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😀 | Shiroishi Town's history, culture, and manga

Photo "Exploration! Shiroishi Town", a comic book that introduces history, culture, abundant products and the charm of food

Shiroishi Town's history, culture, and manga

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Considering the content with the publisher in Fukuoka City, I asked Renji Kuriyama (resident in Tokyo), who is from the town and is known for the manga "King Game", to draw.

Shiroishi Town The comic book "Exploration! Shiroishi Town" has been created, which introduces the history and culture of Shiroishi Town and the current state of the town with manga.Same town quotient ... → Continue reading

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Ren Kuriyama

Ren Kuriyama(Kuriyama Ren) isJapan OfBallet dancer.


Hokkaidobirth. Started ballet at the age of 10.Tetsuya KumakawaLeadK-ballet companyTo2014 OctoberJoined in2020 OctoberCurrently a soloist.

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