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🥾 | If Mt. Fuji erupts ... What is the true nature of volcanic ash?


If Mt. Fuji erupts ... What is the true nature of volcanic ash?

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Mr. Kamada's book "Mt. Fuji Eruption and Nankai Trough" (Kodansha Bluebacks) explains the eruption of Mt. Fuji and what I told you this time in an easy-to-understand manner, so if you are interested, please pick it up.

Chihiro Teshima announcer is the personality of TOKYO FM's program "Disaster Prevention FRONT LINE". September… → Continue reading


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Blue bucks

Blue bucksIt is,KodanshaIs published bynatural Science,Science and technologyExplaining and enlightening the topic for general readersNew bookIt is a series.1963First published in2018At that time, the number of series exceeds 2000 points.There is also a translation of foreign books.

The goal is to dispel the prejudice that "science is esoteric", conduct research from multiple perspectives, and cultivate an interest in science and a scientific perspective for many people.[1].catch copy"Science yourspocketTo. " "manga PC communication"Introduction" (Picture:Noriko Nagano)SuchComicThere is also a format.

The origin of Blue Bucks is the first in human history two and a half years before the first issue.Manned space flightSuccessful oldUSSR OfYuri GagarinThe word "the earth was blue" was given by the editorial staff at that time.

Kodansha Blue BucksHome PageThe errata for some books are published above[2].2013May 4Opened the site "Preamble Library" that collects and publishes the preambles of Blue Bucks from[3].

As of March 2019, 3,Theory of relativityWorld "(B79) and"(English edition)』(B120) has issued 2 prints[4].

We are also implementing a project called "Bluebacks Outreach" that connects science and technology researchers and citizens by soliciting donations.[5].


Initially, the focus was on natural scienceengineering,Medical science,History of scienceAnd so on. As of 2018, it is classified into the following genres.

Physical training from a scientific point of viewScaleExplanation, guidance on laws and English mail method required for science and engineering researchers.
A book of puzzle quizzes that requires mathematical thinking such as mathematical puzzles and logic quizzes.
  • Encyclopedia / dictionary / picture book
  • More
Science notebook,RIKENBooks that introduce.

The serial number of the turning point

Circulation ranking

As of February 2017 (Source: "Kodansha Bluebacks 2th Memorial", p. 2000).

21st century

As of February 2017 (Source: "Kodansha Bluebacks 2th Memorial", p. 2000).


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