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💪 | Jungle Pocket / Otake aiming to be a muscular entertainer


Jungle Pocket / Otake aiming to be a muscular entertainer

If you write the contents roughly
"In the entertainment world, Nakayama Kinni-kun and Audrey's Toshiaki Kasuga have each left results in the tournament, but if Otake also makes good results, he will join the ranks of muscular entertainers.

The laughter trio Jungle Pocket has recently updated his SNS, and as a culmination of his diet, "Ma ... → Continue reading


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Toshiaki Kasuga

Toshiaki Kasuga(Kasuga Toshiaki,1979<Showa 54>May 2 -) isKay dash stageJapan belonging tocomedian,bodybuilder,athlete.SaitamaTokorozawaI'm from.Comedy combinationオ ー ド リ ーIn charge of blurring.My partner isWakabayashi Masayasu..Married and father of one child.



The nickname for junior high school was "モ ア イ"so,水 泳I belonged to a club.

Originally aspiring to the TV industryproducerHowever, he was invited by his current companion, Wakabayashi, to start his career as an entertainer.

"Sister feeling" that both self and others admit.When I attended my sister's wedding, the moment I saw the bride, she seemed to cry, and when she sent a message to Kasuga, she turned up and cheated so that she wouldn't realize that she was crying. rice field[11].

"I don't like saving money. I like living without spending money," he said.Since I was a studentNew YearI got it fromNew Year's giftIt is also a personality to keep without using at all for one year[12]The reason is "I want to build a big house with cash in the future"[13].. "Paying rent is like throwing money into a drain because rental properties don't belong to you," he said.I usually modestly save money and keep my spending down, but I'm generously spending a lot of money on things that I think are meaningful (such as wrapping 30 yen for my sister's wedding gift).[14]).The existence of my grandfather is a big factor in these solid ideas.Kasuga's grandfather was a handmade person who built a house, and he was once taught that "do not solve everything with money, but devise and solve it with your own power."[15].

About Kasuga's humanitySioproAffiliated director Kenji Mizuguchi, Wakabayashi, Mitsuharu Sato (Pounding camp)according to"Nagashima Shigeo,ア ン ト ニ オ 猪 木You can do things that you don't normally do, or things like saying "Stop it!""Small size star" "Kasuga-san feels like a Showa star. I think he has such an aura that everything goes well with just one word," Umu "."Suzuki Taku(Drunk Dragon) Says, "A great gentleman. It's calm and reminds me of St. Bernard. It's an image that even if a child hits it, it's calm and it helps people if something happens."[16].

"Wednesday downtown』(TBS), When the program staff instructed me to "please wait for a while" and then I was surprised at how long I could wait alone in the location bus, I didn't sleep, I didn't drink anything, and I didn't eat for 1 and a half hours. He showed tremendous patience and obedience to stay in the location bus.I got off the location bus because I was trying to go to the bathroom, so I was planning to wait when I got back from the bathroom.[17].

In his first live DVD "Audrey DVD", he said, "I just wanted to show my physical beauty" when I played the oil-covered character "Weirdo Stylist" with one pair of pants.He also said on this DVD, "I'm sorry I couldn't show my raw butt," and Wakabayashi said that Kasuga's butt was well received by his male friends.Yukimi DaifukuIt looks like it ’s beautiful. ”[18].


Hobbies include saving money, strength training, cabaret club (currently not done), daily EPC (Eropaso health promotion, commonly known as self-polishing) performed in the early morning, etc.[19].

In particular, saving is a hobby that symbolizes Kasuga.The best frugal house in the entertainment worldThe call is high, "Suddenly! The Golden Legend.』(TV Asahi)'S "Celebrity Saving Battle: 1 Yen Life per Month" showed many times the crazy saving technique that can be called "Patience Life".[20][21].

When I was in elementary school, I had experience in youth baseball,Professional baseball TheSaitama Seibu LionsFan of[22]..Born in Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture, the hometown of Seibu, a team was born (Seibu GroupBorn in 1979 when he acquired the Lions team and moved from Fukuoka to Tokorozawa), he joined the Seibu Lions Friends Association from an early age and supported him.Seibu DomeSometimes I go to see the game.I have been using megaphones for cheering goods since I was in elementary school.When I was in college, I worked part-time at Seibu Dome.Professional baseball chipsIt is said that he will buy at a convenience store etc. to attract Seibu players. Pairs held at Seibu Dome on May 2012, 5Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesAppointed as "1st Planning Manager" at a war event,Takeya NakamuraPlayed a one-bat game with an infielder, beer seller, ground maintenance staff, etc. to liven up the game[23].

Mari Yaguchi(OriginalMorning Musume.) Fan, aloneHello! ProjectSometimes go to concerts[24].

programIn the wake of co-starring inHinatazaka46Became a self-proclaimed fan (commonly known as Ohisama)[25]..Especially for the 2nd genAkari NiuIt is said to be a recommendation[26], The program broadcast a project entitled "Happy Birthday Kasuga! 30 Minutes Whole Nibu Festival" as Kasuga's birthday project.[27][Note 1]..On the contrary, Mana Takase, a first-year student, is Kasuga's favorite, and she always celebrates her birthday on her blog on Kasuga's birthday.[28].

I read manga weekly magazines almost every week.I'm not a reader,Minato KanaeI love reading the works of[29].

Same as WakabayashiAmerican Footballfan.I saw it on TV when I was in the third year of junior high school28th Super Bowl.Dallas Cowboys OfQuarterback(QB)Troy AikmanAfter entering high school, he joined the American football club.However, I couldn't get the QB I wanted,Offense lineとDefense lineServed.NFLSo I haven't decided on a specific support team,Audrey NFL Club], The "curse of Kasuga" often occurs in which the teams and players supported by Kasuga suddenly fall into trouble.


IntelliAs an entertainer, he has appeared in "Quiz Present Variety Q-sama !!".

In the first year of junior high schoolKanji testObtained the second grade.On the other handEnglishI am not good at horizontal characters such as[30].

2007 years,K-1 Apply for the JAPAN Warrior Training Project and take the first tryout on February 2th.The potential was evaluated and it passed the semi-pass, but in the final examination held at "K-25 JAPAN TRYOUT 1" on May 5th.SparringThen.Takashi TachikawaI was overwhelmed by being robbed of a total of 4 downs.afterwardsErnest HorstWe held a training camp under the guidance of August 8th.Diff AriakeIn "K-1 TRYOUT 2007 SURVIVAL" held in Japan, he played against Wang Hong Shang of China, but was defeated by 2R and 3R with a one-turn down and a maximum of 5 points difference judgment 0-3.[31].. 2013,Weight trainingIn the serialization "Audrey Kasuga's Bodybuilding Challenge" in the specialized magazine "IRONMAN"Suzuki MasaruStarted training under the guidance of. In May 2014, he participated in the 5nd Tokyo Open Bodybuilding Championships, over 22kg class, but the result was 75th out of 8 and he was not able to remain in the top 7 and lost the qualifying.[32]..The following day, in May 2015, he participated in the 5rd tournament with the class lowered to the 23kg class. Entered the final for the first time in the second appearance and won the 75th place[33].

From March 2014Fin swimmingStart working on. Participated in the "2015th Finswimming Japan Open Masters Tournament" held in Machida, Tokyo on March 3, 15 (which also serves as the Japan national team selection for the world tournament). In the 4-50 year old section of the "35m Apnia" (without breathing), he finished in 44nd place out of 6 but was disqualified from the false start. "2m Surfis" (Snorkel(Available) also participated, but was late at the start and finished in 3rd place, missing the representative[34]..However, at the end of April, there was a vacancy in the top performers who had already been decided, and they were elected to represent Japan in advance and on June 4th.イタリア-RavennaWill participate in the "Fin Swimming World Cup Masters Tournament" held in Japan as a representative of Japan (V1 division, 35-44 years old)[35]..In the same race, the official record was 22 seconds, and the result was 27th out of 16 people.[36]..He also participated in the group event "4 x 100 meters surface relay" and won the bronze medal.[37][38][39].. On March 2016, 3, it was revealed that he was selected as the representative of Japan for the swimming competition "Fin Swimming" for the second consecutive year and will participate in the world championships in June.[40].


  • Illegal dumpingIt had beenBicycleCollect and assemble the parts of the above, and make your own bicycle.I went to high school on that bicycle.For puncture repair, I stuck the chewing gum on the damaged part and wrapped it around with gum tape to reinforce it.It makes a crisp sound when riding, so I knew immediately that Kasuga was coming.[12].
  • Even after becoming an entertainer, some of the costumes have been wearing uniform shirts and belts from high school, and are now[When?]There is something that I continue to use[41].
  • Was a homeAsagayaApartment "Mutsumi-so" has a rent of 39,000 yen and no bath[42]..It's a wooden apartment that is over 40 years old, so it's difficult to build, so it's over the sky.helicopterThe entire apartment sways as it passes by.Wakabayashi said, "In AsagayagelI call it.In winter, cardboard and garbage bags were attached to the windows to protect against the cold.Since the front of the apartment is designated as the school route of the elementary school, there were times when elementary school students on the way to school called out.[43]..The landlord was also tolerant and was often used as a location on variety shows such as "Wednesday's Downtown".[44].. He also revealed that he received a bouquet from the landlord of Mutsumi-so when he moved to his marriage in 2019. As of 2021, Kazuma Miura (Kazuma Miura) was selected from a total of 70 entertainers who gathered for the right to live next to herself as a project for "Wednesday's Downtown".Shiina) Lives in the room where Kasuga was[45].
  • Most of the furniture, home appliances, and clothes necessary for daily life are picked up, and Wakabayashi and fans have often witnessed the site where garbage is hunted."It's best to go to pick up trash around 5am," he said.[46].DVDAccording to the blog written by the manager as part of the sales promotion, Kasuga has almost no change in costumes, so the costumes that she originally had, the ones that were prepared for shooting, and the large size that she wears other than Kasuga. Since there are no people who can do it, I manage what I get and what I buy from stylists.I don't like to leave it to someone and forget it.
  • I often read manga magazines, but basically I don't buy them and just browse through them.For this reasonConvenience storeSometimes I keep browsing for hours, and sometimes the clerk hated me and turned on the air conditioner in the middle of winter.[47]..Also, the manga "Delicious Shinbo』Collected the whole volume over 6 years[48].
  • What is your favorite foodpeach.
  • karaokeNo. XNUMX isFukuyama Masaharuof"let's become a family'[49].Hawk(Taka and Toshi) Is also singing at the wedding ceremony.

Laundry / bath

Instead of taking a bath, I usually wipe my body with a wet wipe for infants.However, sometimes my back is out of reach and someone wipes it.[50][51].

The coin shower used by Kasuga is 5 yen for 100 minutes, but it takes 7 minutes to wash your body normally, and you have to pay a total of 200 yen, so head to this coin shower while washing your head with shampoo from home, and wash your head with the coin shower. I start from there and try to fit in 5 minutes[50]..By walking around the city while shampooing, he was called "Uncle Shampoo" by elementary school students in the neighborhood.This nickname is Audrey's solo live concert and Audrey's radio program "Audrey's radio program that started in April 2009.Uncle Audrey's shampooIt is also the title[52].

As I mentioned earlier, I lived in a house without a bath, so I used the bath at the TV station as part of my savings.Therefore, he is familiar with the bathroom situation of each station.It ’s not used by many talents,Masafumi NakayamaI have also encountered.Also it isBeat takeshiHe was also known to say, "It's only me and Kasuga who take a bath at a TV station."

I got married and moved to a house with a bath, but I still sometimes take a bath at a TV station.

Art style


  • The standing position is on the right side when facing the stage.
  • A short-sleeved shirt, a pink vest, and a thick gold or light yellow tie are dressed up, and they are proud on stage.
  • Wakabayashi's style of kissing and kissing it as a blur is called a misaligned manzai (Example: Wakabayashi "Meeting for a date at Shibuya station at 12:5 noon" Kasuga "Go at 2 am!" Wakabayashi "It's too early! So, we're walking hand in hand, right?" Kasuga "Kiss me!" Wakabayashi "It's still early!").

One-shot gag etc.

  • Tooth! --Kasuga's synonymous gag.While screaming, put the index finger of the left hand in front of the chest.The original story is the shout of the American football club in high school.When you're done, shake your hands and fold your fingers.
  • Onigawara! --The face is shaped into a quadrangle with both hands with a crazy expression facing the white eyes, and while saying "Onigawara!", It imitates the Onigawara.Except for white eyesHannyaIt is close to the imitation of the face.
  • Apar! --Look up and scream and hold your hand over your forehead.
  • Cascus Dance-While singing "Kas, Cascus, Kasuga", move your bent arms violently and shake your upper body back and forth.
  • Hey! --- While looking down a little, he looks up and smiles fearlessly.movie"Shining"ofJack NicholsonMore inspiration.
  • Point your finger at the camera and say "Starts!".
  • Good! --Speak out loud and short after eating food, looking at the camera.After Umashi! Has become a standard item, he has also used "Umashi! Traditional art that came out."The flexion often changes according to the food (eg, "Umago!" After eating strawberries).This gag is hard to come out, such as leaving an impression such as "It's delicious, this is delicious!" When it was delicious enough to really impress.

Record as an athlete

  • 1996-American football all Kanto selection
  • August 2006-The 8nd entertainment world diving No. 2 deciding match official record tournament 1m 110nd place in Japan at that time
  • December 2006 --Dynamic Apnea without Fin Japan-Italy joint competition 12m 115th place in Japan at that time Thailand
  • 2015-The 23rd Tokyo Open Bodybuilding Championships 75kg class 5th place
  • 2015 --Fin Swimming World Cup Masters Tournament Japan National Team (Bronze medal)
  • 2016-Fin Swimming World Cup Masters Tournament Japan National Team (Silver Medal)
  • 2016-All Japan Adult Wrestling Championship Masters A Class 76kg Class 4th
  • 2017-29th All Japan Aerobics Contest Tournament Men's Singles Category 3rd
  • 2018-Wizzy Dog Club Kanto Dog Dance Competition Master Class 4th
  • 2021-All Japan Aerobics Contest Tournament General Pair Group Division Bronze medal in collaboration with Fuwa-chan


Kasugago is Kasuga Yadoki Doki Camp Sato, Little Tooth (Kasugago)Audrey's All Night NipponListeners)Slang[53][54]..I used to talk on the radio in the past, but it became a hot topic in "Wednesday's Downtown" broadcast on January 2020, 1 as "foreign" and "mystery".[55][56].

At the end of 2020, the daily calendar "Kasuga's 365-day Kasuga language can be enjoyed.Kasuga Calendar 2021Was released.

Example (Kasuga on the left, meaning on the right)

  • Ipis, TV-Hello
  • Of-Thank you, thank you
  • Advent-Arrival
  • HEY! Taku-chan --Thank you for your hard work
  • Gonsu --OK
  • Naru T-I see
  • Tonpachi-OK
  • T-first person
  • Taxi-Taxi
  • Polish yourself- Masturbation
  • Because I've become a man without charge-because I'm out of charge
  • G Ludo- Gold gym
  • Toilet station, toilet station- WC
  • Which man (o) or man (o)? --Where are you now?
  • I'm going to wear it now-I'll be arriving soon
  • Who's the man or the man? The next day is the next man. What's wrong? I wonder if I'll leave it today.
  • Yoshio,Yoshio Kojima - OK
  • Mukai Osamu - going now


Main appearance history of Kasuga alone.

Current regular program

tv set

  • Flame sports club tv(November 2012, 10 -,TBS TV)
  • Wednesday downtown(June 2014, 6-, TBS TV)-Semi-regular[57].
    • Approximately three and a half years have passed since the start of broadcasting, and it is ranked 3th in the VTR appearance number ranking broadcast on September 2017, 9.[58].
    • Even as of 2020, he has appeared so much that he is said to be almost regular due to challenges such as physical fitness and reckless planning, and a stunning target.[59]
  • Ningen observation Variety monitoring(January 2017, 1-, TBS TV)-Semi-regular.Apart from the corner that appears in the combination, Kasuga's solo appearances such as "Bronze statue Kasuga" and "Chameleon Kasuga"Crown cornerAnd so on.

Special program (MC or main cast), irregular appearance

tv set

Past regular / irregular appearances / special programs (MC or main cast)

tv set


Internet tv


Current serialization
  • (Iron Man) "Audrey Kasuga's Macho de Tooth!" (October 2014, 10 --) --Monthly serialization.
  • Weekly playboy"Kinnikuman』At the time of suspension Monthly strongest tag column !!! Audrey Kasuga and Wed D's Kasuga language meat (Sun) Tsune" (May 2021, 5-) --Monthly serialization
Past serialization
  • Nikkan Sports"Kasuga's Room" (November 2010, 11-September 16, 2012) --Serialized once a month.
  • TV guide「これ、2個持って帰っていいですか?」(2011å¹´11月22日、30日、12月7日、2012å¹´1月4日、11日、18日、25日)
  • Asahi ShimbunTV program commentary page "TV Diary" (February 2012, 2, 5, 12, March 19, 26)
  • IRONMAN "Audrey Kasuga's Bodybuilding Challenge!" (July 2013, 7 --June 12, 2014) --Monthly serialization.

Comedy live

  • Summer in Japan, summer in Kasuga (August 2011, 8) --Solo live.
  • Star Delusion Card Battle "Stamon" (February 2013, 2)


Television Animation

  • Pokemon(June 2020, 6, TV TOKYO) --The role of Casking[76]




  • Tanaka is thinking (December 2011-)- Takashi Tanaka(Un Girls) Is the stage that is written and directed.
    • Act 0 (December 2011, Shinjuku Theater Moliere)
    • Act 2012 (April 4,Kitazawa Town Hall)
    • Act II (January 2013, Shimokitazawa Honda Theater)
    • Act III (September 2014 and 9, 12, Shimokitazawa Honda Theater)

Music video


The works in bold are Kasuga's main appearances.

  • Junior Chihara and Daisuke Miyagawa's non-slip story (November 2009, 11)
  • Quiz ☆ Talent Directory Largest Gachi Sumo Tournament in History 2011 Spring Place x Autumn Place (April 2012, 4)
  • In battle ~ battle for money ~ (September 2012, 9)
    • On the run 24 run for money ~ Forbidden love and treasure village ~ Romeo and Julie ~ (February 2013, 2)
    • Second team in battle ~ battle for money ~ Oedo Shinobu War (March 2, 2013)
    • In battle ~ Clash of the 2013rd team! Shinobigahara Ran ~ (July 7, 26)
    • Fourth Team in Battle-The Bond between Desire and the Battlefield- (October 2013, 10)
    • Eighth team in battle-Athlete unification battle- (September 2016, 9)
  • Higashino / Okamura no Tabi Monkey 3 I'm sorry for my private life ... A trip to watch overseas dramas in Tsukiji (October 2013, 10)
  • Audrey Kasuga “The Road to Bodybuilders (July 2014, 7)
    • Audrey Kasuga "Road to Bodybuilder 2" "I am a Bodybuilder! I am a Bodybuilder" (July 2015, 7)
  • Seven Conte Samurai Phase 1 BEST SELECTION (December 2014, 12)


  • Tokyo marathon2012 (August 2012, 2)- Hillnandez!Participated as a charity runner by planning against the day of the week.
  • Saitama Seibu Lions 1st Planning Department Manager (May 2012, 5, May 3, 2013)
  • Golden Pharaoh and Great Pyramid Exhibition in the National Cairo Museum (2015) --Official Supporter[81]

Online delivery


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