[12]35,07517,447[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 6]
2005[12]34,82217,342[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 7]
2006[12]34,85817,395[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 8]
200734,66817,308[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 9]
200834,70917,321[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 10]
200934,10617,001[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 11]
201032,93216,484[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 12]
201132,29316,211[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 13]
201232,46316,032[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 14]
201332,89716,441[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 15]
201432,08716,032[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 16]
201532,09416,006[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 17]
201631,86015,892[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 18]
201732,10116,005[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 19]
201832,59216,253[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 20]
2019 (first year of Reiwa)32,92916,433[Saitama Prefecture Statistics 21]
2020 (Reiwa02 years)21,743

Around the station

North exit

South exit

Transit Bus

Seibu Bus-Kokusai Kogyo Bus-Eagle busRoutes arrive and depart.

North exit

PlatformSystem numberTransit pointdestinationCompanyRemarks
1m01(Direct)MezzaSeibu Bus
International business
イ ー グ ル
Joint operation
H10Mezza Koraigawa housing complexMusashi Takahagi Stationイ ー グ ル
H10-1Mezza, Miyazawako Onsen, Koma River housing complex
2Rice 07Hanno Daiichi Elementary SchoolSeibu Iino HidakaInternational business
Rice 12-2Hanno High School-Koma Station・ Cotton swamp[Top New Town Circulation] Hanno Station
Rice 30Cotton swampSeibu Iino HidakaThere is a late-night bus
Medical College 31Hanno High School / Koma Station /Koma River Station-Saitama Medical University International Medical CenterSaitama Medical University (Moroyama)
Medical College 32Hanno High School / Cottonzawa / Koryogawa StationSaitama Medical University International Medical CenterOnly 2 on weekday mornings
3Rice 01
Rice 01-2
Higashihano Station, Haraichiba, KamiakazawaSawarabi no Yu[Annotation 1]・ Naguri garage ・ NagoYunosawa
Rice 02
Rice 02-2
Higashihano Station, Haraichiba, Kamiakazawa, Sawarabi no Yu[Annotation 1]Naguri garage
Rice 03
Rice 03-3
Higashihano Station, Shinji, Haraichiba, Kamiakazawa, Sawarabi no Yu[Annotation 1]・ Naguri garage名郷
Rice 04
Rice 05
Higashihano Station / Shinji / Nakato (Aoishi Bridge)Nakazawa[Annotation 2]
Rice 06Higashihano Station / Shinji / HaraichibaKamiakazawa
Rice 11Higashi Hanno Station / Minami Korai Elementary SchoolMano Kurozasu
Rice 15Higashihano Station / Prefectural Joint Government Building[Namiyanagi Circulation] Hanno Station
Sayama 25Nakayama, Shimokawasaki,Shinfujimi BridgeSayamashi StationWest exitSeibu Bus
Sayama 26East Hanno Station East Exit / Sasai / Shinfujimi Bridge

South exit

PlatformSystem numberTransit pointdestinationCompanyRemarks
1Rice 20Hikari BridgeMisugidai New TownSeibu BusThere is a late-night bus
Rice 21Hikaribashi / Misugidai New TownIn front of YUEI caster
(Ogawara Industrial Park East)
Rice 22In front of Hikaribashi / Misugidai New Town / YUEI CasterIn front of the crown package
2Rice 41Kajibashi / Iwaido /Iwakura Onsen・ East OmeKawabe StationSouth exit
Rice 41-2Kajibashi, Iwaido, Iwakura OnsenHigashi Ome StationNorth exit
Rice 42KajibashiIwaidoNight only


  • Directly enter Higashi-Hino Station from the vicinity of Kasashi Signal Station (2nd generation)Contact lineThere is a plan, the land is secured, and the direction of Tokorozawa ⇔ Seibu Chichibufreight trainIt was thought that a direct express could pass through.at the same timeSeibu GroupNew station "Musashioka" (Musashioka) based on the "Musashioka subdivision" planMusashioka signal fieldThe installation of (position) was also envisioned.However, freight trains have already been abolished, the number of limited express trains is small, there are strong opposition to the passage of Hanno City, etc., and the construction has been suspended due to the recession and the cancellation of the land for sale plan due to local opposition.
    However, for Seibu Railway, "in the future,Musashioka Depot,Musashigaoka Vehicle Inspection Center"There are merits of forwarding and going in and out of the factory," he said.
  • Long time agoMotokajiBetweenHachiko LineNear the intersection withKasashi signal stationIs provided, and the down side from hereSingle lineMet.This is because the area between the piers of the Hachiko Line was only a single track.After that, the bridge reconstruction of the Hachiko LineDouble trackSince the double-track section of the Seibu Line was extended due to the securing of land for conversion, the signal station has been relocated to the vicinity of this station twice.Since a private house was built along the line and there was only a site for a single track, the single track section remained until December 2001, but the signal station was abolished due to the completion of double tracking to Hanno station.
  • Lake MiyazawaAroundMoominTheme park "MezzaWill be constructed, and the interior of the station will be renewed at the nearest station.[14].. Completed on March 2019, 3[5].

Next station

Seibu Railway
SI Ikebukuro Line
  • ■Limited express "Chichibu" ・□S-TRAINStation,■Limited express "Musashi" departure / arrival station
■Rapid Express (From this station, the East Hanno side only drives up. The East Hanno side stops at each station to this station)
Irumashi Station (SI23)- Hanno Station (SI26) - Higashihanno Station (SI27)
■Local trains (on regular trains, return to both Motokaji and Higashihano) at this station
Motokaji Station (SI25)- Hanno Station (SI26) --Higashi-Hanno Station (SI27)
■Express■Commuter Express (driving only uphill)■Rapid·■Semi-express
Motokaji Station (SI25)- Hanno Station (SI26)
  • Regular operation of commuting semi-express west of Kotesashi is June 2008, 6Timetable revisionIt was suspended with, and was deleted from the stop table with the revision on March 2013, 3.
  • Moss phloxWith the viewing periodChichibu Night FestivalAt the time of the event, express and semi-express trains may be extended to the Higashi-Hino side as a temporary train.In this case, the direction of Higashihano also stops at each station.


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Usage situation

Average number of private railway passengers per day
Private railway statistical data
  1. ^ Statistics --Hanno City
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Saitama statistical yearbook

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