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📱 | Snow Man ・ Ryohei Abe confronts directly in “real time”! How much is your thinking ability nationwide !?


Face-to-face with Snow Man Ryohei Abe in "real time"! How much is your thinking ability nationwide !?

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Wonder Lab, which developed the "No. 1 educational app" Think! Think! "" That develops thinking ability just by playing, cooperates fully with the questions to be asked! Used by 150 million people in 170 countries around the world. The target age of this app is said to be "4 to 10 years old", but there are many difficult problems for adults with a hard head! Parents and children can challenge together in front of the TV, one by one. It is also recommended to enjoy it by holding a smartphone and competing for rankings with friends.

At TBS, Saturday, July 7th, Saturday from 10:2 pm ☆ Participate on your smartphone in the break frame! Live broadcast thinking battle "The ☆ ... → Continue reading

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